Over 60 Makeup Talk

Hey there and Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today on Fashion over 50/60, I’m talking about makeup and skin.  One of those topics we don’t often talk about as we get older, but it’s probably something you think about sometimes and it might be helpful to talk about as a group effort.  I know it’s on my mind, so it’s probably on yours as well.  We all want to look and feel our best, no matter what our age might be, don’t we?

I wore this outfit over the weekend and it’s an oldie, you’ve seen all these pieces before, but you know I don’t get new clothes all the time, so I reinvent my closet.  This sweater is from Chico’s about 3 years ago at least and those pants are cords from Kut from the Cloth in Winter White.  Those are the newest booties I got recently too.

I’ve had a few people ask me about makeup and would I share more about the makeup I use, so I thought this would be a good time to do that. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ll share what I use and how it works for me. I used to wear a lot more makeup when I was younger, but I think as we get older, less is better.

Here are some observations on getting older and how our skin changes with aging.  In my 40’s, I had a few lines, but overall my skin was still very tight and taut.  Remember that?  As I’ve watched other women aging, it made me feel bad when I would see sagging skin, knowing that one day I would be there too.  And now, it’s happening. I’m there too. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think to myself, how in the world are you 60+ years old??  It happened so fast! I bet you can relate to that too, can’t you?

In my early 50’s I had some lines and wrinkles, but still not a lot of sagging skin on my face.  I’ll be turning 62 in just over a week and I can definitely see in the last 10 years more changes in my face and skin.  It’s just part of the aging process, but hard to adjust to.  I’ve never even considered plastic surgery or anything permanent like that, but if I found a non-surgical way to fight sagging skin, I would sure consider it.  But, plastic surgery scares me.  I just don’t think I could ever let someone cut on my face. I’d be scared to death of looking like a clown!  I see women all over who have had plastic surgery, although I don’t know that many personally.  I see them on TV and celebrities out there who have had “work” done.  Some of them look decent and some of them seemed to have ruined their faces to me.  It seems to be hard to get a really good job done with plastic surgery and even the celebrities don’t always get it right, with all their money. There’s usually something that gives it away when someone has this type of facelift. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you’ve seen it too. The taut tight look, lips too puffy, just an overall shape and look to the face that you can tell they’ve done something. And it’s not necessarily better to me.  I’ve seen some downright grotesque facelifts out there, haven’t you? (Michael Jackson comes to mind!)

So, that’s out for me!  I’m going natural with this aging thing even though it’s not fun to deal with, is it?  I’d love to hear from all of you on what you’ve done or doing to try to age as gracefully as possible. So many women get Botox these days too.   I’ve never even considered that, but I hear it’s not harmful.  I’d love to hear if you have tried it!

If you’ve done some of the treatments in a dermatologist office, I’d love to hear about it. It seems like there are so many new procedures out there these days that are non-invasive, so I’d love to hear about them. I know the cost is not cheap though to do these type of procedures.  Feel free to leave comments if you have tried something you’d recommend and I’d love to know cost too.  Trying to stay younger and beautiful isn’t inexpensive is it?   And we know it’s only a matter of time, time will always catch up to us!  I think about my sweet beautiful mama who is 91 now.  Each decade brings more and more texture to our faces, doesn’t it? And we are probably more into staying younger than ever before in the history of man.

With that said, I’m going to share my makeup I use with you all.  I do think makeup is a wonderful thing!  Every woman to me looks better with some makeup on.  I’ve been using it since I was about 15 and it just makes me feel better to have my face made up.  That’s not to say I won’t go out without makeup on, I do occasionally do that. These pics are pretty closeup, so be kind. I sure don’t have perfect flawless skin anymore.

When I look at the younger fashion and style bloggers out there sharing their makeup tips, I’ve noticed that the younger girls are obsessed with long/fake eyelashes and eyebrows.  I don’t know when these two things got so popular, but they definitely are for the younger women I see.  I don’t put a lot of emphasis on either of those.   I think they’re important as part of an overall look, just not as important for those of us who are older.  As part of the whole package, yes, but not that important on their own.  That’s just my opinion, of course!

