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Hey there and Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today on Fashion over 50/60, I’m talking about makeup and skin.  One of those topics we don’t often talk about as we get older, but it’s probably something you think about sometimes and it might be helpful to talk about as a group effort.  I know it’s on my mind, so it’s probably on yours as well.  We all want to look and feel our best, no matter what our age might be, don’t we?

I wore this outfit over the weekend and it’s an oldie, you’ve seen all these pieces before, but you know I don’t get new clothes all the time, so I reinvent my closet.  This sweater is from Chico’s about 3 years ago at least and those pants are cords from Kut from the Cloth in Winter White.  Those are the newest booties I got recently too.

I’ve had a few people ask me about makeup and would I share more about the makeup I use, so I thought this would be a good time to do that. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ll share what I use and how it works for me. I used to wear a lot more makeup when I was younger, but I think as we get older, less is better.

Here are some observations on getting older and how our skin changes with aging.  In my 40’s, I had a few lines, but overall my skin was still very tight and taut.  Remember that?  As I’ve watched other women aging, it made me feel bad when I would see sagging skin, knowing that one day I would be there too.  And now, it’s happening. I’m there too. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think to myself, how in the world are you 60+ years old??  It happened so fast! I bet you can relate to that too, can’t you?

In my early 50’s I had some lines and wrinkles, but still not a lot of sagging skin on my face.  I’ll be turning 62 in just over a week and I can definitely see in the last 10 years more changes in my face and skin.  It’s just part of the aging process, but hard to adjust to.  I’ve never even considered plastic surgery or anything permanent like that, but if I found a non-surgical way to fight sagging skin, I would sure consider it.  But, plastic surgery scares me.  I just don’t think I could ever let someone cut on my face. I’d be scared to death of looking like a clown!  I see women all over who have had plastic surgery, although I don’t know that many personally.  I see them on TV and celebrities out there who have had “work” done.  Some of them look decent and some of them seemed to have ruined their faces to me.  It seems to be hard to get a really good job done with plastic surgery and even the celebrities don’t always get it right, with all their money. There’s usually something that gives it away when someone has this type of facelift. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you’ve seen it too. The taut tight look, lips too puffy, just an overall shape and look to the face that you can tell they’ve done something. And it’s not necessarily better to me.  I’ve seen some downright grotesque facelifts out there, haven’t you? (Michael Jackson comes to mind!)

So, that’s out for me!  I’m going natural with this aging thing even though it’s not fun to deal with, is it?  I’d love to hear from all of you on what you’ve done or doing to try to age as gracefully as possible. So many women get Botox these days too.   I’ve never even considered that, but I hear it’s not harmful.  I’d love to hear if you have tried it!

If you’ve done some of the treatments in a dermatologist office, I’d love to hear about it. It seems like there are so many new procedures out there these days that are non-invasive, so I’d love to hear about them. I know the cost is not cheap though to do these type of procedures.  Feel free to leave comments if you have tried something you’d recommend and I’d love to know cost too.  Trying to stay younger and beautiful isn’t inexpensive is it?   And we know it’s only a matter of time, time will always catch up to us!  I think about my sweet beautiful mama who is 91 now.  Each decade brings more and more texture to our faces, doesn’t it? And we are probably more into staying younger than ever before in the history of man.

With that said, I’m going to share my makeup I use with you all.  I do think makeup is a wonderful thing!  Every woman to me looks better with some makeup on.  I’ve been using it since I was about 15 and it just makes me feel better to have my face made up.  That’s not to say I won’t go out without makeup on, I do occasionally do that. These pics are pretty closeup, so be kind. I sure don’t have perfect flawless skin anymore.

When I look at the younger fashion and style bloggers out there sharing their makeup tips, I’ve noticed that the younger girls are obsessed with long/fake eyelashes and eyebrows.  I don’t know when these two things got so popular, but they definitely are for the younger women I see.  I don’t put a lot of emphasis on either of those.   I think they’re important as part of an overall look, just not as important for those of us who are older.  As part of the whole package, yes, but not that important on their own.  That’s just my opinion, of course!

