Visiting Magnolia Market and the Silos {Giveaway}

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I am back today with all the many beautiful pics I took while at Magnolia Market in Waco, TX a couple of weeks ago.  It was such a thrill to get this invitation from Kilz and I was so honored and blessed to be one of the bloggers invited to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines (read that post if you haven’t, I met them in person!!) and get to see her new paint line up close and personal.

When I arrived that first day, we were staying at the Hotel Indigo, a really nice hotel, by the way.  It’s only 2 blocks from the Silos, so I made a beeline there as soon as I checked in.  It was President’s Day, so the line to the bakery was pretty long that particular day, but the next day it was much better. I’m sure that the bakery is doing all sorts of business since it’s relatively newly opened.  I can attest that the cupcakes are THE BEST.  I wish I had room to bring home a dozen, they were so delicious.

Getting to meander around the property at the Magnolia Market and Silos was just so surreal and fun. To see it on TV and then to be there in person, there were just no words to describe how neat it was.  So hopefully these pics will do it justice and I’ll describe it all for you. We were fortunate to get a private tour of the upstairs rooftop deck and the offices, so that was a fun vantage point too.

I was snapping pics left and right as I neared the Silos.  So very neat to see them in person and to see how the whole area is laid out. They have done a wonderful job making the Silos and market a destination for people to come with their families, hang out, enjoy the food trucks, shop and eat cupcakes.

The bakery is right on the corner of the property and it’s not that big so people line up down the sidewalk waiting to get their turn at the cupcakes and tasty treats.  We’ll come back here in a minute.

There’s a great photo opp spot by the Silos and lots of people were getting their picture taken.

Like me and these 2 fun ladies, Rhonda and Brittany.  We had fun hanging out together.  Brittany is a long time blog friend and Rhonda is a new blog friend, who was so much fun.  The last thing we did at the end of our time there was get cupcakes and sit outside on the patio for a break.

Under the Silos is a huge stage and this is where Silobration was held last Fall, their anniversary weekend to celebrate the opening of the Market 2 years ago.  I love those rusty Magnolia letters on top, how appropriate. The stage is also useful with picnic tables and eating during the day.

Those rusty letters up close.

We got a really gorgeous view of everything when we went to the rooftop for a private tour of the offices and building, including Chip’s office. His office overlooks the big green space you’ll see in a minute.

You can see how far down everything is.  I just read that one of the Silos will open sometime this year and it will house Chip’s hardware store. I think that will be so cool to see!

Coming out of the offices to the rooftop deck and astroturf. They have astroturf all around the market and grounds which is a pretty neat idea.  Don’t have to worry about keeping grass alive and people can play and lounge on it.

A beautiful view downtown Waco from the top of the Magnolia Market building. The garden shop is in that top back right corner.

Here’s a little tidbit for you! I loved the music coming out of the speakers on the grounds of Magnolia & I asked our guide about that. It’s a hand picked playlist from the Silobration last year & its called Silos 2017 on Spotify. I found it & have been listening & love it! Check it out!

There’s the view from Chip’s office. You can imagine how this makes him happy, the sight of people lounging and playing on the “grassy turf” below.  I didn’t get a great shot of the food trucks, but there are several food trucks that line the whole market sort of in an L shape to the very back of this pic and to the left.  Food and coffee, it’s all covered.

Another peek down to the Bakery on the corner.

This is a good shot of the sidewalk and the checkerboard stones and astroturf grass again.

The bakery turned out so cute, I just loved it!

The Silos Baking Company, popular destination for all.

It was pretty small and crowded inside, so I didn’t get a good shot of the bakery, but you can see all the baked goods lined up back there. They hand you an order form when you walk in and you check off what you want and then they get it all boxed up for you.  Joanna describes her wish for a French bakery feel for the bakery and she totally achieved it.  You can read her blog post about the bakery and see all the pics for yourself.  It’s gorgeous!  Did you know Joanna has a blog about every house they do on the show?  I’m going to start perusing this more often to get a better look at her designs.

Someone told me not to miss the bakery bathroom, so I promptly went in there and looked at Joanna’s toile black and white wallpaper in this space. Love, love it, so pretty with the white subway tile and those tin tiles on the ceiling.

And then it was time to sample a cupcake.  I had heard from several people on Instagram to try the Lavender/Lemon cupcakes, so that’s what I did.  I was not disappointed!  I decided I had to try and bring one home to Mark, since he is such a sweet-aholic (like me!) so I had them pack up 2 Classics, which are chocolate with delicious white buttercream icing.  Oh my gosh, were they good!  We both loved every bite of them.  I had people asking if they ship and I don’t think they do, but wouldn’t that be nice?

We were sitting on the patio and I saw these two little cuties sitting on the stools and what a picture that made!  Their black striped shirts were the perfect complement to the sign and ambiance of the bakery.

Back to the grounds, there was a lot of metal beams that hung out from the Silos and instead of tearing them down, they converted them into swings for the kids.  It had just rained so it was muddy, but I can imagine how much fun this is for the kiddos.

A little further over you can see the picnic tables with black and white striped awnings over them. So nostalgic and just perfect. You can see the food trucks to the back there.

Another shot of the Silos from the grassy area.  How massive are they? I read in their book that when they went to buy this property, the owner insisted that he didn’t want the Silos torn down and Chip assured him that they had no intention of getting rid of the Silos. What a landmark and backdrop they are for the entire Magnolia Market.  They make such a statement!

You may remember the barn raising in one episode and this is the structure they built. A covered pavilion for eating and these old beams were recycled into the barn.

Another shot of the swings and picnic area.

Over to the right of the grassy area are adult swings, so nice to have for a little bit of a break.

An old vehicle looks right at home here at Magnolia.

Back in the right corner is the Magnolia Seed and Feed, with plants and pots and garden supplies.

Finally we get to the Market, which is just across from the bakery.

Inside the market on our upstairs visit, we saw a beautiful mural painted on the stairwell.

Right inside the market door was this beautiful display, all ready for spring.

Inside the market is all sorts of beautiful farmhouse-style accessories, exactly what you’d expect to see from Joanna.

Joanna was very generous and gave us all gift cards to shop with and ship home, so we had a lot of fun doing that.  I’ll show you what I got later.

There’s a kitchen set up with white subway tile inside the market.

All nicely displayed with open shelves and all sorts of pretty things to set on them.

Everything was displayed so well as you can just imagine.  Joanna has such good taste and I love all the houses she designs and decorates.

These faux tulips really caught my eye and I picked them up to make sure they weren’t real.  They weren’t, but they sure did look real.  I bought a dozen in white to bring home.

These lanterns were gorgeous too.

These weren’t really fresh flowers, but all faux.  Totally realistic looking faux!

A hanging bicycle looked adorable in the shop.

More of those pretty faux tulips.  This color was extra springy and pretty, but I decided on white for my house.

Down the steps in the market is this huge space with lots more to see.

Chip’s Corner which I hear will be moving to the Silo.

I wasn’t surprised that Demo Day was spelled out in Chip’s corner, since that is his favorite day!

Joanna’s new paint line has a nice display in the Market.

Such beautiful colors!

Joanna also has her hand in children’s bedding and clothing with Matilda Jane.

Metal letters for sale.

Signs dot the walls.

And T-shirts are really popular.  I don’t usually buy T’s for myself anymore, but I had to get a Magnolia Farms long sleeve gray T to bring home and I got Mark a couple as well.

I picked up 3 stems of the cotton stems to decorate with.

And see these pretty metal vase holders?  I got a Large and Small one of these that I’ll be using in my spring decor.

Magnolia hats

The guy that works with them on the show, Jimmy Don, makes these pretty metal signs.  I love that they have such down to earth folks working with them.

It was such a fun time getting to visit the Market in person, eat a cupcake and hang out with Chip and Joanna that day.  I will never forget my time in Waco and the entire visit.  It feels like such a blessing to me that I get to do these types of things….things I never would have imagined would land on my plate.

As I flew out that evening, this beautiful sunset was outside the plane and I couldn’t help but be so very grateful for the blessings that God continually bestows on me.  Beauty is everywhere if we look for it.  A sunset, a gorgeous market and bakery, and in the smiles of people everywhere.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!  I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.

