Sleeping on a Sleep Number Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important.  I went through a few years of not sleeping well, sometime around the time I moved to Birmingham, my sleep patterns began to change. I blamed a lot of it on menopause and I’m sure that was a big part of it, but looking back, a marriage filled with anxiety didn’t help either.  Anxiety can make you stay awake at night and losing sleep night after night for several years in a row will take a toll on your body.  I tried lots of things to sleep and some of them worked temporarily, but now, after moving back to Georgia and getting my life back in order, I’m sleeping more soundly than I have in years.

Having a good mattress and boxsprings is also a wonderful prelude to sleeping well.  I have some back problems too and sleeping on a good mattress helps that considerably too.  So, getting a good night’s sleep is so important to our health and well-being, as we all know.  I love to sleep through the night with minimal waking up, don’t you?

We had a Beautyrest pillowtop mattress over there and it slept very well, but it’s going on 8 years old.  Imagine my surprise and glee when I got an email from the folks at Sleep Number, asking me if I’d like to try one of their beds at my house.  To keep for my very own.  Yes, yes I would!  I had a choice of 2 different mattress sets and I went to the store to check them out in person.  I had heard all about Sleep Number and how you can adjust each side’s firmness with a remote control, but really didn’t know much more than that.

Going to the store and checking them out in person was a fun experience and I learned a lot about Sleep Number beds and how they are put together.

sleep number store 2

My local store is in the mall close to my house.

sleep number store 3

I went in and met with a very nice associate who showed me the Sleep Number ropes.  There were 2 beds for me to consider, this one is the pillowtop version, the p5.

Sleep number store

And this one is the memory foam version, the m7.  This is the one I ended up choosing.  I thought memory foam might be too squishy, but it was really nice when I laid down and moved the numbers down.  I like a mattress that is not too firm, one that gives a little.  Too firm a mattress is not comfortable to me and I really liked how the memory foam gives with movement.   So, after the decision was made, they placed the order and had the Sleep Number m7 sent to my house, along with 2 delivery guys who set it up for me.


They unloaded all the boxes from the truck and brought it all up to my bedroom.  I had removed the old mattress and boxsprings and will be passing those on to my niece, Lauren. They just bought a house!


My sleigh bed was ready for the new mattress.


I had a surge protector ready for them to plug into, since this bed requires power.  That’s what pumps up each side, air power and hoses.  It was fascinating to watch the process of putting this bed together.


They added the plastic base of the set on top of my slats.


Then these 4 plastic pieces snapped into place on top.


That gets a cover.


I’m watching all of this, snapping pics as they go.  These guys really knew what they were doing.


Those long pieces of foam are packed into the next cover.


One on all four sides.


The cover is pulled up.


Then more foam goes underneath on the bottom.


Next, the actual mattress with air goes into each side of this king set.


A piece of foam goes in the middle and they are all zipped together.


Every piece of this gets zipped into place, all nice and snug.


Those air filled mattresses then sit down inside the top piece.


All of that gets a cover too.


Next comes the 7” memory foam that goes on top.


It is placed on top.


Then the last cover is zipped into place, creating a nice cushioned top that looks like one piece now.  I was amazed at all that goes into one of these mattresses and how it is all set up.


I made my bed back up and the sheets actually did fit fine.  This mattress is probably a good 3 to 4” taller than my old one, but my sheets still fit and my coverlet is just a tad short now, but I think it will be fine.  I brought the left side up just a bit so that I could hang the right side down a little longer.  I almost have to vault into bed now!  Not really, it’s not that bad.  A little hop up and I can stretch out and relax on my new Sleep Number m7 bed.

I played with the numbers in the store and came up with under 50. Right now, mine is set at 40 on both sides.  I just like it a little softer with more give than a really hard mattress, so I’m sure my number will stay down lower most of the time.  But, that’s the beauty of the Sleep Number.  When you have a partner on the other side, you can both find your own comfort level so everyone can snooze away in perfect peace.

And that’s what it’s all about.  Getting a good night’s sleep.  I do have to say that I really am loving my new bed.  It’s very comfy and feels very good under my back and hips.  Sometimes my hips ache a bit when I’m on my side, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with this bed.  I love the feel of the memory foam. It’s sort of squishy, but supportive too.

After having it for about 3 weeks now, I’ve been sleeping like a baby and getting plenty of rest is such an awesome thing.  I know that I’ll enjoy this bed for years to come and I’m very grateful to have it.

How about you?  What kind of bed do you have and do you like it?  Have you ever tried a Sleep Number?

Disclosure:  I was given a Sleep Number m7 bed from Sleep Number and I agreed to do a post and review on my experience with my new Sleep Number bed.   I wasn’t compensated with payment, nor was I told what to say.  All opinions are completely my own.

- Rhoda


  1. Thank you for the information. We need a new bed too, and have been considering a sleep number bed. Will definitely be checking them out. Sweet dreams. : )

  2. My husband and I have been talking about about a sleep number for a little while now. He has bad back problems, however, I feel we won’t get the comfort for the price. Thanks for sharing. We may have to go check them out!

  3. Have you ever given a poor review on a free product? You say you are not paid, but you are paid with merchandise. I’m sure you would never do that with expensive items such as a bed or flooring or anything of that nature. Maybe $5-$10 items you would.

    • I was given the bed for free and I am giving it my true and honest opinion. If I didn’t love the bed, I would tell them that I would have to say that in my post. But, I do love the bed and give it a true thumbs up.