I have a couple of different makeup bases that I use:

Bare Minerals powder and also It Cosmetics CC cream. They both have their place and I’ll share them both below.  I’m wearing the Bare Minerals powder in the above picture. It’s a soft coverage and you can layer on more or less depending on the coverage you want.  As I’ve gotten older, I wear less makeup. It just seems to look better on aging skin to me. I don’t want that caked on look.  We all have to use makeup that makes us feel good, so these things are what I use and love.

For eye shadow, I have several palettes with many colors and I gravitate towards soft pink/peach/brownish tones with my blue eyes.  I usually use 4 colors, a base color on the lid, a darker shade on the crease and a little bit darker shade on the V, outer corner of the eye into the crease for a little bit of depth. And I use the 4th, a lighter white/beige shade right under the brown bone.  I tend to use matte shades most of the time, but sometimes add a little sparkle right on the lid. Matte definitely is the best look for us older gals, I think.

In this pic, I’m wearing the It CC cream. I apply it with a big brush and it’s easy to apply that way, blending it in all  over my entire face.  You can’t tell that much difference in these pics, but the CC cream is a little bit heavier in coverage and I usually wear it more when I go out and dress up on the weekends.  I use the Bare Minerals during the week for quicker applications.  I like them both, so I’ll share them both below and how I use them.

My skin is definitely more dry than it used to be. I was very oily back before menopause…good ole’ menopause changes a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I went through it at about 52, so slowly my face has gotten more and more dry over the last 10 years and I have to use moisturizers even more than ever now.  I used to be so oily on my face and I think that really helped with keeping wrinkles and lines at bay.  If I could only get the sagging to stop, I’d be happy about that, but there’s no way to stop it.

So, use a good moisturizer on your face before applying makeup to help things go on smoother. I am not loyal to any particular moisturizer or skincare line. I’ve used so many of them, cheaper and expensive, so I’m no help on that.  I haven’t seen a ton of difference between the cheaper ones and the more pricey ones.  I use a serum and night cream, as well as moisturizer during the day.

Got any you’d recommend?  Leave a comment below!

Here’s a look at what all I use (left to right):

It CC Cream (medium)

It Bye Bye Illumination concealer (medium)

It Bye Bye Pores primer

It Bye Bye Pores loose powder

I really love these products together, they give a nice smooth look to my face and I feel good when I’m wearing them all.  I use the Primer after moisturizer and before the CC Cream goes on.  The primer just smooths out the skin and feels good on, very silky soft. You can use that under the Bare Minerals too.

All links below are affiliate links: 

I use the concealer right under my eyes to conceal dark undereye circles. It adds a little bit of brightness under the eyes too.  A very little bit goes a long way with the CC concealer!  Just a small dab is all it takes. The loose powder goes on last after I’m finished with the concealer, CC cream, blush (see below) and everything is done.  I just brush over the loose powder with a big brush to a smooth finish to set everything.

I also like using Bare Minerals and here’s what I use.  Bare Minerals in Medium Beige topped with Mineral Veil.  Pretty and soft coverage, just enough for most days.

Here’s the blush I’ve settled on, Nars Orgasm (yep, that’s really the name) and I really love the color, a pretty pinky peach with little bit of sparkle.

Here’s what I use to line my eyes. I’ve been using Almay liner in a brown shade forever and these are 2 of them. The Mac stick is an eyebrow pencil in a Dark Blonde shade. I do use this on my brows when I’m going out, since my brows are turning gray too. I never over plucked my brows, but they are definitely turning white some, so I color over them to darken them a bit when I feel like it. Again, I’m not obsessed with my brows. I just darken them a bit and brush them to groom them with an old toothbrush.  But I don’t need to try to look like a Supermodel with big bold brows!

This mascara, I’ve shared before, but it really does help get my lashes a bit longer and fuller, Loreal Voluminous Superstar.  It has a primer on one end that coats a white coat, then add the mascara over that for longer lashes. You can’t really tell in these pics, but it does work well for me. I don’t use it everyday, but for weekends and special days or nights out.