And I’ve got an exciting giveaway to share too!  Joanna was kind enough to give us signed copies of her book as well as a copy of her Magnolia journal magazine, and I have an extra Magnolia workshop apron that I’m going to give away!  I had already bought the book for myself and read it before I got there and got it signed as well.

One of you will win the signed book, magazine, and workshop apron, so all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  What inspires you the most about Chip and Joanna and the Magnolia story?  I’ll choose a winner in a week and get your package out to you!  I am so glad I get to share this with one of you! 

Update:  The winner is Mica Craig, who has been emailed and notified!  Congrats, Mica!

- Rhoda


  1. Sharon Avinger says:

    What inspires me most about the “Fixer Upper” show is the Christ-filled life of both Chip and Joanna. They talk freely about this and know that God has blessed them, their family and their success. They seem like “real”people and, of course, their work is fantastic.

  2. Diane Thomas says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Waco. I enjoyed reading all about it.

  3. Very nice tour, Rhoda! I visited the market about two weeks after they opened. Much has changed. I need a cupcake!

  4. Nicole C says:

    They just seem so down to earth. Their transformations are always amazing.

  5. Real people working hard, I love them. Great inspiration.
    Thanks for doing the give-away.

  6. I love their style so much and their humble attitudes through all of the success!

  7. I love how they put family first. They haven’t forgotten their roots and all of their projects aim to improve the area (Silos are a great example!).
    What a great trip! I went in December of 2015 and can’t believe how different it is now.

  8. Donna harris says:

    There are two things that inspire me about Chip and Joanna-their faith and the fact that everyone who meets them talks about how down to earth they are!

  9. I think I read that she had no formal training….amazing how far they have come and inspiring how she juggles it all! I got to visit last May and loved every minute of it!

  10. They seem so genuine on TV and you hear that from people who know them. That’s a great story in itself. Can’t wait to visit next month.

  11. Robbie Whitlock says:

    I really enjoyed hearing about your recent trip to Waco! Chip and JoAnna are such a great inspiration and to be able to meet them in person…wow! Makes me want to go to Waco more than ever :-)! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Visiting Magnolia is on my bucket list for sure. What is NOT inspiring about Chip and Joanna. A sweet couple, committed to each other and to simple living with their children. I love to see good hard working people do well. I love that Joanna has such a comfortable down to earth decorating style, not too fussy and very family friendly.

  13. LOVE your thorough coverage of everything “Chip and Joanna.” What an exciting and memorable experience that was for you…and vicariously for your readers who have not been blessed with that opportunity. I am so inspired by their faith, humility, and just being the “real deal,” and remaining so grounded. You cannot fake those qualities. You have those qualities also, Rhoda! Keep sharing your experiences with your followers.

  14. Debbie Hester says:

    I am inspired by their faith in God and their love of family. What a wonderful, fun, exciting trip this much have been for you!!

  15. Melody Wine says:

    Love me some ship lap!!! Their style is so simple and I love your site as well❤!! We all need more or them in our daily lives!! Never take a day for granted..

  16. Cynthia Geis says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip to Waco and Magnolia Market and the Silos. I’m inspired by how Chip and JoAnna take time for their children and involve them in their Fixer Upper decorating projects.

  17. Loved all of your pics!!!! I have always wanted to go. I love their show.

  18. Carol Schuneman says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip. These folks are such an inspiration. May God richly bless their every endeavor!

  19. Janice S says:

    I love that Chip and Joanna are so “Real!” They share their strong sense of faith and family and you don’t often get to see that. I hope that never changes!

  20. Regina Kurtz says:

    I am inspired by Chip’s and Joanna’s faith. They are not ashamed of the gospel.

  21. Tabitha Williams says:

    Congrats on visiting with the Gaines and seeing the Silo’s! I’m most inspired by the fact that they have stayed true to themselves and their families. My husband and I have been fans of their show from day 1 and we truly enjoy each episode and their story. They genuinely enjoy their job and helping each family accomplish their goals. My birthday was this past week and my husband surprised me with a couple of their Magnolia brand shirts, I’m currently wearing the #shiplap shirt as I write this.

  22. What inspires me most is their incredible style…everything is just gorgeous!

  23. Michele Barry says:

    Their faith and creative design.

  24. Lisa Pasholk says:

    I am inspired, and made happy, by their story! They work hard, graciously share their talent, and are so proud to bring attention to Waco, TX. Waco now has a new image! Texas is proud!

  25. So amazed by how they started and grew their business to what it is now. Hope to get to see Magnolia Market myself someday.

  26. Debbie S says:

    Loved reading about your trip to Waco! I’m inspired by their obvious love for each other, their family, God and their work. It’s all there to see without Chip and Joanna saying a word. Love them and their show.

  27. Melanie Cain says:

    Joanna inspires me. Their relationship overall is encouraging & the magnolia story really is about seasons & adapting. Love that you can see waiting for right timing and when to let go.

  28. God has Blessed this couple because they have put Him first in their lives. So happy you were able to visit Waco and see everything in person. Thanks for sharing your visit with us with your neat pictures.

  29. Lorene Halfmann says:

    Loved the tour through your eyes!!! And I love them as well. I am so glad you enjoyed my home state. Pick me, pretty please!

  30. Vickie Avant says:

    I love that even when she had her first shop opened, she listened to God’s leading and focused on her family, even though it meant closing her er business. She and Chip experienced a lot of ups and downs, but they held to their faith first and put family above business.

  31. Vivian foster says:

    I love that they are sharing their popularity with the people of Waco. Clint now has a show and his business is flourishing, jimmy don has a corner in the store and all the food trucks and surrounding businesses have benefited. Waco needed them!

  32. I love that they had a vision and have worked so hard to fulfill it. Even with how far they have carried their dream, they still seem so down-to-earth, all about about simple pleasures and surrounding themselves and others with joy and beauty.

  33. Hi Rhoda, I think what inspires me about Magnolia is the love that they share with the people of waco and the fans that come to visit. I love that they incorporate the community any way that they can with magnolia market and on the show. glad you had a great time….and enjoyed the cupcakes.

  34. Bettie F says:

    It is nice to see ordinary folks realize their dreams. Chip and Joanna seem to be such great people who love family and what they do. Love that they do all this in Waco, TX. Have not been since the bakery opened, but did get a sample before they opened…nuts and bolts cupcake was delicious on a very hot day!

  35. What inspires me the most about Fixer Upper is the creativity and family life.

  36. Loved your post and great descriptions and photos. Chip and Joanna have that natural quality that we all love not to mention their fabulous style

  37. SoCalLynn says:

    I love watching their relationship with each other and their children, knowing that that their love and work ethic stems from their faith in the Lord. And they are just plain fun!

  38. Chip and Joanne are just good people who have found their niche and are paying it forward in their community. What a blessing for all.

  39. Stephanie Dobson says:

    They’re so down to earth and Christ like people. It’s a refreshing sow to watch!

  40. Lola Collins says:

    What impresses me most about Chip and Joanna Gaines is that their fame has not changed them in any way. They are taking their fame and “spreading the wealth”. There are so many others who have seen the benefits from Fixer Upper and I just love that. It’s like Chip and Joanna realized the success that was coming to them and they opened their arms and are gathering as many others into the fold as they can. That is why they are as successful. God has put them on a path and they are bringing others along with them. They are staying true to their roots and Waco, TX is shooting to the stars with them. Good for all of those involved in the success of Fixer Upper!

  41. What inspires me is that they took a chance and fulfilled their dreams…..with ALOT of hard work! I am so happy for their success. Thanks for taking us along on the tour. I want some of those peach tulips!!!

  42. That looked like gobs of fun!! Not sure I’ll ever get there, but it had to be a thrill.
    I hope I can add the apron to my collection….