      • I too purchased a sleep number about two years ago, and I, unfortunately, did not have the same experience you did. Although my husband really likes it, i cannot seem to find my number and have constant back and hip pain and usually end up on the couch every night because my tossing and turning to try to releive the pain wakes my husband. We purchased one of the more basic models; however, had hoped that they would have the same comfort as the more expensive models. I guess I was incorrect about that. I did contact Sleep number via email a few times; however, never got more than a canned response on assisting me with my issues. I have tried different settings for several days before moving on to another one; however, to this day, most of my nights are spent tossing and turning, until i just give up and go to the couch, still not getting a restful sleep. I really had hoped my experience would have been as wonderful as yours as I have wanted a Sleep number for years, and now that I have one, I dont enjoy it. Its very dissappointing. Maybe had i gotten a different model my results would have been different; however, I would definitely not pay for another one to try it. So glad your experience was a good one. 🙂

        • Jeffrey W says:

          I have to agree. It is now 535am and this bed hurts my back so bad I am again headed to the couch.

        • my ex husband and I had a sleep number I did not like it at all….10 years later after a divorce I remarry a man yes with a sleep number …my daughter got my 500.00 simmons mattress because she and I loved it….well the second sleep number very uncomfortable it is a cheaper model I find it hard no give it does not have memory foam on top it has some kind of foam but has sags in it and it is to hard and it is not at all comfortable

    • I agree – I read “I wasn’t paid” – just given a $4,000 bed LOL That my dear is being “paid”!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Of course, a free bed is payment and that is how I stated I was compensated. I wasn’t paid cash to review. I did not hide that fact at all.

  4. Wow! We need a new mattress so bad! I’ve heard about the sleep number beds, and now I understand how they work. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda!

    • I still find it amazing people are being duped by these beds. Its a cheap air bed with some padding on top of a plastic crate. They charge 3-4 times what a real bed costs for something that costs them maybe a third of what a traditional bed costs. Simply amazing people are still falling for this scam.

      • I feel very much the same way. I had one new about 15 years ago, though they are overpriced they are comfortable.
        After a few years (less than 5) the pump would not keep up the pressure. Then one started to leak.
        I have since have tried a nice queen air mattress for $69 with a piece of foam and enjoyed that just as well.

        • I agree! Sleep number beds are glorified air mattresses and are an awful value. I absolute hated mine. I bought a very nice PerfectDreamer premium mattress for half the price and love it. You should check out for an awesome bed… I didn’t get a free bed to recommend it.

          • I agree!

            My husband actually worked for the company that cut the foam for these beds. He was actually the saw operator (before an accident, where the foam didn’t get cut but he did)…

            I can say, after he worked there for about a year, we finally gave in and ordered one of the beds. For about 3 years, it worked great. Then it was the air chamber on one side that went bad. The next year, it was the other one. The following year, the pump gave out (oh but wait, they changed the air chambers and now our old ones are compatible). We were done.

            I packed up and returned the pump (getting the almost $200 back because of the “pro-rate) and we threw the rest of the bed away, while noticing that the foam was breaking down badly, along with the outer shell…

            Lesson learned. Definitely wait to hear before sinking money into something that is suppost to last many, many years and finding out it doesn’t last 5.

            *Note, we ordered the bed back in ’05 and threw it away in ’09.. We learned alot of people were doing the same thing around that time too…

      • We have had our sleep number bed since 1997 and have NEVER had a single issue. We love it.

  5. We purchased a Sleep Number bed in January. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have multiple back problems and I am now able to get some quality rest.

  6. Molly Tilson says:

    My back aches every. single. morning!!! Hopefully we will
    get another mattress soon. I have wondered about the sleep number. So tired of not sleeping!!!

  7. I have slept on a Sleep Number bed, and I did not like it at all. I have degenerative disc disease, and this bed did nothing to alleviate the pain associated with it. I tossed and turned all night and did not rest. My sweetheart has a TemperPedic, and I am looking at purchasing one of those when I change mattresses. There is also a manufacturer here in OKC that makes mattresses to order, and my mom has done business with them for years. Her beds are wonderful…always have been. On the odd occassions I stay with her, I always get a good night’s sleep and do not hurt. I also found it interesting that my orthopedic did not recommend these mattresses. I am glad it works for you though.

  8. We purchased our first sleep number bed around 1996, before they had shops to visit. We have purchased three of these beds over the years in different sizes. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  9. We’ve had our Sleep Number bed for a few years. We got the quilted top; this was back when memory foam was reputed to get to be very warm and uncomfortable. Anyway, the adjustability is nice. We both have back problems and change it according to need. We haven’t had it that long–5 years or so. We have issues with the pump not working as well as it did and we have had to replace the foam sides which look exactly like yours. You’re a little bit of a thing so maybe sitting on the edge of the bed won’t do it, but dressing sitting there (small room, no choice) crushed ours. They sent a box, we had to do it ourselves. We paid a pro-rated rate. So much for the great warranty. Next time, not sure we’ll go this route.

    • We have had our sleep number for about 4 years. The first 3 years I loved it….noticed the last year I don’t get the same comfy feeling. And, it was an expensive bed! I wonder if it’s the air pressure itself or the foam…..

  10. We’ve had a Sleep Number for several years. My husband’s back hurt every morning until we got it. Now his back pain is gone. He’s a huge fan.

  11. We have a Sleep Number bed and absolutely love it! I will never go back to another kind of mattress. We have been so pleased. When we purchased it I was having a lot of problems with my legs aching. Once we got our Sleep Number bed my aches went away. Would not trade it for anything.

  12. Love, love, love our sleep number bed! We have had ours for 6 years. We love it almost as must as our children! (just kidding!)

  13. Thanks for this post. I’ll have to check into their memory foam to see if it’s with the cooling gel, otherswise I find it too hot. I love the feel of it though, but prefer to keep the AC to a minimun and it’s HOT and humid here, similar to Atlanta.

  14. We have had a sleep number bed for several years. Everyone has a different opinion. For me the bed is a disappointment. I’ve added the memory foam hoping that will help. I probably will invest in another mattress and box springs which is a shame after spending so much money.

