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I’m heading down to Orlando, FL today for a convention with Shaw Floors. They invited all of us on the Style Board to come to their huge convention that they hold for the dealers.  I’m really excited to be part of this and I’ll be speaking in a session to the dealers about blogging and how they can work with bloggers in a greater capacity and share my experience with getting my flooring installed in my den.  I’m so grateful for opportunities like these and of course, I’ll share all about it when I return home. I’m sure I’ll get to see all the latest and greatest products they have out there and  I hear we are going to Universal Studios one evening so that will be fun too.

I wanted to share an update with you on the House for Hope project that I’m involved in that will be in Nashville in March. They finally have an opening date and it’s March 4th for the public.  I’m so excited and happy to be a part of this charity house and my little part has been so fun to coordinate and design.  You may remember that I have the mudroom and laundry room space and even though it’s not huge, a lot of details are packed in this space.

It’s been such a thrill to plan this space and then get things executed.  I’ve never done a project quite like this where I’m involved in a new build house with other designers and bloggers, so it was a little intimidating to me at first, but I’m happy with how things are coming together, so I thought I’d share my progress with y’all on my mudroom/laundry space.  I chose a small area on purpose that fit my comfort level considering I’m 4 hours from Nashville.  If you are in the Nashville area, I’d love for you to come by the House for Hope project on March 4th when it opens.  I’ll be there, along with the other bloggers and designers and I’d love to see you. I know this house is going to be spectacular and it’s built by Carbine and Associates, who do such great work and are spear heading this event.  I’ve seen their houses in person before and they are outstanding homes.


In a nutshell, House for Hope is a charity project for Carbine and they are hoping to raise $100K for children’s charities in the area. They’ve been doing this since 1993 and what a wonderful cause for this group to take on.  This is the team assembled this year and I’m so happy to be part of it.  Since the timeline changed from October to March, some of these folks may have had to drop out, but I think most of them are still involved.  You can see the entire list over at Carbine.

House for Hope

My design board I shared in August.  This was my starting point for the room and I chose all the finishes, including tile flooring, how to build out the spaces, lighting, countertops, backsplash, and hardware. You can see all the sources for my design board on the link below, my first update post.


I’ve been getting a few updates along the way and it’s been fun to see my design ideas come to life. If you read this first update, you can see my design board (above) and the photos I sent them for inspiration on building out this space from scratch.  It’s so fun to see it come to life!  This mudroom space is only 4′ wide, but we added a built in bench with planked wall in the back for hooks, and 2 cubbies above that I’ll add baskets to.


Through the cased opening is the laundry room next door, which houses the washer/dryer and a small sink with cabinets below and above for storage.  I chose white subway tile, a classic for this space. The farmhouse sink and faucet were donated so I added those to my list from things we could choose from.

Wall color in here and the mudroom is Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams, which happens to be the same color I have in my den space. It’s a great color and I’m happy to work with it again!


I’m really excited about this floor, as I picked it out online and had them install it in a herringbone pattern. I wasn’t responsible for getting the washer/dryer and was happy about that.



My tall lantern that is on my original design plan hung down too low, so we had to make a last minute switch to this one.  This will be in the mudroom space and 2 of the flush mounts on my design board are in the laundry space.


Now the fun part began!  After all the finishes were chosen, I knew that I’d want to make this space cozy and pretty, so I went shopping last week and found an inspiration fabric for my bench seat in the mudroom.  I’m having a covered cushion made with self-cording and it will go on the mudroom bench. That was my starting point for colors to bring in. I just fell in love this this heavy fabric and it will be gorgeous in here, I think.


Since the pattern is pretty bold for the bench seat, I’m keeping the small rug in the mudroom very neutral and textural, so chose this one.  Let me also share that Homegoods was very gracious and when I wrote and told them that I was involved in a charity project and would love to shop their store for accessories, they sent me $200 in gift cards to help out.  It will be just enough to make this space pretty and I had fun shopping for the space.  So, all of this came from Homegoods, except one tiny thing.


With the bold fabric on the seat, I wanted to keep pillows more neutral and textured as well, so found this one.


As well as this one and one will go on either side of the bench.


I loved this LOVE pillow too with it’s wood buttons and it will go in the middle. All of this will warm up the bench and make it so nice.


Excuse the quality of these photos, but I promise when the space is finished, I’ll get some great shots to share.  I found these perfect baskets in just the right size for the mudroom cubbies at TJ Maxx (sister site to Homegoods).


I wanted something green for the top of the cubby and there’s a large space up there, so this pretty faux grass will go up there.


I’m not sure yet if I have this much room for a rug in the laundry area and may not want to cover up the herringbone floor, so this may or may not make it in the laundry space.


The laundry space is a work space, so no need to add a lot there.  I’m putting this cute little vase on the countertop by the sink and adding a couple of fresh flowers for opening day.  This came from At Home store.


And these are from Homegoods, a pretty set of hand soap and lotion, in my color of choice.


A local gallery in Nashville, York & Friends Fine art, is donating for use during the show some original art work and he let me choose some pieces I’d like to use in my space. I chose this for the laundry space.


And 3 of these pretty hummingbirds will go in the mudroom space.

I’m all kinds of excited to be part of this charity project and to see my space come together. I can’t wait to see what everyone else does too. It’s going to be so much fun to get it all together and stand back and look at the finished product.  It’s been a year coming and I can’t wait to see it all and share it with you all too.  I’ll be going up to Nashville in February to get my space finished and then back again for the March 4th open date.  Hope to see some of you there!

- Rhoda


  1. What a worthy and exciting project to be involved in. I love the blue and white floral
    rug. Is it from Homegoods?

  2. Everything is going to be beautiful! What brand and name is the faucet you chose?

  3. Hi Rhoda! Good timing on writing about going to the floor convention, we are in West Cobb too and I was hoping you had a floor store to recommend for our mudroom. I’m looking for brick options….any suggestions? Have fun and your design looks great for the charity house!

    • Hi Kristy, I really don’t know a lot of flooring stores in the area. I think the closest Shaw dealer is up 75. So sorry, but hopefully you can find something.

  4. Rhoda, I really love all your choices! Can’t wait to see the fabric made up. And the herringbone floor is beautiful! Do you have any info on the new lantern…manufacturer and approximate dimensions?

  5. Hi, Rhoda~
    I live in Franklin, and I’d love to meet you and see this home. I’m putting March 4th on my calendar :).

  6. Rhoda, I LOVE ALL YOUR CHOICES!!!!!! Thanks for saying, “yes” and jumping in on this project. We are so happy to have you!!!!

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