  43. Angela Brown says:

    I so appreciate Chip and Joanna’s ability to balance career and family in such a way that inspires us all to choose balance and appreciate the lasting blessings of true relationship. They are truly salt and light in our dark world. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  44. Angie Jones says:

    Rhoda, I loved getting a “first-hand” view of all the Magnolia property and things!! Chip and Joanne are two of my favorites on TV and I’ve enjoyed their shows from the very beginning. I’m so happy that you got to go and took us with you through your pictures! I have been reading your blog for many years and love it!! May God give you many more fun adventures!!! Angie

  45. Judy Woods says:

    I want to go!!!

  46. Dawn Beaver says:

    Of course I love their style. But their faith and integrity is so good to see. They love their family well!

  47. Pat Monteith says:

    I love that Chip and Joanna reflect such wholesome values– faith, family and work. They truly seem to care about everything they do and reflecting God’s grace to others.

  48. Marla Carter says:

    I love their playful and fun attitude with each other and their amazing style. It has inspired a whole trend!

  49. Chip and Joanna are an inspiration because they are true to who they are, and uphold their beliefs. Rhoda, you are so lucky to have met them! What a neat experience!

  50. Kathi Alberson says:

    I was there for there for my first visit last week and what I loved more than the cupcakes, tulips and other fun items to buy, was that the market is bringing people in from all over the country! Everyone loves Chip and Joanna so much and what they have done for the city of Waco. We ate lunch out at the picnic table and talked to people from all over the country, everyone feels the same way about Magnolia. What a great American success story!

  51. I love how mich fun they have together! Joanna’s humor is sometimes overshadowed by Chip’s “is he really doing/eating/saying that?!” moments, but they are such a fun pair to watch!

  52. I am inspired by the way Chip and Joanna work together and enjoy each other so much.

  53. Mary Farley says:

    Absolutely love reading about your time at Magnolia Market, and seeing the amazing photos! What a blessing to be able to meet Chip and Joanna.
    I am inspired by their strong faith and their love for God, and one another. I love watching the beauty they create together.
    Thank you for the fabulous opportunity to
    win such special gifts, and thank you for sharing your story.

  54. Emily Scheiner says:

    Their unending positivity!

  55. Karen Burt says:

    What I love the most about their story is how they always give God the glory. They know who is responsible for their success and give Him the recognition. They seem to be humble, giving people too. I also love the fact that Joanna doesn’t have a design degree but is able to do so many amazing designs. It gives me the confidence to try new things.

  56. They seem so down to earth and solid in their beliefs. And I love the playfulness in their relationship. What a fun experience for you!

  57. Brenda Breashears says:

    I love there love of God , and family, it shows in all they do. Such a great couple, this world needs more people like them,

  58. I am inspired by the beauty that they create and that they have stayed true to themselves and their family through all of their successes. Thanks for sharing with us!

  59. Debbie w says:

    I love the family bonds that they share, and the farmhouse decor, and the architectural pieces they use….I could go on and on!!

  60. Rhoda ~ Thanks for sharing your trip to Waco and the Silos!! A visit there and a chance to meet Chip and Joanna is certainly on my bucket list. Can’t wait to enjoy one of those cupcakes 🙂

  61. I love their whole family. I am very inspired by how friendly and down to earth they seem! They are beautiful inside and out.

  62. I am impressed with how they are bringing up their children to be hard working Christians. Family and faith are two important components in their lives.

  63. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing this fun trip to Waco!

  64. Peggy Ledington says:

    Love how they respect each other, laugh together, love the Lord and have so much love for their children they will not redo a home if it is over 30 miles away from Waco!

  65. Jackye Vondenstein says:

    Love their love of family and farm family values…as that’s what we are!

  66. Oh wow what a wonderful trip you had. A trip to the Silos is on my wish list. I love watching their show . I love seeing how much they love each other, their kids, their family and their friends. Even with their fame they still remain down to earth.

  67. Chip and Joanna inspired me to realize that there is a place in Gods kingdom for gifts and talents that don’t necessarily fit into a church type ministry. I’m an artist and have been encouraged by their journey to be more invested in my own path.

  68. Carmen Martin says:

    I love everything about Chip & Joanna! I love how much fun they have together as a couple, how generous they are, and their dedication to faith & family.

  69. This was certainly an inspiring article and by the looks of it has also inspired many of the patrons who go there. I am not from Waco but have been through there a time or two when did my traveling around the US as a young man. But for some reason I did not know of “The Silos”
    Anyway to my point of the comment is that wouldn’t you think by now there would be a couple of murals Painted to compliment the history of The Silos and Waco itself?

  70. Joan Moore says:

    I am so impressed by their faith and family values! I enjoy their show and her creative ability!! It is so refreshing to watch normal, down to earth folks succeed!!?

  71. I like seeing her farmhouse chic style, especially when she throws a little industrial feel into the mix. I hope to come to a rustic chic industrial farmhouse vibe to my farmhouse now that I have moved back to the rural Midwest.

  72. Joyce Carr says:

    We were there this past October. Magnolia Market/Bakery did not disappoint! Chip and Joanna are the real deal. I love the way they interact with each other. They are always touching. Just real, genuine, loving people. I also love Joanna’s decorating style. Wouldn’t you just love to live in one of their houses? (Drool!)

  73. I have been a follower of their TV show since it was first aired . I believe their faith in God is why they have done so well. I love the fact that they include the children. They are sending such good lessons to so many families. Someday I would love to visit Waco and see the Silo’s… has been on my bucket list. I am so happy that you got to visit. I enjoy reading your blog. I feel like I have known you all my life. Keep up the good work.

  74. April Barfknecht says:

    I love their farmhouse style, not too modern and not too country.

  75. I just love how they build each other up. They are always so positive and encouraging to each other.

  76. Cindy Coomer says:

    I love watching and reading about Chip and Joanna because they always are “real” in their family values, their faith and love for their family and each other. They remain humble even though they have so much success and give Gid the glory. Their work is inspiring and I love how they have fun and enjoy life together. Truly an inspiring couple. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  77. I admire Chip and Joanna’s Faith and their love of Family. So important in our world today. Thank you for sharing Magnolia Silos with us!

  78. Judy Clark says:


    Such a wonderful tribute to the Gaines, the Silos and Waco. Loved the picture of the sunset. We see so many of those since we have moved to Texas. We are headed to Waco next week. I cannot wait. We are taking our Granddaughter who loves the Fixer Upper!

    Thanks again for Sharing Friend!

  79. Such an inspiring couple! Love that faith and family are priorities for them!

  80. Beautiful pictures, can you buy the magnolia wreath?Anita

  81. Thanks for taking us along on yet another fun adventure, Rhoda! I love that the Gaines reflect that simple, yet profound childhood key to JOY-Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Their Faith is obviously the foundation of their lives, others (their children, family and their community) second and themselves last. What a remarkable and refreshing witness! I love your shopping choices!! But how, oh how did you resist those peachy-orange tulips?! Ha! 🙂

  82. I love that the Gaines’ story illustrates that with hard work the American Dream can still be had! You can start with an idea & desire & go as far as your efforts will take you. Small businesses are the backbone of our American way of life . It is reassuring to see this uniquely American ideal is alive and well and still thriving!

  83. What a terrific opportunity, Rhoda! I love how Chip & Joanna have stayed true to themselves through all their successes most of all. Beyond their own success, they have exploded tourism in Waco. What a gift! So glad you had the chance to see it first-hand.

  84. Rebecca O says:

    Thank you so much for the great story and tour of the Silo’s. I am a big fan of Joanna and Chip but live all the way in Pennsylvania and do not know if I will ever get to visit them in Texas. Your pictures and story made me feel as if I was right there. I recently read Chip and Joanna’s book and love them even more. What a sweet couple and I wish them lots of success. Thank you so much for the great story and now I am hungry for a cupcake!

  85. Andrea G Corley says:

    Again, Rhoda I am so glad you got this opportunity. I must say I am jealous, but was excited for you and you share it so well. I felt like I was right there with you, the only thing I missed was tasting that cupcake. 🙂 I love the way Joanna decorates, so clean and down to earth. You have many of the same styles. I was a little surprised that you liked the fake tulips as I did not think you liked silk flowers/plants.

    Joanna is an inspiration to us all… the way she lives her life, her marriage, her convictions are inspirational. Your blog was a great read! I loved the little boys at the painted wall eating in their stripped shirts.

