That Wonderful Beadboard Wallpaper

Oh yeah, I’ve been at it again with the beadboard wallpaper and have totally transformed that blah 70’s bath into a beautiful coastal inspired space.  I had avocado tiles and an aqua laminate countertop to work with, so adding beadboard wallpaper to the space gave it a much more interesting architectural feel and at a cost of $25 per roll, it’s a bargain.  I used less than 1 roll for this project and still have a little left.

I love this stuff all over again.  If you missed my earlier posts about my new found love of beadboard wallpaper that started 2 years ago, you can go here, here, and we even had a beadboard wallpaper linky party here.

Sigh, it’s so pretty!

Before I show off the new bathroom, I’m going to share the how-to’s on the beadboard wallpaper and the new vinyl faux wood planks that went down on the floor.  Y’all, it’s gorgeous now and I’ve only got one more thing to do to the mirror and it will be show-worthy.  I promise it will be worth the wait! 🙂

So, first step was to paint out the walls.  I didn’t bother to paint below the chairrail, since that is where the wallpaper will go.  Painting first makes sense, then you don’t have to worry about getting it on your new wallpaper.  I decided where the chairrail would sit and used the light switch as my guide, right below that.

Getting ready to start the wallpaper.  I began in a corner, working my way around the wall.  I did have to wallpaper behind the toilet, but managed to slide it behind before we took the toilet out for the floor planks.  First thing, I measured from the baseboard up to the point I wanted the chairrail to sit and there I had my measurement for the length of wallpaper I would need to cut.  I cut across the wallpaper as straight as possible, measuring on each side and drawing a line with my yardstick to ensure as straight a cut as possible.  Then I took that first piece to use as a guide and cut several more pieces the same length, since it is repetition all the way around.

Then you just dunk the back of the paper in water, wetting it really well. That activates the glue on the back.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then start putting it up.  You may have to work it down to the baseboard to get it just at the right spot.  If you can’t move it by pushing with your fingers, peel it back and start again.  beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Start with the next piece, matching the seam up and get it as tight as you can.  I used an old rag to smooth out the bubbles as I placed each piece and it all dries out like a charm.  You do want to get it down to the baseboard as close as you can, but really when you go back and paint it all out with trim paint, those edges lay down smoothly and it looks seamless.  You can work with it for quite a long time to ensure that the seams are straight.

One caution for the bottom where you have to make cuts.  If you happen to have a wall that is not square, there is a possibility that your line at the bottom will be slightly off sitting on top of the baseboard.  I didn’t have any major problems with mine at all and any slight gaps got covered up with trim paint, so it is really not a big deal.  IF by chance you do have extreme gaps, then you could always get a small 1/4″ trim piece and slap it right over the bottom paper on top of the base and that would totally hide any boo-boos.

beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Here’s one wall all done, ready for chair rail to go on top. It makes sense to do it this way, then you  don’t have to cut the paper with the chair rail up.  This way the chair rail goes right on top of the paper, all smooth and easy.  My sweet daddy wanted to do all the chair rail, so he got out his big miter saw to help me out.  He’s so great!  You all know I could have done this myself, since I’ve done it before, but I will let that daddy of mine help when he wants to.  I think he likes to help! 🙂 beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

You can see here I had a little corner to wrap around, so that is just what I did.  Make sure you leave enough on the ends when you are wrapping a corner to have it line up properly.  Then you can cut the excess with a sharp razor blade or scissors.  Press on the corners really well when you lay it all down and it will dry beautifully.

Here I cut around the vent in the bathroom, and the vent plate will go right back on top of this.  I love anything that cuts with scissors. 🙂 beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

This wall is completed.   My dad cut all the chair rail and got it installed.  I usually miss a few steps along the way and forgot to show you the chair rail up before I painted it all.

I countersunk all the nails, caulked and painted it all.  I used a small paintbrush and foam roller and that made quick work of the wallpaper.

I get asked all the time:  “can you paint that wallpaper?”  The answer is YOU MUST paint the wallpaper.  That is what makes it look SO real.  YES, absolutely PAINT that paper!