And the 3 eye shadow palettes I use all the time.  This one is called Naturally Pretty, it’s all matte shades.  Love it!

This is the newest one, a neutral Urban Decay Naked palette and it has some nice colors too.

I got this Tarte kit in a Fab Fit Fun box and love the colors in this one too.  The sparkle ones are fun for the lid and to add a little shine.  In this one, I’d use a little of the Hype color on the lid, Drive on the crease, and Stylin or Crisp right on the outer edge into the crease for a little drama.  Blend it all in with a soft brush.  I linked a Tarte kit below that’s really pretty as well as the ones I have.


Here’s a look at the main brushes I use. It’s really important to get a good set of brushes too.  These are all different brands, but there are many out there. I’ll link to a couple below.

From top to bottom, here’s how I use them:

White tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my lighter colors

Dark tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my darker colors

Wide brush – I use this for adding highlighter and blending under brow bone.

Short stubby brush – Use this for adding in contour to crease with a little darker shade.

Blend well with a brush to blend all colors in well.

Makeup sponge for blending in base makeup or I use the brush with the IT CC cream.

Large fluffy brush for Mineral veil or loose powder to set it all.

It Cosmetics brush to apply It CC cream.  Really helps to smooth it all out on your face.

These look like a good starter set of brushes if you don’t have any.  You’ll also need blush and powder brushes so look for those in a set too.

Here’s a link to QVC (affiliate link) where I bought It CC Cream the first time with the brush. It was cheaper to buy it all together.

After that, I bought from It Cosmetics online directly and they often have 25% off sales on their products, so that’s a great time to buy.

So, that’s a wrap up on my makeup and what all I use and love.  I’d love for you all to chime in on this subject too. What are some of your favorites and do you wear the same makeup every day or do you change it up depending on what you’re doing that day?

Let’s talk makeup and aging skin. Would love to hear from you too!

- Rhoda


  1. I have to use Aveeno products because of allergies to products. I use Sephora lipstick in the chia shade. I also use the mascara you use. Love it, my eye lashes are finally back after chemo I use Merl Normannn eyebrow powder. Have used it for years. Love all the commets.

  2. I will be 72 next week. As I have gotten older I use less and less makeup, because it seems to magnify the wrinkles. I don’t look my age, but less seems to be better for me. I use eyeliner under by eyes because my lids have drooped to the point eyeliner on the top doesn’t look that well, but I do use mascara. I do use foundation with powdered blush when I dress up. I have to be careful with the moisturizer because I get really painful pimples with too heavy creams. I have found that Mary Kay Gel Moisturizer works well for me. I have been adding Frankincense essential oil to the gel and mix it well. This works for me. I too am freckled with blue eyes like you and wish I had used sunscreen when I was young. Your lipstick color is really pretty. When I find a great color for me it is discontinued and then I have to start the search over again. I hope you will do a post on the colors of lipstick you wear.

    I have a good friend that had a facelift that went very wrong. She looks good, but it triggered an autoimmune response and now she has major health issues. This just confirms one of my reasons for not having a facelift.

    • Hi, Tee, thanks for sharing, and wow, that would be so scary. I can’t imagine ever doing a facelift, it would scare so bad. There are worse things than saggy faces, aren’t there?

  3. I love your advise today and reading all the helpful suggestions. I go to dermatologist and I have had my hands lasered with all the brown spots removed and the spots ony chest, best thing I have done for my self. Going back to have more skin tags done. But I wish for a procedure to get rid of my gobble neck and eye lids that sagged. But I am scared of that knife to. Keep up all the good advise and doing what you do best. Love your blogs

    • Thank you, Darleene, I’m really curious about the laser treatments for hands and face you all are talking about, so I am going to have to look into that with my dermatologist.

