The Longest Yardsale

The Longest Yardsale, doesn’t that just SOUND fun?? This is the 3rd time I’ve been to this event and this was actually the most fun I’ve had ever and it wasn’t because of all the great things I found.  I didn’t buy a thing.  All the excitement and fun of the day was enhanced with the two girls I went with, Susie and Layla.  We had a blast!  I’ve met both of them before, but it was the first time they had met each other.  It was truly like meeting up with old girlfriends, we talked non-stop and just had SO much fun.  If you get the chance to do this sale with some girlfriends, do it. You won’t regret it, the time spent was just precious and the memories will last forever.

(be sure and watch the video that Layla put together, it’s pretty hilarious!)

So, come along and I’ll show you a few things that we saw on our yardsale adventure.  We got a little bit of a late start and after getting into Gadsden, AL, we started off in one direction and quickly realized that we were not on the main drag.  Asking a couple of the locals didn’t really help either, but we finally got back on the main highway where all the big sales were held and we were on our merry way and spent about 4 or 5  hours checking it all out.


We spent a lot of time in Susie’s SUV, we laughed, we talked, we had fun girltime, and we shopped.  A lot.  And got really, really HOT!  What is hotter than Alabama in August?  I think we rival the worst of hot.


Susie and Lyala playing Vanna with the old signs. They both loved this one, but neither brought it home.


We met up with some interesting characters along the way. 🙂  The sweet older man who owned the Bichon, Cosmo, wanted to make sure we were saved before we left his booth and he shared the gospel with us in a drawn out and meandering manner.  We had to politely tell him we were indeed  and needed to get going.


Just one of the cute little homes along the route.


There’s always plenty of furniture here at the sales. This one was not a bargain at $300 and it would need plenty of TLC to get it looking good.  The white paint job looks better in this pic than it did in person.


This cute hutch, however, was a pretty good deal at $50.  I can definitely see this painted either white or black.


The 3 amigos, having some fun.  I’m the Vintage Chick and Susie is the Queen Bee. 🙂   We were already sweating profusely by this time.  This is the stop where we were talking to 2 older Southern men, who wanted to show us all their stuff, old coins and some general junk. I wore my comfy leopard Crocs, perfect for an excursion like this.

yard sale 018

This guy was too cute, showing us his weather machine and before we left, he took a few photos of Layla and Susie, as I talked to my hubby on the phone about the old coins.  We had to laugh about that later, that old man taking their pics.  Yep, lots of Old South characters along the Longest Yardsale route.IMG_6122

This is a typical set up along the way.  So much to look at.  We started getting so tired of getting out of the AC, that we’d do a drive by and look for interesting things to check out.


One of Susie’s treasures of the day was a small child’s shabby chair that she got for $4.  Really cute piece and I can’t wait to see where she puts it.


I love old side tables.  This one wasn’t a real bargain at $125, but pretty anyway with some nice detailing.


Here’s Layla, with her big treasure of the day, an old lamp that she is going to Pottery Barn up, for $8.  You can bet we won’t recognize the old Colonial look of this lamp when Layla’s finished putting her stamp on it.


An old barn along the way, these are always pretty to photograph.


Lots of bottles and small items filled the tables. Plenty of junk too.


The girls checking out some old mantels.

yard sale 022

This was my favorite old piece!  It was $75, but I have no place to put it.


Always plenty of vintage signs to be had too.  That’s all the photos I took at the Longest Yardsale. We had so much fun and hope to do it again next year.  And I hope y’all enjoyed going along with us!  You were all there in spirit for sure.

Susie stayed at my house a couple of nights, since it’s quite a drive from her home in Louisiana.  She wanted to hit Homegoods since she had never been to one, so we made a point of doing that on Saturday a.m.  On the way, we hit a couple of yardsales and a flea market that has just opened up near me, called Greystone Flea & Antiques, in the former Cindy’s Design Center, so you Birmingham girls should check it out.


I walked in the door and fell in love with a pair of shabby old aqua shutters.  After asking the booth owner the price, we settled on $80 for the pair and I took them home with me. Not my usual steal, but these are not that easy to find and I thought the price was pretty good for the pair.


Penny, the shop cat is very friendly.


Closeup of the shutters at my house.  I’ll be sure and show you where they end up.

So, my treasure was close to home, but I wouldn’t take anything for the fun we had on our yardsaling adventure.  Sweet friends, those two are! 🙂

How about YOU?  Did you get out and about this weekend and find any treasures.  You know the drill!