  15. My husband and I had a sleep number bed that we actually paid good money for. My husband side of the bed stopped keeping air after 2 years. Sleep Number told us that we could PURCHASE another mattress at half price to rectify the problem! We decided to cut our losses and purchase a regular mattress that had some kind of a warranty. It was a very expensive lesson and one that I hope anyone thinking of purchasing a sleep number bed should ask: What is the warranty on these beds?

    • Hi, Maura, sorry you had a bad experience with Sleep Number. I am going to read up on the warranty too. You are right though, everyone has different expectations out of a bed and we are all different in what we like.

  16. Wow – I should start blogging! You are really fortunate to receive the Sleep Number mattress for free. I recently purchased the one which is regularly $5200 when it was 50% off for a total of $2600. By the way, those guys look like the same ones who set my mattress up.

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your renovations. Your Dad is a gem. BTW, I live in metro Atlanta.

    Almost forgot to ask you about your night stand height. My mattress is so high that my night stand is now vey low – vbg.

  17. I’m glad this works for you but somehow this reminds me of those old waterbeds back in the 1970’s that made the same claims. I’ll stick with a regular mattress.

  18. So happy you are enjoying your new mattress, Rhoda! My husband and I have had one of the Sleep Number beds for a number of years. We first bought a pillow top but sent it back only after a couple nights because it was way too hot for us. If either of us had our bed set to the #40 setting yours is set at, we’d be sleeping in a hole. Our settings have to be up around 65-70 for there not to be a dip in the mattress. Up around 75 brings it up fairly flat but then it’s hard as a rock. Sometimes I feel like it would be more comfortable sleeping on the floor. I get up with my back hurting every morning so I can’t wait for our budget to allow for a new bed. Although it looks like Sleep Number beds have made some considerable improvements since we bought ours, especially in the extra layers above the air mattresses that ours doesn’t have, I would still be extremely reluctant to spend the money they cost now based on all the lousy nights of sleep I have had on ours.

    • Hi, Shari, I am sorry to hear of your experience too. It is interesting to hear opinions from many of you who have had these beds for a few years. I will have to see how mine “wears” over time.

  19. Linda Shoemaker says:

    We bought a top of the line select comfort about 13 yrs. ago.
    I have fibromyalgia and I love this bed. We had a waterbed with the baffles before that. My side stays around 35 and my husbands is much higher. When we travel I have to go where there is a pillowtop or I am in agony. My back and hips are big issues.
    I have friends and family who have gotten them too and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love theirs…….even my 92 yr old dad had to take his to assisted living.
    I cannot say enough about that feature of two different sides each with it’s on control. They do sink a little over time,but a nice comfortor makes it look better.I really don’t care,because my rest is more important.
    I love it!!!!!!!!!

    • We have had a sleep number bed since before I can remember. I too have fibromyalgia and if you don’t have it consider yourself lucky. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our treatment. Our first bed had to be replaced on our nickle because mildew grew on top of the two panels on my husbands side. He sweats at night because he works out in the heat all day. We replaced the bed with a newer model and haven’t had that problem again. For myself, I don’t care for the bed and wish we had a regular bed. If you try to roll over and just cuddle there’s this mountain in the middle that you have to get over and it’s not comfortable . No matter the adjustment there is a drop in the middle of the bed on both sides and adding air doesn’t make any difference. I sleep but not as well as I do when I escape to the guest room with the old regular mattress. I wouldn’t buy another sleep number bed but hubby would.

  20. We love our sleep number bed. We have had it just about 7 years. For Christmas this past year we bought sleep number sheets!! I have no idea why we waited so long. We have been using cozy pottery barn sheets. But the sleep number sheets. Wow. They are so luxurious.

  21. You are one lucky girl!! My brother and sister-in-law bought a sleep number bed several years ago and have never looked back! I am not sure who loves it more- them or their opportunistic cat who can be found there most hours of the day- you know what they say- they can always find the most comfortable place in the house to sleep!


  22. I have fibromyalgia and have a lot of trouble sleeping and being comfortable at night. I replaced my regular matress with a sleep number bed. It was much better than a regular matress for me. But after a year I gave it to my parents who love it and I got a memory foam matress. The memory foam matress is the most comfortable bed I have ever had and I will never have anything else. But as I said my parents love the sleep number bed and have excellant customer service. They had two of the air bladders replaced for free when there was an issue with them. When we moved we took it all apart and packed the whole thing in a closet moving box and it was so easy to put back together when we got to the new house. Everyone likes different things and for me it is memory foam.


  23. We have a Serta pillowtop mattress, and we really like it. When we got it though, it was soooo much thicker than our previous set, it practically covered up the headboard. So my husband had to do some major carpentry work to get it “proportionate” again. Thanks for sharing how they put the number beds together. I would never have dreamed that they had all of that inside them! Glad you are enjoying your new mattress set.

  24. Fabian JANSSEN says:

    We’ve had 2 sleep comforts and wouldn’t have anything else. We love them….being able to choose your own firmness is great and the bed lasts forever. Sleep Comfort also provides great customer service. Enjoy your new bed!

  25. I’m curious to know what happens when the power is out? Will it stay inflated?
    My husband and I prefer very different mattresses, but we got to try a sleep number bed in a hotel once and we felt like we were sleeping on a bubble. Maybe we just didn’t get the settings right. It does seem like it would be a good solution for us since he likes the bed very firm and I like it soft.

    • Sally, I think it does stay inflated, but when the power goes out, you do have to recalibrate it.

      • Keith Bourque says:

        The bed will stay at the Sleep Number and you dont have to do anything once the power comes back on, no recalibration is necessary

        • We were sentenced to sleep on a sleep number bed for the duration of a vacation, and it kept powering up and down (faulty?) Too many aches and pains, and no where to go. I kept enduring the best I could. I inquired of my recently married mature in laws, why didn’t they use the bed…yup…you guessed it…to much pain, too hard to get close to one another.

