Serenbe: A Green Village in Georgia

I shared with you a few weeks ago, I got to spend about 24 hours in a pretty place south of Atlanta, called Serenbe.   Since it is such a magical place, I wanted to share pics of the little main street area, so you can get a feel of how peaceful Serenbe really is.

Serenbe iron sign

It’s a green village, with organic gardens, a pretty little main street, and beautiful homes lining that main street.  It seems very old-fashioned in many ways, the kind of place you wish you could grow up in.

Unique stop sign

Even the STOP signs are cute and fancy.


The stables is one of the first buildings spotted as you drive into Serenbe.

Serenbe Bakeshop

The main street restaurant, Blue Eyed Daisy, serves up a delicious breakfast.


Outdoor seating encourages lingering with neighbors.


Quaint and desirable, the downtown area has many shops to browse.




My head was snapping back and forth trying to see all the pretty homes as I drove through.


Doesn’t this look like a quaint older town?  It’s fairly new (since early 2000’s), but has a very nostalgic feel.


The homes are built for energy efficiency.


But, style is also a big factor.


Very Southern.


Love the porches and landscaping.


This one is just beautiful.


I don’t think I could pick a favorite.


Maybe this one!


So many pretty styles, I can imagine the inside is just as pretty.



Saturday market in Serenbe every summer.


Horseback riding is available too.  These guys were really friendly.


Farm animals at the barn were so cute and cuddly.

If you get the chance to visit Serenbe, I’d highly encourage it.

- Rhoda


  1. Janie Block says:

    Where is this magical place Rhoda? Thanks for the peek of this charming place


  2. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Rhoda: do you recall Blount Springs north of Birmingham? It was a community developed in the 1990’s much like the homes of Serenbe (minus the barns, animals). The style of homes was almost identical to these homes. Unfortunately, it never took off – likely due to the remote location and the relatively high prices. Also, there is another community in Northeast (close to Ft. Payne) Alabama called Gorham’s Bluff – also built on this premise. Has been years since I was there, so I’m not sure how they are doing.

    • Hi Becky,
      Last year, my husband proposed at gorhams bluff. It seemed like it was relatively uninhabited, but it was also shortly after the tornadoes that hit last year came through, so many might have been out of town.

      • Becky in 'Bama says:

        Gee. Yes, I haven’t stopped to consider the close proximity of the tornadoes in 2011 to Gorham’s Bluff. I need to pay them a visit sooner rather than later. Thanks.

  3. More eye candy!! At least it is not fattening! The gray house is my favorite…just beautiful and though I grew up in Georgia and went to school in Atlanta I am not familiar with Serenbe. What other towns are nearby???

  4. Your pictures are amazing ! On my “must see” list when visit Atlanta. Cute signs, houses, main street ,et al. You have a gift of drawing us in with your pictures and words ! It’s like being able to travel around our great country by seeing the places, houses, that you bring to us (along with great places to eat!)…it is as if we were there too. And what a great escape during the day to just “click over” to your blog and be transported somewhere else. How lovely! Thank you!

  5. What a lovely place, Love the barn.

  6. I love Serenbe — often I just find my little car driving down there for no reason. It is a feel good kinda place.

    p.s. I pinned a lot of your pics on my Serenbe board.

  7. I would love to live in a community like this. It looks so peaceful.

  8. I haven’t been to Serenbe in 5 or 6 years. You make me want to go back!

  9. I especially loved the sign’s message about beauty. Thanks, Rhoda.

  10. Serenbe is definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks for showing all the pics of the beautiful houses. I was particularly looking at the ones with metal roofs because that’s what I’d like to put on our house some day.

  11. I haven’t been, but have heard of this place — love all the gorgeous houses! I’d love to make a day trip to check it out… looks like our kinda place to settle once all the kids are grown. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi

  12. My blood pressure dropped 20 points just reading your post! So serene! I’d have to say the little blue cottage would be my favorite. I can just see myself rocking in those rocking chairs! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. I am so taking the family here! So close to home and we have never been there! I first heard of the gem of a town through HGTV and their giveaway home. What an amazing area. Thank you Rhoda for sharing!
    Hugs, jen @ f5

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