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- Rhoda


  1. I won’t even begin to tell you how envious I am of your fun girls’ trip! 🙂 So many neat things to look at. That hutch WAS a good deal! Thanks again for hosting!! 🙂

  2. Rhoda, looks like you all had a blast! I can’t wait to see what you do with those shutters. Only problem is……I will probably end up being on the search for some, too! Linda

  3. Looks like lots of fun, Rhoda. I love your shutters!!

    Didn’t shop but did renew a thrifty treasure, over the weekend.

    Happy Birthday to Peter!

  4. Looks like you all had a fun time! I am like you – I can go to something like that, not buy a thing and still enjoy myself.
    Count me in this week. 🙂

  5. That sale is definitely on my list of things to do! I would think at some point you just get overwhelmed, because there is just too much to look at! Love those shutters, and the color is just perfect. I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  6. Wow so many things!! Love the shutters. Great find!

  7. Oh Rhoda,
    I live right here in the Attalla/Gadsden area and did not go to the yardsale! Wish I had! Actually I was in B’ham at my daughter’s house and went to Homegoods (in Brook Highland)too! I wish I could have seen you there! What a small world!

  8. I can’t wait til next year Rhoda! 🙂


  9. What fun to go to the longest ys!! I wish I lived closer so I could go too. As always I love stopping by your blog. Thanks Rhoda!

  10. Looks like you girls had a great time! Loved seeing Layla’s video of the three of you. Made me feel like I was along for the ride. 🙂

  11. I think that yard sale needs to go on my list of things to go do before I die. I have heard about it for years, but being in California, it is such a trek.

    Happy Birthday to Peter and may he have many more:)

  12. Rhoda,
    I absolutely loved your story and photos from your day. My girlfriend and I also hit the Endless Yard Sale on Friday, however we were at the northernmost point, West Unity, OH.
    I agree with both you and Layla, the most precious part of the trip was spending time with friends! Memories to last a lifetime!

  13. How fun!!! I love your shutters and can’t wait to see where you put them! Happy Birthday to your hubby! Love the video!

  14. Oh, I have always wanted to do this! Ya’ll look so cute – not at all how I wouild look if I were out shopping in the heat. I can’t wait to see what you do with your shutters. I am excited about being able to link to this event this week. Thank you so much for hosting this event.

  15. I love your white top. Very cute.
    I love the vintage signs. I wish they had something like this in Las Vegas!

  16. Oh Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  17. That sounds like a fun, exhausting day!

  18. It’s a dream of mine to be able to enjoy this never ending yardsale some day. Seems like so much fun…

  19. MMMM! Cake–wish we were there! The longest yard sale looked like LOTS of fun. I loved the video! Have a great week everyone!

  20. My hsb and I did abt 50 miles of the Ohio portion and we had such a blast we are now thinking abt a mega trip next year! We found some thing but it was more the fun of it…….Jo

  21. I would have LOVED to go to that yard sale! I bet the three of you had a fabulous time! Love the shutters you bought and can’t wait to see where you put them.

  22. Oh my goodness…how I wish I was in the car. I can’t complain because while you girls were having a blast, we had a swap at the Nester’s. Kimba came down for it. Such fun. I wanted to have the post done in time to link up, but will have to save it for next week. 🙂 Sorry, my link was so long..oops

  23. My husband and I went to the sale for our 4th year! We started in Ft. Payne, AL on Thursday and went from Chattanooga north to Crossville, TN on Friday. I agree it was SO hot but so FUN! I did see a ton of terribly ugly things this time… kind of like those owl lamps!

  24. Oh Rhoda! What fun you gals had! Loved Laylah’s video and it was great to hear your voices. I’m from Ft. Payne, just down or up the road from Gadsen! Lived there until I was 13 and then moved to Texas ! Shoot! This would have been so much fun! Glad ya’ll had so much fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I bet you all were hot!! It looks like a fun time!


  26. Happy B’day Peter. I hope it ROCKS.

    Rhoda if you happen to be on can you e-mail me. I need help setting up Mr Linky and have not been able to get any help from him. I told people I would try to have it up by 8 toinight-I was terribly ill last week and unable to work on this. Maybe my brain is still not working properly as I am regaining my strength but I just don’t know what to do. My first question is do I need to share the meme? ANd then what do I do from there?


  27. What a great adventure for you three. Little jealous that I have not been to very many yard sales my self. Next season!!!

  28. I had to LOL when Susie picked up that…thing! I was right there with Layla and the sanitizer! HAHAHAHA! I know y’all had such a good time, sweat and all. : )

  29. Thanks so much for hosting the weekly Today’s Thrifty Treasures! I love seeing what everyone else has found! Sounds like you had a wonderful girls day out. I wouldn’t have been able to pass up that hutch. What a great deal on it. I’m hoping to go to the longest yardsale next year!

