Week 18: House Renovation: Stainless Steel and White Cabinets

Last week was another somewhat slow week.  We got delayed with the finish of the kitchen cabinets since my parents and I were going out of town.  My installer will be back this Saturday to finally finish up this beautiful space.  It’s really coming along and looking great, so I did take time last week to get all the drawers properly installed, as well as the doors.  The only thing I haven’t conquered yet is the lazy Susan corner cabinets, upper and lower, so that’s a pretty good week.  You’ll see what a difference getting these in place has made.

I’ll show you more of the details of my cabinets and why I love them so much.


All the base cabinets are in and the only area left is the above the fridge cabinet.


Here’s a good look at the massive pantry I got.  When deciding on the layout, I really hoped to have room to fit a pantry since I don’t have a dedicated closet for this and this one is going to be nice.  This area right inside the door was about the only space I could add one and I’m so glad I did. The corner cabinets above and below will hold Lazy Susans and those will come in handy too.


Here you can see the crown molding installed along the top, as well as the trim molding at the bottom of the base cabinets that will hide my under cabinet lighting.


Stove with microwave above will fit in these empty spaces.  I still have to find a stainless steel stove, that will be next.


Here’s the blank wall that will be one big beautiful wall of subway tile soon.  And my rustic 4’ shelves will be hanging here too.  I can’t wait! I’ve got one more little plan to the left of these base cabinets too that I’ll share later.


To the left and right of my window are glass front cabinets.  I really wanted some glass and glad I got them.  More than likely, my glasses and white dishes will be housed in these cabinets.


Dishwasher will be to the right of the sink and you can see we are still working on the refrigerator panel and a little surprise cabinet above.  I had a 6” filler space there and decided to add a pull out spice drawer, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see how it turns out.  Cute, I hope and it will get it’s own little door!  I ordered it from this online company, after seeing it used in another Ikea kitchen when I was browsing blogland.


A 24” deep upper cabinet will go over the fridge and when done, will look built in.  That side cover panel will come out to the edge of the fridge to give it that built-in look.  That area has been one  that has sent me back to Ikea several times.  The details on putting together a kitchen is mind boggling and I went back 4 times to get all the missing and necessary components to get this kitchen together properly.  I think at last we are ready for the finale.  I should have a few things to return when it’s all said and done.  You definitely have to have some patience when doing a kitchen from Ikea, as there are many little things to consider and have on hand, like side panels, extra hardware, and the right size fridge cabinets.

Frigidaire side by side

So, you might notice this beautiful new thing!  A gorgeous stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator.  I am in love with it big time.  This month’s Lowe’s challenge was to give an update to our kitchen with the giftcard we were all given as Lowe’s Creative Ideas bloggers.  Well, how about that timing?  Coincidental again?  No way indeed!  Just in time for August, my kitchen is coming together nicely and one of the things most needed in this new kitchen is a refrigerator.  I had a side-by-side in my last house and I also like stainless, so I went shopping at Lowes to find a great deal and find one, I did.  With my giftcard I was able to get this one on sale.  It’s not a top of the line model, but will serve me well.  You can spend a boat load of money on refrigerators, but I’ve never done that.  This one has all the bells and whistles I need and water and ice in the door is a huge plus and luxury.  With a 10% off sale and another 10% coupon, final price was just over $800 and the giftcard paid for most of it.

Talk about a blessing!  I have so enjoyed my association with Lowes this year and they have helped me so much on getting my house together.

Frigidaire refrigerator

Water and ice in the door.  When you get used to that, it’s hard to go back to not having it.

Inside Frigidaire refrigerator from Lowes

Inside there’s plenty of room to hold all the groceries I will need to make this a real live working kitchen.


I took time last week to get in the slides for my pantry shelves.  This thing is going to be great.  Ikea really builds their hardware and shelves fantastic and you would have a hard time finding better door hinges and hardware overall.


