Welcome to the New Century: Modern Glam Master Bedroom

Wow, has my sister, Renee’s bedroom changed!  You can’t imagine how much a room can evolve unless you see it with your own eyes, but I think you are going to be amazed at this one.  I shared her Before bedroom pics earlier and I will add in a couple of those now, so you can see just how BIG a change has taken place in their master suite.  Amazing, I’ll tell you!!

If you don’t get the power of paint, fabrics and accessories, this Before and After should definitely grab your attention.

In case you missed it, this is the BEFORE of the bedroom.   Prepare to be WOWed!   Yes, it was definitely time for a change from its circa 1999 state of being.

Other side of the sitting room.  You will want to scroll back and forth a couple of times to get the complete awe at the changes.

My sister and brother-in-law are in love with their space all over again now!   I hope you like LOTS of pics, because I just couldn’t stop at a few.  You will get to see every little detail in this room redo.  And, I’ll come back with another post later and give you a breakdown on where everything came from and how we put it all together.

I give you the AFTER’s!  Oh, how I’m in love with this room now.

Here’s the tutorial on that fab stenciled wall!


Here’s the new view walking into the room now.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  That stenciled wall just makes it, I think!  My sister has great taste and had already decided on colors she wanted for the room, as well as the start to the fabrics.  She needed me for guidance and I helped pick out the rest of the fabrics, rugs, artwork, accessories, lamps and drapes.  She asked for my opinion all along the way and this is what we came up with.  We shopped at several different stores to come up with all of this and I’ll share all of that in a later post.


Looking to the left is the view of the sitting area.  They have one of the nicest master bedroom suites I have ever seen and they really do use this sitting area all the time.  It’s cozy with a gas fireplace and a TV in the big armoire.  We took out the dog crates for the pics, but they live in here too.  The new hardwoods make a huge difference in here too.

It’s very hard to get the wall color right in these pics.  It is NOT gold as shown above, but a gray-beige shade.  More Cafe au lait-like.


Sitting area.  We spent several days shopping for all of the fabrics, lamps, pictures and accessories and I will do a complete breakdown on all of that for you.


Renee’s vanity area. You can see that we also added beadboard wallpaper in the sitting area to give it some architectural interest.  Love it in here!  You can read all about how easy it is to install, since I’ve used it so many times now.  And you can find this fabulous beadboard wallpaper in my online shop.  Thanks to ALL of you who have supported my shop this summer, I so appreciate it.


Vanity area


Those columns are the dividers in the space and that was a good spot to stop the beadboard wallpaper.  She already had these nice wingbacks, so instead of buying new, opted to have them recovered with a local upholsterer and he did a great job. They look like new!  I’ll give a shout-out on all of that in a later post too.


Sitting area looking towards bathroom.


One of the wingback chairs recovered in a chevron fabric.


This is my pillow.  Actually you will see a few of my things around the room, since I let her borrow some of my accessories.


We added some real plants from their back deck, which needed to come in anyway.  Recognize that vintage plant stand?


Fireplace with gas logs.  I spotted that contemporary print at Homegoods and knew it would look great in here.


Fireplace wall.


Accessories on top.  This is a true representation of the paint color on my monitor.  Definitely not gold as it appears in many of these pics, but hard to capture with sunlight coming in.


I’ll tell you where we got everything and a breakdown on cost too later on.  This room was definitely done on a budget, even if it doesn’t look like it.  Shopping wisely helps on that.


Top of entertainment center.


Dresser she found several years ago at an antique shop and bought the whole set.  She decided to take off the mirror that came with it and added a print instead.


That modernizes it quite a bit too, don’t you think?  That lamp is mine too, from my old den.


Pretty accessories on the dresser.


She did have the duvet, pillow shams and body pillow custom made, but it wasn’t extravagantly priced.  I’ll tell you all about that in my later post too. A local fabric shop did it all.