  30. How fun! Loved the video … very cute and so nice to have a documentary of the day. I’m a huge fan of Homer Laughlin – what was the pattern of the bowl you picked up? Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  31. I went to Gadsden and started on the World’s Longest Yard Sale,too! You won’t believe this but my friend bought the “Open Daily to 6:00” sign!!!!! She talked him down to $18!!! What fun we had!!!

  32. I was there too – but in Kentucky, and it was hot, hot, hot! Can you believe all the junk that people try to sell? It was a fun day!

  33. mary-clare says:

    Looks like lots of fun even though it was a hot day! the video was really great too. I am going to try and make plans to go to this next year- I forgot all about it this year!!

  34. I have a section especially on my sidebar for Monday’s blog parties so people can link back to you…isn’t that okay?

  35. Rhoda, I envy all of you! That was a blast, I’m sure! Love those shutters you bought and can’t wait to find out what you do with them. In my post linked here, I’ve used your bead board wallpaper suggestion. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for giving me the idea to do this. I would have never put up real bead board. Way too time consuming!

  36. I already commented on the other two girls’ blogs, but wanted to make sure I stopped by and saw your photos, too! I wish we had something like this in Texas (if there is, I don’t know about it). We do have Canton, which is a HUGE flea market held each month for the last 100+ years.

    I love that you got to go with girlfriends! None of my girlfriends ever want to leave their husbands or kids behind for a few hours to do anything fun like this. 🙁 I enjoyed “going” with you guys through photos! 🙂

    Love the shutters, and considering how large they are, I think you got a good deal on the pair!

  37. I love those shutters Rhoda! I’m laughing at those owl lamps. Weren’t they hideous? My two kids wouldn’t go near them!

  38. Debbie Hall says:

    Loved your post and had some similar experiences at the sale 🙂 We also got lost and asked a local “What city are we in?” and he replied, (in a very, very southern accent), “You ain’t in no city!” His directions included “Go plum around the mountain.” My friend from California came and we shopped all day Thursday and Friday and had a blast. How did you manage to shop without purchasing?!?!?!?

  39. Wow! I so wish I had been with you guys on that trip. I have 3 sisters and a brother who live within 15 miles of Gadsden!!
    It looks like you had a blast. Love the shutters.
    And Happy Birthday to Peter.

  40. hey Rhoda

    I am sooooooo jealous

    how about I come next time, and I’m not joking!!

    could get me a little alabama sightseeing in too


  41. Ok, I am still trying. I had already taken your link off Monday’s link when you looked. I have put it back on. I hope I’m linked now because I can tell I am really over tired and frustrated. I am not that good on the computer to start with and I hate it when it isn’t working…sorry again. xo Joan

  42. This is my first time to comment. I am so excited to join in the thrifting fun!

  43. Rhoda, it was so fun watching your video. I would love to do the “longest yard sale” maybe next year. I so enjoyed seeing it through Layla’s camera. I really like the shutters you got and can’t wait to see what you do with them. Marla

  44. I am still trying. I like the pictures of your thrifting everytime I scroll through them.

  45. Hi Rhoda – I love reading your blog and seeing what you’re up to. And you sure don’t sit still for very long! Thanks for continuing to inspire me each week!

  46. Hubby and I have always wanted to do this yard sale ever since we’ve heard of it. Its too bad we live so far away…Canada.

  47. WOW! So much eye candy!! You 3 sure had fun! Wish I were closer to the Yard Sale to be able to see it myself. Thanks for taking us all along!
    Love the shutters! That blue is sweeet!!

  48. I REALLYYYYYYY enjoyed the video of your trip for the day. I hope we can go next year. Thanks for taking pics.

  49. I loved reading this post about the Longest Yardsale. I know people who have done it but have yet to do it myself. The white secretary pictured – I actually own a double of it. Painted it black a few years ago and its a beautiful piece in my living room.

  50. Oh how fun!! You girls look great and got some great finds.

  51. What a great post. I wish we had something like that in Tx. We do have a huge flea market once a month but anything called the Longest Yardsale sounds great to me! I enjoyed the video too. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day minus the heat. Oh and I love the leopard print shoes!

