That Wonderful Beadboard Wallpaper

Oh yeah, I’ve been at it again with the beadboard wallpaper and have totally transformed that blah 70’s bath into a beautiful coastal inspired space.  I had avocado tiles and an aqua laminate countertop to work with, so adding beadboard wallpaper to the space gave it a much more interesting architectural feel and at a cost of $25 per roll, it’s a bargain.  I used less than 1 roll for this project and still have a little left.

I love this stuff all over again.  If you missed my earlier posts about my new found love of beadboard wallpaper that started 2 years ago, you can go here, here, and we even had a beadboard wallpaper linky party here.

Sigh, it’s so pretty!

Beadboard Wallpaper

Before I show off the new bathroom, I’m going to share the how-to’s on the beadboard wallpaper and the new vinyl faux wood planks that went down on the floor.  Y’all, it’s gorgeous now and I’ve only got one more thing to do to the mirror and it will be show-worthy.  I promise it will be worth the wait! 🙂

So, first step was to paint out the walls.  I didn’t bother to paint below the chairrail, since that is where the wallpaper will go.  Painting first makes sense, then you don’t have to worry about getting it on your new wallpaper.  I decided where the chairrail would sit and used the light switch as my guide, right below that.

Wonderful Beadboard Wallpaper

Beadboard Wallpaper

Getting ready to start the wallpaper.  I began in a corner, working my way around the wall.  I did have to wallpaper behind the toilet, but managed to slide it behind before we took the toilet out for the floor planks.  First thing, I measured from the baseboard up to the point I wanted the chairrail to sit and there I had my measurement for the length of wallpaper I would need to cut.  I cut across the wallpaper as straight as possible, measuring on each side and drawing a line with my yardstick to ensure as straight a cut as possible.  Then I took that first piece to use as a guide and cut several more pieces the same length, since it is repetition all the way around.

Beadboard Wallpaper

Then you just dunk the back of the paper in water, wetting it really well. That activates the glue on the back.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then start putting it up.  You may have to work it down to the baseboard to get it just at the right spot.  If you can’t move it by pushing with your fingers, peel it back and start again.  beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Start with the next piece, matching the seam up and get it as tight as you can.  I used an old rag to smooth out the bubbles as I placed each piece and it all dries out like a charm.  You do want to get it down to the baseboard as close as you can, but really when you go back and paint it all out with trim paint, those edges lay down smoothly and it looks seamless.  You can work with it for quite a long time to ensure that the seams are straight.

One caution for the bottom where you have to make cuts.  If you happen to have a wall that is not square, there is a possibility that your line at the bottom will be slightly off sitting on top of the baseboard.  I didn’t have any major problems with mine at all and any slight gaps got covered up with trim paint, so it is really not a big deal.  IF by chance you do have extreme gaps, then you could always get a small 1/4″ trim piece and slap it right over the bottom paper on top of the base and that would totally hide any boo-boos.

beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Here’s one wall all done, ready for chair rail to go on top. It makes sense to do it this way, then you  don’t have to cut the paper with the chair rail up.  This way the chair rail goes right on top of the paper, all smooth and easy.  My sweet daddy wanted to do all the chair rail, so he got out his big miter saw to help me out.  He’s so great!  You all know I could have done this myself, since I’ve done it before, but I will let that daddy of mine help when he wants to.  I think he likes to help! 🙂 beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

You can see here I had a little corner to wrap around, so that is just what I did.  Make sure you leave enough on the ends when you are wrapping a corner to have it line up properly.  Then you can cut the excess with a sharp razor blade or scissors.  Press on the corners really well when you lay it all down and it will dry beautifully. Beadboard Wallpaper

Here I cut around the vent in the bathroom, and the vent plate will go right back on top of this.  I love anything that cuts with scissors. 🙂 beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

This wall is completed.   My dad cut all the chair rail and got it installed.  I usually miss a few steps along the way and forgot to show you the chair rail up before I painted it all. Beadboard Wallpaper

I countersunk all the nails, caulked and painted it all.  I used a small paintbrush and foam roller and that made quick work of the wallpaper.

I get asked all the time:  “can you paint that wallpaper?”  The answer is YOU MUST paint the wallpaper.  That is what makes it look SO real.  YES, absolutely PAINT that paper!