I have a couple of different makeup bases that I use:

Bare Minerals powder and also It Cosmetics CC cream. They both have their place and I’ll share them both below.  I’m wearing the Bare Minerals powder in the above picture. It’s a soft coverage and you can layer on more or less depending on the coverage you want.  As I’ve gotten older, I wear less makeup. It just seems to look better on aging skin to me. I don’t want that caked on look.  We all have to use makeup that makes us feel good, so these things are what I use and love.

For eye shadow, I have several palettes with many colors and I gravitate towards soft pink/peach/brownish tones with my blue eyes.  I usually use 4 colors, a base color on the lid, a darker shade on the crease and a little bit darker shade on the V, outer corner of the eye into the crease for a little bit of depth. And I use the 4th, a lighter white/beige shade right under the brown bone.  I tend to use matte shades most of the time, but sometimes add a little sparkle right on the lid. Matte definitely is the best look for us older gals, I think.

In this pic, I’m wearing the It CC cream. I apply it with a big brush and it’s easy to apply that way, blending it in all  over my entire face.  You can’t tell that much difference in these pics, but the CC cream is a little bit heavier in coverage and I usually wear it more when I go out and dress up on the weekends.  I use the Bare Minerals during the week for quicker applications.  I like them both, so I’ll share them both below and how I use them.

My skin is definitely more dry than it used to be. I was very oily back before menopause…good ole’ menopause changes a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I went through it at about 52, so slowly my face has gotten more and more dry over the last 10 years and I have to use moisturizers even more than ever now.  I used to be so oily on my face and I think that really helped with keeping wrinkles and lines at bay.  If I could only get the sagging to stop, I’d be happy about that, but there’s no way to stop it.

So, use a good moisturizer on your face before applying makeup to help things go on smoother. I am not loyal to any particular moisturizer or skincare line. I’ve used so many of them, cheaper and expensive, so I’m no help on that.  I haven’t seen a ton of difference between the cheaper ones and the more pricey ones.  I use a serum and night cream, as well as moisturizer during the day.

Got any you’d recommend?  Leave a comment below!

Here’s a look at what all I use (left to right):

It CC Cream (medium)

It Bye Bye Illumination concealer (medium)

It Bye Bye Pores primer

It Bye Bye Pores loose powder

I really love these products together, they give a nice smooth look to my face and I feel good when I’m wearing them all.  I use the Primer after moisturizer and before the CC Cream goes on.  The primer just smooths out the skin and feels good on, very silky soft. You can use that under the Bare Minerals too.

All links below are affiliate links: 

I use the concealer right under my eyes to conceal dark undereye circles. It adds a little bit of brightness under the eyes too.  A very little bit goes a long way with the CC concealer!  Just a small dab is all it takes. The loose powder goes on last after I’m finished with the concealer, CC cream, blush (see below) and everything is done.  I just brush over the loose powder with a big brush to a smooth finish to set everything.

I also like using Bare Minerals and here’s what I use.  Bare Minerals in Medium Beige topped with Mineral Veil.  Pretty and soft coverage, just enough for most days.

Here’s the blush I’ve settled on, Nars Orgasm (yep, that’s really the name) and I really love the color, a pretty pinky peach with little bit of sparkle.

Here’s what I use to line my eyes. I’ve been using Almay liner in a brown shade forever and these are 2 of them. The Mac stick is an eyebrow pencil in a Dark Blonde shade. I do use this on my brows when I’m going out, since my brows are turning gray too. I never over plucked my brows, but they are definitely turning white some, so I color over them to darken them a bit when I feel like it. Again, I’m not obsessed with my brows. I just darken them a bit and brush them to groom them with an old toothbrush.  But I don’t need to try to look like a Supermodel with big bold brows!

This mascara, I’ve shared before, but it really does help get my lashes a bit longer and fuller, Loreal Voluminous Superstar.  It has a primer on one end that coats a white coat, then add the mascara over that for longer lashes. You can’t really tell in these pics, but it does work well for me. I don’t use it everyday, but for weekends and special days or nights out.

And the 3 eye shadow palettes I use all the time.  This one is called Naturally Pretty, it’s all matte shades.  Love it!

This is the newest one, a neutral Urban Decay Naked palette and it has some nice colors too.