  52. Hi Rhoda,
    Fun post (as yours ALWAYS are!). Thank you so much for taking us along for the ride. I’m going to put “Longest Yardsale” on my calendar for next year. I’ve heard of it, but never drove East to check it out. Maybe I’ll see you somewhere along the way! 😉

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  53. Hi Rhoda,
    Thanks for taking us along on the Longest Yardsale. I loved listening to everyone’s southern accent on the video. Y’all sounded so good!! I was also glad to see you had that handy fly swatter to get that nasty old spider. Wow! he looked huge & very UGLY!! Our spiders up here in Canada are tiny compared to that Daddy!! TFS! Sheila

  54. Oh, Rhoda, It was fun listening to you and putting a voice to the face! You gals had a ball together, for sure. Can’t wait to see what you do with your shutters.
    🙂 Sue

  55. Oh, looks like y’all had so much fun! 🙂

  56. What fun! I’d love to check that out.
    Rhoda, you may hate me when I tell you that I got a pair of old, aqua shutters at a garage sale last fall, for $1!!! Not quite as shabby as yours, but still pretty cool. I’m using them in my bathroom as “art” (I did blog about it if you’re interested).

  57. Loved seeing the video and pictures from the longest yard sale. I have always heard about it on the news. I know you gals had so much fun just being together. Can’t wait to see what you all do with your treasures. Love & blessings from NC!

  58. I love to check out everyone’s loot each week. LOVE your shutters! I joined the fun for the first time today. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  59. Oh!! That’s the necklace, I made you, Rhoda! Yay!

    I didn’t notice it until I came back and watched the video.

  60. Love this post. I have always wanted to go to the longest yard sale. I posted a link to the tray I found in Dothan last week. Thanks, BTW for stopping by and looking at it! 🙂

  61. Rhoda, great photos! It looks like you had a blast with those two sweet girlies. I love Layla’s site, her home looks so pretty.

    I have a giveaway too that I’d love for you to check out!

    Have a great week!!

  62. Happy birthday Peter!!

    Oh Rhoda.. I’m just SO jealous!! That looks like such a fun time!! Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll try to go!!!

  63. Oh you girls look like you had the most fun! How neat to meet up with a couple of blogging buddies and hit the sales. Did you end up getting anything at the yard sale, Rhoda?

    Happy Birthday to Peter!!

  64. Haha, ok, so maybe someone already posted this and maybe I’m a weirdo for remembering…but Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam bought that very same white hutch you pictured for $75 at a yard sale. She got hers for $5! I thought I had seen it before and sure enough, here is her post about it.

  65. Oh, how fun, I wish I could have joined you girls! I posted the pic of those fugly owl lamps in my post today, thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds!

  66. Oh Ms. Rhoda…thanks for taking us along for the fun! What a great day you all must have had together, albeit HOT! The video was great…I loved seeing y’all in action and hearing your sweet voices. Thank you for inspiring me daily and for just being YOU!


  67. I loved seeing the video. It looks like y’all had a lot of fun. Thanks for taking us along.

  68. Hey Rhoda we missed you Friday. Looks like you had a great time though. Loved the video! Oh and tell hubs Happy Birthday!!

  69. Hi Rhoda I have just come over from Sarah’s A Beach Cottage blog. What a great yard sale you girls went on. I so wish we had something like that here in my area of Australia.
    I’ll be back for a visit again.

  70. Oh I just LOVE those shutters!!! The yard sale looked like such a fun day – how fun!!! 🙂

  71. Looks like such fun, I wish we had a resource like that here…

  72. I’m soooo jealous! I want to go to those yard sales, I want to go with you guys, and I want to be southern! You know the saying “I’m not from the south but I got here as fast as I could?” Well, this yankee hasn’t made it there yet but someday……Thanks for the video and sharing your day! It was wonderful riding along!

  73. That looked like so much fun! I am quite jealous, we don’t have anything even close to that here. Thanks for posting the video, it was fun to watch.

  74. I was waiting for this post… How fun!!!!

  75. Thanks for taking us all along for the ride! You three are so sweet and look like you really had a great day!! I enjoyed the video – good job!

  76. Rhoda,
    I enjoyed reading about you and friends at the longest yard sale.
    My post is about my sister and brother-in-law’s bargain shopping in FL.

  77. The longest yard sale looks like so much fun! We have something similar, but on a smaller scale here in VA. I think I’ll have to check it out next summer!

  78. Rhoda,
    It looks like you ladies had a ton of fun! What a great way to spend a day. And what a lovely lady you are to host the event!

  79. so fun! my friend Kelly just sent me over here to post my fun finds… I’m gonna have to bookmark your page and come back often….

