St. Simons Island, GA Getaway

A couple weekends ago, I headed down to St. Simons Island with 2 of my special girlfriends, Ruby and Wanda.  We had a great time getting away for just one night and got the opportunity to explore St. Simons for a couple of days.  In spite if the fact that I grew up in Georgia, I have never been to St. Simons Island, but have heard about it all my life.  I knew it was a small and quaint coastal spot on the Georgia map, but that was about it.  It didn’t disappoint and it is a lovely little weekend getaway.


Lighthouse in the small coastal town of St. Simons.


Large stately oak trees were in abundance.

St. Simons

Lighthouse St. Simons

Lighthouses are so cool.

Water St. Simons

The rocky beach.

Rocky beach St. Simons

Serene and calm

WaterfrontSt. Simons

Pier of St. Simons

Tree Trunk St. Simons

Beautiful old trunk

Dock St. Simons

Walkway to the water

Barbara Jeans

We ate lunch at Barbara Jeans, one of the best known restaurants in the downtown area.


They are known for their crabcakes and yes, they were delish.


We browsed in a few shops along the way.


Then headed out to Christ Church, an old Episcopal church in St. Simons built in the late 1800’s.

Church St. Simons

It’s sits in a beautiful location with a sweeping green lawn.

Church Steeple St. Simons

Church steeple.

Stained Glass St. Simons

Beautiful stain glassed windows.  We learned that several US Presidents have attended services here.


Beautiful rafters inside the church.


Believe it or not, the azaleas were already blooming in St. Simons.  We have had some unseasonably warm weather this year.068

Camelias were in full bloom too.


There was a pretty old cemetary behind the church.



Tabby grave

Tabby (a mixture of crushed oyster shells) is popular on the coast and used like concrete in building.


The church was so picturesque.

Cloisters St. Simons

We also got a peek across the way to The Cloisters, a beautiful old resort on St. Simons (Sea Island) that goes way back.  It’s known to be a place for the rich and famous to hang out.  Maybe that is why I’ve never been. 🙂

St. Simons is a beautiful little coastal town in Georgia and I’m so glad I finally got to see it for myself.  I took lots more photos along the way in some of the cute shops and I’ll share those later on.

Happy Weekend!  I’m heading to Scotts Antiques market today.

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda, what sweet memories you just brought back to me. I lived there when I was 6, 7 and 8 years old then my dad got transferred again and my mom was so mad to leave there. I have been back just to drive through and do some shopping. I have a water color of the lighthouse with the building in front that I purchased here at a silent auction years ago for the cancer society chapter in Gwinnett county. I love looking at that picture. I have crabbed many many times off that pier. We went as a family almost every weekend when it was crabbing season. I have also been very luck to stay a few times at the cloister in the past for work conferences for my husband’s job. That is in Brunswick across the water from St. Simons. They have completely renovated since we last stayed there. I loved walking down the streets right past the Cloister and looking at the gorgeous homes.

    Have fun at Scott’s. I bet you are meeting Eddie there today. I went on Thursday with my sister.

  2. Looks like a lovely place. I love lighthouses! Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite spots on earth! I was fortunate enough to live there for about 4 years and still go back every summer.

  4. I LOVE St. Simon’s Island. It truly is one of the sweetest places I have ever been. My husband, his family, and I were actually there this time last year! Although we were in Georgia for a less-than-ideal event (a funeral), St. Simon’s was a lovely place for us to go to relax and unwind on our trip. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place!

  5. St. Simon’s Island is one of my all time places to visit. We have stopped a couple of times as we passed by on our way to or from Florida. Must visit places for me are the church, the cemetery and the walk way across from the church. We really should go again when we can stay longer. Eugenia Price made this area famous in her historical fiction works. That was the draw for me…but there is so much more too…..

  6. I LOVE St. Simons…. and Barbara Jean’s, YUMMY!!!

  7. Paula Lusk says:

    Oh what a pretty place. I love to see old oak trees, especially with the moss hanging down. Happy that you had a nice time.

  8. I have been to St. Simons and you have captured it beautifully – wonderful photos – thank you for the memories!

  9. Rhoda, I absolutely love St. Simon’s Island. If you are a reader, you must read Eugenia Price’s books about St. Simon’s Island. Begin with Lighthouse and you’ll learn the history of the lighthouse. Her books are historical fiction and the historical facts are accurate even though some of the characters are fictional. I was hooked as soon as I read the first one and Lighthouse is the first in a Trilogy. The cemetery has many of the people buried in it that she wrote about. Love all of her books!! Glad you got to visit.

  10. Beautiful! I have only been once and it was way back on school trip. I would love to visit again sometime!

  11. Eugenia Price is buried in the cemetery behind Christ Church, as are many of the settlers of St. Simons. Did you happen to walk on the path across the road from Christ Church? It’s a really neat pathway that meanders through the pines and oaks. Really peaceful, very beautiful.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I have never been to St. Simons, but I did have the crab cakes at Barbara Jean’s in Charleston…they are to die for!!! 🙂

  13. We did hear in the church tour that Eugenia Price made St. Simons famous in her books & I totally remember them when I was growing up. I used to work at the library and remember all of her books and I’m sad to say, I haven’t read them. I must do that sometime. Did not know she was buried in the cemetary, but it sure was a peaceful setting.

  14. Rhoda,
    The Cloister used to be a place where the same people visited year after year. Many southern couples had their honeymoon there and then went back every year — later on bringing the children and then their children would bring their children. The same people worked there for years and it was a pillar to the local economy. Even though it was a bit high end, it was full on old word charm and a sense of family. Unfortunately, the Sea Island Company felt the need to “upscale” and now public access is limited. They also “remodeled” tearing down all the original buildings and rebuilt them to look exactly like the original buildings, but somehow, it has just lost the charm. (You can’t duplicate years & years of white enamel paint on the trim.) It is a sad that in the quest to be a 5 star resort that so many of the loyal customers can no longer afford to stay there and so much history and tradition has been lost.

  15. Hi Rhoda.,
    It looks like a lovely spot. How nice to already have flowers blooming.
    In Canada we will have to wait a few more months unless you are on the west coast.

  16. Rhoda..I have very dear, dear friends who live on the water on St. Simons. It is one of the most tranquil places on earth…the history on that island is so wonderful and I enjoy it all when we visit our friends. I LOVE Barbara Jeans..My hubby and I contemplated relocating there, but all roads led us to NC…I just love the Southern architecture there..the homes are incredibly beautiful…I am glad you had such a great experience there..

    Yes, love, love The Cloister..was there before and after the renovation. It is beautiful and impressive. I love the room where the G8 Summit was held..

  17. Thank you, Rhoda! Lovely reminder that my husband and I need to get back to this picturesque place. We drove through once. We believe my husband’s cousin lives there, but we’ve never met. We hope to some day.

  18. Beautiful pictures. It looks like a beautiful place.

  19. Rhoda
    We fly down to Florida quite frequently and one of the places we stop for a night is St. Simons Island. We just happen to stop because my husband saw a restaurant from there on the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I can’t remember the name of that restaurant ( all though it was good). We were told by the nice receptionist at the airport to try Southern Soul at the rotary near the airport. The BBQ there was to die for! When we were there they had just finished taping for another DDD show. We love the beaches there and the people are so friendly. Your pictures reminded me that its about time to stop there again.

  20. I live in Brunswick and we are buying a house in St Simons Island this year, it is a great place to live, you took some great pictures I am glad you enjoyed your visit and I agree Barbara Jeans has great food.

  21. Having just come back from a car trip to SC and GA, I really enjoyed this post!

  22. beautiful pics … thanks for the mini virtual vacation!

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