  26. Sorry, I dont think I will like this bed..Enjoy your new bed!

  27. I have a sterns and foster pillow-top mattress that I like very much. I have never tried a sleep number. I just assumed the price was way out of our league! Rhoda, I have only been reading your blog since I just discovered it about a month ago. However, I am always anxious to see where you have been or what project you have tackled next. We have very similar tastes and I am guessing about the same age. Keep blogging my new friend! And I shall keep reading!

  28. I have a generic knock-off sleep number bed purchased from Sam’s for about 8 years now. I don’t know who actually made the bed but it is fabulous, I love it. I did add a 3″ memory foam mattress pad from Costco after a couple of years. Recently I married. My husband has a Leggett-Platt bed that flexes at the head and knees with memory foam latex mattresses and you can’t imagine the comfort. The Sleep Numbers company sells these Leggett-Platt bed bases also, although my husband did not get his bed there. They are pretty expensive but I don’t think you would ever need a new base for your bed in anybody’s lifetime. BTW, my generic bed stays inflated very nicely even during a power outage.
    (Good bloggers, from what I can see, work ExTremely hard, don’t let anyone steal your joy. Personally, I really appreciate what you’re doing. If you get a “free bed” which is not really free, because they are looking at your entire blog and the readership, which is great cause you’re working so dang hard, good on ya!)

  29. I am curious to know whether you have ever given a negative review for a comp’d product. If so, do you remember what the product was?

    • Riley, see comment above, someone else asked the same question and I answered.

      • I don’t see that you answered the question at all. Please read the question again. He asked if you have ever given a negative review for a comped product.
        Your previous answer was about the mattress in the review. “If I didn’t love the bed, I would tell them that I would have to say that in my post”

        • No, I haven’t. But I haven’t had any products that I didn’t like or enjoy enough to write something positive about them. If I hated a product, then I would tell the company that and probably would not write about it after all. I try as best I can to write my own personal opinions about products I use.

  30. Seems like the logical thing for a blogger to do, when not liking a product she has been given for a review, is to tell the sponsor that she would prefer not to review it at all. W/ her honest feedback, the sponsor might learn something valuable about how to improve the product. To publish a negative review would likely result in no more offers from merchants.
    I enjoyed seeing the way these beds are put together, although I am too much a Luddite to buy one. My thick memory foam topper does the job for me.

  31. Way to GO Rhoda! You truly have a wonderful blog. You work VERY, VERY hard at it and it is not easy. Having a blog of your magnitude is so awesome. Not only for you but for us as well. For all of you out there reading her blog. She is a true person. I have followed Rhoda since her very beginning years.
    I am not interested in purchasing a bed quite yet… but it was such a wonderful learning experience to watch how it was put together. Thank You!
    ~~Nancy from OHIO

  32. I am also curious as to what happens with power outage…I am not sure I would know how to piece this puzzle together if I had to move.

  33. We have one, no one liked it so we moved it into basement for those nights when we have to seek shelter in basement due to severe weather. Last time we had to flee into basement for the night, we fought over the futon, no one wanted to sleep on the Sleep Number. My husband bought it because our American Beauty Rest was getting old, but it was fabulous sleeping for at least 5 years. We will not be buying another one, thinking more on the lines of latex bed.

  34. I don’t have a bed. I sleep on the floor.

  35. After several years of loving our Sleep Number bed, we found it very uncomfortable. It is cheaply made, not cheap to buy, but cheaply made, with a thin fabric covering that is meant to hold the whole thing together. The sides have stretched out so badly that they no longer do their job. The “foundation” is merely some cheap pine boards, covered by a type of cardboard. We now have some cut-to-size plywood over the foundation and under the mattress shell, and that helps. I contacted Sleep Number years ago, but they were unwilling to stand behind their warranty. I wasn’t looking for a new bed, but some assistance with the low quality. I am so disappointed with the the Sleep Number bed.

    • Gina Walker says:

      We also had many happy nights sleep on our Sleep Number bed. Never had any problems 6+ years until it was suggested to check for MOLD ! once I unzipped I was horrified at what we were sleeping on , the company replaced “recalled” parts but nothing keeps two people from rolling/sinking to center of the bed. A single person should be fine. I have a Sterns & Foster 20yr war. now.

  36. Bought a sleep number 18 years ago, just after a broken neck. I have not been able to tell yet whether it is comfortable…my muscles only relaxed some last year so that I no longer sleep on my back. But my Ex liked it..I was a softie at 30, and he hard as a rock at 65…the dogs slept in the middle on the foam center.

    The bed came out of the box, sent by freight, and my husband put it together…after he left, I softened his side to forty for the dogs, and they were happy, but I know what you mean about the bed starting out really well. After a while, though, the walls break down, and the beds also lose air as they age. I’ve had to have 5 pumps and several remotes along the way, and never did get a leak fixed on one side…just traded that for mine…the current dog doesn’t seem to mind. Also, that warranty ages…the longer you have your bed, the more you have to pay for each fix.

    I will be trading mine in for something a little more stable, after I check out all the possibilities.

    One thing I know…adjustments might be nice for a 4″ cover, but not as a bed. I think my problem will be figuring out what kind of bed to get instead.

  37. It looks like a lot of work to move the bed and take it all apart if you moved to a new home.

  38. The M7 costs about $3500 for a queen, over $4K for a king. Pretty pricey, you can get a great mattress for half that cost.

    • Michele Gouveia Allen says:

      And that great mattress will be GREAT – compared to the Sleep Number bed – which is nothing but an over priced gimmick. We despise ours.

  39. privatemale says:

    I paid about $300 for a generic brand memory foam mattress that I got at a big box store about 5 years ago. I’ve never had a more comfortable bed. Every spring mattress I ever slept on developed “valleys” where the springs weren’t as strong and subsequently failed to provide even support.
    I recommended the same mattress to friends who have also been quite happy with theirs.
    In the long term, I expect the foam will eventually start drying out / breaking down, but I do like the lack of complexity compared to something like the sleep number beds. Well that and the price!

