Tiny Christmas Village


There’s something magical about those tiny Christmas villages.  I’ve had my collection for a few years and now have about 20 houses, but this year, I only got out about 6 of them to sit on my downstairs desk in the den.  Just a little bit of cheer down there.  I love to imagine living in a tiny town like this and how quaint it all is with the little people scurrying around in the snow.  My sister gave me the idea to use those flat styrofoam squares that come in packing boxes and it’s a great tip.   Add some snowflakes on top and it’s an instant village. IMG_7970

Mr. Snowman is in the center of town.IMG_7976

Love the children swinging on the swingset with buildings all lit up in the background.IMG_7971

This lit tree grouping is perfect for the Town Square too.IMG_7977

Announcing Carols tonight.IMG_7972

Gazebo and lots of little people, even Santa showed up.IMG_7973

Christmas tree lot.IMG_7974

One of my favorite buildings, the Chicken Coop Produce & Gifts.IMG_7975

Reminds me of Mayberry and how fun it would be to live in a little town like this.

Christmas is over for the year and it’s time to start putting things away.  When do you un-decorate for Christmas?  My goal is to get it put away by New Year’s weekend.

I always feel the need to clean really good after Christmas, do you?

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,

    I usually leave my decorations out until New Year’s Day. I purge, scrub and reorg — start the new year off right.


    • Hi Rhoda, we have almost always left our Christmas decor out until right after New Years, but this year our son is visiting for a couple days longer than just Christmas and before he heads home to Northern CA later today, we are going to have him help us put away the tree and ornaments, etc…move the boxes for us..Carl had rotator cuff surgery on Dec. 17 and with my fibro we just can’t do it..Scott and Carl took down and put away all the outside decor yesterday. It is good to clean it up..I wish right now I could purge as I put away, but I will purge as I bring it out again after next year Thanskgiving. I need to purge a lot of stuff out of my life..too much stuff, too small of a house..take care!

  2. I have everything down but the main tree, my little village, and the small trees in the bedrooms. Things are a mess though! My husband is off work today and has 8 totes to lug to the attic……..

  3. I agree on the post holidays cleaning! Traditionally I take everything down on New Year’s Eve and have it all stacked to be put up in the attic on New Year’s Day. Love getting it out, but I am always ready for it to be gone to start my new year.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if we still had sweet little towns like that.
    I think your village is spectacular!
    I feel the same as you, it seems as though the house needs a really good cleaning. I am in the process of putting things away a little each day. I take the tree down last, even though Christmas is over, I still love the glow of the Christmas tree, it transforms your home in so many ways.
    One of my guestroom bedrooms is a real mess. I have a huge closet in there where I store all Christmas in totes.
    I found some neat ornament storage boxes at wallmart yesterday, but unfortunately they only hold the smaller size balls. Oh well, I knew I wouldn’t get off easy!

    Have a wonderful week.


  5. I love your little village! So pretty! I would be tempted to leave this out all year!

    • I guess I must me kind of quirky, I just love my village and never had the time to really admire it like I wanted to,( with all the Holiday festivities) but now that it all over I can set an admire it, I don’t want to take it down, since I did not put up a tree this year, I think I will just leave it up to admire a little longer, How long? not sure
      Happy New Year all !!!!

  6. I always take down New Year’s Day. And yes, I love to clean good afterwards. The house always looks so empty…but nice.
    Your village is so cute. I used to have a few houses, but that is something I got rid of years ago. Can’t keep everything!

  7. I love the Christmas village! I did a good deed last year and donated my village to an assisted living center. I didn’t have the room or want to take the time to set it up and take it down and so we found a good home for it. I miss it terribly!! But it helps to know it’s in a god place. I was sent a card with a photo in it last year thanking me and was told how much the residents there enjoyed it. That made me feel good. I’ll enjoy the photos of yours instead. 🙂
    I am with you…..hope to have it all put away by next weekend!

  8. I usually like to take things down right after Christmas, but this year, it will be early this week – probably tomorrow. I don’t feel the need to clean, clean, clean as I do a BIG cleaning (much like spring cleaning) before the holidays. Then having people in and out so much, we pretty well keep things cleaned up. It’s all clean right now. Of course tomorrow, I’ll have glitter to get up again after *undecorating* LOL.


  9. I’d love to live there too! I finally set up a little village of my own that my grandmother gave me years ago on top of the piano our MIL recently gave us ((people are generous with us).

    I’m going to start boxing everything up today and I hope to get it finished today.

  10. I can’t wait to see it get put away and see the house all neat and tidy after all the Christmas chaos. I like to have it all gone by New Year’s too. Fresh Start.

  11. I have some villages also but did not put mine out either this year. I am going to do better next year with getting things done earlier.

