Plantation Shutters Installation!

Hey, there friends!  It’s been a busy weekend for us.  We just about killed ourselves on Saturday getting the fence sprayed, but I’m happy to say, it is finished!  It went a lot faster having the spray gun and I’ll be sharing that project soon. It feels good to check that one off the list too!

In the meantime, over a week ago we had some exciting happenings going on at our house.  We had new plantation shutters installed in the living room, dining room, and Mark’s man cave.  And wow, at the difference they make.

Plantation shutters are not inexpensive and I really never thought I could afford them, but we do save up for our projects around here and pay cash for them, so I’ll tell you all about this one.  I am working with a sponsor, Sunburst Shutters, but we had the dining room comped and we paid for the rest, so even though that was a big plus, we still had a pretty penny to pay.

Just as a back story, I did have a company come out and give us an estimate a few months ago for plantation shutters.  Their price was $2500 for all 8 windows we were covering.  That seems to be about the norm, I’ve heard around $300 per window is to be expected.  We ended up paying more than that with Sunburst Shutters, but we are really happy with the results.

Why Get Plantation Shutters? 

I’ll be the first to admit that I knew practically nothing about plantation shutters and the particulars about how they are made and put together.  So, I really didn’t do a lot of research. When I had the first quote done last year, I had a quote for all wood shutters. I’ve since heard that all wood can be problematic as they can warp and crack over time.

So when Sunburst Shutters contacted me about their Polywood line of shutters, with 100% lifetime warranty and the fact that these are non-wood shutters made of a solid engineered wood substitute that won’t chip, crack, warp, or split, well, that sounded really good to me.  I knew we wanted the widest slats available and 4″ slats did the trick!

The owner of the local Sunburst Shutter company, Dan Taylor, is a super nice guy and came out first and measured all the windows precisely and did the installation himself.  In our initial meeting he showed me shutters from a competitor that were no more than laminate covered pressboard.  The coating had been chipped away in spots and they looked terrible.  So just be aware when you’re looking at shutters exactly what they are made of.  It took about 3 hours to complete the job and get our windows shuttered.

We were walking around the house oohing and ahhing over our new plantation shutters and could not be happier.  I took lots of pics, so please indulge me.  We waited several months to get this done and are so happy with the outcome.

Shutters offer energy efficiency too and I think they will definitely keep the heat out more in summer when they are closed.  We got the traditional style with the rail in the middle and the tilt rods, but you can choose different configurations now, including no tilt wand and no middle rail.

They really do make the living room so much better and high end and a great way to welcome people into our house, looking to the living room and then to the dining room.

It’s very hard to photograph windows properly, but I tried to give you a good idea of the size and feel of these. The 4″ slats are so bold and beautiful.

The view from the dining room to the living room is outstanding and stunning!  Those 3 windows with the transoms are just all kinds of pretty in my book. Such a nice architectural detail now!

Now let’s peek into the dining room.  The 2 dining room windows are the ones that were comped and they are valued at about $850 (with a discount offered).  We paid right at $2500 for the remaining 6 windows in the living room and Mark’s man cave, which I will hopefully be showing you later. He’s actually going to write a post for me about his man cave and I’m so excited to read that myself!

Just for fun, let’s look back at the house when we bought it, the BEFORE shot! 

Quite the change, isn’t it?!

Oh dining room, you are so pretty to look at! Even though the vintage buffet has to sit in front of the windows, what a back drop it makes to all my things.

The architectural interest that plantation shutters bring is second to none. My lamps even look better in front of these shutters.

Here’s a close up look at the casing detail, the frame that the shutters sit in.  Dan showed me a few different styles of frames and this one really fit our house well and looked great with our existing moldings.  There are several whites to choose from and we chose the one that went best with our white trim. I love how chunky this frame is and it mounts right on top of our trimwork.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Another look at the frame and white hinges. I can’t photograph this really well, but there are pieces of weather stripping on the sides of the frame and in the middle of the shutters when they shut that helps keep out cold and heat from the windows.  I really liked hearing that part too. They just impressed me so much with the quality and how they felt, so I’m very happy with our decision.

I tilted the slats at different angles so you can hopefully see how they look.  Again, it’s hard to really capture a window without blowing it out with the camera.

Here’s a shot with the slats all closed.

And tilted up.  I had originally planned to put up drapes with the Plantation Shutters, but after getting them installed, I’ve changed my mind and won’t be putting up any other window treatments.  I just love the clean and classic look they bring to the room.

Slats closed and wow what a pretty room!  We are more than thrilled with our plantation shutters from Sunburst.

Again, they are not inexpensive and when I hear people say they have them all over their house, I’m amazed, because that would be quite expensive. So, that’s why we decided to use them in a few key rooms to add architectural interest and detail to those rooms.  I still love my bamboo shades in my other spaces too, but there’s room for both in a home.  Of course, plantation shutters would look great throughout a whole house (makes me think of Cape Cod style), but most of us are cost conscious and have to consider the budget too.