We shopped for the fabric and took it to the fabric shop to have it all made.  I think it turned out beautifully.  The only thing left to do is an upholstered headboard.  She has her heart set on one of those, so we are DIYing it.  Of course, I’ll share the how-to’s on that!


Body pillow.  Love how our stencilled wall turned out too. It really makes a statement walking into the room.


Lamps and mirrored side tables.  I found the lamps and thought they worked out nicely with everything in here.


Chest of drawers that she already had.


Large floor mirror on one side of the room.  Love this!


Body pillow up close with detailing.


The duvet is reversible, with the scrolly fabric on one side and the contrast on the other.


Shot of the rug, which I think really makes the room too.  Spotted this at a local rug shop and ordered it online for less $$.


Drapes, night stands and floor mirror.


Close up of the side tables.  These add an elegant touch in the room.


Going into the master bath.  She found this zebra rug online.


Her vanity side.  They added molding to the mirrors a few years ago and painted their vanities too.


Bakers rack in the bathroom.  We are going to paint this bakers rack a champagne color eventually.


They have these tall ledges in the bathroom and we added some of my large accessories up there.  The lady and armillary are mine. That’s a piece of driftwood that my mom has had forever.


Towels by the tub.


This large wine bottle is mine too, I’ll tell you about that in a later post.  It’s HUGE,although it looks sort of dwarf up on that big ledge.


Lantern light fixture and large wine bottle.


His side of the bathroom.


Looking back out to the bedroom.


New colorful towels.


Accessories on top.


Another real plant.  You can see I was serious about the fake plant intervention!


Welcome to the 21st century, bedroom!


Close up of the lamp.


Starburst mirror over the bed.


Bench at the end of the bed.


Bedding, with bedskirt and rug.

So, that is the grand tour of the new bedroom.  We had so much fun putting this room together and I hope you love it as much as we do.  My sister feels like she’s in a brand new place now.

As I mentioned, I will be putting together a detailed post of all the elements that went into this room makeover. While not extremely cheap, it was definitely done on a budget (compared to those design shows we see!).  The custom bedding wasn’t dirt cheap either, but it really adds a lot to the room and sometimes it is worth it to spend a few hundred dollars on something that you are going to keep for many years.  I have a feeling that this room will remain like this for at least 10 years, so she will get her money’s worth out of it all.

By shopping wisely, you can definitely put together a room on a budget without breaking the bank.  That’s exactly what we did here.  I would love to do more of this type of makeover, so if you are in the Atlanta area and need help with putting a room together, I’m available for a reasonable fee.  I’d love to help you shop and put your room together too!

Paint Colors:

Bedroom:  Sherwin Williams Windsor Greige

Bathroom: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

You can see the entire source list for the space here!

- Rhoda


  1. Such a remarkable change. The new look is fabulous. I love the colors and the fabric choices. Stunning. You did such a beautiful job. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow is absolutely right, Rhoda! Wonderful makeover! Gorgeous room!

  3. I love the color combination you/she picked. It all looks just elegant….but more importantly a very liveable elegant. Great job. Lori L

  4. What a fantastic job! It looks amazing, so bright and gorgeous!

  5. What a great job you sisters did!! Love the colors and all the accessories too!

  6. Oh Rhoda! It looks absolutely incredible! Your sister must be absolutely in love with all the gorgeous details. She is blessed to have you there cheering her on and guiding her down the right decorating path. How fun for both of you. Great job!

  7. Gorgeous! I still can’t believe that stenciled wall!

  8. I reaaalllly, really like this!!

  9. Rhoda, where did your sister find the starburst mirror? I checked out the wall paint at SW and it looked much darker than your pictures. I love everything about the bedroom. I used a similar color on the upper half of my dining room and I love it. Using your instructions, I did the picture frame molding below the chair rail. THANKS for all your ideas and instructions.
    Swampgirl’s Mom

  10. What a beautiful makeover! I’m usually a color person, but I’m loving the neutral palette.

  11. Rhoda, you and your sister outdid yourselves. That is one beautiful suite! The whole thing is definitely magazine worthy. You have such a gift for creating lovely and livable rooms.