Once you know where the screws go, it’s pretty easy to install.

adding shelves to Ikea cabinets

I borrowed my neighbor’s screw gun which came in handy. I have one, but it’s not as powerful as this one.  That’s on my list to upgrade too.

pantry shelves Ikea

I spaced the shelves out, thinking that some would need more height than others.  I  know this pantry is really going to come in handy for me.  The shelves pull all the way out.


The glass front cabinets come with glass shelves and they were easy to install too.

Ikea kitchen drawers installed

My two 36” base cabinets will also be great and they all pull completely out as well.  I’m so pleased with how Ikea puts their drawers together.  Soft close Blum hardware also comes with these cabinets and that is one fantastic feature.  Those were easy to add too.


I can stack all my pots and pans in these big drawers.

Ikea kitchen hardware

Since Ikea was having their 20% off sale, I decided to go ahead and get their hardware too and mixed it up with these 3. I love them!  I’ll put the big handles on the big drawers and pantry, the pulls on the smaller drawers and the knobs on the cabinet doors.  I love the mix of black hardware on white cabinets, always have. Some go for nickel, but I like contrast.

granite samples

I also went granite shopping last week and found a great place in Alpharetta that I think is going to do a good job for me and they came in with the best prices for granite and installation.   Update:  The granite company I’m using is Legacy in Alpharetta. They had the best prices of anyone I found out there and I think they are going to be great. I saw them working in the warehouse on several pieces and they have a huge selection of all colors of granite too.

I found several in the lighter color palette that I was looking for and ended up choosing Kashmir White, above.  At $32 a s.f., this one is affordable.  I have about 40 s.f. in my kitchen, so it will come in at just over $1,300 and that includes a 10 year sealer.  Not bad at all!  I really think I’m going to love this granite and I’ve seen it in blogland more than once.


You can see how the crown molding looks here.  It’s a simple crown that doesn’t touch the ceiling and this is what Ikea offers in their trim pieces.  I’m fine with this look, there’s about a 3 or 4 inch space above and that will be OK with me. Putting in real crown molding is a lot more labor intensive and would cost me more money, so I’m good with this one.


I think it looks very simple and classic. The panels still have their coating on the sides, so you can still see that in the pics too.  We will still have to do the backsplash subway tile too and I do believe we will tackle that one ourselves.  My dad and I have both tiled and he has a wetsaw.

I’ve got a few more updates to share with you too from around the house.


A few more updates in the house, I got my lantern from my old house installed in the foyer.  Love, love it!  So glad I brought it with me.


My old $5 thriftstore light find came with me too and this one works great in my office.  It has some cute linen shades that will go on there later (once I start unpacking boxes).


I also opted for a ceiling fan in my bedroom. The old one was falling apart.  This one is simple and classic too and it’s in an antique brass finish.

Lowes fan

I like how it looks and it will be used a lot.  As much as I love a chandelier in the bedroom, I like staying cool better. My electrician added a really cool remote control wall switch in my bedroom too, which will be really nice.  It allows me to control the fan from the wall, with Low Medium and High settings as well as turning the light on and off.  This is great since the wiring wasn’t done separately originally.

Moen faucet bathroom

Another update that I haven’t reported on yet.  All my faucets got replaced!  Moen was a sponsor at Haven and they sent me brand new bathroom faucets and that really makes a difference in updating my sinks.  Thank you, Moen!  This Satin Nickel finish will mix well with the chrome in the tubs.

Moen faucet

Hall bath update

new hardware in tub

I had a plumber come out and he totally fixed both the tubs, replacing all the hardware with brand new fittings.  I was so happy to see this done!  Now the tubs need a really good scrubbing, I’ll get to that soon.  So, you can see we are making some big progress now.  I can hardly wait to get this house finished and it’s getting closer by the day.


I caught mom and dad outside last week, working in the garden.  My dad even grows his own potatoes.  Aren’t they cute? Dad had just come in from picking veggies and mom was scrubbing the dirt off the potatoes.