  40. NateInPhoenix says:

    We had a sleep number bed for the first two years of our marriage and despised it. We had saved up so that we could start our new life together with a new bed and bought into all of the hype. Have you ever slept on an air mattress? At it’s core, that’s all a sleep number bed is. It is a glorified air mattress inside a pretty casing. We bought the dual chamber model so that my wife and I could each have our own firmness. We woke up every morning with back pain after getting ours. We tried adding memory foam topper but that didn’t help. The bed would change numbers (firmness) randomly throughout the night on its own. We tried to return it under their guarantee but were informed that if we read the fine print, we’d realize that the return shipping was at our cost (that may have changed more recently, this was in 2007) and that it had to be packaged in the original packaging which the deliver guys, of course, had disposed of (as if we had some place to store mattress size boxes in our apartment at the time). Similar to one of the other posters, as an alternative they offered to sell us a new pump at half price which was still $280 (half price) or so in 2007. We chalked this purchase up to one really costly mistake and have learned from it. We have it in our guest room now until we can afford to buy a better guest bed and have placed our $50 double thick Coleman air mattress from Walmart on the SleepNumber foundation and sadly, even it is more comfortable than the sleep number mattress was. In our room we have a memory foam mattress and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! No more back pain, dependable, reliable comfort every night. True, if you are heavy they do imprint and develop “valleys” over time (don’t believe them when they tell you they won’t) but I’d still rather buy a new one of those every six or seven years (you should replace your mattress every seven years anyway) than wake up every morning with back pain. Think long and hard before purchasing a Sleep Number. If you know someone who has one, visit them for the weekend and sleep on theirs first….they’re definitely not for everyone.

    • I am the constant skeptic, I would guess the sellers found someone with a great writing skill and a Pollyanna attitude. The “free” bed probably raked them in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with the ‘guarantee’ (save the box, read the fine print..etc) they made out like bandits. A memory foam that doesn’t make the ‘power up’ noise every time you want to check out a new number, is a way safer bet. Now will somebody see how much money the company made from start to finish of this campaign. The employee that got them their millions got a huge bonus, don’t you think?

    • Michele Gouveia Allen says:

      Here here! I agree 150% – I tell people all the time – do NOT waste their money on a Sleep Number bed – they are NOT worth it and they are absolutely nothing special. In fact, both my husband and I also despise the thing. I am sticking it out for a while so I at least can feel like I got my money’s worth – well, not really since we got the most expensive one – lol. Live and learn!

  41. I bought the most expensive sleep number bed several years ago. It has a pillow top, but memory foam was not offered at that time.

    I could never quite find my sleep number and found that my back hurt every morning and after a short while the imprint of our bodies stayed on the mattress. I called Select Comfort and was told it was supposed to be that way.

    I did have to buy sheets and they were very expensive. When the bed started losing air we had to have a part replaced. Can’t remember if it was the pump, but I think so. It cost almost as much as the bed to replace.

    I, too, have a sleigh bed and find it difficult for one person to make and even with my husband helping it is very difficult due to the weight of the mattresses.

    I ended up buying a Tempurpedic bed and have had none of these problems. I can make that bed easily on my queen size sleigh bed because I can raise the top or the bottom and get the sheets and blankets tucked in easily. I just changed the linens on that bed Wednesday.

    So, two sleigh beds, one king and one queen and I prefer the queen because it always looks like a new bed and does not show the imprint of my body on it.

    Maybe the new memory foam does that for the sleep number bed too, but right now I wouldn’t trade my Temperpedic bed for a million dollars.

    • Michele Gouveia Allen says:

      I have the memory foam on my King Sleep Number bed – and it is horrible. I can’t wait to get rid of this number thing.

    • I’m not sure where all of these comments are coming from 2 mos. after my review of this mattress, but I have a feeling someone is sending you all over to made bad comments about Sleep Number. And that is fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I happen to really enjoy my Sleep Number bed so far, can’t wait to see how it will be in a year or two because I’ve only had it about 3 months. I’m sorry so many of you have not have good experiences with Sleep Number, so far so good for me.

      • Hi, Rhoda,
        Greetings from Savannah!
        A link to your website just appeared today at the bottom of a CNN Health page. It was listed as ‘from the internet’.
        While I am considering a new Mattress top, I found your blog helpful because it shows both sides of the equation. And, it is better to do the research, before, rather than after, purchasing a new set.

        Regardless of whether someone agrees with the Mattress type, the discussion, in general, has been great.

        Thanks for offering to share your thoughts. Now, I want to read the rest of your blog, especially about the DIY things. After all, there is much more to your Blog, besides beds!

        • Thanks, Sue, for telling me that. I had no idea where all these new comments were coming from, so that makes sense. My review is just one person’s experience and opinion, so everyone has to make up their own mind.

      • The link just showed up on my

      • I love mine too, 7 years and adore it. Great read, thank you?

  42. Michele Gouveia Allen says:

    I have one (the most expensive model offered) and two other family members purchased Sleep Number Beds – and we all hate them. I have gone up and down, up and down, every number imaginable, and I just can’t stand it. My husband also doesn’t like it and have heard the same complaints from many others. I personally would not invest the money into these mattresses – they are absolutely nothing special. You can get a great quality mattress at half the price and with more comfort – trust me.

  43. I think the sleep number sounds like the way to go and especially like the combenation of memory foam on top of the air…….but really, I don’t see how you can say you weren’t compensated…….you received a bed worth thousands dollars…..that’s quite a bit of non-cash compensation

  44. I tried a sleep number bed and was not impressed. I think the whole thing is mostly about fancy marketing rather than a true quality product. It’s a fairly cheaply made product that has to be expensive to cover that huge marketing and advertizing budget. It will be looked back on as being as gimmicky as the waterbed was. I’m mystified how the author thinks she will not be perceived as biased when she is given a free bed worth thousands.

