Spending a Morning with Chip and Joanna Gaines

It’s not every day that I get to do something as exciting as what happened last week, namely spending a few hours with HGTV celebrities, Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Market and the Silos.  What a surreal moment in time and an absolutely fascinating time getting to see them up close and personal.  Definitely a bloggy highlight for me!

I was invited by Kilz to a media event and one in which we would be getting a preview of Joanna’s new paint line that came out last year, Magnolia Home paint by Kilz and also we got to hear about her newest venture into her own chalk paint line, which has such beautiful colors.  I’m going to do another post later on about the paint colors and more details about it all, but for now, I’ll just recap the day we spent with Chip and Jo.

There were about 6 bloggers in all and the rest of the almost 20 in our group were writers for magazines like Country Living, Southern Living, and Traditional Home.  Most large decor media outlets online were represented at the event and it was a pretty big deal to get invited to this.  I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of it.  I know that we were the envy of all bloggers around the country as we shared our time on Instagram and Facebook.  It truly was an amazing adventure!  I’ll be sharing a lot more of the trip as soon as I can edit pics and digest it all.

I flew in from New Orleans, since I had just spent the weekend there with my family for Parker’s 3rd birthday. I’ll share that this week too.  Once I landed in Waco, TX and headed to the hotel (Hotel Indigo, 2 blocks from the Silos) that Kilz was hosting our stay, I took off to explore Magnolia and the Silos and it was everything I imagined and more. Can’t wait to tell you more about all of that too.  I took plenty of pics, so you’ll hear the entire scoop about it all and we got a private tour of the offices, including Chip’s office.  We didn’t get to take pics there, but it was gorgeous up in the office area.  We did get a private tour of the rooftop deck with magnificent views downtown.

Our day with Chip and Jo started the next morning across the street from the Hotel Indigo at the Phoenix Ballroom, a beautiful old space with gorgeous floors and rustic beams. It was perfect for an event like this.

There was a gorgeous breakfast lined up that came from the Magnolia Bakery and oh my gosh, was it delicious.  Cinnamon rolls, biscuits, muffins, fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits, and coffee.  That bakery is just heavenly, let me tell you!  I’ll share more of all that too later on. I did have 2 cupcakes along the way and they are the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had.  No kidding!

Joanna’s paint line was all lined up in a beautiful array of colors for us to see.  I know the paint line has 20 Market Collection main colors, but the total number of colors in the line is 150 hand selected colors, which covers every spectrum you can imagine.  I love how Joanna’s vision for her paint line is captured in the soft colors.

Joanna was so generous to all of us and gave us gift cards to spend at the Magnolia market, as well as signed copy of her book and new Magnolia Journal magazine.  I had just bought their book to read before I left and took it with me to get it signed.  It’s a great book and I so enjoyed reading their story.  They came from humble beginnings and have worked very hard for this success.  Since she gave us a signed copy too, I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon and I’ll be giving away a copy of the book, magazine, and an extra apron that we got while we were there.  Woohoo for one of you!

The colors are soft and subdued and not in your face bright at all.  Colors that I could definitely live with. The paints are all available online at this time, but will be rolling out to some retailers soon, we heard. You can check out that link above for all the colors.

I tried out one color last summer when I painted my master bathroom Rainy Days and it’s such a pretty color.  I could totally see using some of the others in future projects.  The paint is a Premium paint and also it’s paint and primer in one, meaning the coverage and colors are rich and they cover well like you’d expect a nicer paint to be.

These paints are also available in a Cabinetry and Furniture paint, which should be very durable for painting furniture and cabinets.  I could definitely see using this for painting kitchen cabinets.

Chip and Jo were introduced.  I was sitting on the front row, on purpose of course.  I wanted to be as close to them as I could get.  They are fascinating people and I am hooked on their show. Are you?  Even my mom watches the show.  Everyone I know loves them and the Fixer Upper show.

And I can tell you after meeting them that they are exactly as I imagined them to be.  Personable, friendly, down to earth, with no air at all in spite of their celebrity status that they are living out now.