I got this Tarte kit in a Fab Fit Fun box and love the colors in this one too.  The sparkle ones are fun for the lid and to add a little shine.  In this one, I’d use a little of the Hype color on the lid, Drive on the crease, and Stylin or Crisp right on the outer edge into the crease for a little drama.  Blend it all in with a soft brush.  I linked a Tarte kit below that’s really pretty as well as the ones I have.


Here’s a look at the main brushes I use. It’s really important to get a good set of brushes too.  These are all different brands, but there are many out there. I’ll link to a couple below.

From top to bottom, here’s how I use them:

White tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my lighter colors

Dark tip eye shadow brush – I use this for my darker colors

Wide brush – I use this for adding highlighter and blending under brow bone.

Short stubby brush – Use this for adding in contour to crease with a little darker shade.

Blend well with a brush to blend all colors in well.

Makeup sponge for blending in base makeup or I use the brush with the IT CC cream.

Large fluffy brush for Mineral veil or loose powder to set it all.

It Cosmetics brush to apply It CC cream.  Really helps to smooth it all out on your face.

These look like a good starter set of brushes if you don’t have any.  You’ll also need blush and powder brushes so look for those in a set too.

Here’s a link to QVC (affiliate link) where I bought It CC Cream the first time with the brush. It was cheaper to buy it all together.

After that, I bought from It Cosmetics online directly and they often have 25% off sales on their products, so that’s a great time to buy.

So, that’s a wrap up on my makeup and what all I use and love.  I’d love for you all to chime in on this subject too. What are some of your favorites and do you wear the same makeup every day or do you change it up depending on what you’re doing that day?

Let’s talk makeup and aging skin. Would love to hear from you too!

- Rhoda


  1. Paula Jackson says

    I saw your earlier post on social media about Loreal Primer and Mascara. Next trip to WalMart I bought it and I love it. I could definitely see a difference when I use it. I tried false lashes – too much work, time consuming, and fake for me. I’m 68.

    • HI, Paula, glad you tried it too, it’s good for those days we want to look a little extra special.

  2. First, you are beautiful just like you are! Being a Southern lady myself, I was taught by my Mamaw, that you weren’t dressed until your makeup was on, so as a rule I put on my makeup and I turned 68 in Oct. I have NO idea how that happened so quickly. In regards to the non-invasive procedures…please don’t! I have many friends that have done this and at first they look refreshed and young, but as time goes on they look unrecognizable. It is such a sad thing. I have used some facial wraps by It Works and that is good for a quick pick-me-up for specie days. However, to get the full effect, 4 wraps are suggested and every 4 weeks. So if you follow that routine it’s great (for your Consultant) but gets pricey too.
    Keep doing what you do…you represent us Boomers well!

    • Thank you, Beth, I’m still scared to do anything, so my frugalness will probably prevent me from spending a bunch of money on this stuff. I haven’t heard of facial wraps, will have to look those up.

  3. OK you asked so I’ll share my thoughts on fillers and botox. Like you I’m almost 62. In my early 50’s even though I didn’t have many wrinkles I did have drooping. The corners of my mouth and indentations along the nose to the chin. Normal stuff. I went to a dermatologist and had a consult. They did some Juvederm fillers and botox. I was beyond thrilled with the results. I go in every 4 months for a touch up with botox and once a year I have 1 syringe of filler to top things up. My dermatologist also suggested starting retin-a which I use every night. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkling and fillers will plump up the deeper non moving parts of your face. A good injector will go slow, let you see the results and come back if you want more. If you decide to go that route sign up for Allergan’s point program (they make botox and juvederm). You’ll get points for what you buy plus they’ll send discount coupons to use for touch ups. Points can be used as cash to pay for treatments. I will say this, go to a dermatologist that does cosmetic work. A nurse does my actual injections but they will not work if any of the dermatologists are not in. Many clinics will do a free consult. Be realistic with them and tell them what your expectations are. A good clinic will not push more stuff. You appear to be a pretty down to earth person so I don’t expect you want to look 20 again. Just to be the best version of yourself. One thing about botox is that as the muscles weaken you don’t need as much botox or as often. I use to go every 3 months but now I find every 4 month works. So for all those women who condemn someone like me I say don’t know it until you try it. It must be working. I recently fell over some stairs and had to go to emergency. The Dr. looked at my chart, looked at me, looked at the chart again and said “how old are you” I told him and he asked if I had a face lift? I said no and he said but your face, you don’t have a line.

