Thanksgiving in the Dining Room

Hello my friends!  Even though we don’t host Thanksgiving at our house, it’s still fun to set a Thanksgiving table and this year is even more fun being in the new house and having a different room to decorate for the seasons.  Mark and I are so enjoying our new house and it will be extra special to decorate for Christmas this year too, so stay tuned for lots more of that. I haven’t even started yet, but I will be getting it all festooned soon!

I’m partnering with Tree Classics again this year and will have several posts featuring their products and the first one up is a Thanksgiving table. I love a pretty dining room and even though we probably won’t use this room all the time for meals (we’re casual like that), it’s fun to make it look gorgeous for the seasons.  We are planning to use this one more and enjoy it for special meals.

thanksgiving table setting ideas

Our dining room is a little bit bigger than my old one, but still very open on 3 sides, with the living room to the right and the kitchen to the left.  I’ll be sharing more of how the house flows as I show all our spaces on the main level.

thanksgiving table setting centerpiece

This Tree Classics Countryside wreath is a perfect accent for Fall and Thanksgiving and I simply placed it in my large wooden tray and added a cake plate inside for this pretty glass pumpkin to sit on.  It’s a perfect centerpiece without being too high or fussy.

My sideboard is decked out with branches of Fall leaves which is my favorite way to decorate this time of year.  You can’t beat the showy Fall leaves for decoration. You can get a good look at the grasscloth wallpaper too.

I don’t think I’ve shared these plates with you before, but I got them when I was in Birmingham from a reader of mine. We did a trade for decorating consultations and I’ve loved having them.  This year was the perfect time to show them off on the Thanksgiving table.  Brown and white transferware is classic and I have plates in red and white too.  I just picked up some blue and white transferware from an antique store to use in here too, so I’ll be all covered with the colors.  A simple place setting is all that’s needed. The silverplate flatware is gorgeous and is an estate sale find from a few years ago.

You’ll notice new lamps on the sideboard, those are from Homegoods and I was so happy to find them.

Closer look at the Fall leaves and moss balls on the sideboard.  I love the simplicity of these arrangements.

A hammered amber colored glass vase really accents the leaves.

The lamps are such a favorite for me with their gold bamboo shape and black shade.  They were definitely a fun find for me this year, since I moved the other gray lamps up to our bedroom.

Peeking from the dining room into our small living room that I shared recently.  We have since added a large cabinet in the living room that was Mark’s and I’ll be sharing all of that room again soon too.

Simple arrangement with the wreath and glass pieces add such a festive touch to the table.

I took a lot of pics to share it from all angles.

The wreath made it easy to decorate the centerpiece and I had an instant focal point.  I layered in my collection of acorns and tiny pinecones with the glass pumpkin to add even more Fall touches.

I love having a collection of pinecones and acorns, since they come in handy for so many areas this time of year. I store them in a lidded box and pull them out when needed.  The wreath has small grapevine balls, pinecones, and colorful Fall acorns attached.

Two pretty white and gold candlesticks are the only other decoration I added to the table.

And here’s a shot from the stairs!  We love this view going up and down the staircase and how pretty it looks at night.  This room will be getting a new light fixture too and we can’t wait to get that updated.

In the meantime, we are loving our new house and how it’s all coming together for this Christmas season.  Mark and I both love Christmas and we can’t wait to fill our house with family and friends this year and enjoy all the blessings that we’ve been given.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and time with your family and friends as well! It’s time to celebrate!

Note:  This post is sponsored by Tree Classics and I’m a brand ambassador for them this year. 







- Rhoda


  1. Francis Moore says

    Beautiful home. Do you have a link to the runner that you have on your buffet?

  2. Hi Rhoda! I love love love those new lamps, they add such a touch of fun and elegance to the room. I think this is one of the prettiest spaces you’ve ever shared. Just lovely in every way! Wishing you and Mark a very Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, make many happy memories as a new family! Xo Heidi

    • Thank you, Heidi, I appreciate that sweet comment! I am really loving how this house is coming together and seeing the furniture in a new home is so fun to watch. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!

  3. VintageBeachgirl says

    Love it, so festive yet understated and elegant! The view from upstairs is spectacular, y’all have done such a wonderful job decorating this new home of yours!! I’ve enjoyed watching the renovation as you go along and can see Mark’s woodworking talents, I particularly love how he makes sure everything is properly finished! I find it so difficult to find that kind of workmanship theses days and it makes me smile to see it in your home! Y’all are a fabulous team, with his woodworking talents and your eye for great design you’re are a wonderful pairing of talents!! Do have to say that I miss seeing your talented father in your reno photos….. I hope he’s progressing well and I wish you and all of your family a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.

    • Thank you so much! I’m so lucky to have Mark and his talents with this house. We do make a great team, if I do say so myself. Daddy is hanging in there and we are prayig he whips that c-diff once and for all, the jury is still out on that. Just finished up his last round of antibiotics. We can definitely tell all of this has taken a toll on his body, he’s not steady on his feet and his stamina is far from being back yet, but he’s 90 so we know he may never get back to where he was before all this started. That’s hard to see, but it’s just reality. Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

  4. Such a pretty table and lovely dining room!

  5. Beth Burleson says

    Everything is stunning. The rice paper on the walls is gorgeous. I just love your round table, chairs and buffet. Such great pieces to easily style around. Happy a Thanksgiving!

  6. You and Mark are now my favorite design team!!!! WOW! Rhoda, you have really designed some lovely rooms! I can’t help but come back here and look through these rooms more than once. Your rooms were always warm and lovely, but now they have sleek lines. I am absolutely in love with your new style!

    I love your wreath centerpiece. I must do that for Christmas. It is lovely!

    • THank you, Cher! Mark and I can definitely brainstorm some good ideas together and this house has been fun to change. It’s definitely more formal than my old house, so I’m saying this house style is more classic/casual/elegant rather than cottage style. I’m definitely loving it too!

  7. Love your style! The brown leather chairs in the Living Room with the beautiful sideboard in the dining room and the brown woven charges with the brown transfer ware all work beautifully with the blues in your decor. Just love it!!

    • THank you, Kay, it’s been so fun to use these pieces in different ways in the new house and I love those brown leather chairs even more now!

  8. This is beautiful. The centerpiece is wonderful. I do love the lamps! You two have really done a wonderful job of making this house into your home!

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