My trim paint color is Creamy by Sherwin Williams.  I had it mixed in latex Semi-gloss by Dutch Boy at Walmart.  I happened to be in there and noticed they had all their Dutch Boy paint on clearance for $7 a gallon!  I had them custom mix this Creamy color for me and it was perfect in there. beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Two coats later and now it looks like this.  You can barely see the seams after it is all painted out.  New wall color is Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams.  I did get Sherwin Williams paint (in Satin) for this bathroom, since it is mildew resistant and perfect for areas that get moisture.   I am loving the new color.beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Here’s how my dad chose to finish out the corner chair rail.  He added a small piece of wood molding instead of the real stuff.  Not the professional carpenter’s way, but it works OK when all painted out.

You can see how pretty the beadboard wallpaper looks next to the baseboards after it’s all painted out and here’s a peek at the new vinyl plank flooring that I’ll tell you about next! Love this stuff too.

Then we’ll show off the new bathroom with all the accessories and my squishy new rugs. 🙂


- Rhoda


  1. Dara Lynn says:

    Beautiful update!!!! Just painted my bathroom with the same SW paint Windsor Greige and I absolutely love it too!!!

  2. You didn’t mention sizing your wall before wallpaper went on ( it is a important step incase you ever need to remove it at any time ) . My mom hung wallpaper for a living and I have removed wallpaper in my own home and it comes off so easy if you wall is sized .

    • Hi, Bev, this paper is so thick that I don’t think it will be a problem pulling it down if the need arises. Yes on sizing for regular wallpaper but this stuff is a little different.

  3. Rhoda,

    It looks fabulous! I can see such a dramatic change already in the room. Love that you still have your father and he’s always there to help. I miss mine. Looking forward to the big reveal.

    Your Friend,

  4. It looks great Rhoda! I can’t wait to see the final pics!
    Take care,

  5. Love this beadboard wallpaper!! Used it when you posted a while back.
    Your new bathroom looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see how you finish it.

  6. wow! i can’t wait to see the finished room! the wallpaper is wonderful and i would love to use it, but i’m not sure how it would work on our 100+ yr old walls, as they are VERY uneven, but it would be nice if it would work for us!

  7. That beadboard wallpaper makes the room look so good. I can’t wait for more updates. I’m learning as you do all these projects in your folks’ house.

  8. Hello Rhoda,

    Looking forward to seeing the finished room. Love seeing the wallpaper up close in your photos…thanks for that.

    You continue to inspire ;->

    Enjoy the day

    janet xox

  9. Love beadboard wallpaper! Yours looks great! Terrific tutorial, too! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Looking good!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Amazing!!!!!! Cannot believe what they are doing with wallpaper these days, love your choice. Perfect!

  12. it looks great, but those those floors! wow!!! i can’t wait to see the total reveal. great idea to sell that wallpaper. it’s amazing.

    hope all is well.

  13. Love your wallpaper! I will be ordering some very soon. I have a question though… Are you paint this wallpaper once up on the wall? XoXo

  14. Can’t wait to see the finished room! I love what you’ve done so far. That wallpaper is intriguing ~~ I have to get brave and figure out where I could use it.

  15. Elizabeth H says:

    You are really getting everything done. That will be one great looking bath room. Really looking forward to the reveal.

  16. The bathroom is looking great. I am most interesting in hearing about the vinyl plank flooring. I have been researching this type of flooring and can’t wait to hear the details.

  17. I cant wait to see the finished bath! I just bought my first roll of beadboard paper to re-do a kitchen island, so excited!

  18. Cute, cute! Can’t wait to see the final results! I’ve never used the beadboard wallpaper but I used the tin tile wallpaper as a backsplash and love it! Now I’m anxious to see you plank flooring!

  19. cheyenne says:

    Has anyone used this product on textured walls? I really want to give it a try but am worried about how it will look over the texture. The texture isnt huge, but my walls would not be considered smooth either. Thanks!

  20. I love it and can’t wait to see the rest of the room! I bet your parents are loving having you there, not just for your company, but for having you help them with their updates. So sweet your dad wants to help. Good job!

