Southeastern Designer Showhouse Atlanta: Part 2

Last week, I shared the beautifully renovated 1960’s home in Buckhead of the Southeastern Atlanta Designer show house Part 1,  which happens every spring.  It was such a fun house to tour, with gorgeous designs and so many talented designers taking part in the house.  Today, I’m back with Part 2, so you can see the rest of the house. This is one big and rambling house, there’s so much to see!

I hope you’re enjoying this one! All the designers are listed on this page on the Showhouse site. I’ve got a few more WOW spaces to share this week.

Wine Cellar:  I missed the designer card on this space, but it’s amazing.

Those large glass and metal doors are so beautiful.

A bathroom off the man cave.

Man Cave:  William Peace Designs

This space was magnificent and truly a man cave with deep and moody colors and vibe.

Now we’re moving to the upstairs floors.

Peeking back down to the entryway foyer and those beautiful marble floors.

Bedroom 1:  Mark Simmons Interiors

Bedroom 3:  Sarah Bartholomew Design

Are those stairways something else?

Playroom: Summerhouse

Bedroom 4:  Bridget Beari Designs

Upstairs Laundry/vestibule:  Minhnuyet Hardy

Art Study:  Gordon Dunning

Guest Suite:  Tracery Interiors

Bedroom and Bath 2:  BD Jeffries

I didn’t get a great shot of this space, it was darker and hard to photograph.

That’s it for this year’s Spring tour of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse. I hope you all enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.  It’s open to the public through May 14th and you can get tickets here!

I’ve got a ton of pictures to share with you all of my trip to High Point and the furniture market this year.  It was overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time.  I saw some favorite furniture brands that I really love and I’ll be sharing extra posts on those as well as some overall recaps on all the things we saw and the showrooms we visited on our tour.  There were 10 of us and we had a set schedule of showrooms that we took in for 2 days.  I’ll be back soon with the first part of that! It was so much fun to see in person. It rained both days we were there so the weather was horrible, but we made the best of it.

- Rhoda


  1. Absolutely stunning….the artwork is really fantastic, too.

  2. Rhoda, I have enjoyed the tour of this lovely home. The man cave is certainly a man’s dream! The Sarah Bartholomew bedroom is exquisite. Those pops of red are stunning. She is a favorite designer of mine! Thanks for sharing the designer show house! Have a great weekend!

  3. That man cave is just incredible. I’m afraid to show it to my husband coz he’ll want one just like it!

  4. Beautiful! There was not a single space I didn’t like. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Rhoda!

  5. Thank you for sharing this home. Wallpaper is definitely back!!!!!!! I’m not ready for that that, I’m still painting over my wallpaper from the 80’s!!!!!!

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      A little wallpaper goes a long way. A lot of wallpaper is stifling (to me). While it may be fashionable for a while, I’m with this poster – years down the road I don’t want to curse myself as I’m trying to remove it or paint over it. LOL! Thanks for the pics, Rhoda. Nice to see how the ‘other half’ lives. 🙂

  6. My favorite was bedroom 1 and the guest suite.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  7. WoMAN’s CAVE! I absolutely love that space and it’s very similar to the colors and fabrics in our living room. While this is a bit heavier perhaps I sure know that my girly friends would enjoy that space as much as our husbands!

    Truly a showpiece – the entire house! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. Guest Suite was my fave would love to know where the star rug and small side tables are from

  9. Rhoda! I loved this post! I wish I could go with you one day! I hope all is great with you! xo

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