Using Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald Green

One of our recent Lowes challenges was to use the new Pantone color of the year in a project at our homes, so I came up with an idea to repaint some yardsale mirrors that I had in this new lush shade of green.  Lowes gave us a paint formula to use for their Valspar paint and it was a little more blue than I was expecting and not quite as emerald, but it was fun to use a pop of color like this in a space.

As a color authority group, Pantone chooses a different color each year as their color of the year and Emerald is it for 2013.


I’m not sure how they go about deciding colors each year, but it totally influences clothing fashion, as well as home decor and you will see these colors make their way into the marketplace, slowly but surely.



Now, to me a great way to add a punch of a trendy color is in pillows and accents, like the above room. This is a sophisticated palette and those green pillows and the chevron green drapes add a fun punch to this otherwise neutral room.  Do you like this one?

bliss at home

via Bliss at Home

This blogger found a way to bring in the Emerald pop by painting one single box in Emerald green and it’s totally beautiful with her neutrals. I do like these shades of Emerald, a rich earthy green.

Lowes Emerald paint

I had a quart of Emerald mixed up at Lowes in Valspar Signature paint.  Great paint, by the way!  I used the paint and primer in one in my dining room and it covered in one coat.

taping off and painting

I taped off the mirrors with my trusty FrogTape.  That helps keep the glass clean.  This particular Emerald formula is definitely more blue than I would use in my house. It’s a bright pop of color and almost comes off as a turquoise color, even though it’s Emerald. It was fun to see what I could come up with for this project.

painted mirrors3

After painting the mirrors, I mixed it all up with my existing yellow patterned chair seats, along with a black and white pillow. The flowers added some yellow to the mix.

painted mirrors2

These bright green frames don’t need a lot of other colors going on.

painted mirrors

With neutrals, yellow and green is a nice pop.

painted mirrors4

I used my Lowes urns as vases and these are versatile pieces too.  This was a fun exercise in using color around the house and how adding a pop of one color can give your space a whole different twist.  These are not staying up in my house, but it was fun for a photoshoot. I’ll probably end up painting those mirrors another fun color and using them somewhere.

Are you using Emerald anywhere this year?  I do like the deeper greens a lot, but probably won’t be changing out my house to accommodate Emerald.  It’s a fun color though!

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- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,
    I have to say I like that color a lot more than I thought I would. When they first announced that this was the color of the year…and I started seeing it pop up around the blog world…I thought….YUCK!.. But obviously…this IS a better color. I like the “bluer” tone that it has…and your choice of use…is PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

  2. I love the pop of color … so pretty.

  3. I just love the color. I have some sea glass that is almost that color and it is a big hit. You always have so many nice ideas.

  4. I am loving emerald this year. It has always been one of my favorite accent colors. Thanks so much for featuring my project 🙂 xo Kristin

  5. Love the color, I love any shade of green it works with so many other colors. I really like these mirrors.


  6. Such a pretty color! I love it as an accent and how you used it on your mirrors is perfect!~~Angela

  7. Love emerald and actually chose it last year for my personal color choice for the year. I have added a touch of Emerald/Kelly green to my home.
    I purchased a wonderful little vintage pedestal that I keep hand towels on, in my guest bath. I have also used it in my family room redo in pillows. It looks great with my black and white and blue, such a happy color.
    I agree Lowes needs to reformulate their emerald to a deeper hue and not so blue! However the way you used it is GREAT!!!
    xo Kathysue

  8. Wow- what a nice color, although I certainly wouldn’t have called it Emerald. As for the Pantone color Emerald, I adore it! I use it in my home, and have for several years. I found a vintage lamp in that color and use it in my living room. I rarely meet a green a don’t like anyway, so this just went with all the other greens I use.

  9. Definitely NOT emerald, but fresh and lovely nonetheless! I like your choice of mirrors for the project. While they might be too much for the scheme you’ve devised inside, they could look cute on your porch as is.

  10. The mirrors are very pretty but that color is not emerald. I agree, Lowe’s needs to reformulate that color. Emerald gems (beryl) are green not blue. There are aquamarine gems (also beryl) but they are not called emeralds.
    I also have no idea how Pantone choses colors but the reason is clear. Retail. Same as with fashion. There are always those consumers that just have to buy the latest.