Check this out!  I came outside and found this sight and had to go get my camera.  I asked my mom if she minded me taking her pic and she said no.  I said, now this needs to go on the blog.  She just laughed!  I have the hardest working folks in the world and am amazed at all they do.  I hope I’m still going half as strong at their age.  I’m so, so blessed to have these 2 as my parents and yes, I know that more every day.

So, that’s the latest and greatest with the house renovation.   We are making some big progress and this week I’ll be doing a little painting on the vanities.  Dad will be back next week and my granite installer will come out to do the template and get ready for that. I’ll do a breakdown on the kitchen costs for you later too when the kitchen all gets put together with all the components.  Then, we’ll start working on those stair treads.  After that, I’ll get the final things done in the bathroom and then I’ll really be getting closer.  We still have to add shoe molding too around the whole house so some of that stuff will take a little time.

I don’t want to rush it and move in with things still left to do, so I’m going to try to be patient and get all those little things done before we start bringing in furniture. It will be so much easier to do projects with the house empty.

I am thrilled to be a Lowes Creative Ideas blogger and Lowes provided a giftcard for a kitchen project.  I opted to get the refrigerator. All opinions and ideas are my own.  Thanks to Lowes, my house is getting prettier!

You can find Lowes on here:

Lowes Facebook –

Lowes on Pinterest

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda!
    Everything looks gorgeous! I am so excited for you. Your posts about your new home are so inspiring. I love seeing the new updates and watching your beautiful house come together. You’re energy has sparked my creative side and I’m going to have to find a project of my own now!! Can’t wait to see the next post! Julie

  2. This is going to be so beautiful! I just love to watch this transformation!

  3. Looks fantastic!! You are impressive using your power tools!
    Wow– your parents even grow taters!! I am surprised you don’t weigh more… I know the food must be good there.

  4. Just beautiful !! Everything !! So glad to see a home renovation report !! Cant wait for the next one. Your parents are so precious !

  5. Your kitchen is looking great, love the granite.
    I love hearing about your parents… You are indeed blessed.

  6. Love that Ikea kitchen! And I’m with you on the contrast of black and white…out white cabinets had nickel hardware, but it looks much better with black.

  7. I love seeing this house come together and how your style has evolved along the way.
    A tip I thought I’d share with you about cleaning old tubs…Magic Erasor by Mr Clean.
    I’ve used them in Fiberglas and porcelain tubs that have a lot of build up and they really make them shine.

    • I used Magic Eraser in the bathtub in our basement that hadn’t been cleaned in years. My husband even tried the power washer, but Magic Eraser did a better job. Great tip!

  8. So glad you shared the pull out shelves in your pantry! I’m kinda bummed that the shelves in my new kitchen will be fixed (i tried, but that’s all the builder offers) I hope the Ikea ones will work with those cabinets!

    • I bought some stainless steel pull-out shelves that you can screw in on your existing wood shelves and added some to my pantry as well as some of the other base cabinets. Not quite as good as what Rhoda’s got but they do work well. I bought mine from a catalog but I also noticed them in either Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  9. GO RHODA!

  10. Rhoda,
    I am so excited to see the kitchen come together. It is going to look amazing with that granite.I look forward to each week’s installment of your progress. And I’m always amazed with the work that your parents are still able to do.

  11. D henderson says:

    The kitchen is looking great! I am excited for you as i have watched your hard work come together. Your parents truly are a blessing, and thanks for sharing them with us!

  12. Elizabeth H says:

    I get so excited when I see progress in your new home. Everything is looking so good. And a dose of your parents really lifts me up. They are hardworking and so precious. They look so much younger than their ages.

  13. My product endorsement for tubs is KABOOM. I have a fiberglass tub and shower stall which not only gets rid of soap scum but cleans the glass doors and has a nice fresh scent. I use one of the scruffy sponges and dirt just washes away.

    Do you have A/C in your house?

    My admiration grows daily for your parents.

    • Nancy, thanks for the endorsement, I’ll give it a try. And yes, I do have A/C so that is a big plus. It’s the original unit & eventually I’ll have to replace the heat/AC, but for now it is working.