    I have taken down one tree but still have more to get put up so I will do this over the next few days after work.

  12. Great idea, using the styrofoam. I’m going to remember that. I didn’t get our village out, this year. I did put the A Christmas Story pieces out. I always visualize scenes from the movie, when I see it.

    The after Christmas dismantle will begin this week. We’re hoping to get away to the lake for a couple days next week, so I want to have things reorganized before we go.

  13. I’m slowly taking things down (I took the tree off the porch this morning). I hope to take the big tree down tonight, so that I can get the house back in order.

    And, yes, I feel like the whole house needs to be wiped clean after Christmas!

  14. Love your Christmas village! I too think it would be fun to live in a quant little town like that during the Christmas season.

    I am going to begin taking down my two trees later this week. I need to re-organize all of my Christmas decorations and pack them up differently so that next year they are easier to get to.

    Hope you have a great week!

  15. Your Christmas village is so pretty ~ I would love to live in small town like that!
    As for UN-decorating. I’ll take my tree down by the New Year. But most of my other decorations are “winter” in nature. They’ll probably stay up for a few more weeks.

  16. You sure do make me wish for an Xmas village of my own.
    Beautiful pics and post. Thanks.

  17. Absolutely adorable! Love your little village! Someday I’ll collect one, a little at a time….
    We leave the tree up ’til 1/6, and celebrate Epiphany with a good clean and 1 last gift.

  18. Your villaage is so sweet. It is fun to imagine living in such a quaint place. Our decorations are coming down now as well. The house always seems so empty when they do, but then you see all the dust that has been hiding over the last month! Have a good week,


  19. Ohhh, I love your little village, I have one, too. I ike to imagine what it would be like to live there and take a ride in the horse and buggy as it passes by. I don’t add to it each year, because I live in a tiny little house and I wouldn’t have room to put it out. But that’s okay, I enjoy what I have. I will have everything down by New Years day, I have started the process today. Yes, I clean under everything as I put away and take out again. I have so enjoyed your blog this year, thanks for all of the great images and articles accompanying them. Love and hugs, Cindy S.

  20. I love your little village. I have one from Wal Mart and try to add to it every year or so. That is a great idea your sister gave you about the snow. I will try it next year as for now they are all snug in their boxes once aging in the attic. Im cleaning today…yehaw!

  21. We are with Wendy and follow the traditional calendar, with Advent for the four weeks before Christmas and Christmas beginning on Christmas Eve and extending through Epiphany. We try to keep the decorations up until that day. Since it can be difficult to find a tree on Christmas Eve, we usually buy it earlier; with a real Christmas tree, often the tree doesn’t make it all the way to Epiphany.

  22. The tree will probably come down later this week, but the rest will stay up for a couple of weeks. My sister & I have promised her daughter who is to be home from India for a visit in a couple of weeks. She is working as a teacher to a missionary family. This is her first year away from home, so we wanted to make her visit home special.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  23. What a sweet little town… let’s all move there!

  24. Lovely village.
    I un-decorated, yesterday. I love Christmas decor…But I also love packing it all back. So clean and fresh!

  25. I realize this is my second comment, but I should never write before consuming a pot of coffee.
    Your village is wonderful. I want to live there.

  26. I am so jealous! Can I rent a room in your village? 😉 I’ve always wanted to start my own (small) village, but just don’t have a spot for it yet. I LOVE the way yours is all lit up.

    I’m taking everything down on New Year’s Day. My hubs will be doing inventory, so he’ll be gone most of the day and my girls are too little to know we’re not “celebrating” by relaxing on NYD. 😉 I’m ready for a fresh start.

  27. We have a village like that too. . .we are never home on Christmas and this year I really didn’t want to get *everything* out so I asked my kids (6, 7, 9, 11) if they’d rather get all the ornaments out to decorate the tree or the village. They chose the village so we’ve had a lighted tree and a huge lit village as our decorations this year — so fun to put up and look at all season long! Great tip about the styrofoam. . .thanks for passing it along. Glad to hear that others still have their things up. . .still not quite ready to take it all down yet. . .although I am looking forward to the big January cleaning and reorganizing!!!! This is such a good time of the year for that 🙂

  28. Well, I DID grow up in a little town just like that and it was wonderful. It was a little mining town with only one store, no stoplights, no stop signs, a two classroom school. We always had tons of snow and I used to love to get my friends and go Christmas caroling. After Christmas, we would gather up everone”s Christmas trees and have a huge bonfire party next to our skating rink next to my house. Oh, for the olden days. I love to keep my decorations up for awhile after Christmas because it is so hectic before that I don’t get a chance to just sit and enjoy my lights and read a good book.