  86. What inspires me the most is their love for God, each other and their family!

  87. Nancy M. says:

    I love everything Magnolia. Chip and Joanna have created such a wonderful brand, not only for themselves, but also for Waco. It’s truly amazing!

  88. What about the Magnolia story does not inspire!!!! Great post, R.

  89. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with you readers! This destination is on my “bucket list” for the near future. They are such a talented couple that has been blessed so richly! Their shops are wonderful!!!

  90. It is wonderful to see this young couple who are an inspiration and how they share their faith with us. They have worked hard and been blessed and continue to spread their love and talents.

  91. The thing that inspires me most is that Joanna and Chip live out their faith in Jesus.

  92. I think I had commented last week about being there at the same time you were. And Oh my goodness was it busy on Monday, President’s Day. I sometimes have a little claustrophobic problem with crowds so we left and my sweet husband went back with time the next day and it was much better. I loved it and am so impressed with what the Gaines family has done for Waco and Waco seems to appreciate it too. Love your pictures!!!

  93. Carol S. says:

    I guess I have to live vicariously through your trip. Thanks for sharing.

  94. donna zoltanski says:

    I am so happy you got to enjoy Magnolia! Your pics are perfectly enjoyable – and that cupcake….yummy. I’d love to read the story too! Thanks for entering my name too!

  95. Adecia Walker says:

    What a fun trip! I just got a chance to see Joanna’s new magazine The Magnolia Journal and loved it too.

  96. Linda Southworth says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pics of Magnolia at the Silos. I think their love of family, home and Waco with down to earth living impresses me. I hope they never lose who they are and what is truly important with all this new found fame.

  97. I love their integrity and values.

  98. Elizabeth says:

    I love that they come from humble beginnings and seem to not be changed by fame. They are so adorable and I am usually laughing at Chip during every episode. I love Joanna’s style and I love that for Chip it was love at first sight. I also love that they are animal people and love the farm.

  99. no chevrons, no turquoise..lots of goodies!

  100. The entire Magnolia and Fixer Upper story appeals to me because of the family centered concept of home and their commitment to the local area while visiting with all of us over the country. The decorating items are not fancy -sturdy and go with everything you have. I am happy with my planked ceiling in the sun room – done before it was made popular due to the lack of drywall after a hurricane. I now say it is shiplapped!

  101. Carol Carrasco says:

    What I find inspiring is how much they’ve inspired others to look past the flaws and remodel homes, businesses, towns, etc. In this throw away world they are showing people how to improve homes, commercial properties and neighborhoods. May this spirit spread nationwide and let us give our country a Fixer Upper makeover. Let us work hard to improve neighborhoods and save downtowns with sweat, ingenuity and a good dose of humor!

  102. Sheila Eaton says:

    I love that Christ shines through their lives.

  103. Layne Ramberg says:

    Thanks for the great story of your trip and all the pictures. Looks like such a great place to visit, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Chip and Joanna are fun to watch together as they laugh and have fun as well as work hard. The reveals are always the best!

  104. kathy olson says:

    Their love and affection for each other is what inspires me the most. How fun to work together like that and enjoy being together!

  105. Nancy Colbert says:

    I am most inspired by Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia story because they have endeavoured to build on family and family values in faith. They start their show on family time (putting family first), doing their business and ending with their family joining with the close of the business day. They are so creative and nurturing of each other. I’m a grandmother now and am inspired to find out how I can be a part of my grandsons’ journey in life. They are among my first thoughts as I make choices – moving, decorating, living life to it’s fullest in Christ in front of them.

  106. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    This trip is definitely at the top of my bucket list. I already have shopping plans drawn up. Tulips, for sure…and a cupcake (or 6)! Thanks so much for sharing this blessing.

  107. I think what inspires me the most is their constant seeking to use what they have been given to bless their community and the people around them. I also love that they use their God given talents and trust in his net of protection to provide for them. They are just amazing people.

  108. Mica Craig says:

    I love that Chip and Joanna are down to earth and real. In a way, like us. I love, love the stories of when Joanna left the first baby for Chip to watch while she went for a run. The outcome is hilarious! Thank you so much for taking us on the trip with you. From the pictures, it is everything that I thought it would be. I remember the show that Joanna brought Chip to the Silos for her to tell him that she wanted to buy them. She had a dream. Boy did she!!!

  109. Maggie Curtner says:

    I’m inspired by their love & support for each other and love of what they do.

  110. Love Chip and Joanna, and thanks for this giveaway opportunity! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  111. What a wonderful experience and opportunity. They seem like such amazing people. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experience. The cup cakes look delicious!

  112. Sherry Feld says:

    What inspires me the most about chip and Joanna is how well they work together, my husband and I watch the show together, we have learned that doing projects around our house can be done in a fun- loving way, Joanna’s decorating style that we both love, we tend to agree on so many decorating decisions now. Their show is like therapy for us! ?

  113. Norma Ellis says:

    Love your blog!! Thanks for the awesome post about your Silo experience. I share your love of Chip and Joanna. They seem to be so genuine and they stay true to their faith. They are talented and have put their talents to good use!!!

  114. Pam McKenney says:

    I love how Chip and Joanna are so genuine. They really love what they do and are very talented honest people!

  115. M. A. Cole says:

    Commitment to a vision that constantly evolves is what has impressed me about Chip and Joanna. They pray, dream and work hard.

  116. I love that Chip and Joanna are inspiring people not to tear down but salvage the past. And I love they are putting so many local folks to work. It is inspiring that they freely share their faith as do you, Rhoda. Vivian above mentioned Clint has a new show…any info on that? So happy you had this awesome trip and were able to share it with us!

  117. I think it is great that a single couple changed a whole town. Waco never was a destination spot except for Baylor University. Now people from all over the country head there. It says that we can all make little changes in our towns to make them better, maybe? Of course, I love their decorating style, their family values, and their work ethic, too. I hope I win the package, too. I love your blog, too. I have it as one of my favorites!

  118. Regina Boshell says:

    I love everything about the show from the lively banter to the creativity in design to the wholesome character traits exhibited by Chip and Joanna. I enjoy reading your blog and am glad you were able to experience this trip and share it with your readers.

  119. Diva Kreszl says:

    I sat with your blog post over a cup of coffee and just dreamed I was there right along with you. Your photos and narrative gave me the feeling of enjoying the visit with you, this is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. Fixer Upper is my favorite HGTV show and I so admire Chip and Joanna’s dedication to their family and town. They seem to be so genuine and caring that you just have to wish them great success!

  120. There are several things about Chip and Joanna that inspire me – their love of God, putting family and each other first, their mission to help those in Waco, their ability to juggle so much, but most of all their love for each other – how they laugh at themselves but support each other at the same time. And, of course, I love their show.

  121. Robin Canter says:

    I really enjoy how comfortable her homes look. The design is classic yet I can always picture myself living in the homes because they look so comfortable and beautiful.

  122. What a great way to see Magnolia Market without flying to Texas! Thanks for sharing this Rhoda. I think that Joanna and Chip help everyone to understand that you can live your dreams if you commit to them. I love all the designs and stylings as well as the creative problem-solving they use on each show. Would love to see their book too. Thanks!

  123. Kim Nations says:

    I am in awe. Love this place. I love all of it.. They really seem so down to earth. So glad you get to experience this and share with us.

  124. Faith, family and a healthy dose of FUN. I love Chip and Joanna’s story and wish them all the best. I adore all your photos! Thanks for sharing your day at the Silos and for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  125. They have not compromized their faith and value for success.

  126. Libby Maddux says:

    I just love them! I think Chip and Joanna are just so genuine. No put on with them. I love their designs and I enjoy watching them work together on the show. Together, they wow their clients. They are an amazing team and know how to compliment each other in their work and their life. And I want a signed copy of their book!!!!

  127. I enjoy gleaning ideas from their shows. They have wonderful decorating and designing ideas. I like to see there example of hard work and success. They found a niche and filled it. Thanks for sharing with us. The wonderful pictures make me feel as if I was there.