  21. Rhoda, that looks fantastic! Big difference.

  22. Very impressive. It looks awesome. I used that same Windsor Greige at the ranch!! It is so lovely. We have beadboard also and it goes so well together. How neat that you teamed up with your dad to do the project.

  23. Lookin’ good!!!! I just think your dad must be the nicest guy. Your posts about him always make me miss mine. Give him a big hug!

  24. Looking good. I’ll be excited to see the whole thing put together because I have some lovely aqua laminate in my master that sounds like yours. That was very sweet of your Dad to help you out!

  25. Wanda P. says:

    That looks great! I like the flooring. I use to sell that flooring at Home Depot. It is a big seller for homes near the beach. I can not wait to see the new bathroom. Of course it was even….YOUR DAD BUILT THAT HOUSE!

  26. I have always adored beadboard, but never realized it could be accomplished with wallpaper! Brilliant! I’ll know where to come when I’m ready to do this project. Thank you.

  27. Rhoda,
    Your bathroom is looking great. I love the wallpaper. And I can’t wait to see more of that vinyl flooring. 🙂

  28. Glenda Harder says:

    We were going to put beadboard paneling in the utility room. We have already painted the upper portion of the wall and ready for the beadboard. I showed my husband your wallpaper and he thinks that would be easier and less expensive. He didn’t want to use the prefinished masonite stuff which is only $5 a sheet less. He isn’t afraid of wallpaper, he has wallpapered just about every room in our house once upon a time, and stripped it all off too! Bless his heart! My question is, do we need to sand the wall smooth before putting up the paper?

    • Glenda, I think it depends on how rough it is.I think minor imperfections will be covered with the paper, since it is so thick, but if you’ve got really bad spots that are sticking out, it might be a problem. I’m not sure this would work on orange peel type walls either. That would take an experiment to know for sure. If you would like, I can send you a small sample to look at before you buy.

  29. So gorgeous Rhoda! I can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

  30. I am reading all these backwards…..trying to catch up! That paper looks just like the real thing.

  31. I’m just curious as to how well it will stay on the walls in the bathroom….I suggested using this product to my hubby awhile back and that was his concern.

  32. I keep catching up and reading and reading all your recent posts and can’t help but comment….what’s so crazy amazing about this wallpaper is that it LOOKS SO REAL!

    I’m not kidding or exaggerating…’s wonderful!!!!

    I think it’s great that your dad wants to help…..sooooo cute and sweet!!!

    MANY blessings to you and I promise no more comments today,

  33. Oh wow! I have considered beadboard for my dining room for a while now but this is my first introduction to this wallpaper. Seems easier than the real thing, but what do I know? I’ll just have to consider trying it to find out!

  34. I am thinking of doing a wall from top to bottom. Any tips on how to match or fill in the seams?


    • Hi, Dee, as long as you just match your seams around the wall, you shouldn’t have a problem. There is no need to fill in anything, since paint will also go in the gaps as you are painting it.

  35. Where do I buy beadboard wallpaper?

  36. I know you’re super busy with a huge blog, but I hope you can help me with a few questions. I’ve looked everywhere online for answers so I’m getting desperate. When I looked at beadboard wallpaper on the roll, I could make dents in it because of the foamish texture. Do those dents come out? Is it less foamish if I paint it? I have kidlets and I dread the thought of going to all the work of putting this up and then having a bunch of divets in the wall because the wall is so squishy. (I know if my resourceful kidlets discovered they could make divets–which they will–they will have a field day!)

  37. Yes I would like to know about divets also. We just bought 3 rolls for wainscot in our bedroom, but the roll has some blemishes on the end and all the wall samples in the store had nail marks. This would be a huge problem for us with our boxer dogs.

    please let me know asap if possible, because we are in the middle of renovating the room and we have decisions to make. I was wondering if a water spritz or a hair dryer would get the divets out? Also thought of using oil based high gloss paint after a primer coat to make it more durable. ???

    if nail marks easily show, it will be cheaper in the long run for us to go with real beadboard I think.