If you’re in the market for plantation shutters, I’d defiitely tell you to check out Sunburst Shutters.

Dan Taylor is the local Sunburst Shutters rep and you can reach him at 404-962-8517 Office.  You can check out Sunburst Shutters website as well, to see if there’s one in your area. We could not be happier!

Sunburst Shutters comped the dining room windows in our house and we paid for the remaining windows in the living room and man cave. All opinions are my own!








- Rhoda


  1. Yes the shutters look great and it’s amazing what it did to increase the wow factor is that room!

  2. The shutters look so pretty. I love shutters on Windows although I don’t have them.
    My neighbor had them on all of her two story home. She sold her house and the new owners took every one of the shutters off !
    I couldn’t believe it ! Well enjoy yours !

    • Hi, Linda, wow I can’t believe that either! I can’t imagine taking them down, but I guess some people don’t like them.

  3. Edie Walker says

    Your shutters are wonderful! They really are a pop of white and really brighten your rooms. We also have these shutters, but they are painted in an off-white, our previous color for our trim. I can’t wait to get them painted white-white to match the trim from our recent paint job. It’s really surprising which white one picks; white-white in a high gloss is my new favorite!

    • Thank you, Edie, I was glad our trim was brighter white. I’ve used that too in my last house. I used to think a more cream trim was prettier, but there’s nothing like a brighter white to make wall colors and trim pop.

  4. I had wood plantation shutters for 15 years in FL, and now 5 years here in GA. Mine have never cracked, chipped or warped. The advantage of wood is that they can be painted any color you want and can be sanded and repainted if you want to change the color. I, too, choose to not have drapes or curtains. I dust them with my Swiffer duster and they are clean. Love them!

  5. Barbara Moore says

    The shutters are absolutely gorgeous!! What a huge difference. So happy for you. They are the perfect addition to your lovely home.


    Rhoda, your new plantation shutters are so nice! What a difference they make to your living room and dining room. So happy for you that you had them installed! Your home is just so lovely and these shutters just add so much! Enjoy! I would be walking from room-to-room, too, just admiring how beautiful they look! Great choice!

    • Hi, Mary-Ann, thank you, they really are the crowning touch to the living room and dining rooms.

  7. Your dining room & living room have turned out spectacular! The plantation shutters added a nice WOW factor & I can see where they would be easier to dust than other types of window treatments. You & Mark are working hard and your house is sure showing your efforts.

    • Hi, Linda, we have been working hard this past year and ready to take some breaks. It’s very rewarding to look around at all we’ve accomplished together.

  8. Dawn Scheurich says

    Simply beautiful! You have done an amazing job—enjoy!!

  9. Your shutters look wonderful! They really are a pop of white and really brighten the room! I love shutters on Windows although I don’t have them…yet 🙂

  10. Wow…Rhoda your new plantation shutters look stunning and are the icing on the cake in the dining room!! Dan and his company did an amazing job and I cant wait to see them in the other rooms. Many people get quite a sticker shock when they go shopping for plantation shutters and yes they are an investment but I think also for re-sell (not that you will be thinking of that for a long time) they are a good value.

    I cant image anyone taking them down…they are timeless, classic and so clean looking and much easier to wipe down for dust than traditional blinds.

    • Thank you, Teresa, we are so happy with them and the company did a fabulous job with the install. You’re right, they are not cheap, but definitely an investment.

  11. Excellent. Your dining room looks gorgeous! No surprise there, the dining room in your last house was my favorite room, too.

  12. Beautiful! My mother had plantation shutters installed on the “feature window” in her condo – they added so much! I know they are an investment – but, really, any custom window treatment has a substantial price tag – and these give architectural interest for that extra Wow Factor. Totally a great use of decorating funds!

  13. Wow factor doesn’t come close. The shutters are spectacular.

  14. You and Mark are doing a great job decorating your home! I love seeing your style! Hope you have a relaxing fourth!

    • Debbie, thank you so much, it’s so rewarding to see lal the changes we’ve made in the last year!

  15. I love the blue color in your living room. What is the brand and name of the color? Thanks!

    • Hi, Vanessa, one wall is wallpaper and the paint in there is colormatched to it, Spellbound by Ben Moore mixed at Sherwin Williams.

  16. Hi Rhoda,

    Your shutters look stunning !! so very classy !!
    Happy 4th July !

  17. The shutters are stunning, Rhoda!!
    Looking forward to seeing you again at Haven in Charleston next week!!!

  18. This is so pretty. The new shutters look wonderful. The view looking at them with the lamps and blue and white on the buffet is magazine worthy Rhoda!

  19. Great post Rhoda. I love plantation shutters & agree no other window treatment is needed with them. I honestly hadn’t thought about how the different size shutters would differ a look but I like lots of natural light & I really like the look of yours. Your house is beautiful & those rooms with the plantation shutters & the Seagrass wall paper 😍😍😍

  20. My goodness, your home is lovely, and those shutters are the crowning glory!
    Where did you find your gorgeous lamps, please? Thanks!

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