Chip is hilarious and just as goofy as you see on TV. He’s full throttle in the personality department and had us laughing all the time.  Joanna is just as she seems too, a little more serious and reserved, but a lovely person who looks you in the eye as she speaks and makes you feel very welcome as she shared her passion with us.  She is such a talented lady and is definitely doing what she was made to do. Making houses beautiful and sharing her creativity with the world.  She definitely inspires me!

The unveiling of her new chalk line of paint.  The colors are so pretty and I love that she named colors after her children in both her paint lines.

We got to try out the new chalk paint line that Joanna has just introduced.  This is a scoop for all of you!  Right now, I think the chalk paint will be only available online, but they will be rolling it out to some retailers later on.  I don’t see it online yet, so stay tuned about that.  I know it will be available soon.

They had tables all set up for us to choose a craft project to use the new chalk paint on.  I chose a picture frame and the color Weekend, a rich deep blue.  What fun it was when Chip walked by and said, who has Weekend paint?  I said, I do, so he pulled up a chair and began painting 2 wooden boxes for their youngest girl, Emmie.  It was so sweet!  He painted the first one a lighter shade of blue and the other one in weekend.  We chatted away and that was a big highlight too.  He’s so easy to talk to!

At this point, since I had him right there at my table, I decided to just jump out there and do this.  My boyfriend, Mark, was really excited for me about this trip. We watch the show together and he loves them and has been watching since almost the beginning of their show.  He had said to me before I left, do a video of Chip and have him say hello. Of course, I had no idea if I would even get a chance to do that or speak with them one on one at all.  But, there he was just a couple of feet from me painting away on those boxes.

So, I did it!  Chip was so sweet and accommodating to my request and it made Mark’s day when I texted him this video!

I know he’ll keep this one saved!

Chip is also a spokesperson for Kilz paint, which makes perfect sense!  Chip does all those renovations and what better product to use than Kilz paint. I’ve used my share of Kilz primer before too and can vouch for the coverage.  It’s a great product!  I like that they have Kitchen and Bath primer for high humidity areas as well as a Max line for really bad areas.

Chip gave us the demo on the primer and it was fun seeing him in action.  Notice Chip’s dirty jeans and boots.  No airs about this guy, he looked like he just walked off the farm and I’m sure he did.  I loved that he was just himself.

We got the chance at the end to sit in small groups and interview Chip and Jo.  They were so sweet to answer our questions.  I asked them if they had ever considered doing house renovations in other parts of the country.  They said that no, because of their kids and the fact that all of their crew lives here in Waco, that logistically it would be very hard to ever take on projects in other cities.  I totally get that and their family is the highest priority on their list these days, so that is very neat.  I love that family and their Christian faith are so important to them.  I do think that’s a big part of their success.  People relate to that sincerity and that they live it out in their daily lives.

So, I just wanted to recap the day with Chip and Jo and what an absolute honor and highlight it was for me to be there.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and so happy I got to do this one.  It will be hard to ever top this blog experience that is for sure!  I can assure you that these two fine folks are exactly as you picture and imagine them to be from the show.  Very down to earth and approachable.

I’ll be back later to talk more about the trip as well as more information about the paints.  It’s a beautiful line of paints, so check them out if you get the chance.  I hope to be trying more of their paints on future projects.

Note:  Big thanks to Kilz for sponsoring this trip. They flew us to Waco, as well as put us up in the Hotel Indigo for a night and we were treated to yummy meals while we were there.  It was truly a wonderful experience that I’ll never forget! 

- Rhoda


  1. Such a highlight!
    Hope you frame the pic of you with Jo and Chip. And if you look at the back of the Magnolia Journal spring ed., you’ll find the Frog tape ad with the design and photo by Thistlewood Farms. Full circle moment.

  2. Sandy Endle says:

    So happy for you, Rhoda. I can’t wait to hear and see more about it.