  12. I love all the interesting details! The sunburst mirror and the vanity area are just amazing. Thank you for sharing, and great job!


  13. Rhoda it is gorgeous and so is your photography! Nicely done girl!

  14. What a transformation! Love, Love, L-O-V-E…the stenciled wall. Wow! Gotta try that soon. It is soooo different from the stencils we all did back in the 80s.

  15. OMG, WOW, what a difference! Thanks for sharing. Ok, where did the picture behind the wing back come from? I NEED one. LOL

  16. This room is amazing!!!! If I had this room I would never leave! It is so calming and I love everything in it.

  17. What a beautiful transformation. I’m trying to convince my husband to let me paint over our red living/dining/kitchen walls. It’s a beautiful color but I want to lighten everything up. I will be showing him this. Just beautiful.

  18. Mary from Highland Lakes says:

    Beautiful room..the change is remarkable. LOVE the stenciled wall and custom bedding – just perfect. I know how happy your sister must be to have had your guidance and assistance to pull it off. I am looking forward to the post with all the details. Again, great job Rhoda.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! So lush and comfortable. You and your sister did an amazing job of updating her bedroom! I especially like the fabrics and patterns. I am so inspired to change my bedroom now!

  20. Very, very lovely! Great job, as always!

  21. I love how her bedroom and bathroom turned out! It’s so beautiful. I really like that stenciled wall behind the bed. Love those mirrored side tables and the soft colors of the room. Her bedding is some of the prettiest I’ve seen. Y’all did a fantastic job!

  22. Please, please post soon the source for the starburst mirror. I am redoing my mother’s bedroom and have been searching for a mirror just like this. Love your blog!

  23. Lynda Cormier says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  24. Wow! This bedroom is gorgeous…the details are perfection…you did a wonderful job…it has me dreaming of some changes of my own. 🙂

  25. Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Yes yes yes!!!! I love it Rhoda! Y’all did a beautiful job and I love every inch. Looks like a whole new space!

  27. My absolute favorite thing are the new lamps, but I also like the mirrors, paint colors and fabric choices too, along w/ the mercury glass.

  28. Forgot to say, that chandelier looks so much more fab in the re-do than it did before!

  29. Wow is right! Absolutely stunning. I think that is one of the most gorgeous master suites I’ve ever seen. If I had a bedroom like that, I’d never leave! 😉

  30. They don’t even look like the same room!!! Bravo my friend, I am in love with all the modern touches, especially that stenciled wall and the mirror! Your sister must be in love with her glamorous new space, waaaaay toooo gooooo Rhoda!!!

  31. Love. Love. Love. I am in love!

  32. Please tell me where you found the striped rug in the bedroom! I am looking for one like that for our baby’s nursery. Beautiful transformation all around – great job!

  33. Hi, everyone!! Thanks SO much, I promise I will post a follow-up post really soon with ALL the sources for everything we got. I’ll share my tips too on how I put a room together. From vision to reality!

  34. Everything is gorgeous, but that stenciled wall and the sunburst mirror really make that room!

  35. WOW! I love it and am just amazed you two could pull it together so quickly. I’ve already learned so much by looking at what you did. Love the way the duvet goes so well with the stenciling. It’s great to see ideas for the top of cabinets that don’t involve fake ivy! I love the look of the vanity with the new stool. The plant stand looks so pretty in front of the window… nice to see some of your pretty accessories. Well done, sisters!

    (I always feel that I have to reuse everything. I’m curious to know what she did with her old furnishings. Did she sell some of them? Also, did the seamstress just make a duvet cover or is it filled with something? )

  36. Love it all!


  37. This is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing. I just love all that you’ve done!

  38. Holy smokes! What an amazing transformation!! I love the bedding, it’s exactly what I had pictured for my own master bedroom. I can’t wait to get all the details!!