    • Hi, Gladys, thank you for sharing your experience with fillers and Botox. Sounds like a really good experience for you and I love your story. I may consider it all one day.

  4. Debbie Garrett says

    Hi Rhoda, it’s Debbie in Slidell, Louisiana! Just wanted to pipe in, I’m turning 55 next month, and just started experiencing Menopause! I’ve noticed so much more facial hair, well, I did a little research and read about dermablading, but wanted a diy, so I ordered the Schlick silk blades from Amazon, I started dermablading my face and it’s been amazing! How could removing the hair off your face improve it so much, but people have been commenting how my face looks so young and what do I use, and I have noticed those fine lines on my upper lip are gone, even my lines across my forehead have improved, I dermablading every Saturday, just wanted to throw that out there, you get three blades in a pack at Amazon!

    • OK Debbie, please explain to us exactly what dermablading is. I’ve never heard of it but I have blond facial hair I would like to get rid of too. Do you just shave your face/ I would love more info please.Thanks!

    • HI, Lynne, in case Debbie doesn’t come back and see this, I’ve been doing the same thing. Using a little blade that I got from Sally’s to shave off my peach fuzz all over my upper lip, chin and a little on my cheeks. It doesn’t grow back stubbly at all! Check out her recommendation from Amazon or Sally’s has them too. I got a 3 pack at Sally’s. So easy to use! It’s basically the same as going to the salon for dermablading, which none of us grew up with!

    • HI, Debbie, thanks for sharing. I’ve started doing the same thing, so I’ll have to do another post on that. I found those small blades at Sally’s and bought a pack and it does do wonders for the peach fuzz all over my lip and chin. I haven’t been doing it that long, but need to get in the habit of every week. Glad to hear it’s worked so well for you. I’ll have to check out the blades from Amazon too. I thought it might grow in stubbly, but it doesn’t. Still feels very soft and a little fuzzy.

  5. Hi Rhoda, I am always interested in what a pretty, “mature” ( does that mean we quit throwing spitballs?) woman does for her skin and makeup. I am 66, have fair skin that had a number of sunburns as a child. I don’ t think sunscreen existed then. I had a couple of BBL laser treatments about 8 years ago to greatly lighten large brown areas on the lower part of my face. The treatments are non invasive and last as long as you are religious with sunscreen. I started using sunscreen as an adult as soon as I learned about it. I agree with the keeping the application light to look your best. One tip I can offer is that I use cream blush which blends beautifully and seems to last. Keep up your routine because it definitely works for you.

    • Thank you, Iris, for chiming in too. I’ve loved reading all of your comments and what y’all do too. Lots of great tips here in the comments!

  6. Hi Rhoda – you are speaking my language!!! I am such a makeup junkie – but I have learned thru trial and error (oh man so many errors!) that less is more. I think my number one tip is drinking more water – it really has an affect on my skin when I don’t stay hydrated. I love IT CC cream, it is my go to foundation. I have been using two serums this year and people have commented on my skin so they must be doing something 🙂

    Timeless has Vitamin C serum and Coenzime Q10 serums, each around $25. One of my fav bloggers is Angie (Hot-n-flashy is her youtube channel). She has been a huge source of products that work for mature skin. Check her out sometime – she really knows her stuff and tests foundations, etc… she reviews both “holy grail” products as well as drug store products (that’s for me!). One tool she recommends is the Nuface – it is pricey so I haven’t tried it yet.

    You have beautiful skin! I don’t think it’s just the makeup – you can tell you really take care of your skin.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

    • Thank you, Diane, I have loved reading all the comments from all of you. I’ll check out Angie when I get a chance.