  3. Rhoda, how exciting! Their show is the one and only HGTV show my hubby will watch, we make it a special time together. He loves Chip and we have fun discussing the decisions and the problems that happen. Just love them both, they are a perfect match, indeed. So happy for you to be able to have met them and to get to go to WACO!! Woo Hoo!!

  4. How awesome!!

  5. So excited for you! What a fabulous invite. As you know, we love Waco and the Gaines. They have done so much for the community. But more importantly, they are so genuine and authentic in all they do. I had the pleasure of visiting Joanna’s little shop on Bosque while our daughter was a BU and cannot wait to see the silos now that they are complete. Preserving history and a wonderful landmark, something all who love Waco can appreciate.

    • Oh! Both my kids went to Baylor! And, we had shopped that little place on Bosque before the show started! LOL One of my best friends works for the university and told us about this couple, that are Baylor grads, doing a show on HGTV, be sure to watch, etc. Who knew?!? Now, a different friend works for Joanna. Crazy! Plus, many of my daughter’s sorority sisters have worked in the shop, some on Bosque and now the Silos.

  6. Wow! Well color me green! I am a wee bit jealous! How exciting for you! I cannot wait to hear more details. The paint colors look stunning. Great photo of you too! I am sure it was a very fun time.

  7. Lynn Rechsteiner says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. I love their show and WHEN I’m near a tv, I watch them. Very inspiring in that I renovate. Always learn something new and what trends to follow. I’ll have to try their paints. You will have to visit my new project on Lake Blue Ridge, it’s complete. Hugs.

  8. Awesome Rhoda! What an exciting time for you. Yes some envy here too. I can’t wait to hear the rest of your stories on Waco.

  9. Andrea G Corley says:

    I cannot imagine how surreal it must have been, sitting right by Chip. I know you were in heaven and then to have a video…. so awesome! But nothing happens by chance! It was your time and your experience just from God to you! I know you learned a lot of tricks and new things. Maybe we can use one of their paints in my house…. So happy for you! I so respect them for the stance they take and the real, down to earth people they are! I look forward to reading more and hearing more!
    So glad you got this opportunity!

  10. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Someone knew what they were doing when they sent you this invite. You are just as you described Jo and Chip to be – a genuinely good person and definitely ‘down to earth and approachable’! I’m so happy you got this opportunity and are sharing it with all of us. Can’t wait to hear more about it all.

  11. Wow!! So jelly! I love Chip and Jo and as so many people LOVE Fixer Upper! It sounds like a fantastic trip and opportunity. So excited about this line of paint. I too have used Kilz primer on many bathroom and kitchen projects. I am thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets so I will have to check out the paint for the cabinets. Thanks for the post. Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

  12. Dee Rahmeh says:

    OMG what an exciting experience and so glad you are sharing with us !!!! I’m so glad to here they
    are such great people!!! thanks again for all your inspiration!!!
    dee in Texas

  13. So awesome! It had to be just an unbelievable trip and meeting of the minds! I am so jealous. On my bucket list to visit Waco one day and hopefully meet them.

  14. I’m so happy for you! That sounds like such an amazing adventure. I love their dedication to their faith and family too. I’m excited to try out their chalk paint line. Also, I love the pistachio cake recipe you shared. Your blog has been blowing up the past few posts!! Very cool.

  15. How fun!!! Great recap. Love Killz paint, so I will definitely check this line out.

  16. Wow, exciting times for you! Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip and I’m looking forward to seeing the paints in stores..

  17. This is so awesome! I still get teary thinking about the house they did this season for the Vietnam vet and his dear wife who passed away before the show aired. Never miss their show. If you ever get an invitation to P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm, I am volunteering right now to carry your bags!

    • Hey, Roxanne, that was a sweet show, I didn’t know the wife passed away. I’d love to visit P. Allen’s farm, that would be so fun.

      • At the end of the show was an In Memorium page dedicated to her. When I was watching the show, it was obvious she was in very poor health . I said Please God let her enjoy her new home for at least a little while. But I guess God had better plans for her.