  39. It looks just amazing, Rhoda! I just love how it turns out. There’s no way that you shouldn’t have a huge decorating career in your future!

    Hope to see you tomorrow!


  40. Wowza! That is an amazing transformation! I love the neutral colors!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  41. WOW!!! Can you come to Memphis & help with my master? I love this room. Please Please share the the source or the line of the chevron fabric on the wingbacks. I love them. You are SOOOOO talented.

  42. Wow, what a great job, Rhoda and sis! I have that same stencil, but haven’t used it yet- now I know what to do with it! 🙂 I know your sister must be on cloud nine. I’d walk in there over and over to just stare and enjoy! 😀

  43. That is SUCH a gorgeous space now! So calm and relaxing with the addition of some sparkle! Absolutely love it…your sister is lucky to have you but I’m sure she knows that. What would we do without sisters?

  44. Elizabeth H says:

    Stunning room. Great job. The new lamps are so perfect! Actually, everything is perfect.

  45. Gorgeous! I love everything…. from the stenciled wall, to the bedding, to the rug, to the curtains. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

    Y’all did an amazing job. It’s no wonder your sister loves it!

  46. The neutral color palette is like a calming breath of fresh air! I love every thing about it, (especially the stenciled wall) and will be borrowing some of your ideas from my own Master Bedroom.

  47. It’s gorgeous!!! Unbelievable. It ‘feels’ so calming and serene now – perfect for a master suite. Love all the choices. It’s interesting how perhaps on their own I wouldn’t have chosen one element or item, but grouped in the space, it all works. You’ve got skillz, Girl!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to read all the deets 😀

  48. So soothing – beautiful job!

  49. I am in absolute awe! This room is dreamy. Love everything about it.

  50. Just love it! Thanks for sharing! :))

  51. Oh! I love it!!! And you’re right–the stenciled wall is just perfect!

  52. Your team did a great job! It is so light and airy and calming. Really opened it up.

  53. The make over is beautiful. Would you be willing to share who recovered the chairs. I am looking for someone to recover my den sofa and a wing chair. I need someone that will give me an honest answer to how much fabric I REALLY need to cover both pieces, not the sales person at the fabric store. I live in the Atlanta area and unfortunately the gentleman that I used for my living room has since passed away.

    • Hi Tee
      The gentleman’s name is Bernardo at Glaber’s Upholstery. He’s located in a little strip shopping center at the corner of Bells Ferry and Barrett in Marietta close to Town Center Mall. His phone number is 770-971-3753. I was very happy with his work and his price.

  54. Looks gorgeous! Great choices in all the bedding and accessories!

  55. STUNNING! I love the canvas print in the sitting room…..the blue grey just adds so much to the toupe….lovely.

  56. WOW!

  57. Rhoda- this is truly the most beautiful makeover ever!! You did such an amazing job-you should be very proud! Its so chic!

  58. Holy Cow! What a difference! I wish you were closer, I would love for you to help me get my house together. You did a outstanding job, it just takes my breath away. I’m sure you need to relax for awhile to recover from all of your hard work. Looking forward to the breakdown. I would also love to know how you made up the bed, it looks so inviting.

  59. Just gorgeous! Every last inch of it. You are right the stenciled wall and the bedding really make the room.

  60. I just love love love the change. You guys did a fabulous job.

  61. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, it looks fantastic! The stenciled wall is amazing, I REALLY want to do it in my own MBR but am so nervous that it’s harder than it looks!

  62. WOW! You two did an amazing job in this bedroom. It is just gorgeous. I could just go on and on and on, but I won’t. Every detail is fabulous! ( is that enough big words, lol) Blessings

  63. WHAAAAATTTT!!!! OMgosh this is so awesome! Drastic I must say! Your sister must be in heaven 🙂 You guys must have had a blast doing this….how fun! Everything looks great but the rug rocks the room for sure! Nicely done!