    • Ladies, it will dent if there is a lot of wear and tear on it, like wild kids. Around my house, it is not a problem, but just be aware that it IS paper and it will dent. Painting helps with durability but if you have lots of kids and dogs, I might not recommend this one.

  38. Sally Hanselman says:

    Can you put this wallpaper on laminate kitchen cupboards? I want to put beadboard on the ends of my cheapo cabinets.

  39. Sally, I think it would work fine. Prime them first and then put on the wallpaper & it should totally stick fine.

  40. Is this wallpaper durable enough for young kids? Will I be able to wash off fingerprints or food splashed on it?

    • Dawn, it is fairly durable, but will dent and tear if you kick or hit it. It is paper & you just have to keep that in mind. As far as wiping off fingerprints or splashed food, that should not be a problem. I’d recommend 2 coats of paint to make it even more durable. The only caution I have is rowdy kids, they could definitely wreck it if it’s in a path of heavy traffic. Otherwise, it’s great stuff!

  41. Hi Rhoda, I’am thinking of ordering this paper for my kitchen. I have one wall that I would like to paper the whole way up not just half the wall. Do you think this is possible with this paper? Also what type of paint should I use in a kitchen. I usually use Sherwin Williams but I can get other brands. How long do you let the paper set before you paint it. I noticed that you did two coats. After that did you have trouble with the dents? I appreaciate your input. Thanks. Ann

    • Hi, Ann, you will love it & yes, absolutely you can use it on a whole wall if you want to. It is SO easy to apply. SW paint will be fine. Just use whatever paint you want to, I used trim paint on mine. You can paint it the next day after the glue dries. You could probably get by with one coat, but 2 gives it extra protection, I think. This is paper, remember, so it will dent if something hard comes in contact with it, but for the most part, you don’t have to worry about that.

  42. Dear Rhoda,
    I’ve decided to put up beadboard wallpaper in my girls’ new shared bedroom. I think it’s going to be great. Thank you for inspiring me to do this! I have one question: when you put the trim moulding over the paper, do you put it on top of where the paper ends so that it is flush with the wall, or do you put it over the paper so the paper and trim top edges are even, or do you use chair rail trim that has the cutout for the beadboard to fit under?
    Thanks so much! Jenn

  43. Have you ever seen the beadboard wallpaper hung sideways? I’m wondering if think that is an option?

  44. I was searching for a way to help my very old laminate kitchen cabinets look better as I can’t afford to replace them and came across your use of beadboard wallpaper. I have no tools but I saw that you use something called a handheld miter box. Is this something that would cut small pieces of molding. And if I didn’t use molding on the cabinet and drawer fronts do you think it would still work? Thanks

    • HI, Buffy, those handheld miter boxes are great for small molding cuts. I used that in my old house for everything I did. So, yes you could definitely use one. I do think it makes the beadboard look much better using molding on top of the edges. Really finishes it off, so it’s worth the effort.

  45. i really want to update my old kitchen cabinets, it’s got that odd shape in the door, thought that i may paint them white and put the paper in that shape to modern the current cabinets since i’m to poor to buy new

  46. Where can I order the wallpaper? I just love this idea!! Thanks for the information!

  47. Is this wallpaper a double roll or single?

    • Hi, Amber, I think is considered a double roll, but look at the amount listed on the roll so you know how much it is total. It is at my online shop and tells the dimensions.

  48. Hi Rhoda,
    I have old tiles in the bathroom can you use the wallpaper on tiles since its thick? this is a good idea.

    • HI, Shirley, I don’t think I would recommend doing it over tile. I just don’t think it would stick properly and the tile seams would likely show.

  49. glenda salyers says:

    where is your on line store… i want to order beadboad wallpaper!!! Love it !

  50. I have used this wallpaper in my third bathroom and you absolutely cannot tell that it is wallpaper. I have had so many compliments and was very pleased with the results.

  51. I’m so excited that I came across this post and my hubby and I are getting ready to do a DIY kitchen remodel this week and want to upgrade our standard builder grade cabinets. We were originally going to use true wood beadboard but we are seriously considering this wallpaper now. However, I’m most concerned about long term durability. We bought TSP to prime it and SW Proclassic paint with the sealer in it, but we need something that will last with kids and kitchen cabinets that will be used and touched every single day. Any recommendations or words of wisdom/caution?!? Thanks so much!!!

