Seaside Sister: Lynn’s Beach House

I have a new friend in Marietta and her name is Lynn.  We met up at the beach last week in Florida.  We actually went to high school together, she was one year behind me, but didn’t know each other.  But, now all these years later, we have connected and I am enjoying getting to know this talented Marietta native.  We met up at the Marietta Christmas tour of homes, as her family’s gorgeous historical home, Ellwood, was on the tour and I was a docent in their house.  I still want to go back and photograph that house too, but for now, I’ll share her beach house with ya’ll.  It’s that time of year and who doesn’t love a pretty beach house.

As I mentioned, Lynn is extremely talented and when I met up with her in Destin, I found out how far back this talent goes. She’s a go-getter and began buying homes years ago, right out of college to fix up and rent and she still has lots of those that she manages.  Beach houses, mountain lodges, Lynn has them all.  She sews, she decorates and is a fabulous artist too and I saw all of her talent on display at both Ellwood and the beach house, Seaside Sister.  This home is rented out during the year, so you can check it out vacation rentals here, if you’re interested in staying there.


She bought this beach house 2 years ago and brought it back to its full glory, 3 stories of beauty.


I love this beautiful double door that greets everyone.


A pretty lime green chair and planter doesn’t hurt either.


I’m a sucker for shingles and this is one pretty house.


Seaside Sister is rented out every year, so if you’d like to take a group there to stay, it’s in the Seagrove area.


Inside the door is a nicely decorated foyer and it just screams beach, doesn’t it?  I just might have to borrow this shutter idea.  Love those!


Lynn is a talented artist and painted this one.


Downstairs, is a bunkroom that sleeps four and it is cute as a button.


I’ve slept in a bunkroom before and didn’t mind it a bit.


This one is cozy, but well appointed.


The downstairs bathroom has all the comforts of home.


Another downstairs bedroom, I love the cute windows in here.


Welcome to Seaside Sister.


Up one flight of stairs is the main living area with the dining room at the top of the stairs.


The whole house is just beautiful and welcoming.


The kitchen was all redone by Lynn and is very open and easy to navigate.


Granite countertops and a nice big island would be great for a crowd.




She painted the cabinets a pretty greige color.


The familyroom is nice and big too with a pretty rattan sectional.


Great place to hang out.


Pretty collection of pottery and shells.


The balcony off the living room holds some brightly painted lime green wicker pieces that Lynn picked up thrifting and repainted.  A girl after my own heart!


Up another flight of stairs is the master bedroom.


Love this little vignette at the top of the stairs.


Amen to that sentiment!  I couldn’t agree more.


Another guestroom upstairs.


In vivid blues and greens, oh so beachy.


With another well appointed bathroom.


The master bedroom is huge and spacious.  Lynn found that bed at a yardsale and painted it black.  Love it in here.


Master bathroom is so very nice with travertine floors.


Lynn really did a great job renovating this house.


The views from the top are breath-taking and that is why we all love the beaches on the Gulf coast of Florida.

Don’t you agree?

Don’t forget, Thrifty Treasures returns this Sunday evening!  I’ve got a fun find from the Destin, Florida Goodwill to share with you.  It will show up in my house one day!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda…this home is gorgeous…Lynn did a spectacular job in creating such a seaside oasis…You just get the feeling of calm as you stroll thru each room…how wonderful it must have been to be a guest in that home…

    Thank you for the tour!

  2. Gorgeous home, and what’s amazing to me is that although it’s a rental property, she’s put a lot of effort into making it a beautiful place, rather than just putting cheap furniture and finishes. Beautiful!

  3. What a fabulous beach house! I love those thrifted lime green wicker pieces as well as her artwork.

  4. Mom on the Run says:

    I knew you two would hit it off! ;-}

  5. 100% agree! It is a stunning house with so many beautiful details!

  6. What a perfect beachhouse! I love the colors, the decks, the details like the artwork and travertine…I could go on and on! Love it!

  7. Stunning, breath taking, and gorgeous! Wow…and you did such a beautiful job on the photographs. You both have such talent!

  8. I am in love with the Seagrove area. We had a beach place here for years and the beaches are truly the most beautiful in the world!

    Have you been to Kathleen’s Kottage? Great little shop. Kathleen is wonderful and her husband Will is super talented with building and painting. I never miss a visit there when I am in town.

  9. What an absolutely gorgeous home. I love the amount of light it gets, and the color pallette is so soothing. The view is beautiful as well. Thanks for the tour.

  10. That was an inspiring tour! Thanks for sharing. I liked the restful colors with just the right spots of color like the lime green baskets tucked in the cabinet.

  11. Love this beach house! Wish I could get away right now. We could use a break from our reno. I love the grey board and batton siding.