  7. Wow, I am glued to this! I haven’t left the house since I was 15 without mascara and that was it. I started having terrific hot flashes at about 48 and have been using a compounded topical preparation of estrogen and progesterone ever since. Last year at 64 I was finally finally! able to quit this. But, my goodness, I feel I have aged 10 years since I quit. I want it back! People used to think I was much younger and those comments have disappeared so I don’t think I am imagining anything. I would love to be “above it all”, but dang…”
    It seems Bare Minerals makes me look like a bulldog with beautiful skin, brown eyeliner has people asking me if I am tired, black eyeliner looks too harsh, no eyeliner looks completely washed out. I’ve always had rosy lips (in the past) have never worn lipstick and it all looks weird to me. My undereye area looks like I’m packing for a world tour. I love Burt’s Bees lip glosses but they stay on a hot second. Ulta is my best friend right now because they’re so helpful and it’s so easy to return stuff.

    We just visited a very sweet couple my husband has known since 5th grade. They are all 66. She has obviously had a massive amount of “work” done. At rest, with lots of makeup, she’s gorgeous and looks 40. But when talking and eating, everything under the skin is flexing and moving weirdly. Hard to explain. Her hands look all of 66.
    He has been a pastor at different small churches his whole life, I cannot fathom how they have paid for this.

    I am SO thrifty, I won’t say tight, but I can’t imagine any of that. I have never even tried Retin A but pretty soon, I’m getting some and I’m taking lots of notes from beautiful you and from your readers. Thanks!!

    PS My daughter shops at Sephora often, a sales lady there told her Walgreen’s makeup brushes were really good. We haven’t tried them yet.

    • HI, Nancy, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this, I sure have too! All the comments have been great, so I learn from you all just as much as I share my routine. It’s good to learn together! Your description of “work” being done is just as I see it too. I would never want to subject myself to that & the scrutiny that comes with it.

  8. I use Young Living Savvy Mineral makeup, plus a drop of YL Frankincense essential oil on my face every night, YL Wolfberry eye cream (AM and PM), YL Boswellia wrinkle cream (AM/PM). The makeup is amazing and easy to apply. The only two products in the line I don’t like are the eye liner and mascara….those I get at Sephora. Are you familiar with Young Living company?

    • HI, Doris, yes I signed up with them a few years ago, but didn’t really use the oils that much. I still have some around, but don’t use them daily. Many of my friends are consultants, but I just haven’t jumped fully on the YL oil train. I have the Wolfberry eye cream in my drawer right now.

  9. Carol (Lewis) Griffin says

    Love reading all the comments regarding skin care and make up. I will be 72 in a little over a week, still work full time as a realtor here on the SC coast, loving what I do and make up is a part of my daily routine or at least when I am out and about. Needless to say, I have always had pretty good skin and really want to keep it that way even though the wrinkles and that “saggy” stuff has set in….ugh…but it’s a part of life. For years, I have struggled with finding the perfect foundation and, believe me, I have spent some $$$ on searching for it as well as a good mascara that did not “gunk up” on my lashes. My oldest daughter introduced me to LimeLife products which you do have to buy from a LimeLife consultant and I absolutely love all of their products!!! I have always used good moisturizers or so I thought…..but after the 1st week of using the LimeLife products, I really could tell a huge difference. Of course, I was skeptical of spending more money on new make up….foundation, blush, etc., but after trying the foundation…..OMGee…..best I have ever used….very light not at all heavy which I cannot stand that feeling on my face and as I mentioned earlier, I have tried several and some very pricey ones. Either they would leave my face feeling yucky or the coverage was not good, etc. And, I do exfoliate my face at least 2 or more times a week with a good facial scrub and also do it on my lips which has helped reduced lines…..cannot stand those lip lines which I am now confronted with. And, my daughter fell in love with the LimeLife products because she was searching for all natural products for her face, not wanting to use anything that was unhealthy and, also, it is paraben free. I have also tried primers and did not like what my face looked like because the make up just sat on top of my skin which showed up the wrinkles even more, but the LimeLife primer is a very light spray which I was very skeptical of using at first, but it is amazing and then there is a finish spray which you lightly spray on your face….another amazing product. Cannot say enough about this line!!! Even though my daughter is a consultant with the company, I am not trying to sell the products or drum up business for her…..it’s just when I find something that is really amazing and something that I believe in and use, I will share with everyone. Oh, and I also do the dermablading as well…..makes a huge difference!