    • HI, Becca, just be aware that it is paper and will dent and tear under lots of stress, but under normal use it should be fine., I used it on the ends of my cabinets and those areas aren’t touched much at all, so it held up well. I always caution those with kids, that it can get messed up with kids and dogs and lots of craziness, but under normal circumstances, should hold up fine. You definitely want to paint it with 2 coats of trim paint for even more durability. But, it is paper!

  52. I am sprucing up my kitchen. I painted my walls grey and bought this wallpaper to put over the wainscoting which is knotty pine paneling. The wallpaper seems nice and thick. Do you think it will cover the grooves of the knotty pine paneling? I would pull off the knotty pine, but there is no wall behind it.

    Years ago I used a liner wallpaper over tile that kept the grout lines from showing through when I put a second layer of wallpaper on. I tried to find it, but I haven’t been able to.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • HI, Joan, I’m wondering why you don’t just paint your paneling to get a raised panel look, similar to board and batten or beadboard? I think that is what I’d do instead of trying to cover it up with this wallpaper. Sounds like you have the perfect thing right now to just prime and paint. That look is so popular now, to paint out paneling. I really don’t think it would cover the grooves, so I think you’d have a mess on your hands. I would totally paint that knotty pine!

  53. Katherine says:

    I have been waiting and saving for quite a while to put bead board up in my kitchen, still can’t afford it. This may work. only I was planning on painting (2 coats) then lightly sanding and staining over top. I did that to my cabinets and LOVE the finished look and wanted to match the bead board to the cabinets. do you think that would be possible with this? It would make it so I don’t have to wait any more. Is is possible to get a small sample that I can see if it would work before I buy it. I would SO love to get it done this spring.

    • Hi, Katherine, I’d be happy to send you a sample, please email me at:

      But, you cannot sand this product at all, it is paper! I think just painted beadboard is the best look anyway and if you did walls and cabinets to match it would be too much.

  54. Hi Rhoda
    It looks so great! I love the look of beadboard. I’m just wondering how rough you can be with it. I saw a little sample piece at the hardware store and it had a bunch of ‘dents’ in it from peoples fingers. Have you had any issues with yours? Just wondering how delicate it is because I have 2 small boys that destroy everything 🙂

    • Hi Danielle, I do caution people with rowdy kids. It has been no problem for me, but it is paper & will dent under rough conditions.

  55. Love this paper…but be warned if you have cats. My cat used every wall as a scratching post…because it feels squishy! I had to remove it all and put up the wood panels.

  56. I love this idea and wanted to use this on the walls in the back of my basement. Now my walls aren’t smooth as they are painted cinder blocks. Do you think this wall paper will work? The walls aren’t rough but aren’t smooth. Thanks

    • HI, Dee, I’m not sure if this will stick to cinder blocks or not. I’d hate to tell you yes & it not work, but it def. needs to be a smooth surface. If you want to email me your address, I’ll send you a small sample piece and you can try it out and see.

  57. This is so beautiful.

    I really want to do this in my small breakfast nook. I’d like to take it higher than a usual chair rail, though. And trim it out with a little shelf all the way around. That would be lovely.

    I’m almost sold on this wallpaper. It certainly seems cheaper and less aggravating than bead-board paneling.

  58. I put this wallpaper up about 2 months ago in my mudroom hallway. After purchasing it I returned it after a friend told me she put it in her son’s bedroom and regretted it because you could see every little ding. I had decided to put up wood bead board but after looking at the cost and time it would take I decided to give the wallpaper a try. The reason my friend didn’t like it is because she painted it blue and because the wallpaper is white it showed through the blue paint every time it got a little dent. I bought the Martha Stewart brand at Home Depot and it went up pretty easy and I painted it Cloud White by Benjamin Moore. I have had it up for 2 months now and am pretty happy with it, everybody who sees it can’t believe it’s wallpaper! I have 2 children and this is a high traffic area and despite a few dings here and there it has held up pretty well. You can fill in the dings with spackle and repaint if needed. One thing I have found is that the corners have a bit more wear so I may add a piece of moulding in these areas to prevent too much wear. I put it on Pinterest and here’s a link if you want to see what it looks like:

  59. Sarah Conrad says:

    Hi, The sides of my 1970’s kitchen cabinets have that smooth, slick fake wood paneling that looks like contact paper. What exactly would I do to prime the surface before I hang the wall paper?