  4. Rhoda..have followed you for years! you have always looked beautifully natural and stylish
    At 73,I’m showing signs of aging more than I like..
    but i have a youthful attitude and zest for life.
    I’ve been blessed with good skin even tho ignoring the sun in my earlier years when the darker the tan the better! I’ve always worn make-up..not caked but just enough to enhance my appearance. I’ve never used soap on my face! Good old Pond’s cold cream like my beautiful aunt used!
    Like you, I’ve used a variety of cosmetics over the years.. Nowadays.I’m using Younique Products. I love the primer..makes my skin feel like silk, liquid makeup looks so natural. just a hint of peachy blush.. i use a light creme under my eyes, blended with the makeup to erase dark areas. then the matte eyeshadows..light on lids, darker in crease and V light on brow.
    Eyebrows are important as they frame the face.. mine are thin at the ends so a pencil is necessary, and brushing the hairs into place makes them appear more natural.. finally liner.. I like a light color similar to yours.. then Mascara.. Epic by Younique.. Lastly lipstick.. Lipsense which stays on well.. being a blonde with green eyes, a coral or red.
    I feel better with makeup..but at home..none!
    About Botox.. went to an introductory party.. had injections between my eyes, in creases on my forehead and at the corners of my eyes.. never again!
    One eyebrow was locked into a crazy tilt!! forehead was FROZEN in place!
    I’ll just keep the lines as a sign of laughter and smiles over the years!
    I too would love filler on my upper lip creases..

    • Thank you, Lou, for sharing what you do and chiming in the conversation. I think we all enjoy learning what others are doing and their experience. I’m glad to hear you wouldn’t do Botox again, I’ve never tried it and would be a bit squeamish about it.

    • Rhoda..the only reason i tried Botox is i was assured it was safe, and the cost was a mere fraction of normal price..otherwise, would not have done it!
      what surprised me more than anything was the ages of women using Botox.. these were young women in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s..i was the oldest there! they were all professional women who could afford the cost of every 3-6 months injections..!!!

      PS..another reason for the aging process to have caught up with me is Rheumatoid Arthritis reared it’s ugly head when i turned 60.. the constant pain. medicines to control it have caused many of those lines to appear..
      but again..NO to Botox!

    • Lou, it seems that the younger generation is obsessed with youth at any cost. It’s crazy for someone that young to be getting all that done, I think!

  5. Debi Padgett says

    Rhoda, so glad you are talking about this! I am 66, & I feel like my main problem is dry skin. I use Olay Regenerist cream & feel like it does a pretty good job. I’ve found it hard to find a moisturizer that really feels like it’s “there” for more than 10 minutes! I have the same makeup routine every day. I use a variety of brands. I use Tarte liquid foundation & a cream blush (I find it a little easier to blend). I also have an issue finding good concealers . I have dark brown hair with little gray, fair/medium skin, but dark under eye circles. Currently using Tarte Maneater liquid concealer, but not totally pleased. Do you remember years ago (probably 30+) when we were having our “colors done”? I was told then that a pink-y plum was a good eye shadow color for me (I have dark brown eyes), & I still stick with that. I use a Tarte palette, but have a hard time finding it in matte. I use a dark gray liner on top, & Lancôme lash primer & Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. After my2nd daughter was born (she’s 39) I had the lovely experience of losing most of my eyebrows! So I have to enhance them. Ugh😬. I also don’t like a matte lipstick. I think the thing I hate the most is the loss of elasticity in my skin. Especially under the eyes. I would never do a facelift or anything invasive, either. Not especially interested in spending lots of money on things that have to be repeated. Sorry this is so long!

    • HI, Debi, thanks for chiming in. I get what you are saying and I feel the same. I mean, all of these potions, lotions and procedures just slow down the inevitable, don’t they? I really love my concealer I have linked, the It concealer and illuminator. It takes so little and really does cover well and adds a little bit of brightening under the eye. And yes, I totally remember when everyone was doing their colors. I’m warm toned skin and look good in peachy to russet brown tones. I’m a spring, I think.