  29. Very pretty ….

    My decorations are all down. I took them down before I left for my Brother’s home on Christmas Eve. I wanted to come back to serenity … and it was wonderful to open the front door and be back to normal!!!

  30. Hi Rhoda,
    There is something magical about those little villages isn’t there? My sis & her hubby have a huge village but they only displayed about 1/2 of it this year. They are cute but also a chore.

    Usually the week after New Year is when I put all the decorations away for another year. I have noticed though that I am putting out less and less decorations with each passing year so the chore of taking down & putting away isn’t that great a task anymore. TFS! Sheila

  31. I don’t have a set time for when I take our Christmas decorations down. This year we will leave them up until mid January as we just put them up last week. Three surgeries between my husband and I in the last three months prevented us from decorating any sooner. I leave my snowmen and little springs of faux evergreen until the end of February.

  32. I JUST carried 7 tubs full to the basement. The giant tub is still in my dining room filled with 2 artificial trees and misc. I need help with that one. I don’t like Christmas deco out after the wrapped gifts are gone. Over and done with in my book. I have a lighted garland full of ornaments around the doorway between rooms and a southern living entertainment bucket on the stand that I hung garland and ornaments on. About the only thing left until after New Years.

  33. I normally take down everything on New Year’s Day. I love your Christmas village!

  34. I’ve never been too into the Christmas villiage thing, but yours is lovely. I think the key is arranging them with a purpose and to tell a story. That’s when they look good and not like Christmas clutter.

  35. I don’t have a village, but think they’re cool! Saw them displayed and lit once in a mag on top of someone’s kitchen cabs, without the people and small decorations & thought they looked nice too!

  36. My parents when they had live trees took it all down New Years Day. By then the tree was pretty dry and my parents were going back to work. Since we don’t have live trees I leave Christmas decorations and trees up into January. One year it was into February before it was taken down. I love having it up after Christmas so I can enjoy it. This year we are leaving for WDW FL at the end of January so I will have to get it all put away by then. Usually I bring in the outdoor decorations first. I love having it all up on New Years Eve and NY Day. After all that work I want to enjoy it.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  37. I wish I could decorate the whole year with Christmas stuff too. Will take off all my Christmas decoration after January 6, basically 5 days after New Year. Happy New Year!!

    Salsa and Tomato sauce

  38. I have been cleaning all day….but I have 2 big trees up and they will have to wait…at least until next week. the little trees come down fast but on one large tree I have over 1,000 ornaments. Taking that one down is a job..
    Your blog is one of my favorites and always love my visits…I am going to be showing some of my favorite blogs soon and this will certainly be one…

  39. I started to take down a few decorations today. I’ll most likely have the tree down by New Years. I get antsy and start turning into a cleaning dynamo around this time of year.

  40. Hmmm…thinks for the styrofoam tip! I have the Dickens Village but haven’t put it out for several years now. I find it hard to display! I try to have decorations down by the 1st. We are having out of town company so I took ornaments off of the tree tonight & started repacking. I can’t help it…I put everything carefully back into their original boxes! I am leaving out a few snowmen & some red berries & greenery for accents — I plan on doing some painting in the next few weeks & redecorating. I love Christmas & all of the holidays, but feel a strange relief when they are over. This one seemed particularly stressful…too many in our community without jobs this year…someone close to me in a dire financial situation…loss of my MIL this past year…& on & on. But my 6 grandchildren made it all worth while when I saw their delight with their gifts.

    Love, to follow your blog! May we all have a new beginning & a Happy New Year!

  41. I always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down the day after Christmas. I have a little OCD and I like my house to look ‘normal’ all the time.

    I do like your Christmas village. I do feel like everything should be cleaned after you take down Christmas stuff. I feel that way in the spring and when school starts. All of those are signals for me

    Have a great week.

  42. Hi, Rhoda!
    Love your village! I would love to have one! Maybe next year. We always leave our Christmas decorations up until the weekend after New Year’s. We usually have friends over for New Year’s Eve, and leaving the Christmas decorations up saves me from needing to rush to put away, clean and re-decorate for New Year’s. Plus, I love Christmas. I try to stretch it for as long as possible. I really enjoyed all your holiday posts! Great ideas!
    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  43. My husband’s family believes that it is bad luck to take down Christmas decorations before the New Year has begun so I usually wait until January 1st or 2nd. I will take all the good luck I can get!

  44. I love your village, but as a librarian, I have to say, every good town needs a library. I have 5 libraries and nothing else, so I guess my libraries need a good town. LOL Our out of town family will be with us for New Year’s Eve/Day for our Christmas celebration, so I won’t be taking the tree down until after they all leave Saturday. P.S. Besides libraries, I collect nativity sets. My family says I can fill the house with them as long as I don’t put one in a bathroom!!!

