My Sister’s Guest Room Makeover

I just wanted to mention this since we are going into the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday season.  You all have probably noticed that I have been doing a few more sponsored posts lately and likely that will continue on this month at least.  I have always tried to do only one per week, but as this season approaches, there are more and more opportunities and I take the ones that are a good fit for me and my blog, so I hope that you all will understand that.  I haven’t had too many complaints about sponsored posts, but there are always a few out there who voice their opinion on the subject in a negative way, so I wanted to throw this out there beforehand.  My sponsored posts are a combination of product reviews/giveaways, contest promotions, brand events, or projects that I do being a brand ambassador for a few companies. I work as a brand ambassador with Lowes, FrogTape, and Payless decor, support, like, and use those brands in my home, so you will see one post per month for Lowes and FrogTape and a few along the way with other brands.  That’s the nature of blogging in 2013 and working with brands is a huge part of how I make a living at this.  Believe me, I turn down a lot of things I could take, but don’t simply because they are not a good fit and I don’t want my blog to turn into nothing but endorsements.  So, this is just a note to say please bear with me during this season as I will be having a few more than normal sponsored posts.  Most of them are project related and I think  you’ll enjoy seeing them too.  And I’ll have plenty of Thanksgiving/Christmas decorating posts and sharing family events too, so there will be lots more to enjoy.  Thanks for listening and for reading and supporting me! I appreciate you all SO much!  

Now on to a fun bedroom makeover!

I’ve shared lots of rooms from my sister’s house and  if you missed her master bedroom makeover that we did 2 years ago, hop over and take a look at that.  It turned out fabulous!  Today I’m sharing some guestroom makeover ideas.

The latest thing that we’ve been working on is updating 2 of her guest rooms.  They have a big house with lots of rooms, but no kids still at home, so their empty nest home is mostly just them until family comes into town, then it’s nice to have all those spare bedrooms.  The last update on these bedrooms was about 8 years ago, when Tuscan and darker jewel tones were so in style.  We loved that heavy look back then, but now things have lightened up a lot, so she decided to lighten up those guest rooms too, with color as well as fewer accessories and stuff.

We’ll look at the before and then I’ll show you the after shots.  I think you will agree, that they changes are welcome and the room is much more appealing now.  It was fun helping her put this room together. We went shopping at a few places, like Homegoods and TJ Maxx and picked up lots of things for the makeover there.  I’ll share the other guest room/nursery makeover a little bit later and it turned out so cute too, as well as the guest bath.  All those spaces got a makeover.

guest room before 4

She took all these BEFORE shots with her iphone, so bear with me here.  Lots of jewel tones, which we all thought was the bomb back then and I’m sure you did too. Why do we start disliking what we chose several years ago? It happens every time, doesn’t it?

guest room 1 before

I’m sure there is a psychological answer to this question, but the fact is, styles change and evolve and so do we.  Of course, manufacturers and brands are behind a lot of this with trends, they WANT us to WANT something new.  And it’s really OK to want something new and fresh.  It would be nice to figure out how to get that without having to change everything out.  Notice the heavier use of accessories in this room and in the after, she pared those way down. The room gets to breathe more and just feels so much cleaner and calmer.

guest room before 3

Paint colors and colors in general come and go and these jewel tones aren’t that desirable anymore.  If you still have them and love them, then you keep them. Everyone should do what makes them happy in decorating. Sometimes I talk about things being in or out, but really I just like to give ideas on how to update and freshen things up.  It’s certainly not up to me to decide that for anyone else, we all have to figure  these things for ourselves in our own homes. I’ve found that generally I enjoy rooms for a good 7-10 years before I’m ready to completely change things up and I am learning that keeping big things neutral will go a long ways towards having a classic home.  I’m still trying to get there in my own house in evolving and using trends without going overboard with them.

Classic is good!

OK, now let’s see the AFTERs in the guest room.  

Almost forgot, the paint color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, one that’s been used all over blogland, but really is such a pretty color.

guest room after

Wow, much more calming, don’t you think?  She got a  new bed off Craigslist and it looks wonderful in this room (king bed).  The round drum table was my old one that I wasn’t using anymore.

bed and side table

I had it in my old living room and one leg fell off, so my brother-in-law fixed it and we decided to paint it for this room and it turned out so good, now I want it back.  Just kidding, I really don’t have any place for it, so I’m glad it worked out for my sis’s room.

guest room linens

She found the folded crewel duvet at the bottom of the bed at the Ballard Designs outlet, for a great price.  I love the tones in this piece and it really sets the mood for the space.  The matelasse coverlet set is from Tuesday Morning and the burlap Euroshams are from Ballard Designs.  We found the accent floral pillow at Homegoods.

chair and dresser

Drapes and artwork here are also from Homegoods.  The chair she found online at Wayfair and it’s a really cute piece for this room.  I love the drapes!  Homegoods is starting to carry a lot more drapes now and she found these for like $39 for the pair.

outside view

Looking outside this window, her guests will get this beautiful view of their backyard, which I’ve shared several times before.  It’s gorgeous back there!

black desk

The desk is an old piece she has had for a long time and painted black.  The new round mirror is from Homegoods, as are the accessories on the desk.