  18. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Hi Rhoda…great job showcasing Chip & Joanna! I love their show and it’s nice to hear that they are as they appear to be. Gives me faith in HGTV again. When are you coming to Nashville? It would be nice to meet you after all these years of following your blog. Thanks for all you do!

  19. Wow Rhoda!! What a special and exciting trip! Loved reading about Chip and Joanna. I’ll be watching for more!

  20. WOW, how lucky are you? I loved reading about your trip and look forward to more posts in the future. Thank you for sharing. I love Chip and Jo…and everything they do. ♥

    Lisa from Indiana

  21. Rhoda, I’m so envious of you right now! You’re living my dream! 😉 I just love watching Fixer Upper. What a fun and memorable opportunity to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines, thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  22. How wonderful that you had such a surreal experience! This was not luck, your hard work is paying off! Thanks so much for sharing – I think everyone loves this couple and it is nice to get an “insider’s” perspective on them.

  23. Buffie Baril says:

    Over the moon joyful for you Rhoda! LOVE Chip & Jo so much too. What a lifetime opportunity God gave you. Hope you can collaborate with them more. 🙂

  24. Wow Rhoda ~~ What an adventure, so glad you shared it with us. Thanks for the Kilz info too, I plan on checking out these beautiful colors. Happy Monday!!!

  25. It appears I’m going to have to make a trip to Waco! The Gaines are so genuine.

  26. It’s wonderful to see the success of such sweet, humble people! The Gaines are just who they show themselves to be. One of Joanna’s “right hand” people is a personal family friend, Whitney Kaufhold. Whit is the 6ft, slender, beautiful, quiet blonde that’s always in the background. She is also one of the artistic designers of the magazine.

    I LOVE that you are making so many trips to TEXAS. My sweet mama is a Georgia girl transplanted to Texas. My grandfather’s aunt just thought it was horrible that he was moving his family to Texas. She thought only people in trouble with the law came here! LOL (My mother is 84, so her great aunt was probably born in the 1800s! YIKES!)

  27. Love hearing about your trip! Thanks for sharing

  28. Cousin Judy says:

    Rhoda! How exciting for you. You have met my husband, Tim. He’s just as crazy as Chip. So, when we are working on our own DYI projects, we call each other Chip and JoJo just for fun. Silly, but we are such fans as well.

  29. Rhoda, how very exciting. So glad you got to go and experience this. How fun. I love all the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. Marianne A. says:

    What a great post! I’m so happy for you that you got to be one of the select bloggers to go to this event. And, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that chalk paint. I have a project in the works for which to want to use chalk paint. I was going to use Annie Sloan, but I’ll wait and use Magnolia.

  31. So exciting! What a nice experience & I love Fixer Upper too. I can’t imagine how nice it was to be a part of this & get to meet & talk with them. You deserve every trip that you go on as a Blogger. Goes to show you how noticed your Blog is.

  32. Mica Craig says:

    i am so happy that you got invited! Good for us also because we get the scoop! I know it was a real honor. My Mama always said that hard work reaps benefits (something like that)?! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for more.

  33. What a blessing!

  34. How exciting for you! I was able to visit the Silos over thanksgiving weekend last year when it was very crowded but it was so fun to see what I see on TV each week. I do hope they are able to hold onto their humility and family ways as the show becomes more popular. Thans for sharing your fun weekend.

  35. In case you didn’t know a tip you will love! When taking a video hold the phone horizontal to get more in the picture. Or maybe you were so excited to be sitting by Chip you totally forgot!! I would have!

    • Hey, Pam, I did know about that but it seems about the same because then it’s skinnier and not tall, so it doesn’t seem like it’s that much better to do horizontal.

  36. Rhoda this is very cool. Glad you got to spend the day with them and craft. Sorry you lost your voice and hope you feel better real soon. You did score major girlfriend points with Mark I am sure, for the video from Chip to Mark.

  37. What a most unbelievable experience!…love the video and I spy sweet Brittany in the background!

  38. Kathy Pannell says:

    What an exciting time! How very wonderful for you and the video for Mark is a keeper! Thank you for sharing.


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