    • Yes, I’m sure that might be the perception, but I was not told what to write or how to write it in any way. I simply put my experience out there.

  45. I am 6’4″ and 365 lbs. I’ve gained a hundred and fifty lbs due to breaking my neck and spending three years between bed and a wheelchair. Most people think that when you lose the ability to use your legs that you have no feeling in them but that could not be further from the truth. You , in fact, have 24 hour a day constant burning in your legs and especially the bottom of your feet. I finally in desperation bought a sleep comfort bed to try to reduce the level of pain and it has been a Godsend. I us a setting of 30 which their measurement device showed as a setting with the least pressure of my entire body. After 6 months I am feeling so much improvement I am able to ride on my Airdyne and have lost 26 lbs. Maybe in a year I will lose enough to improve my overall health. These beds have a thirty day return policy here in Texas so there is nothing to lose if it will not work for you. Good luck to you!!

  46. Bought mine in 1995, Love it. Before I couldn’t sleep, turned constantly. back hurt so bad to get out of bed I had to roll out onto the floor. When I got my select comfort – before the # – I put it on ‘cushy’, wow this is so soft, feels great ~ wrong, I was stiff & sore because of a too soft bed. I finally upped it to as hard as it would go. If people have a problem, I think they don’t have it firm enough, because soft feels good to the touch & they don’t even try it firm. The people that have to roll over the hump, tells me it’s way to soft. 18 years, no problem, back is best in years. Bob

  47. I’ve had a sleep number bed for over 20 years. They weren’t even called “sleep number” back then, just Select Comfort. Truly, I couldn’t survive without my bed. I have a bad back with blown discs that like to act up. It’s the only bed that’s ever given me any relief. I’d also comment that it’s just as good now as when I purchased it and the only thing that’s ever been replaced was the remote and that was under warranty.

  48. We’ve been sleeping on different kind of beds the last 40+ years. We 1st tried a memory foam cover on our regular mattress and we liked so much the sleeping experience.

    In 2005 as a retirement gift for ourselves, we promoted ourselves to Tempurpedics’ 12″ top of the line, and today my wife and I are still sleeping happily ever after on our bed.

    BTW, besides diabetes, I have pain 24/7 and 2 surgeries due to OPLL (spinal cord compression). At least the bed helped my otherwise nightmarish condition manageable and am grateful that memory foam came along.

    Thanks but we won’t try Sleep Number bec. we already found our one, true bed.

    9 years v. your 3 months and the worrisome negative reviews? Good luck, young lady.

    Initially it may feel good to have your bed bec. you’re not encumbered sleepless with monthly payments to make…just saying…

    To answer your question (where are these comments coming from?) this one is from Sacramento, CA. 🙂

  49. I had one. It’s an air mattress.

  50. I have had 3 spinal surgeries and suffer from severe back problems. The sleep number bed is the only bed that doesn’t cause me pain.

    Ours was given to us by a friend, she no longer needed it, It was already about 5 years old at that time. (she even brought it over and set it up LOL)

    We did discover some mold inside the mattress and called sleep number and they replaced those parts no charge, no questions asked, even though we were not the original owners.

    We have had it for about 5 years now and it is still amazing. I am the cheapest person there is but when it comes time to buy the next mattress it will be a sleep number.

    • I will say the only negative about this bed i have found is sex…

      I keep my side at 35 and my husband keeps his about 60. We have to inflate it before proceeding with anything intimate as it makes it too difficult if the mattress is too soft 😉

  51. Never slept on one so my comments are general in nature. Half the world sleeps on straw on the floor because that’s all they have. And we in the U.S. spent half of a new car for a mattress. Sad in so many ways. But for those with money to burn, go at it. I’m 6’3, 250 lbs and I sleep on a $298 mattress and box spring set I bought at a discount furniture store. I sleep fine. I sleep to survive, not for some type of exotic experience on a $5,000 bed. On the other hand, although I am 46 years-old, I thankfully don’t have any severe back problems so I can’t fault those who do for needing more than I need to rest. Interesting article and comment though.

  52. I have never seen these set up before. As it turns out, they are just like a soft side waterbed (same foam form sides, same base, same bladder compartment, and same zip cover.)

    I always liked my soft side waterbed, it just is not the 80’s anymore, so I gave it up. It is neat that someone used the same technology and filled it with air.

    Bet they are almost as comfortable as those old soft sides, and a whole lot easier to set up.

  53. I’ve been sleeping on a waterbed for about 40 years. Had to replace the mattress just once, for a cost of about $50. A waterbed is heated in the winter and cool in the summer. If you want to move it, you simply drain the mattress and fold it up. Compare that to a conventional mattress and box springs.

    It’s amazing to me that conventional mattresses cost so much when really you’re just using the top three inches or so in terms of deflection.

  54. Linda Reiter says:

    I’ve tried Sleep Number. It is sleeping on a fancy air mattress. I couldn’t find my number at all. It was very uncomfortable. Very loud when making it firmer. It was not a good experience. Its ironic, I have a Beauty Rest Pillow Top mattress that I adore! Its the most comfortable mattress ever and I sleep very well now. Guess it all depends on your body and what you like.

  55. My husband bought a Sleep Number bed for me about 5 years ago to help with pain from my severe scoliosis. It works fairly well because I can adjust the firmness to my changing needs, but I have not been impressed with the customer service. Once you pass the warranty period, you can be assured that you will need to pay upwards of $400 for a new pump or mattress cover (which cannot be cleaned if you stain it somehow), or $200 plus for new high density foam sidewalls. At some point one must consider the absurdity of paying so much to replace parts that are certainly marked up at least 300%. If you do buy one, just don’t be afraid to scour ebay for replacement or upgrade parts — unless you really enjoy being taken for a ride after investing thousands of dollars into an air mattress with a pillowtop, a plastic box, and an automatic air pump with a PSI sensor.