  6. I’ll be turning 62 next month as well!
    Thank you for these great tips and for confirming the “less is more” theory. ❤️

  7. Today is my 51st birthday and, to be honest, I am in a really cranky mood. I’m happy to be happy and grateful and all of that but I just feel so down today. Your words ring very true. And honest! Yes we are aging but it isn’t fun to deal with. The metabolism slows down (not on you!) And the wrinkles speed up. I have done Botox for six years and it’s good. The other thing I do is drive into Atlanta to get my brows tweezed every five weeks. They were looking too thin from years of threading. I did a growth program and didn’t touch them for three months! I have a girl that has shaped them for over 3 years. Good thick brows make a gal look younger! I will never do threading again. I am also interested in non invasive procedures but it is all about finding time and $! You look amazing. Love this post.

    • HI, Mary, thanks for chiming in! Happy Birthday to you, my friend! Don’t be down, we all have lots to be thankful for.

  8. Thanks, Rhoda. I will definitely be checking out these products. You are so pretty.

  9. I think you have beautiful skin! I’m 59 and coming up on 60 in July. I took the Botox plunge last year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever invested in cosmetically. As long as I can afford it, I’ll continue getting it. I get it on my forehead and around my eyes (crows feet) it really softens those lines, and “ yes” I can still move my forehead, lol….I go in every 10 weeks for maintenance and it’s usually around $190-200.00. I have a wonderful doctor in Athens, Ga. The Botox is definitely working for me. One of my hysband’s employees ask him if I was 39-40 years old. 👌
    As far as makeup, I’m a big It Cosmetics girl. The CCream and bye bye pores pressed powder are my favorites. I use the urban decay naked eyeshadow palette and swear by Benefit They’re Real mascara. I think lashes are important as we age. I fill my scarce brows in with Anastasia brow wiz-brows are important too.
    Thank you, for sharing!!

    • Thank you, Penny! And thanks for sharing your experience with Botox. It definitely is intriguing to me, so we’ll see if it’s something I look at eventually. That’s a great compliment to get!

  10. You look wonderful, Rhoda. I agree with the other comments – less makeup as I’m aging. My coloring is fair like yours and I use a very similar makeup and color palette. I find my brows are a little sparse at this age (mid 50s) so I like my L’Oreal brow gel to fill them and it seems less harsh than the pencil I’ve used for years. I’ve no interest in surgery, Botox or the fillers, but I see lots of women getting them at my dermatologist’s office when I go for my skin screenings. To each her own! My major advice as a melanoma survivor: sunscreen.

  11. Can u tell me what lipstick u r using with the coral sweater u r wearing, thanks!

  12. I’ve never worn a lot of makeup. I’m 63 and have pretty good skin. I used este launder my whole life until about two years ago. I don’t know if the changed the formulas or what but it started itching my face, rash and all. That was freaky! Anyway, I now use Clinique products especially around my eyes, for sensitivity. I use Elizabeth Arden face and neck cream, and I love it! Yes, getting wrinkles, sagging skin are no fun! Facelifts and Botox are not for me so I’ll just keep my face out of the sun! Apply my creams and eat healthy and hope for the best! I enjoy your blog and think you are lovely just the way you are! Merry Christmas!

  13. I have tried so many skincare products and never seem to get the results they show:(. I will pass along this one tip, I buy my skincare from QVC or HSN. You have a month to try it and if you are not happy you can send it back for a full refund.

  14. You look amazing and I totally understand how you feel. I am 56. Even typing that number is weird! I feel like I am in my forties. Looking in the mirror is difficult some days. I am so fortunate I have two daughters in their twenties who always compliment me and tell me they are proud I am their mom. I take care of myself, excerise, eat healthy, and make sure everyday that I do my hair and makeup. I love shopping so feel pretty good about my clothes. I use Beautycounter and Jane Irdale makeup. I have been getting Botox for about 4 years. I love it! Last year I did a “Perfect Peel” it averages about $250 and was worth every dollar! It reduced fine wrinkles and lightened brown spots. I highly recommend! In the end though it’s all about our health and happiness 💙

    • Hi, Beth, great to hear your thoughts too. You’ve had great results with Botox and others have not. Hard to know what to do. I like the sound of the perfect peel.