Little stool is from Tuesday Morning.

round drum table

I really love how the drum table turned out. I’ll share the details on painting this in another post, but you can see we used FrogTape Shapetape on it in Chevron.  That and Annie Sloan chalk paint.

drum table

It’s totally updated now and so cute.

square side table

The other side has a plain nightstand found on Craigslist and originally from Target. It was black and we just painted it up too with the same method and it really looks so much better.  I’ll share all of that later too. We did a whole day of painting one day to get all of this done and what a great way to update old things.  My sis loves shopping on Craigslist and has found some great things.

Lamp is from Homegoods, love it!

So, that’s a guest room update, hope you got some good ideas for yourself on how to update on a budget.  It was fun finding all these pieces to work together and to freshen up old furniture with a new paint job. That’s such an easy thing to do!

My sister’s friends did a wonderful baby shower for my niece, Lauren, this weekend, so I’ll be sharing that with you soon! She got so many cute girlie things and we are all just so excited to welcome this baby girl to our family in February. 

- Rhoda


  1. I was at Lowes the other day and there was a Frog Tape display. I told my husband that I had read this was great stuff so in the shopping cart it went even though I am a very frugal shopper. I have used it already for a couple projects. Honestly, I wouldn’t have know about Frog Tape if it wasn’t for your blog but it has made those projects go so much smoother.

    Glad we’ll be getting more Thanksgiving/Christmas decorating posts and especially happy that you’ll be sharing more family events/projects, especially those featuring your awesome mom and dad!

  2. Such a big difference! Looks great!!!! Can I be a guest? ; )

  3. Good to know Homegoods is carrying drapes. Just love wandering around in Homegoods, I always stumble upon a treasure that I must have!

  4. ANITA LEMMEN says:

    I love the room and feel better, I love the mixture of furniture, I am having trouble changing styles, get lots of ideas but hard to initiate them.

  5. First of all let me just respond to the sponsored post issue by saying that everyone must and has a right to make a living. For those who do not like sponsored posts they can simply unsubscribe, which I know is not what you want but that is the solution to their problem. I appreciate that you limit them and that simply shows you are a wise businesswoman!

    Now onto why I read your blog, for the design advice and inspiration. This is a great change and such an inviting room. I would do something about those lamp cords that show by either painting them or hiding them behind a basket holding magazines or something. Also, a replace that candle holder on the desk with a functional little accent lamp and place the very tall candleholder next to the desk to mask the bare side. They are lucky to have so much room for visitors and thank her for sharing with all of us.

  6. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, I’m glad you have sponsored posts because I often find out about new products. So keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a classy person and your posts are always in good taste and appropriate for your blog. Like your LazyBoy post, it’s fun and interesting and a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents and their products. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  7. Melissa Lamb says:

    Would you be my sister please? =) You do amazing work on a common mans budget but it looks like a million bucks!!!

  8. Rhoda, I have to say that I love love love the sponsored posts! I have a full time (ok..more than full time hours actually) job and don’t have time to search for great ideas, new products, or even the funds, so it’s great to have you as a researcher for these items! I have enjoyed my chevron Frog Tape so much and have visited Lowes more this year than ever buying some things that you have mentioned or used yourself! So keep it going and enjoy your new life!! Just remember, it’s your blog, and your life! We are all just visitors….

  9. Hello Rhoda,
    This is one stunning makeover…luv the lighter colors and really luv how thrifty you two were 🙂 Your little table and that Target table really add a lot of charm in there.


  10. Her room is absolutely wonderful.. I love how the room looks lighter with the softer tones. The fact that everything blends is great. I’m not a matchy-matchy person, I like different textures and tones in a room .. you pulled all the different tones, textures and look together to give it one cohesive blend to tranquility.. Great JOB!

  11. Love your sister’s room. I am looking for bamboo blinds. Do you know where she got them?

    • Hey, Pam, she got those at Lowes, but you can also check out my sponsor, Payless Decor, button on my sidebar. They do great stuff too & that’s where all my blinds came from.

  12. Elizabeth H says:

    Sponsored posts sure don’t bother me. I learn a lot. The room is gorgeous and I LOVE your blog.

  13. The room looks absolutely fabulous, the colour is very similar to what I want for my own bedroom. Unfortunately we don’t have that brand of paint in NZ. I also am excited about receiving my chalk paint which has only just been launched in New Zealand. Annie Sloan have kindly provided me with some for a few makeovers for my blog. I just hope I achieve the professional look you have achieved on the side table.

    Overall the room looks really welcoming and peaceful and I do like the addition of some dark pieces of furniture to add interest… Gorgeous, but all your makeovers are.


  14. Rhoda, the room looks great. You know what I thought of….it’s hard sometimes to change when what you already have is pretty. But this update was very worth it! No doubt the guests will love it!

  15. BEAUTIFUL makeover…I LOVE the new color!

  16. Wow Rhoda….I am sure that your sister is over the top happy with her re-decorated guest room…Just so beautiful…and that view out the window is just spectacular…any guest would not want to leave that room!!!

  17. What a beautiful room. I love the cool colors. You mention the switch from dark jewel tones to the newer lighter look. I would like your opinion about color longevity in decorating.

    Gray is the new neutral. In general, how long does a color remain in style? Will gray be a fad or a lasting look?

    • HI, Dianna, it’s hard to say. Generally, styles and colors continue to evolve. Remember when everyone was painting their walls gold? It was neutral then too, but now no one wants that anymore. At least paint is something that is not too hard to change. I’m loving offwhite these days myself for my main areas. And I never thought I’d go that direction.

  18. Such a transformation from those old Jewel tones to a room that is so light, airy and comfortable… Perfect guestroom…

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