  56. this is bogus. i clicked the link thinking it was a genuine article about research into pillow top mattresses and lo and behold it turns out to be a print-infomercial for sleep number beds. so its a scam, they get you to click, then you read a review that is “honest” – yea, as honest as anyone can be after getting a free bed worth thousands of dollars. Lets see how long this stays up.

  57. I, too, had been in search for the perfect sleep for years. I had a fall on the ice durin the winter and bruised both of my hips. Agony, I tell you. I wa sure if we bought a new bed that it would be better on my hips. We thought about Sleep Number Bed, but I was afraid that the memory foam would make it too hot for sleep. We had a queen size platform bed from This End Up for many years. Their special platform mattress was awesome. It didn’t require a box spring due to the way it was made. We moved that bed into my son’s room who began sleeping like a baby. Me? Not so much. We bought a king sized bed set from the Matress Factory Warehouse. It was a beautiful pillow top mattress, but it was too hard. I put a foam topper on top of it. No relief. I put a pillow top on top of the foam topper. It was very poofy and soft, but…no relief. Sleep Number kept popping into my head, but I couldn’t spend the money on another bed that wouldn’t work for me. I was still leary of the memory foam making me hot. After much thought…we bought a king sized soft sided water bed. Bingo. Heaven. It is really set up just like the Sleep Number bed, but filled with water. Two bladders, two heat controllers and adjustable by water. It’s perfectly comfortable on the whole hip thing (it turned into bursitis by the way) plus it was heated to my liking which offered major comfort. No more sleepless nights.

  58. I’m with you on this Rhoda.  I have a friend who sells beds for Sleep Number and they are incredibly popular beds.  He sells an almost unbelievable number of these beds every month at the mall. Although they may not be for everyone (he does get some returns), the vast majority of his customers love their bed and many come back to buy additional beds for their home.  I believe the steel spring mattress companies are feeling a huge loss in sales and have a negative publicity campaign going. He let us “sleep over” to test out the Sleep Number bed in his guest room and we were sold. We have had our Sleep Number for about 2 months and it is the best bed to sleep on I have ever owned and I’m pushing 50 years old. The combination of an adjustable air mattress with the memory foam top is ideal. I’m a side sleeper and my arm would always fall asleep at night…totally not a problem any more. My wife loves it too. Some nights she likes to sleep on her side and sets the bed softer, while other nights she sets it firmer to sleep on her back. I’ll debunk some comments made here on your blog, the pump only runs when you adjust the bed and it’s just momentary and not loud at all. Take a look inside a regular mattress, just metal springs covered with a foam pad and material, but yet they run $3000 to $4000 for a “quality” bed. People say Sleep Number is a cheap air mattress. I think the steel spring mattress is a rip off. You cannot change the the firmness and they start to develop a sag quickly at your presssure points. And once the spring mattress starts to sag too much you need to replace the entire bed, not to mention you sleepmon a sagging bed for half the time you own it. For us, after 6 years…a $3000 spring mattress down the toilet, not to mention not very environmentally sound. With a SN just replace the memory foam top if you ever need to and you are back to a brand new bed for much less cost and waste. I put our bed together myssef and I think it would be much easier to move. Try moving a Cal King mattress some time! The only complaint I have is the the bed did give off a “chemical” smell for the first few weeks, but after some research this is common to all memory foam products. I think you gave a very honest review and I ask people to beware the naysayers. All innovations have to face the rath of the established community. The established PC community had nothing but bad things to say about Apple and the iPad. Now they are all scrambling to get tablets of there own…maybe the early negative reviews were wolves in sheep clothing?

  59. Save yourself the heartache of tossing your mattress after a few years and just buy a Tempurpedic. I have a genetic condition that causes my joints to frequently dislocate and sublux very frequently, buying a Tempurpedic mattress is one of the BEST things I have EVER done for lowering my pain level. I totally agree that Sleep Number beds are glorified air mattresses, if you want one of those, save some $$$$ and go buy an Aerobed.

  60. Hi Rhoda 🙂 I’m a longtime follower and read your review of Sleep Number when it was first published. I especially enjoyed the photos of how it all gets put together! I’ve returned this morning to the review because my husband and I have got to purchase a new bed. I’m 45 and he’s 51; needless to say, our backs, necks, and shoulders are killing us. I appreciate the honesty of the comments here (except for the snarky ones :P). We have a Sleep Number store in the town 20 miles from us, so we’ll at least visit the store and check this bed out 🙂 Thanks for your review!

  61. Hi Rhoda, I was wondering if you can give an update on your bed now that it has been about 9 months, we just bought an M7 sleep number mattress and are waiting for it to be delivered. Some reviews of it dipping in the middle have me nervous.

    • HI, April, I do love my bed! Now, I do sleep alone so I don’t tend to use the other side of the bed and so far it is doing fine. No dipping!