  45. We took our tree down today. Usually we do it after the 1st, but my daughter wanted to do it today.

  46. I love your little village! I have one, too! Well, my “stores” and business part of my pieces are on the entertainment center and the “”houses” are on top of my big ol’ upright piano. I really need to replace both pieces of furniture but I would have to find new places for my village. My Christmas village things are from Dept. 56’s “Snow Village”. I try to buy something new each year. I leave them out through the month of January. We have more snow in January than in December where we live.

    I usually put my things away on New Year’s weekend. But, I was so busy moving into a new classroom before Christmas break, I didn’t get my stuff out until a week or two ago. I love the lights in the house. Hmmmm……I might take my time putting them away. I clean while I’m changing my decorations, too. It’s amazing how dusty it all gets in just a few weeks.

  47. absolutely gorgeous village… Our Holiday home remains up to January 6 …we celebrate Three Kings Day….after that…we celebrate…”…Octavitas”… more weeks to celebrate we have at the end of January “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian” then in February 2 we have Dia de la Candelaria…when it oficially end the Christmas with a bonfire with the Christmas trees remaining in the houses..There with the fire you pray to the Virgen de la Candelaria to burn all the bad form the past year.. and then you could start a fresh spring….

  48. What has happened to your blog???? The printing is so small I can barely see it???? Your village is lovely!

  49. One year my mother was coming to visit the end of January and I left my Christmas stuff up till then just so she could see it as she and I rarely get to enjoy Christmas in each others homes. She did the same for me one year. What’s another month to get to enjoy such fun decorations…..one can clean and reorganize any time!
    PS: I loved your Chicken Coop Produce village piece. My husbands great grandmother attended at a one room schoolhouse called Chicken Coop School #66 in Oregon!

  50. Another week to go before I can climb out from underneath all of the decorations and out of the self induced sugar coma and get my house back to normal and my body back on track with good nutritious foods and daily workouts.I cannot wait.We actually have not had our Christmas yet and won’t until NY Day as that is when all of the children are able to be in town.
    I love the village.I have a quite extensive one myself but I have not had the time to set it up for the past 2 years but I am hoping to get to it next year.Seeing yours, makes me long for mine.

  51. Love your village. I have some houses a little larger than yours but haven’t had them out in a few years. Maybe next year.

  52. Your village is fabulous! I love these as my Dad always took the time to set one up each year. Just something about them makes me ‘get lost’ for awhile…day dream about living there perhaps! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  53. I absolutely adore your village and definitely want to start collecting one of my own. I always admire them while visiting friends and family.

    We start packing away the Christmas decor on January 1st! We usually leave the snowman bowls and plates out all winter, but the tree goes out to the curb and everything Christmas gets packed away 🙁

  54. Hi Rhoda,
    Thats is a super cute village. I just started mine this year. Got my very first village house which is a candy shop.
    They are magical arent they?!
    Useing the styrofoam tops to the boxes is a great idea!

    I try to get it all put away by the first weekend in Jan , only because my sons birthday is Jan 6th. If we didnt have a birthday then I would probly keep it up longer.
    thanks for sharing!

  55. Hi! Your village looks sweet. I have a small collection of those houses which my hubby has given me over the years. This year I put them atop the bookcase in his library.
    We undecorate on Jan 1. By that time, I’ve seen it long enough, and am ready to get back to normal.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  56. Your Christmas village is beautiful; I would have a hard time putting it away! I leave my Christmas decorations up until the first weekend of January and then it all comes down, and I start thinking about spring.
    Happy New Year!

  57. That’s no village…it’s a metropolis!! I love it!

    We decorate late so we’ll keep things up until next weekend, probably, especially since we don’t decorate until a week of so before Christmas. As a kid, Little Christmas (Jan. 6) was the day we tended to “undecorate” — we’re a little lazier, er, I mean later at the shorehouse. 🙂

  58. http://www.youtube.com/user/lemaxnut
    I am from Sydney, Australia and I am an avid villager, have been for the past 8 years. My collection consists of more than 250 buildings, 700 figurines, 500 plus trees, about 50 animated table pieces and 30 lighted accessories and trees. I have included my youtube link in case you are interested in seeing my work.
    My Christmas 2009 display is still up, but will be coming down next week. This year I built a 4 ft x 20 ft window box display just to be different. But having done one, I have so gotten it out of my system – the physical contortions of climbing in and out the window and crawling around under the display to do the wiring is something for a younger man. Also, it required a completely new way of building which made it almost impossible to change anything or do running repairs.
    I have added 20 new houses , 10 animated pieces, including 2 carnival rides, and a dozen figurine groupings since Christmas, like I needed anymore.
    Have fun, its a great hobby!
    Happy and prosperous 2010 to you and all your loved ones.


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