  128. Rhoda, Chip and Joanna’s story (and yours) reminds me that with God’s help and our hard work, all of us can bring beauty out of the ruins and wrecks of this world. Our earthly pond ripples with the marvelous effects of these efforts. Thanks for sharing your bountiful blessings.

  129. Jenna King says:

    I noticed a typo: “You can see the foot trucks to the back there.” I think you meant food. 🙂 What inspires me most is that they met in college with no idea where their lives would take them. They started from love and this blossomed.

  130. Missy Hornsby says:

    I love that they put Christ first and family second. They seem to be so real. I hope one day I can also go visit them.

  131. Susan B. Jones says:

    Oh my goodness I loved this post! I dream of getting out to Waco! One thing I love about their show is they are not afraid to share their kids in the show. I love following them and how they are growing. I hope they continue to keep them involved.

  132. I love everything about Chip & Jo. They seem like such good, down to earth, honest people.

  133. I love how goofy Chip seems to be and Joanna just rolls with it!

  134. I would love to read their book.

  135. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading about Magnolia Market. Inspired by all of it and wish I could take a trip there soon. You are so very lucky to be able to go on these adventures Rhoda!

  136. Thanks for sharing your trip! I Love, Love, Love it! What inspires me about Chip and Joanna that they are “REAL” people and thank you for confirming that!!! What wonderful human beings!!!

  137. Lynn Rodgers says:

    My main inspiration is the way they can take any house and make it look unique. No cookie cutter style- the capture the home owners wishes and style.

  138. Linda Miller says:

    What a special treat to visit and meet this couple! Love the vases you purchased!

  139. Linda Greer says:

    So many things to love about this wonderful couple, but the thing I love most is their sense and love of family. Whether it’s their own family or the families that they help. It warms my heart and is a breath of fresh air in a harsh world that forget that God and family are most important.

  140. Sabrina Keeley says:

    I’m inspired by how down to earth Joanna & Chip are & the obvious love that they share for each other and others around them.

  141. Christine Martin says:

    Chip and Joanna Gaines seem so likeable and down to earth! I love to see them modeling a happy, healthy marriage! And her decor style is so comfortable and homey!

  142. It’s amazing how they balance ALL their businesses and their family while staying upbeat, optimistic and humble in the Lord! They are inspiring!

  143. Hi Rhoda! Thank you for sharing your pictures and for writing about your time enjoyed at Magnolia Market! We are planning on going there soon and after reading your blog, I am even more anxious to go! Like you and Mark, I think my “cupcake of choice” will be the chocolate with white buttercream frosting, though every flavor I’ve read about sounds delicious! (:
    I appreciate Chip and Joanna for keeping their faith and family in the forefront of all that they do and how they keep giving back to the city of Waco! ? Trenda

  144. Love watching every episode. Can’t wait to see what the completed project looks like. They are such down to earth people, showing their love for God and family.

  145. What inspires me is their incredible work ethic and the feeling that all they do and create is done with such love. Love for God, love for their family, and love for their home town.

  146. Kim Smith says:

    They are just good, down to earth people! Great role models! And Jo’s style is out of this world!

  147. What inspires me about Chip and Joanna is the way they portray a stable loving family. The way he looks at her. He may portray and goofball on the show but you can’t fake true love and the way he looks at his wife – may we all be so lucky! They appear to be a normal family which is what makes them so popular – most people are not fancy and relate to down to earth people.

  148. I love how they incorporate their faith into their story!

  149. Thanks for the post Rhoda. I hope to make it there one day too. They both are so inspiring not only in their work ethic but their family values also. They work hard, they teach their children the rewards for working hard and they not only love and care about their family but other families too. They are just all around great people and it’s nice that they share that on tv and in their book.

  150. Rhoda,
    What an exciting trip it must have been! Thanks for sharing!

    What I like most about Chip and Joanna is how much they complement each other both in their relationship and in their design. I also love that family and God are the center of their lives! That’s also why I love to read your blog! I love to see all the beauty and design you all do ,but I also love the personal side of life! Isn’t that what it’s all about!
    Keep on blogging !

  151. Violet Ellis says:

    I love their strong faith in God & the love they have for each other & their family!

  152. I love their unwavering faith in what they believe. God has truly blessed them and they have blessed us with their talent.

  153. Carolyn Smith says:

    They are real, they do life just like you and I.

  154. My 80 year old Mom and I love all things Chip and Joanna! I gave Mom the new “Journal” magazine for her birthday. It’s my hope to take a girl’s trip to Waco in the near future so Mom can see Magnolia for herself!

  155. We never miss an episode of Fixer Upper, if we can help it. Wish they could come to my Ol Fixer Upper!

  156. Andra McEwen says:

    Thanks for the post-this is so on my bucket list!

  157. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! What a fun time. My favorite thing about Chip and Jo — their faith. It is inspiring.

  158. What a blessing that you got to go and meet Chip and Joanna. I knew from the very first time I watched their show on HGTV that I was hooked. They share their love, their faith,their children, their parents and friends and their home and workplaces with us. The list just goes on and on as to how wonderful they are. I am so grateful that I can turn on my tv at any given time as I tape their shows and leave this world of negativity and go into one of blessings. They inspire me so much, I have lived in the same home since we bought back in 1984, my home was the model home and I really thought I had bought me a mansion that I would never want to change a thing in, lol!! My house was only a mansion in my mind and lord knows we have made so many changes and my husband says all the time, “Have you watching HGTV again”, lol! I am so happy that you got to go there and meet them and see all the beauty of their life. God bless you and your precious family Rhoda.

  159. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Thank you for sharing! I only live down the road in Houston, but I have yet to get over to Waco to see it all…I love how they put their family first and take the time with their kids to do the small things.

  160. Julie curtis says:

    Thank you for sharing your visit with us!

  161. Thanks for sharing your blessed experience! Hope to visit there one day!! I love her designs and the show is my fav!!

  162. Thanks for the tour. Would love to go there as Chip & Joanna seem so down to earth.

  163. Amy White says:

    So enjoyed your pictures and comments. Glad it was all you were expecting!

    What I appreciate about them is that their good ole hard work has paid off. We don’t see alot of that these days!!! It’s not easy to own your own company and it takes alot of hard work. So proud for them and all they have accomplished!!!

  164. Cindy Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing your visit with us! This is definitely on my bucket list. They inspire me because of what they have accomplished with their visions and the hard work to bring them to fruition. I love that they are God and family based and you can see how God blesses them for those qualities. I feel like I am one of their friends even though I have never met them and that is a quality that shines through them both. Plus their goofiness on camera is so endearing! I hope that they remain successful years to come and that the children will carry on their vision for generations to come.

  165. Lynn Barnette says:

    What inspires me the most is Chip and Joanna’s love for God and his blessings on them, as well as how they are bringing up their children to have great morals and appreciation for their parents. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with all of your readers.

  166. love seeing their family work together

  167. Looks like you had a great trip! I love that Chip and Joanna are so real–real people with a real family who get up and go to work everyday trying to make our real world a better place for all!

  168. Patti Osmus says:

    I love the humor and affection Chip & Joanna share with their viewers. And it’s real; not just for the cameras!

  169. I love that they put so much emphasis on family first!

  170. Sharon Anderson says:

    Makes me want to jump in car and drive straight to Waco!

  171. Cheryl Palmer says:

    What inspires be about the Gaines is their ordinariness, showing anyone can accomplish great things through consistency & diligence.

  172. Thanks for sharing the pictures and thoughts of your trip. I am going the last week of March. Do you think I can see and enjoy all of it in one day? And what inspires me about Chip and Joanna? How much fun they seem to have doing what they do for other people.

    • HI, Glenda, yes you can definitely see it all on one day. Just hope that the bakery line is not too long, as that could take the longest time in line.

  173. I got to visit last summer for our 15th anniversary (a sweet surprise from my hubby on our way from Tyler to San Antonio) and I got the lemon lavender cupcake, too! Mine had a handpainted marzipan magnolia leaf on it. 🙂

  174. Carol Elkins says:

    What inspires me about Chip & Joanna is that everyone that meets them says the same thing – they are just so nice and normal and down to earth. They seem like regular people – like you & me. And it doesn’t seem like “fame” has changed them at all. I love that their family comes first and that they are not afraid to share their faith.