  64. Pretty! And, that’s one HUGE bedroom!

  65. Omword…..your sister must be in heaven with that gorgeous new room. I’m sure the before was very nice in it’s day but all I could think was how much dust all that fabric could hold. The new room is so FRESH! I could happily live there. I can only imagine how much fun you had doing this together. I wonder how many of your readers, including me, are feeling antsy and want to go decorate a room now!!!

  66. sue morgan says:

    we are getting ready to do our room, and this one is lovely! Im a green person, but these colors will blend with the rest of the house perfectly .We have painted every room in our home except our room, and I think this one is it! I went to our sherman williams store today to get samples! now all I need is to know where the fabric came from!!! Please let us know!!! I wish you were closer, I d hire you in a minute!!!! Sue

  67. I just stumbled upon your blog through top blogspots, I love it especially the photos of your sisters bedroom makeover, gosh what an amazing difference. I love the new neutral tones it looks a “million dollars”!

    I have just done a makeover on my own bedroom using some old French shutters on the wall behind the bed to create a theme. Its very French cottage but suits the house and creates interest to my small room which was pretty well a box before.

    If you want you can see the makeover on my sidebar.

    I will definitely be visiting your blog again 🙂


  68. Wow that is some transformation …so dramatic, and beautifully done! Bravo! Such a calm and soothing space. I am madly in love with the lamps and the bedside tables … swoon! So glad to see real plants in the room, I really dislike most fake plants and feel there is no reason not to have real plants, unless the room gets no light whatsoever. That fiddle-leaf fig is really pretty.



  69. What a great contemporary look this bedroom now has! Before you tackled it, the room was outdated, but now it looks FANTASTIC!! Great job selecting fabrics and accessories. I’m sure your sissie is ecstatic. 🙂

  70. We are planning our master re-do right now! We are torn on flooring but after seeing this, I think we’ll go for hard wood rather than new carpet, it makes it look so rich! Love the sitting area and the plants as well. Great job, looks wonderful!

  71. Looks AMAZING! I wish my sister would be so kind to help like that! Since she isnt.. lol can I ask if you will be sharing the detailed of your stenciled wall..? Oh please, oh please!

  72. Love Love Love this redesign! Can they come to my house and make over my room!?

  73. Fabulous job on this room. Modern but with a dose of romance. That watercolor print of the couple under the red umbrella is so sweet. I would love it if you would add the source to your next post about the makeover!

  74. I found this beautiful room renovation from YHL, and it’s indeed beautiful. Wow!

  75. Courtney Rutledge says:

    I found you through YHL. Love the mix of modern and vintage which is not easily achieved. The current dressers look great with the modern accesories.

    Hopefully we can get anywhere close to this when we start redecorating soon.


  76. Very nice makeover! Nice and bright.

  77. Beth Ann Effler says:

    Oh my!! What a difference! Looks like a wonderful “retreat”!! I adore the light colors.

  78. Joanna Decker says:

    I love this makeover! I am definitely using that stencil in my bedroom. Too bad you aren’t closer to KY. I need some help with a house I just bought.
    One question: have you had a chance to do a tutorial on an upholstered hedaboard? I would be very interested in seeing how to do that.

  79. Gail Worry says:

    Where did you find the scroll fabric for the duvet? Joann Fabric has the other side but I can’t find the scroll.


    • Gail, that scroll fabric came from Fabric and Fringe Warehouse in Marietta, GA. They do have a website, but I don’t know the name of it.

  80. Hi Rhoda, any idea on where I could find the striped rug? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


  81. Love love love the room!! So envious of the bedding!! I’ve been looking for a new set for my bedroom, but didn’t think of getting a custom made…gonna be a trip to the fabric store in my future! Great job!!


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