  12. That foyer is just awesome! Another great post! Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a beautiful home!! That bunk room was so fantastic and the kitchen was positively stunning. So glad you shared this with us Rhoda! 🙂

  14. I absolutely love the whole house but especially what Lynn did with te kitchen cabinets. I would love to know if she did them herself or had them done professionally and if she did them herself would she be willing to clue me in so I could try this on my white cabinets too. Thanks for the pics. The Seaside Sister is beautiful!

  15. Wow. I would stay there in a second. Love that painting with the water lilies…. so serene. The whole house is just lovely and has such a nice feel.

  16. I’m loving the rattan seating!! And of course I totally believe that it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you go to the beach!!

  17. I have to tell you a little secret! I am a Southern gal at heart and I read your blog just to get my daily fill from home. I live in California but grew up in Pensacola, Fla. My family vacationed for years in the Seaside, Destin and South Walton areas. When I try to explain to my So Cal friends what the beaches are really like back home, they just don’t get it. I am seeing so much publicity lately and hope that everyone takes the time to visit. Its a summer you’ll never forget. -Homesick

  18. What a pretty beach house! Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Dear Rhoda,
    I am so Blessed to spend my winters in Florida (middle of the state) and I love it there. I would so like to live there year around.

    The Seaside Sister Cottage is every girl’s dream of a vacation stay. It is absolutely stunning. I love all the details and the colors speak to my soul.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful home.


  20. Rhoda,

    You have me missing the East Coast with this feature …

    Such an amazingly lovely home. I love it all, but must say that four person bunk room had my heart going pitter patter …



  21. I also went on the tour of Marietta and saw Lynn’s home Ellwood. It was amazing. She is so very talented. Loved seeing her beach cottage. You could do a whole series on her rental property. Wouldn’t that be fun. I’ve met Lynn at A Classy Flea where she shops for some of her treasures. Thanks for the tour. Phyllis

  22. Paula B. says:

    Agree, agree, with all of the above. Wouldn’t I just love to be vacationing there right now. We live on an inlet of Narragansett Bay in R.I. but I have to say that since our first South Carolina vacation I have fallen in love with the southern coastal areas. I have so many places I want to visit and now, from reading your blog, here is another spot to put on that travel bucket list.

  23. Gorgeous Rhoda! Thanks so much for giving us a tour of Lynn’e beach house.

  24. Brandie Dickerson says:

    Hi Rhoda, Thanks so much for your fabulous blog!!! I am new to reading blogs-I can now see I am never going to get another thing done!haha I LOVE Destin and go there very often as two of my sisters live there! It is only about three hours away from where I live in Ocean Springs, MS. I am in the processs of researching what all I should put in place to start a blog so thanks so much for your 4 part series on how you started and grew your blog! I am hoping for the blog to be an outlet for my love of writing and and to increase my clientele for my interiors business as well as my newly rented antiques and interiors booth! I comb that Destin Goodwill from one end to the other-next time you go I will give you a list of thrift stores in the area-it will be the least I could do for all the great info. you have shared on your blog! I found two great milk glass pedestal bowls at that goodwill and it gave me great satisfaction to place them in a room I did with paper flower arrangements in them in a massive home (as in it had 8 bathrooms) those babies held their own in the “mansion” haha! I am on the waiting list for Haven and I am praying I get in!!! Once again, thanks for the blog and thanks for being you!

  25. I think we looked at this house online when we were looking for places to rent this summer!

  26. Cheryl Channell says:

    Rhoda, last year my family & I stayed next door to this house. While there we looked at it in case we wanted to rent it. It is absolutely beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice. It’s just a short walk to the beach and in a nice quiet neighborhood. We hope to stay there someday when more of our family can come. The house is large for just us three. Congrats on your new house. I know it won’t take long for you to make it into a home. Just love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  27. Justina says:

    Can you please share where you found the entry way table that goes in between the shutters ? Love it ! I actually live in destin too so even better if it was somewhere local !

    • HI, Justina, this place belongs to a local ATlanta gal, so I probably can’t get a quick answer for you.

  28. Justina says:

    Ohhh that would be great! Let me know what you find out ! Thank you!!!

  29. Love it! I know this is an older post, but didn’t know if you could tell me the exterior paint colors she used. This is the perfect gray!!

  30. Lynn Rechsteiner says:

    Rhoda, I read each and every one of these kind and inquiring replays on your review of our beach house, Seaside Sister. Makes me happy to so many people enjoyed seeing the beach house. I am here now and sad to say- leaving this paradise today. I am going to work hard to get my home, Ellwood, ready so that you can share it with your followers. I want to see your finished house as well. I have something for you and I’ll call you soon and drop it by.
    Your Seaside Sister

  31. Amazing house! Talented lady. Thanks for posting.

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