    I’m so excited that you got to go and visit Waco and the Magnolia Market and that you are sharing your adventure with us, your readers and fans. Thank you!

  175. Marianne A. says:

    I am inspired by the way they work so in sync with each other, and how they stay true to themselves, their family and their design style.

  176. Hi Rhoda,
    Thank you for the posting on your visit to Magnolia Market and meeting Chip and Joanna. So glad to hear they are as warm and down to earth as we see them on their show. Love Joanna’s and Chip’s work and so enjoy watching their show.
    Have blessed week,

  177. Susan Takeda says:

    One word: Transformation! God transforms the life of believers and the Gaines reflect the indwelling Holy Spirit as we watch them from our homes. The Gaines transform houses that have been neglected into beautiful homes for their clients. I can only imagine that the families that live in these homes are transformed because the homes are designed with the idea that families will spending time together. Lastly, they have transformed Waco by using local craftsmen in their design, building the Silos and creating employment opportunities for the community. It is no wonder that their show is so popular and their business is thriving. We all love a good transformation.
    P.S. I may have to purchase some of those tulips.

  178. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Thanks for the photos (gives me more of a perspective of how the place is laid out). I have watched Fixer Upper from DAY ONE and the first year they were on t.v. – I knew no one else that watched their program. I did get my husband interested and he was hooked just like me. I am impressed how this couple has not allowed fame to ruin their family or each other. My husband and I have found that we enjoy doing household projects together – he does the planning, measuring, cutting, etc.. and I am his handy assistant. We make a great pair. Blessings on you and your blog!

  179. OMG! What a fun place to visit. I hope to go there someday. I’m dying to check out the bakery and see everything in person. I saw so many cute things for sale there. Thanks for taking us along on this tour.

  180. Rhoda,

    As always, you are in touch and a messenger of what really matters, beautiful what you wrote: “Beauty is everywhere if we look for it. A sunset, a gorgeous market and bakery, and in the smiles of people everywhere.”

    As for the Gaines, I think they are very much in touch with what matters most too! I love their work as we all do and I love that when I’m watching them it’s normally in the living room at my Mommom’s or my Mom’s and the whole family is always watching and enjoying what they do together!

    So glad that you got to experience this and thank you for sharing!

  181. Neat to read about Waco , Magnolia Market and the Gaines family through your experiences. Chip and Joanna are an inspiring couple who demonstrate a profound love of family and a generosity that has touched many lives in Waco.
    My husband and I have been fans from the beginning and continue to be amazed by their talent and genuineness. Such a contrast to other media “darlings”.

  182. I’m inspired by Chip and Joanna because they are all about faith and family! I love how they keep their 4 children closely involved in Fixer Upper. Seeing Chip lead the kids in prayer one show truly touched me. If only more fathers were so attentive. So happy you were invited to this amazing event with an amazing couple! Love the video with Chip!

  183. What a fabulous experience for you, Rhoda! And thank you for taking us with you. I loved everything, Joanna and Chip are wonders, they have brought such joy to many and Joanna really is a master at display {and much else} I love how they mentor how to be husband and wife, parents, friends, and people who love the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing, so happy you got to meet them and have such a great time. xo Lidy

  184. This would be a dream trip for me too. I never miss Fixer Upper…love their style so much, that I have added shiplap in both our in home and beach condo. Really enjoy how they include their cute kids in their shows (family is everything). Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us.


  185. Beverly Heartsill says:

    Rhoda, I loved your post from your recent visit to Chip and Joanna’s beautiful world. The way you described your visit made me feel as if I was actually there with you! Your description made me actually feel so peaceful and relaxed. Simple contentment being surrounded by such beautiful things and with Chip and Joanna, who both seem like beautiful people, as well.

  186. I love how they put family first & also admire how down to earth they are. Love her farmhouse style & 0f course shiplap.

  187. Maureen Sanchirico says:

    I always paid as close attention to her clothing style as much as I did her house designs. She is a true artist who inspires Chip to be all, plus some, of the incredible partner that he is. I am married to a retired cabinet maker and my design style is very similar to hers although she has taught me about exterior colors and how absolutely important it is to have your entrance excite you for what is to come. TY

  188. What a wonderful trip and experience Rhoda…that lavender lemon cupcake sounded wonderful and hope that Mark loved his cupcake too!…How great that they also have a fresh flower market! If I lived near there, I would be there every week!…I am anxious to see what you picked from your gift card. What a thrill and you have worked hard to be able to experience things like this…My fav photo has to be the one of the sunset on your way home!

  189. Very cool! You did a great job capturing the essence of the Silos! The rustic organic nature of the market really shines through in this post. It’s so neat that you got to go up on the roof and in the offices! Very cool vantage point. You’ve also really made me want to try a lemon lavender cupcake next time I go. (And I didn’t know about the hardware store opening, so I obviously DO have to do back.)

    The most inspiring thing about Chip and Joanna and their story to me is their encouragement to find what you love and go for it, do it right, and don’t give up. They are such good examples of work ethic and integrity, and I am so, so greatful for that. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  190. I love al the decorating ideas that she has and the houses. But the thing I love most is that they put God and their children first.

  191. I am so inspired by their love for the Lord and each other. They are what this country needs in each of our lives. They have been so richly blessed because of their devotion and love for the Lord.

  192. I love that they are such down to earth people, keep God and family first, and appreciate the life they have built…and of course their beautiful design style!!

  193. Clarice Main says:

    I enjoy their down to earth work ethic, livable family-friendly decorating style, and playful, loving marriage and family relationships. Thank you for sharing your time there with us (I will probably never be there, but got a fun glimpse through you!)

  194. Christy Fuller says:

    They seem so down to earth, not showy. Which is reflected in their style! Comfortable and attainable.

  195. Thank you for sharing your tour! It’s just as awesome as I would have expected from Joanna and Chip! I’m going to make it down there one of these days and experience it all in person. 😉 I’m so inspired by this great couple for so many reasons, their faith, and love and respect for each other and their children. It’s so refreshing to see a great couple like Chip and Joanna, fulfilling their dreams together with so much fun and passion! Joanna is so talented, I absolutely love everything she does.

  196. Laurie Preble says:

    Thanks for sharing your tour. I love all Joanna’s houses she does. Love her Shiplap walls and bright designs.

  197. Lee in KY says:

    I enjoy the way they tease each other so good naturedly.

  198. How down to earth they are and how, as you stated last week, they came from humble beginning. I also love your statement near the end of your post: “Beauty is everywhere if we look for it. A sunset, a gorgeous market and bakery, and in the smiles of people everywhere.” My prayer is that everyone see beauty wherever they may be!

  199. Matt Long says:

    My wife just adores chip and Jo. I find myself helplessly falling for them too. I have to say the most inspiring thing is their Spirit combined with determination. They don’t give up on their dreams they chase after them. They aren’t handed freebies they have to work hard and their teamwork is something I’d love to model better each day with my spouse.

  200. The obvious love they have for each other and their children.

  201. Carol Ionata Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    I just love that Chip and Joanna seem to stay “real” and keep their family at the center of their lives. They are the epitome of what HOME stands for!

  202. Paige Wilkinson says:

    It’s really hard to pick one thing that inspires me most about Chip and Joanna and their story! But after reading their book, I think it’s really inspiring that they have put their faith first through all the ups and downs. I mean, they’ve had some pretty lean times, just like all of us normal people! It’s nice to be able to relate to that, and know that God’s got a plan for all of us if we just rely on Him.

  203. Margaret Stewart says:

    They appear to have such a respect for one another. They are kind and funny. I appreciate their faith. It is wonderful to see such positive role models!!

  204. I am so inspired by them because of their family values, and their Christian faith. They are so down to earth and so talented in what they do. They are an asset to Waco.

  205. What inspires me most about their story is the hard work that went into it. They really put their blood, sweat, and tears into this incredible venture and they’ve done it all with such grace!