  15. Well , I am in my 50’s I used to say I’d never do any procedures as well. Unfortunately I had some older scarring that Really made me self conscious. Fortunately my Atlanta dermatologist specializes in scar correction. I’ve had many sessions of hand sanding and various techniques to improve it. I also have done several other procedurecs researching each and every one beforehand. I am strongly considering a lower face lift combined with some laser treatments… again not without tirelessly researching. I’d like to not have to wear makeup at all with the exception of eye makeup. I definitely look younger than my age than before these procedures .. my beautiful mother always looked younger with no treatments whatsoever. Whatever you do my best advice is to research research research.

  16. You always look gorgeous my friend, you are an inspiration!

  17. I am 58, blonde with green eyes and i have never known how to apply makeup. I was not allowed to experiment when i was younger when my friends started using it, so i was a late bloomer and by then no time! But one of the best things i did was have mt dermatologist prescribe the cream that fades age spots on my face. It was very affordable, – and i’m going to do that again. It has been about three years. I have a few lighter ones now, but the cream will even things out.

  18. I use some products by IT- CC cream is more like foundation to me. I use IT Bye Bye red on my T zone, then a very sheer foundation or primer mix over all. I have a pricey foundation I save for special occasions but mostly I can get away with the very sheer coverage of Neutrogena Hydro boost @ about 15.00, which is a dupe of LaMer foundation, minus the 100.00 price tag! HydraBoost has hyaluronic acid so it plumps skin up. I too love NARS Orgasm blush- perfect shade for most people! And I have an arsenal of concealers- none of which are perfect, so I long to have the procedure that replaces volume in the under- eye area- but I’m too chicken. I gradually switched over to all medical grade skincare products over the past few years, but I’ve hear the No. 7 line is a good one. And my best tip- don’t buy expensive brush cleaners! Antibacterial Dawn dish liquid is great! Really cuts through the oil deposits and works 100 X better than specialty brush cleaners!

    • Maureen, I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost in the winter when I can go without a strong sun block. I really like it a lot and the creamy feel to it. It makes a good concealer for me since it blends easy.

    • Thank you, Maureen, for chiming in! You have beautiful skin and I know because we are friends in person, so whatever you are doing, it’s working! I’ll have to look at the Neutrogena products. I have one of the serums with hylaurenic acid, but haven’t tried anything else from them.

  19. Hi Rhoda. I love your blog, and I really enjoyed the topic today. I am 62. I never have used moisturizer of any kind because my skin has always been oily and remains oily still. Like you, I feel that has helped with wrinkles. I have had a surgical laser treatment which greatly smooths the skin and gets rid of lines. I had it done two years ago and still love the results. I know you don’t agree with this, but I also had a neck lift. This isn’t for everyone, and I’ll be the first to admit that the recovery (about 2 1/2 weeks) was very uncomfortable. I just could not stand the excess skin hanging on my neck. I am extremely happy with it. I agree that less makeup is a lot more appealing at our age.

    • Thank you, Donna, for chiming in too. I really think we all have to make these decisions for ourselves. Getting cut on would just scare me to death, so I’m a big chicken. But I’m happy you got good results.

  20. Hello Rhoda! I’ve followed you for long time and really enjoy your blog ♥️ As we age, we all have the same concerns. I thought I doing just fine at age 50 with basic skincare. Then a friend introduced me to Rodan+Fields. I’ve been foundation free for over 3 years and I am loving it! The key is consistency (plus taking those dreaded selfies to track the progress). Washing my face with the right products plus using a derma Roller (for the sagging skin) has made a huge difference!! Even now, when I share my selfie- people can not believe how much better look! I say I’m not trying to relive my 40’s…I want to look my best in my 50’s! No expensive doctors visits … it’s been worth it! You should give R+F another try!

    • HI, Cindy, thanks for chiming in. Maybe I should, it just all gets so confusing with everyone liking so many products. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

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