My trim paint color is Creamy by Sherwin Williams.  I had it mixed in latex Semi-gloss by Dutch Boy at Walmart.  I happened to be in there and noticed they had all their Dutch Boy paint on clearance for $7 a gallon!  I had them custom mix this Creamy color for me and it was perfect in there. beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Two coats later and now it looks like this.  You can barely see the seams after it is all painted out.  New wall color is Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams.  I did get Sherwin Williams paint (in Satin) for this bathroom, since it is mildew resistant and perfect for areas that get moisture.   I am loving the new color.beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

Here’s how my dad chose to finish out the corner chair rail.  He added a small piece of wood molding instead of the real stuff.  Not the professional carpenter’s way, but it works OK when all painted out. Beadboard Wallpaper

You can see how pretty the beadboard wallpaper looks next to the baseboards after it’s all painted out and here’s a peek at the new vinyl plank flooring that I’ll tell you about next! Love this stuff too.

Then we’ll show off the new bathroom with all the accessories and my squishy new rugs. 🙂


- Rhoda


  1. Sheila James says

    I am repurposing my china cabinet and was thinking of hanging the wood-tone beadboard wallpaper on the mirrored back. Do you think it would stick to the mirror? If not, any suggestions? Thank you!

  2. Hi Rhoda,
    I fell in love with bb wallpaper and everybody around me thinks I’m crazy but that’s nothing new. I’m always on the look out for something new. I have an old house which I love but my kitchen was redone in 1977 with-you guessed it-paneling and butcherblock countertops. I have painted the oak cabinets white and the counter tops obsidian. But I was at loss as to what to do with the paneling until I found this wallpaper! It has totally solved my paneling problem! My question is, does it have to be painted because I was going to do it in white anyway? On the part I have completed, it looked yellowed underneath, even though I painted with Kilz before. And does painting it take away the “sharkskin” texture? Thanks for any tips!

    • Hi, Jerrie, yes paint it! That makes it look really real adding paint to it and it will get rid of shadows and yellowing underneath. I use my semi-gloss trim paint on mine and it looks like part of the woodwork.

  3. Looks fabulous!!! I’d love to hear how the beadboard wallpaper has held up in your bathroom. I’ve just ordered some (as it’s not as easy to find these days), and I’m installing it in our upstairs bathroom. I’m super excited but wonder about durability!

    • HI, Christy, in a bathroom it holds up really well, since there’s not a lot of wear and tear to the walls. Mine held up fine. Just be aware if anything falls and hits it, it will tear since it’s paper. But overall, it’s very durable,be sure to paint it with your trim paint to make it even better.

  4. Hey Rhonda,
    Can this wallpaper be applied over ceramic tile wall in bathroom?

  5. Sandra Lower says

    I love it! I was going to use headboard paneling, I didn’t even know they made a wall paper! You have made my day. Thanks!!!!

  6. Diane LaCalamita says

    Hi Rhoda, I just installed the beadboard, paintable wallpaper a few weeks ago and finally painted it last week. The paint still feels tacky after a week. I used a semi-gloss that matched the existing trimwork. Do you recall this being an issue with yours? Also, how has the paper held up all this time? Would you use again?

    • HI, Diane, I’m glad you tried it. I don’t remember mine being sticky after that long, hopefully that will go away, I used Semi-gloss too on some of mine, like the trim. I would definitely use it again, it held up very well in my previous house. My husband loves the real thing, so that’s what we will use in this house.

  7. Mabel durnford says

    Could I use this paper on my old cupboards in my kitchen we have a summer house and they are just plywood and plenty of paint chips trying to think of a quick cheap fix thanks oh yes could you use a paper chair rail with this paper on the walls.

    • Hi, Mabel, you could use it on your plywood cabinets, be sure and paint it though to make it durable and real looking. I’ve never seen paper chair rail, but I don’t think I’d want to use that, the real thing is better.

    • I have used this wallpaper on cabinets before. I would suggest to frame the cabinet door with some thin wood. We used 1/4″ plywood ripped in strips. Filled the inset with wallpaper. Then painted them out. This wallpaper will tear if nicked with fingernails and will look unsightly. I wish I could shoot you a pic.

  8. You did amazing job…Looks great ..
    Where do I find the headboard wall papper at?….If you could help me with that I would appreciate a website or where to get it at thank you

    • HI, Katby, you can order online from Graham Brown website, they have it under Prepasted Beadboard wallpaper. Lowes also has a version in their stores too.

    • Caroline Grove says

      Home Depot about $25 a roll, just finished my bathroom and it made the room quite a bit brighter. My bathroom has no windows but I will fix that soon.

  9. Hello. How has the wallpaper held up in your bathroom with the moisture from your shower?

    • Hi, the beadboard wallpaper does fine in a shower area.Never had a problem with it.

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