    • HI, Sarah, I think a coat of primer would be all that is needed to get rid of the slick surface. Then paste the wallpaper up there.

      • Sarah Conrad says:

        Hi Rhoda, I am finally ready to try my hand at hanging the beadboard wallpaper on the ends of my kitchen cabinets. Regarding the advice to start with a coat of primer — did you mean regular paint primer, or did you mean a primer specifically for wall coverings? Thank you so much for your time and advice!

  60. Have you tried using beadboard wallpaper on the ceiling? I know it is probably a little back breaking, but I would like beadboard in my whole downstairs ad it would be cost prohibitive to use beadboard.. Thoughts?

    • HI, Rosie, I do think it would work well on a flat ceiling and I’m sure it would work. Although you are right, it would be back breaking for sure. I think it would be beautiful though.

  61. Hey gals…I found a kitchen I adored that had been remodel using bead board in a well known magazine. Well not being that ambious or having that kind of $$$, I used the beadboard wallpaper, painted it with cabinet sealer type paint and am trying to track down countertops that imitate a marble look, like the remodel. But let me say, for a FRACTION of the cost, I am on my way to that designer looking kitchen. WOOHOO. I might even try appliance paint to give the illusion of highend appliances. Being creative and repurposing is good for the planet and your budget!!

  62. I have read so many posts regarding the blogger lovers but this post is in faact a fastidious piece of writing, keep it up.

  63. Pinned this long ago I Pinterest, and just did my kitchen. The roll was on sale at Lowes for $5.39 for 56sqft. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I left my trim up, removed the socket covers, and out it up. I’ve never done wallpaper before and it was so easy!!! Came out perfect. Only tool I used was a foam paint brush to spread on the water. After it was up I painted the trim and the paper with a high gloss white. It’s spectacular and looks like the real thing. So easy and I’ve got so much paper left I’m going to do the dining room next! Thanks for the idea!

  64. Just wondering if this beadboard wallpaper can be stained to match an oak color, or does it have to be painted? I was wanting to do the end pieces (that are the slick laminate) in my kitchen, but want it to tie in with the rest of the cabinets which are oak. Don’t think white paint would match well when the rest of the cabinets are oak (veneer). Please advise. Thanks!

    • Hi, this paper is meant to be painted so I wouldn’t recommend staining it , just don’t think you would get a good result. This would be a case for real wood to be used.

  65. Andie Pellicer says:

    Hi there! This is so beautiful! I wanted to ask, since it has been a few years since you posted it, did you notice any shrinkage during the winter or due to the moisture? We have bead board in a house we are purchasing, but I am considering pulling it down and putting up wallpaper instead!! The bead board is cracked and old; I love the look but it needs some help.

    • Hi, Andie, no the paper hasn’t shrunk for me at all. I have it in my house now and it’s great. I would hate to tear down real beadboard if there is any way to salvage it.

  66. Rhonda,
    Love this wallpaper. How do you think it would work on a ceiling? We are moving into an old farmhouse with really high ceilings in the kitchen and I was thinking about putting bead board up but then when I saw this wallpaper wondered how hard that would be. Any tips?

    • HI, Margo, I think it would work great on a flat ceiling. It might be a little tedious getting it up there, but definitely not as bad as putting up the real thing which is super heavy. It’s very easy to work with, so I think it would work out well.

  67. Do you have to use any wallpaper paste when using this wallpaper? I’ve never used wallpaper before so its a new project for me. I was thinking about purchasing the same Martha Stewart wallpaper you used.

    • Hi, Jenn, no this paper is pre pasted so no need for paste. And this brand is not Martha Stewart, it is Graham Brown from the UK.