  206. I am inspired by their originality, humor and work ethic. Love what they do to make a house a home!

  207. They inspire me with their care for clients and the excellence you can see in everything they create.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  208. Ivy Boswell says:

    Loved your post! Joanna and Chip are so kind, down to earth and CHERISH their family time!

  209. Chip and Jo have not compromised their Christian faith. During all their success. She is never boring in her design ideas, always something new, yet very familiar in the feelings of home life. They love family, children and food, and of course HOMES. They produce “HOMES” not “houses”. I think that is the difference they make.

  210. What a great description and photos of your visit. One thing that has always spoken to me about Joanna and Chip’s renovations is the way they always incorporate elements of yesteryear that have such great lines and textures. The patina on old galvanized pieces and the finishes on all the metal elements pair so well with the great colors and fabrics they choose, and the homes they put together are so livable and homey because not everything is “new”. Decor should never be static, and style and personality develops over a lifetime. Joanna’s designs lend themselves to that much better than showrooms of the latest trends in furniture and accessories. I love that your photos captured such great accessories. Now I want to visit the Silos!

  211. Sybil Turner says:

    The thing that inspires me about Joanna and Chip is not only their individual gifts and talents but their faith and family values are so encouraging in this day and age. They have worked hard and been very blessed and attained such celebrity status without compromising the most important things in life – faith and family. They are an encouragement to everyone.

  212. I love watching Chip and Joanna because they are so “real”! Their love for each other and their family always shines through. Chip really gets in there and works hard, not just for the camera. Joanna projects such calmness, and her designs always make a home warm and welcoming, just as it should be. The show is always inspirational, and it’s not surprising that it is as popular as it is. Chip and Joanna provide education, positivity, and amazing ideas for all of us!

  213. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing trip! What a blessing for sure! ❤❤❤

  214. I love their Texan sensibility, and their affection for one another. Very sweet.

  215. Awesome. You girls are fortunate! I’m jealous.
    Magnolia is on my bucket list. But, I live in south Florida and not sure when I’ll make it.
    The silos appearance is not what I expected..haha..not sure why.
    I love the bicycle with flower basket and fern pillow.
    Thanks for the walk through..I felt like I was there with you.

  216. MARTHAIA says:

    I enjoy their down home Humble kindness they share no matter what they may be doing, with the love & family & goodness they share with each person they may meet.There faith comes across so genuine so does the love of their fans.On my list to visit Waco soon .Thanks for sharing.

  217. Cheryl Tilley says:

    What a dream come true. This is a def destination on the retirement bucket list. Love your photos, thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

  218. I would love to read their book.

  219. Jennifer Kenrick says:

    I’m inspire by their faith, love of family and giving back to the community. It’s such a joy to watch them together as they create homes for the families on the show.

  220. The mutual respect, love and admiration between them is inspiring. I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

  221. I love how they love each other and their family. It shows in every thing that they do. I hope to go there some day and have a cupcake. I live in Texas, too!

  222. Cheryl Doan says:

    I love how Chip and Joanna always put family first. They are refreshing and inspirational with their hearts truly towards restoration of broken places. The simplicity of their style is unmatched.

  223. Susan Dumont says:

    Chip and Joanna came from humble beginnings and that is inspirational. Their love for God and their family is evident in each and every show. They are a family worthy of admiration.

  224. Kelly Davis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures- I plan on coming back to linger over them when I have more time:-) What inspires me most about them and their story, is how they are rooted in Jesus and how they are living it out . They love their family they love one another and they are walking in the gifts God gave them. God is the Creator- He is the most Creative of all and they glorify that in their work. I ordered one of the metal signs you shared and it is absolutely beautiful and amazing quality- even the packaging was beautiful. I love that they do everything to the best of their ability and I think that glorifes God. 🙂

  225. Angela Mahnke says:

    My husband and I watch their show all the time together because it makes us happy. This couple continues to be down to earth and funny. Laughing and not taking themselves too serious I believe is their secret. It melts my heart that they include their children in their projects and you can see the love they have for each other. Chip is always so complementary of Joann’s work and she of him. I believe that is why God created us to find someone to love… to keep us laughing and make us feel special. I think that is why my husband and I enjoy the show so much…it makes us feel special. Thank you for sharing all the photos, thru your words and photos I felt like I was there!

  226. Rhoda, Thanks so much for the beautiful tour! This is on my list of places to visit! My husband and I bought a brand new vintage style camper last year and we plan to tur the U.S. in it for the next couple of years. He still works so our plan is to be able to go on the road for a month at a time! I love “fixer upper” and Chip and Joanna are so down to earth! Did you get to say hello to them personally? They sure have achieved some beautiful dreams ad they bring smiles to so many people.

  227. I’m so envious of your visit to the Silos! The thing that most inspires me about Chip and Joanna are that they seem to respect and really care for each other. So often that goes away in a relationship. And I’m sure with fame and a busy schedule it would be even more likely to slip away. Thank you for the opportunity to own their book.

  228. Janet Andalora says:

    Down to earth people who have worked hard to get where they are. Family oriented who deserve all they have achieved.

  229. What inspires me most is their commitment to faith and family. When I watch their show, I feel their warmth. I also love that the design is attainable and kid-friendly – I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, just inspired. Thank you for sharing your wonderful visit. I’m so happy that God bestowed this blessing upon you. 🙂

  230. I love that they see the beauty in old things that so many would throw away or tear down and build new. There is a feeling of history and respect in their work.

  231. You telling us all how blessed you feel is a reminder to us ALL that blessings are all around us. We could all pay attention to that !

  232. Margaret says:

    Chip and Joanna inspire me with their faith, love of family, and hard work.

  233. Iris McCloud says:

    They have done amazing things but I love that he makes her laugh every day and they look at each other with love.

  234. Kathleen says:

    Love watching Fixer Upper! Such great, attainable, liveable ideas!

  235. Genny Desvergunat says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience. It’s inspiring to know that they are as they seem. Their love of God and family shows through with their actions and words. Thank you again for sharing, and it is my dream to visit one day!

  236. I am inspired by their faith and foundation. Wish they could update and style my house? Maybe I can get out ther some day, looks like so much fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Sue Ockels says:

    You feel they are the friends who live away, but when you see each other it’s like you were never apart!

  238. Lou Clifton says:

    I hope that one day I might get to Magnolia Farms. It looked like you had beautiful weather as well.

  239. I love that they are so playful together and that they are so involved with their family.

  240. K Van Hoof says:

    What inspires me the most about Chip and Joanna and their show is their authenticity! They wrangle faith, family, marriage, and combined businesses in real estate, design and construction to create an environment that appears to enrich their lives, their clients, and their viewers. Their show makes me smile.

  241. What i love most is there love for each other and how playful they are with each other

  242. Pam Meyer says:

    Love love love their show. What an inspiration and success story. They are awesome and putting the kids in the shows are great. They can take a barn and turn it into a mansion

  243. Jeanne bell says:

    Magnolia Silos are on my bucket list. I love the way Chip and Joanne love each other and their children .I wish them much love and happiness.

  244. VintageBeachgirl says:

    What a great article about your visit to Waco Rhoda, thanks so much for sharing your photos and thoughts with us! The number of comments on this post attests to the popularity of your blog and that of the Chip & Joanna’s family, businesses and their show. We too love their show and watch it faithfully because they make it such a pleasure to follow their story. Love that they are clearly loving and involved parents as well as generous citizen’s of their community. They are a shining example of what can still be achieved in this country with hard work, perseverance and faith.

  245. I love that their marriage seems genuine and that they are Christians! It’s a dream of my husband and I’s to flip houses so the show is inspirational for us! Thanks for sharing about this fantastic opportunity that you had!

  246. Mary E King says:

    I loved reading all about your visit. I am planning on visiting in the fall with a girlfriend or two. This makes me all the more excited! There is so much to see!! Thank you for giving us so much information and beautiful photos❤

  247. I’m planning on visiting with a girlfriend or two in the fall. So much to see (and purchase)! I’ve watched their show from the beginning and to see what they have accomplished over the years is magnificent and wonderful for the Waco community. Thank you for the great article and photos!