    • HI, Carol, thanks for sharing your experience. I thought about trying and selling Limelight and ordered their kit. It didn’t have the foundation in the kit, so I’ve only used a small little sample of that but I have used the skincare products. I liked what I used, but probably didn’t try it all to have a good opinion of it yet. But I’m glad you love it, I’ve heard good things about it. I’m such a skeptic on most all makeup and skincare and haven’t been really wowed by anything in particular.

    • Carol (Lewis) Griffin says

      Rhoda, I am probably the biggest skeptic of all but I do research something to death before I purchase. And, my daughter is probably the biggest researcher of all when purchasing or buying anything. You cannot believe how many people reply on her when purchasing stuff because they know she has done her homework. I am definitely a believer in the LimeLife products and it is the best foundation that I have ever used…..it does not settle on top of your skin which I absolutely hated because most products do that and it settles in pores and wrinkles which is not a good look. You really should try the foundation. If you are interested, I can have my daughter send you some little samples or you can get them from someone local in your area. Believe me, my daughter is not pushy at all because she does not like it done to her. She has really climbed to the top of this company in such a short time because she believe in it and what all it does…..she has a huge following and you should see her videos on FB….they are absolutely amazing.

  10. Everyone is interested in this post! I use things nobody else does and get great results. Dermapro, Concha de nacar night cream and lightening cream, Alpha Hydrox products, anti-itch Curel, the ceramides are not hype. I also give myself yogurt masks and use zinc oxide sunscreen. The zinc oxide itself is great for the skin. These things really work. My chemist brother is constantly suggesting things for me and has my whole life! My DH also researches and buys me things that I might not otherwise get. But the above are outstanding and inexpensive products. I really miss Prescriptives Cosmetics and have considered buying it online. Their foundations were so light and completely match my skin. I would love to try the bare mineral sometime but worried that it is too drying. Another thing that works is facercise! No kidding! Lastly, I read on another Beauty blog where someone used Just For Men beard dye on their eyebrows. I think this is a safe product for that use and while I don’t need it yet I’m storing that bit of knowledge away for the future. The one fad I detest is dermablading. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s basically a tattoo for the eyebrows. One of my other favorite bloggers had it done and it’s totally changed the way she looks. From lovely natural brows she looks like she’s surprised all the time. I guess the botox didn’t help with that. Seem to use a one-size-fits-all shape that’s very unnatural. Anyway, I might consider fillers and possibly very light Botox in the future but I’m scared. I’m sticking with what I’m doing now until it no longer seems to work. Thank you for a great discussion! You’re the best and you look great!

  11. I’m an aesthetician, I give facials and wax for a living. I see so.many women who have had so many procedures. Too kuch, as you have noted, looks awful and ridiculous, bit i have to say, the women, in my opinion, who just seem to look good into their 70s and beyond have a “lower facelift” or just the jaw/chin area tightened up either surgically or with deeper laser treatments and their eye area surgically lifted. There is no cream, no device, no series of facials that will improve more serious sagging and bulging in those areas. I’ve seen women spend thousans over the years on products and treatments, nothing works like more invasive procedures in those areas….and a perrson just tightens those area but doesnt try to erase every wrinkle or every sign of aging i think it can look fabulous. Think of helen Miren. I don’t know for sure but I’d bet she’s had her jaw line and eyes done, but she clearly isnt trying to erase every sign of aging, and looks age appropriate.

    • Hi, Louise, thanks for stopping by. What you said makes a lot of sense, I agree Helen Mirren looks great!

  12. Lynne V. Glancy says

    I haven’t read every single comment so forgive me if you’ve already answered this, but what kind of lipstick do you use? I am 62 years old and I find that regular lipstick–even expensive brands–tend to wear off so quickly! I love Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Heather Moon but as soon as I eat or drink anything, it’s gone. I buy Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color lipstick which does last a long time, but I can’t find the color I like. I like that it doesn’t feather into my lip lines the way some moisturizing lipsticks to. And I can’t wear any gloss at all for the same reason. I can’t even take the dog for a walk without putting on some lipstick!

