Shaw Floors Carpet Runner

As part of my partnership with Shaw Floors, they allowed us to get a new runner for our new house for the staircase. We had a certain amount of flooring given to us since I’m part of the Shaw Style Board this year and it is such a blessing to us that this gift of carpet on the stairs will enhance our house so much.

I’m a big fan of patterned carpets and Shaw has some gorgeous ones! We got lots of samples and decided on a beautiful herringbone pattern. We are both fans of classic patterns and herringbone is one of those that always catches our eye.

The carpet on the stairs was a beige blah-tone that was OK, but had seen better days. This house was so plain vanilla that it’s been fun to start adding some personality to it.  We have lots of fun plans for this house!

We did determine pretty early on that the stairs were not finished all the way across, so we needed to keep the runner all the way to the wall. The stairs treads are part oak and part painted pine, so wouldn’t have worked for revealing the whole stair tread, plus there were gaps on the wall side that we would have had to deal with. And since I would have put a runner down anyway, we just replaced it with the same footprint that was there for ease of installation.

One more look at the original carpet.  Boring and blah beige.

We narrowed our choice down to this beautiful pattern from Shaw carpets, True Event II in the color Carbon.  It’s the top right swatch above.  Even though we could have gone with a lighter color and been safe with a brown or beige tone, we thought the black would enhance the black iron railings in our staircase and black just adds a little drama. The lighter color was a great match to the greige wall paint we used, Gatherings by Magnolia Home paint, so it just felt like a good choice.  It’s always nerve wracking to choose something this important from a small swatch, but we felt comfortable with the decision.  I told them to serge the edges in the lighter color.

Install day came and the installer ripped off the old carpet and got ready to install the new one.

You can see that the builder never intended for the stairs to show.  The gap on the wall side isn’t bad, but we would have had to deal with uneven staining if we had tried to stain the wall side of the stair treads and it just made sense to do it exactly like it was.

The same Shaw dealer who did our site finished and Shaw Epic hardwoods also installed our runner, Dalton Wholesale Floors and they did a fantastic job.  He was a pro and got the runner installed in about an hour, using a staple gun of some sort. The runner is perfect!

The installation is just gorgeous and our installer did a fabulous job lining it all up and making it beautiful.  I was oohing and ahhhing at this beautiful runner and could not stop staring at it.

It makes such a statement and is so classic and elegant, I think we will be very happy with it. You can see it’s serged on both sides, giving it a really finished look.

It’s soft underfoot and feels great barefoot too.

From the top looking down, it’s a gorgeous view and we could NOT be happier with how this runner turned out. If you are in the market for a stair runner, I’d highly recommend Shaw Floors carpets. This one is nylon, very soft and should hold up on stairs for years to come.  It has a nice pad underneath and is very cushioned to walk on. See how great it coordinates with the wall color we chose?

It’s so much fun to see all these changes happening at the house and move-in is really soon. I can’t wait to get in there and really start living and enjoying this place with Mark.  I’ve been moving in kitchen stuff this past week and figuring out what all I can fit in the cabinets.  Our new kitchen isn’t as big on storage as my current house.  This house is shaped completely different from my old house and so things will definitely be moved around and it will be a process to get things just right.  I already know some pieces from my old house won’t make it to the new house, since there is different wall spaces and all. This house has less walls to display furniture on and that makes a difference, but I’m sure it will be a fun challenge!

Note: This post is sponsored by Shaw Floors as part of the Style Board collaboration.  I received the runner and installation at no charge. 






- Rhoda


  1. Wendy Rohs says:

    This looks fabulous! Absolutely stunning.

  2. I have never seen a staircase runner that was not installed centered but from your pictures, it looks very nice.

    • It’s funny that I’m getting so many comments about that, but no one questions it when you look at the old carpet that was on the stairs. That’s the typical way to put in carpet that many builders do. It’s patterned carpet, so really just the same as it was before only now it’s just a runner and there is no carpet upstairs.

  3. Girl, you + Shaw = a match made in heaven! This house is an amazing showcase for their products. I don’t think I ever would have thought about such a bold choice in a runner before seeing yours. It looks wonderful! Great choice to have the edges serged with the lighter color. Little details make a big difference, don’t they?

    Can’t wait to see you all moved in! 🙂

    • Thank you Richalla, it’s been great working with them. They do make really nice products that are easy to love and show. We thought this pattern was classic and elegant at the same time.

  4. When someone steps through your front door, the first thing they will think is, classy and elegant at the same time. Classic. It will never go out of style! Beautiful!

  5. Hi Rhoda…NOT Ronda,
    I just noticed it’s Rhoda a while ago. Rhoda, I feel your pain. Every time I’ve moved I have to buy some new furniture pieces…….the old stuff just doesn’t fit. Seems hard to believe but if anyone has moved multiple times they too know what we are talking about. You and Mark are definitely putting your own mark (no pun intended) on your new home. I know you are going to enjoy living there together for many years to come.
    You painted your media center and it turned out great and I like the color you chose. Can you share the color and brand of paint? I need to repaint some pieces I have. I have several things painted black and I’m sure I don’t have to explain the dusting that goes on daily around here. I’m also getting tired of the chippy look I have on a couple of pieces as well. Fresh paint on a few things would make them look new again.
    I just want to wish you and Mark a full life together. God bless you both. Judy

    • Hi, Judy, thank you so much, such a sweet note! I know many of you have experienced the furniture thing after moving too, this is the worst I’ve had of it moving from one house to another. I’ve been fortunate in the past that things fit pretty well, but this one is different. I know we will make it all work though, even adding some new pieces, which will be fun to do. I’m sharing a post on painting that cabinet this weekend, but I’ll go ahead and give you the color and brand of paint. Maison Blanche in the color Hurricane, a pretty soft gray green.

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