  248. I love that everything they do revolves around family!

  249. I love how they breath new life into houses that have seen better days! I love to see how they transform these houses – most of which are very ordinary – into beautiful homes. It is so inspiring!!

  250. Thanks for sharing your trip. Planning a trip for this summer with my 13 year old, as we are big fans of the show. Your photos make it look so enjoyable.

  251. Kelly M. says:

    I love how much their faith plays into their success!

  252. I enjoy the fact that I can watch Fixer Upper with my kiddos. We all laugh with/at Chip and “ooh” and “aah” when we see Joanna’s creative ideas. I definitely know that their faith has played a major part in their success. They follow the idea of God first, spouse second, and family third. Someday, I would love to meet them in person. My kiddos want to try the cupcakes.

  253. I am amazed at all the things they can accomplish! I would love to follow them around for a week or two and see how they use their time. Puts me to shame!

  254. Kim Johnson says:

    I’m so jealous, but very happy for you! Looks like you had a great time! Would love to win!

    Kim J

  255. Chip & Joanna love God & their family. They love what the do & seem so down to earth. They are making Waco a vacation destination. What a fantastic market area!

  256. OMGoodness Rhonda excellent post!! Love living vicariously through you!! Being from the North East and busy with family and work (2 jobs) responsibilities don’t see a visit to WACO in my near future. SO love love everything “Fixer Upper” but mostly watching the fun they have working together as a family and the beauty that results!! Thanks so much for sharing your well deserved visit!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger!! 😉

  257. I really enjoy Fixer Upper – I think it is something an average every day person can relate to Chip and Joanna’s warmth and family and their style of decorating.

  258. They inspire me by their commitment to family and that they are not caving in to the draws ‘of Hollywood’ by traveling away from Waco but remaining there to do their work. I also admire them for being who they are without getting into social media fusses.

  259. Kelly Willhite says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I am inspired most by Chip and Joanna’s genuine sincerity in the way they relate to each other, their children, and their customers. I believe they are doing what they love and God is blessing them in their work.

  260. Loralyn Green says:

    What inspires me most about Chip and Joanna is how they come up with an idea and just go for it! They dream up something and then follow that dream! It is homemade charm and so inspiring to see all that they have done. What a wonderfully creative life they lead!

  261. The love and respect they consistently show each other is beautiful! Chip makes me laugh….he and my son-in-law would be a pair 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your visit!

  262. Lorena Keech says:

    I love how respectful they are of each other, their children and the people they work with. They work so hard and I am sure it can be stressful. But they remain so courteous to everyone.

  263. They seem so genuine and down to earth. I love how much fun they have together!!

  264. Brandy Castel says:

    Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  265. Connie Eller says:

    Thank you for letting us take this adventure with you…

  266. Susan Pena says:

    I’ve never had anyone on tv that inspires me like Chip and Joanna Gaines and their family…It gives me hope in these trying times of negativity and sadness in the news and tv shows in general. How refreshing to watch their happiness and joy when they are together with their children…besides Chip never fails to make me laugh!!

  267. Shellie Pany says:

    What inspires me about Chip and JoJo? They are such a great example of positive synergy whether they are parenting or demo-ing!

  268. I find their humility, honesty and continual faith and trust in God inspiring. They have caused me to look at my own life and be honest about on what I am focused and does that reflect my values.

  269. Barbara Rivera says:

    I love the fact that they openly confess Christ. In a day and age when it’s not popular to do so, they bravely confess their love for God. Just like God gives us a new heart, Chip and Johanna give people a new start in life. Love their show and love for each other.

  270. Stephanie says:

    They are so true to themselves. They are not trying to “play to their” audience. I believe that is actually who they are and it’s inspiring!

  271. Donna Harrell says:

    I just Love their love for each other and their beautiful children. And how evident their faith is so important to them. And if course how beautifully Jo decorates everything she touches!!

  272. Angela Johnson says:

    What inspires me most is how well they work together and how they give God the glory for their success!

  273. Kristie Salazar says:

    The thing that I admire most about Chip and Joanna is their commitment to their family. Having four kids myself and a husband who is self employed it’s sometimes hard to fit everything in but they have done a great job of involving their kids in everything and I love that,

  274. I just love how they can work together on something they have such a passion for, and how they knew when the time was right to starts their business. Their laughter and dedication are an inspiration!

  275. Kathy Pannell says:

    I love Chip and Joanna’s show, Fixer Upper. Joanna’s design style is stunning. I especially love their love of God and the way they are raising their children. May God continue to bless them abundantly.
    Thank you for sharing your exciting, fun trip to Waco!

  276. I love that faith and family is first and you can tell they genuinely enjoy being married to each other.

  277. What an awesome blog post, sounds like a great trip to Waco. It is on my list of things to do this year! What I like best about Chip and Joanna at the most basic level is their kindness to each other. She has a quality about her that is so pleasant, and their show is easy to watch because of it.

  278. Heather Lord says:

    What I love about them is their genuine sencerity and desire to bring their community of craftsmen and women along in their journey. Not only have they made it, but they have shed light on so many other talented folks in their community and helped to build those businesses up too! Harp designs is just 1 example of many. In addition they are creating jobs with every new idea they create!
    They truly are selfless, genuine people and that comes through every episode!

  279. Danielle Cahoon says:

    I love the fact that they are not afraid of sharing their beginnings or their faith, in addition to design.

  280. Thanks for the tour. I love how humble Chip and Joanna are!

  281. Vicki Crochet says:

    The down to earth , homey feel you get looking at everything is charming. Chip and Joanna Gaines exemplify the genuine people they are with their faith, hearts and souls in the foreground of their marriage. This is def one of the stops when I make it back over to Texas…..can’t wait. Thank you for sharing your visit with all of us!

  282. This was a very good post for vicariously experiencing Magnolia but believe it or not I wanted to see the bathroom too. 🙂

  283. SUSAN JONES says:

    Opps, I didn’t see this. I posted in comments.
    Love Chip and Joanna. Thanks for your pictures and loved reading all about your trip.

  284. Brittany O'Shea says:

    The most inspiring thing about Chip and Joanna Gaines? Where to start! I love the fact that she didn’t go to college for this, she is just that naturally talented. I love that Chip believed in her and that they continue to push each other to be even better. I love how obvious it is that they cherish each other, and God and their children. I also LOVE that they don’t ever watch TV!

  285. Love, love, love them! What inspires me the most is their faith in the Lord, being so successful, and keeping their feet on the ground! GOALS! ❤ ??

  286. Beautiful pictures! I love Joanna’s decorating style. Thank you for giving us such a good idea of what it is like; now I will have to go visit.

  287. This is on my list to visit too!

  288. Sharon Zeiset says:

    Love that they are hard working, ordinary people!

  289. Dee Ann Allen says:

    I feel just like I have been there after looking at your pictures. I would have bought tulips, too. They are my favorite family.

  290. Michelle Molitor says:

    The most inspiring thing about the Chip and Joanna is their humility, they have been obedient to the Lord and He has taken them above and beyond what (I’m sure) they could have imagined! You can tell they are a couple filled with integrity and genuine love for people. They represent the name of Jesus beautifully! Thanks for sharing…This was my very first visit to your blog and it did not disappoint! Signed up for your newsletters – Look forward to your content!

  291. Karen Washington says:

    I think Chip & Jo are such an inspiration as human beings first and foremost they are God loving and fearing people. They put family first, down to earth just good people. I hope to be good parent, wife, Christian and wonderful decorator for my new home one day. God bless.

  292. sharon k. says:

    I love how they are following their dreams, and raising their children so beautifully. What an inspiration!

  293. Wow! It looks so much bigger than I thought. How amazing that they’ve created such a neat space in their town.

  294. Brandon Thomas Tyler says:

    I was inspired by how they can be so creative in their makeovers.

  295. Thank you for bringing the Waco ” WOW” to all of us!! My 2 friends from Jr. High & I got together and drove to Magnolia!! We are all 65 now and haven’t been together since H.S. the Silo’s were not open which means we have to take a trip back!! Can’t wait to see how they have inspired you….

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