      • Hi Rhoda I’m 31 years old I’ve been disabled for 13 years and I’ve had so many back problems. The pain and stiffness got so bad that after my wife and I had our bed for less than 3 years I couldn’t sleep in it anymore. I’ve been to pain drs and have had so many things done to my back in those years to help with my pain and nothing helped. Nothing. The pain meds I ending up having to pop first thing in the morning just to function it would take me at least 3 hours every morning to finally get around and my back was getting so bad that I was going to a chiropractor all the time just for some relief. I ended up on the sofa with pillows under me for support for about six months you talking about straining a marriage. But she understands my pain and knows how I get down most of the time that I can’t move. It was hard for me to play with my child or even take care of her that I started to worry that I was going to be crippled. There is a difference in being disabled and crippled we don’t have a lot if money and she works for all we have we do not draw welfare and struggle sometimes to put food on the table but the good Lord does take care of us. I said that to say this it was very hard to get a bed that costs a fifth of our house. And we are paying payments on it. We’ve had our bed for only two months now and my back is so much better I’m no longer using pain mead first thing when I wake up. My back still has the disc problems I’ve always had but I’m not so stiff I can move bend over and the best of all play with my child. This is all true and I don’t benifit any by posting this. And for all you people that hit on this post about her getting a free bed to try and post a blog about good for her. They wouldn’t give her one if it was crap and I truely believe if it was she would say so. I do have concerns over time will things go bad. It does consist of many parts but time will tell. If I sleep and feel as good in even eight years with this bed as I do now I will purchase another. And for all of you that say you threw yours out or want to I will gladly take it. If you’re changing your number constantly then you got to take it slow and find the correct setting for you. Think of it this way your body is getting into alignment when you have proper support and that will make you sore until you get used to it. That’s why you don’t want it to firm my number is 35 and it’s just right. I’m not saying that these beds are for everyone but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They are not loud and once you find your number leave it there. My wife is set at 45 and we have a queen I can tell a slight difference when we snuggle but it’s nothing very noticeable. Sorry for such a long post I just wanted to share my experience and do hope that I get it paid off soon and it does hold up to be as good as it has been. Again this is my honest opinion and and I have nothing to do with the company or benefit from it at all just hope that others do. Rhoda thanks for the info and your experience and again I’m glad that you recieved your bed for free because it’s a nice gift to you and your blog is a nice gift to us

        • THank you, Alex, for sharing your Sleep Number story. I’m so glad it is working for your back pain. I too have some back and hip issues and it sleeps very well for me too, a year later. I appreciate your comments and you taking the time to share them.

  62. I can’t wait to buy a sleep number one day. I’ve heard very good things. The store has many options.

  63. I wish that I had found your post on this a year ago! We just moved into a new home and decided to put our sleigh bed in one of the guest rooms and find a new bed for our master. I polled my Facebook friends and Sleep Number won hands down. We had been to the Sleep Number store years ago, but I was skeptical and ended up purchasing a latex bed because I thought it would be beneficial for my husband who suffers from asthma and allergies. It was a good mattress, but after several months, my back and hip issues resurfaced and like you, issues with hormone changes on top of it, didn’t make for a good night’s sleep. We now have the Sleep Number m7 in our new home and these first three nights have been amazing! I haven’t slept well through the night in years. I don’t even hear if my husband snores because I am sleeping through the night and I don’t even think I ever move! The reason I am commenting now is that we didn’t purchase another bed or headboard to go with our m7. So now I’m looking to see what would work with it. Had no idea we could use a regular headboard and footboard like our sleigh bed as you have. Thanks for posting this and sorry I missed it when you first posted!

  64. I wish that I had found your post on this a year ago! We just moved into a new home and decided to put our sleigh bed in one of the guest rooms and find a new bed for our master. I polled my Facebook friends and Sleep Number won hands down. We had been to the Sleep Number store years ago, but I was skeptical and ended up purchasing a latex bed because I thought it would be beneficial for my husband who suffers from asthma and allergies. It was a good mattress, but after several months, my back and hip issues resurfaced and like you, issues with hormone changes on top of it, didn’t make for a good night’s sleep. We now have the Sleep Number m7 in our new home and these first three nights have been amazing! I haven’t slept well through the night in years. I don’t even hear if my husband snores because I am sleeping through the night and I don’t even think I ever move! The reason I am commenting now is that we didn’t purchase another bed or headboard to go with our m7. So now I’m looking to see what would work with it. Had no idea we could use a regular headboard and footboard like our sleigh bed as you have. Thanks for posting this and sorry I missed it when you first posted! I was a skeptic at one time, but I’m a believer now!

  65. I have had a sleep number for about 10 years now and love it. When the remote broke, they sent me a new one for free. We had a problem with one side of the mattress and they walked us through a procedure to determine if it was the hose, the pump or the air mattress. When the problem was identified, a new part was sent. Yes, it was prorated; but if I recall correctly, it was about $150 and my mattress was already 7 years old. Not a bad price to pay to get already another three years and still going.
    I have wasted a lot of money over the years on other mattresses for myself and my children. They seem so comfortable in the store, only to find out later that a full night’s sleep on them is a misery. I replaced my daughter’s mattress with a sleep number and KNEW that it wouldn’t be too firm or too hard because it is adjustable. She absolutely loves it–so much so that when she recently moved out to her first new apartment, she ordered a smaller one for her new tiny bedroom. Also, my husband likes a soft mattress and I like it really firm…it is the perfect solution.
    I want to purchase one for our coastal southern retirement home and the only concern I have before buying it is whether the humidity will seriously affect the bed.

    • Rhoda
      I was wondering how it is after a couple years now? I recently got one and so far so good.

      • Darryl, I still love my Sleep Number bed and I’ll be doing more posts this year about my experience.

        • Have mine for about 3 weeks and I’m ready to drag it out in the lawn and BURN it. Worst $7K I’ve ever spent.

          • Wow, Doug, so sorry to hear that. Three years later, I still love my Sleep Number bed. Maybe you can call them and get some tips on finding a way to make it more comfortable for you.

          • Tried that already. All I can return is the mattress, the adjustable base is yours forever once it’s in your hous!

          • You should just go ahead and return that mattress and sell your adjustable base on Craigslist! No since in wasting if it’s not for you. Everyone is different. I’m strongly considering purchasing a sleep number as we speak.

  66. Guess it’s better than sleeping on the couch.

    • Nope, that’s where I’ve been sleeping, much more comfortable than the $7K boat anchor.

      • Same here. $6k and nearly 3 years later, I’ve spent far more comfortable nights on a $300 Rooms2Go couch and my old temperpedic that was formerly relegated to the guest room in favor of what I thought/hoped would be a god-send for my achy back. I could have purchased a lot of cheap couches to sleep comfortably on for $6k. It’s now 3:46 and in Lou of still having my old temperpedic, I’m headed to the couch so I can get some sleep…

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