  68. Hi Rhoda,
    I might’ve missed it if you wrote about this already, but I have found that my bead board wallpaper has a tacky feel to it, even after 3 coats of paint. Any suggestions?


    • HI, Crystal, I haven’t had that problem at all. I don’t know why that would happen. Mine has never been tacky after the paint dried.

  69. Would it be possible to put this on top of a popcorn ceiling? I’m guessing not.

  70. Rissa stephens says:

    Hi, I purchased the beadboard a long time back on your site… I finally had enough of a bathroom job I did about 10 years ago with the torn grocery bags glued to the bathroom 70s style vinyl wall board. I had painted it a robins egg blue and put a glaze which enhanced the edges… Was very happy with until……It has started pulling from the wall including the vinyl from the board… So, I have removed all and am about to finally put up the breadboard wallpaper… Very excited but nervous at the same time!! I am sure it will be easier than the sacks and glue job….. Hope so cause I am 10 years older!!

    • HI, Rissa, oh you are going to love the wallpaper! Such a great way to update and get some new interest going. I remember those old paper bags walls!

  71. Debra Robertson says:

    I was going to o order your wallpaper till I saw your distributor. I ordered a sample of this wallpaper from Graham and Brown on the 18 th of last month. Haven’t gotten the sample, have gotten nothing but run a a round from their customer service department..when they answer which is not often. They are not a reliable company in my opinion. Can you recommend someone else to purchase this style of paper from?

    • HI, Debra, sorry you have had problems with them. I’ve been working with them for almost 5 years and they have shipped out lots of wallpaper to my customers. The only other place I know of is Lowes. They normally carry a similar paper in the stores, so you can check them out. I’ll be happy to send you a sample if you want me to. I can see your email on the comments and you can email me your address.

  72. Love the idea of using beadboard wallpaper. Do you think I could use it on a ceiling?

    • Hi, Nella, yes I totally think it would be great on a ceiling if you have the patience to put it over head. The ceiling would need to be flat.

  73. So glad I found this on Pinterest. I’m in the process of purchasing an 1875 home in bad need of updating (farmhouse style, of course). I’ve been thinking of beadboard one way or another in just about every room! This will save me tons and I can do it myself!

  74. Just last month, I wallpapered my master bathroom with this gorgeous breadboard wallpaper I saw right here in your DIY gallery. I painted it a semi-gloss white, and added a chair rail. It looks fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  75. Sheila James says:

    I am repurposing my china cabinet and was thinking of hanging the wood-tone beadboard wallpaper on the mirrored back. Do you think it would stick to the mirror? If not, any suggestions? Thank you!

  76. Hi Rhoda,
    I fell in love with bb wallpaper and everybody around me thinks I’m crazy but that’s nothing new. I’m always on the look out for something new. I have an old house which I love but my kitchen was redone in 1977 with-you guessed it-paneling and butcherblock countertops. I have painted the oak cabinets white and the counter tops obsidian. But I was at loss as to what to do with the paneling until I found this wallpaper! It has totally solved my paneling problem! My question is, does it have to be painted because I was going to do it in white anyway? On the part I have completed, it looked yellowed underneath, even though I painted with Kilz before. And does painting it take away the “sharkskin” texture? Thanks for any tips!

    • Hi, Jerrie, yes paint it! That makes it look really real adding paint to it and it will get rid of shadows and yellowing underneath. I use my semi-gloss trim paint on mine and it looks like part of the woodwork.

  77. Looks fabulous!!! I’d love to hear how the beadboard wallpaper has held up in your bathroom. I’ve just ordered some (as it’s not as easy to find these days), and I’m installing it in our upstairs bathroom. I’m super excited but wonder about durability!

    • HI, Christy, in a bathroom it holds up really well, since there’s not a lot of wear and tear to the walls. Mine held up fine. Just be aware if anything falls and hits it, it will tear since it’s paper. But overall, it’s very durable,be sure to paint it with your trim paint to make it even better.

  78. Peggy Malone says:

    Hey Rhonda,
    Can this wallpaper be applied over ceramic tile wall in bathroom?


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