    • HI, Lynne, lipsticks are a bit tough to wear consistently as we get older, aren’t they? I have several Clinique lipsticks that I use that stay on pretty well and don’t feather too much. I sometimes use lip liner but not all the time. The ones I have found that stay on best is a lip company called Lipsense. They are a little strange, in that they go on almost like a marker and then they set and you add a gloss on top to make them feel good. They are a little drying to the lips but look good if you’re trying to keep it on all day. I don’t wear them all the time but when I want it to stay on for a long while, I’ll sometimes wear them and there are a lot of colors, so be prepared for that. You have to find a Lipsense person who sells them, they are like Mary Kay or one of those makeup lines that have consultants. I feel better with lipstick on too!

    • Carol Griffin says

      Lynne, I use to have the same problem until I started using the LimeLife (use to be LimeLight) products and the “Enduring Lipstick” stays on for several hours. The first time that I used it, I put it on early in the day and it was still on in the late afternoon. I always line my lips with a lip pencil to prevent bleeding which also helps. I did mention in a previous reply on Rhoda’s blog about the makeup, that I started using the LimeLife products 2 years ago and they are the best that I have ever used and I have used/tried so many over the years as well as spending lots of $$$ on very high end make up. Also, I do exfoliate my face as well as my lips at least 3 times a week which had really helped on the lip lines as well as my skin overall.

    • HI, Carol, you had mentioned Lime Life products and I have a few of them. I do have a sample of the makeup base and used it again and I do really like it, so I might order some of that to have around. It’s easy to apply and would be good to have around. I have a few base makeups that I alternate with depending on how much makeup I want to put on each day.

  13. Rhoda, I do love the LimeLife foundation because you can build it if you want more coverage. It is absolutely the best foundation that I have ever used…….coverage is awesome and you can use a little or add more depending on your needs. Plus, I am loving their primer spray as well as the finishing spray. I have never been a fan of primers at all until my daughter let me try hers. It is a light spray which almost feels like water. And, the finishing spray sets your makeup for all day. I do not use a lot of makeup but when I do, I want it to look natural as well as look good and these are by far the best products I have ever used. I should have been selling this stuff because so many have ask me what I use and this never happened until 2 years ago when I started using these products. Plus, I had never used a foundation brush before, always a makeup sponge, and now this is all I use. LimeLife does have make up brushes but I purchased the Kat Von D angle foundation brush and LOVE it! And, I replenished all of my brushes before Christmas with some Ulta make up brushes. My daughter does great tutorials and FB videos on the LimeLife is you are ever interested. She got involved with them because she was looking for all natural, paraben free products and did not intend to sell the products but, again, people were asking what she was using….she is 50 and very much wants to take care of her skin.

    • HI, Carol, thank you for all the info. I think I will order some more of the foundation and try the primer too. I was going to sell it as well, but chickened out when I got the kit in and just didn’t think I could give my all to it. But we will see if I use it and like it as well as your daughter does, I might change my mind. My kit didn’t come with foundation, but a friend sent me a little bitty container so that’s all I’ve had to try.

    • Carol, can you please give me the link to your daughters fb tutorials with this makeup line? Thanks

  14. Rhoda, I love the skin care line as well as any that I have ever used, too! Can really tell a difference. The only product that I do not use is the mascara because my favorite mascara is “Roller Lash” by benefits. And, I just started using Thrive mascara which I also love. If you want to see any of Allyson’s ( my daughter) FB videos regarding the products and how to best use them, message me or email me and I will send you her LimeLife FB info. Not trying to sell products but she is absolutely great at this and it’s only a part time thing. By the way, I keep meaning to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs!!! As well as hearing all about your family!

    • HI, Carol, thanks so much! I’m glad to hear that. And yes, I’d like to join her Facebook group and see the products in action, so I’ll email you.

  15. Try City Beauty’s multi sculpting cream for fixing any sagging areas on the face or neck…. love love love- looks great underneath my bare minerals medium and original mineral veil! Will be 62 this October- it’s

  16. Pamela Mawbey says

    Harder to get makeup to stay on ageing skin. Particularly lipstick. Thank you for your blush suggestion. Looks like colour i’ve been.looking searching for. I like light orange lipstick but hard to find too. I’m from Sydney Australia.

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