  80. It looks like you all had a great time! Love your video clip. I was so glad to see all the details of the Alabama side of the sale! Hubby and I couldn’t decide which would be better, Tennessee or Alabama. He won with a trek throught he mountains of Tennessee! The weather couldn’t have been any nicer or the items any more fun!
    Have a great week,

  81. Just popping in to say HELLO, I’ve been away for a few… boy I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…..can’t wait 🙂

    Happy B’day to your hubby Rhoda……

    Stay cool,
    xo Kathy 🙂

  82. I would looooove to go to a yard sale like that! Good times! I can’t wait to see their transformations of the chair and lamp!
    I walked away from a set of shutters when I first started going to yard sales that were $5. My sister and I kick ourselves every time we think of them.
    Thanks for sharing and hosting!


  83. Rhoda, I am GREEN with jealousy! Seriously drooling over every picture! It sounds like you girls had a ton of fun, and brought home some great stuff.

  84. Love the video! So fun to hear your darling southern accents.
    One of my favorite parts is Layla commenting on her hair in the SUV. Too cute!

  85. i’ll be going to baragins galore on HWY/Route 64 next weekend. everyone is always so overpriced, but it’s nice to see different stuff!

  86. I found some exciting stuff for my little girls room today

  87. You lucky girls. I know just how much fun that sale can be.
    And I also know hot it was when we went a few years ago.
    I hope that I got this linky…link thing figured out because the Shabby old house is filled with garage sale finds.

  88. I’m so jealous! I’ve heard of these hwy sales but never had the chance to go. Sounds like you have a wonderful time!

  89. Thank you so much Rhonda for your help and patience today. I will go do my editing.

  90. Dear Lord, I need those signs. Love those old signs and just what I have been looking for. Wish I could have been in Alabama but I was on vacation at the beach. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Anyhoo, looks like our hubbys share the same B-Day, August 10

  91. LOVE the video! It looks like you had a blast!

    My favourite piece was Layla’s lamp, but I’m really into the British Colonial decor right now, so I’d leave it the way it is. Although, Pottery Barn does have some cute stuff … so I can’t wait to see her inspiration.

    For ladies who were really, really hot, you guys look great! I would not photograph so well. I think I would be melting =0)


  92. I nearly forgot the most important thing … Happy 50th BDay, Peter! Wow, half a century! LOL, just kidding!

  93. Looks like you girls had a blast! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with those shutters….love the patina.

  94. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I would love to experience it once. It’s on my future to-do list now. Maybe when the youngest is a little older and I can find someone to take the drive with me. They should have something like that out west, but somehow I just don’t think it would be the same. Awesome shutters!

  95. I think you had great trip and wonderful time, I would alos love to go there.

  96. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures! I love to see what’s out there and what the prices are like. It helps me gauge things when I’m out and about. Love your blog!!

  97. I enjoyed this post immensely. Makes me swoon for yard sales, but darn it it is only Tuesday! Cannot wait until this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    Stop by and see me over at Free2BeFrugal sometime!


  98. Rhoda! You were in my hood on Friday! The cute white house with black trim? You take the next right then left and you are in my neighborhood! So funny! The white piece of furniture that was not a bargain at $300? I said the same thing cos’ I went and looked at it! I have a piece of furniture that is not painted and in mint condition and I didn’t pay that much for it! So glad you had a good time! We did too, but it was HOT! My bargain came in the form of a sofa I got in Dogtown at Akins Furniture! lol Not what I had planned, but hey, they were having a big sale! What’s a girl to do?

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  99. Patti Gencarelli says:

    Love it – you know I do. One of your biggest fans!! Trying to locate
    where you got your “Vintage Chic” t-shirt – gotta have one!!
    blessings to you, patti

  100. We don’t have yard sales like that over here! I guess Car Boot sales are our equivalent. What a fun time you had! And you can’t beat the company of good friends. This is my first time joining your party 🙂 Joanne in England xx

  101. Love love those shutters! These are hard to come by around here too! Would love to find a set but I think every blogger in blogland is on the look out for them too!


    Happy belated birthday to you DH

  102. that looks like so much fun!!!!! wish I was there with yall but not sure I would have the stamina. wow. looks exhausting! love those shutters and can’t wait to see them in situ!

  103. So. Very. Jealous.


    I’ve always wanted to go on this mega yard saling adventure! How wonderful that you could do it in a small pack of thrifty divas! I’m a total sucker for vintage signs so I suspect one may have come home with me. And it may have been that Open Daily ‘Til 6 one! Thanks for sharing another one of your amazing adventures.

  104. Oh, I so much love garage sales!!!! So much fun and such wonderful way to spend Satt morning, Love the cute puppy in the video! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  105. What great fun you girls had! We have one called “Bargains Galore on 64” but I missed it this year. Waah!

  106. Yes, good!


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