  11. Green is my favorite color and both colors are pretty, but in no way is your color emerald. They need to go back to the drawing/mixing board. You came up with a great decorating suggestion and your vignette was contemporary and bright. Well done.

  12. Your color is turquoise, I think. Emerald is a nice change. We really haven’t seen much dark green used in decorating since the 90’s when hunter green was often mixed with navy blue and burgandy.

  13. I do not think they mixed it correctly. I use a lot of greens and if the wrong base is used it comes out like yours did. Emerald is a very difficult color to mix. I think you would like emerald better in your home.

  14. It’ funny how all these companies interpret the pantone declared colors each year. Basically if it’s somewhere in the ball park they call it the color of the year. This looks totally teal to me, maybe even turquoise. Certainly not emerald. But that’s OK, because I like it anyway! I love what you did with the mirrors.

  15. Its a lovely accent, great post my friend xo

  16. Your mirrors look aqua to me. I really don’t like the emerald green that pantone named color of the year. I think it has to do with the ugly red and emerald plaid wool uniforms I wore in grade school. I think I am around your age and they still make me shudder.

  17. Love the Pantone color of the year….I find myself buying lots of emerald green clothing this year…just love our painted mirrors Rhoda!…a gorgeous color and great with the yellow chair!!

  18. This IS more blue than what I’ve been seeing around. I’ve used the Krylon Emerald spraypaint on a couple of projects and it’s much more green. I like a pop of color, but this isn’t one I’d do too much of.
    Love the mirrors — xo Heidi

  19. Not a fan of Valspar paint. The only furniture painting project I have ever had go completely wrong, was with Valspar paint. Even using the lowest grits of sandpaper on a power sander, it was impossible to sand completely off – almost like a plastic coating. Then, because I actually liked the color, I took it to Benjamin Moore and had it mixed there. The qualities of the paint were so different, it came out a completely different color! No more Valspar for me, except perhaps spray paint on metal project. I think this mix is another example of the problem. Not even close to emerald. However, your mirrors look very pretty and if we hadn’t known they were supposed to be emerald, would have assumed they were intended to be a shade of turquoise/aqua. You always do a great job on your projects! I’ve loved watching every stage of your house coming to life. Can’t wait to see more of the screened porch!

  20. I wouldn’t haven’t chosen that color (for myself), but I really love what you did. It looks so crisp and clean.


  21. Betty819 says:

    I’ve been wondering how one would paint mirrors without getting paint on the mirror part, now I know the secret..Frog Tape. how long do you allow the fresh paint to dry before you remove the Frog tape? What happens if the paint seeps through onto the there a way to clean it off?

    I printed off your directions how to frame your builder’s model mirror. I’m keeping those directions for my handyman. We have the original white metal medicine cabinet and we have looked for several years for one that is more stylish to replace it but can’t. Think the builder must have installed the medicine cabinet in between studs and then put the sheetrock/drywall over that. I am all for removing the one in the Main bathroom, finding a piece of drywall to cover the hole where the old medicine cabinet is now, then prepare the entire bathroom for a fresh coat of paint and buy a cabinet that will go over the toilet tank area for any essentials that I now store in the old 1977’s medicine cabinet.. That’s what we did when we remodeled our former home’s bathroom and it added more storage space and looked nice. Now if I can talk myself or the handyman into painting that 1977 vanity which I bet is laminate or fiberboard and see how it comes out. If it would look good, sure would save us a lot of money not having to buy a new vanity, bowl, faucets,etc.

    • HI, Betty, you can definitely just scrape paint off a mirror or glass with a razor blade. Get some of those flat sided razor blades that fit in those scrapers and it will come right off. That’s what I always do when I’m painting around glass or mirrors.

      You can definitely paint over your old medicine cabinet too, just use a good primer and paint it whatever color you want. That would improve it for sure! Best to you on your renovations too!

  22. Pantone colors are all so fabulous and Emerald is a prime example! You did such a great job showing how to use Emerald in your home! We love it so much that we put together a fabulous outfit on our blog to show how to dress wearing Pantone’s Emerald using a triadic color palette. xoxo, WearToStandOut


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