  14. Rhoda
    Everything looks so bright and fresh, I love the light coming in the windows. You and your parents have done an amazing job on the house.
    It’s coming together so nice. I have so enjoyed watching your progress.
    It will be worth all the hard work you all have put into your new home.

  15. Latest and GREATest is right. Everything is looking great.

    Love your folks and their harvest of potatoes!

  16. Rhoda, you are blessed. I’ve said to my husband before that we are so lucky….he reminds me that we are blessed and we work hard. That is true for you too! I am so enjoying your progress. Do you know what colors you want to use in your kitchen? Do you have a hopeful date to move in?

    • Stacey, I loved that green on the wall, so it will be the star. I think I’ll bring in a gray/white fabric (haven’t found it yet) and use blues and greens in my accessories. The white cabinets will shine and I can use most any color I want to in there.

  17. Loving your kitchen Rhoda and trying not to covet those pull out drawers. If I could re do my kitchen, all the lower cabinets would have pull out drawers. And I agree with you about ceiling fans….I get so aggravated on HGTV decorating shows when they go in and take out the ceiling fans. They may not be very pretty but they are very necessary in the Sunny South. Great that you got such a deal on your fridge too..what a blessing!

  18. This is going to look AMAZING when you’re done! Very inspiring progress thus far.

  19. Wow, I love your cabinets, Rhoda, and especially all those pull out drawers! Everything is coming along beautifully!
    Your parents amaze me- I wish I had their energy now, let alone a few years down the road!

  20. If you don’t find what you want at the price you want for a stove, there’s a great place on Powder Springs Rd just past the conference center that’s a scratch and dent–my friend got high end fridge and stove there for a song and we’ve yet to find the scratch or the dent. Just something to keep in mind. Shoot me an email and I’ll try to remember the name!

  21. I love when you post pictures of your mom and dad…they are just so cute! It makes me smile…and miss my mom and dad..enjoy them..you are blessed

  22. Love the progress on your house. It’s really coming along now but how about those parents of yours. So very precious. Now those are some real life people. Nothing superficial about them at all. You just gotta love ’em. So sweet.

  23. Love the kitchen makeover and can’t wait to see the finished product. I also love the photos of your mom and dad. They look so sweet together and are blessed to still have each other and be as active as they are.

  24. Rhoda, I am still amazed at weekly updates on house, you and parents have accomplish so much work. Love the kitchen with pull out drawers.
    Tip learned on blog: Cleaning bathtub, use equal parts vinegar and dawn, this is helpful for cleaning my bathroom. Thanks for sharing pictures of parents, you know many of your viewers have fallen in love with them, they have good work ethic, enjoy seeing rewards of their garden. I would like to have some of their energy – truly amazing couple!
    From middle GA fan

  25. I have followed your blog for years and love your style. Your life story and house renovation are inspiring. Can’t wait for the grand finale. I am shopping for kitchen countertops…can you tell us the name of the granite company in Alpharetta?

  26. Love it!!!

  27. Laura @ the shorehouse says:

    Of course your dad has a wetsaw, lol. Love it. And I LOVE that picture of your parents! As my mom would say, “that’s a farmer!”

    Your kitchen looks great! We are starting to plot out a kitchen renovation and after a huge attic reno (to the studs) last year, I can’t say I’m exactly looking forward. :-/ Your pics are inspirining, though! I’m having fun following your new house adventures.

  28. Debbie Thompson says:

    Everything is looking great!! I love following your blog and especially love the renovation updates. My daughter, sister, niece and I are coming to Atlanta from Knoxville to do some shopping for my daughter’s house. We are going to IKEA, Ballard Design Outlet, Crate and Barrel, and The Container Store. Do you have any other suggestions for us to be sure to check out that are exclusive to Atlanta? Also, not pertaining to home decor…any good places to eat we should for sure try? We will be staying in Buckhead area. Thanks for any suggestions. We are super excited so if you see four crazies running through the Ballard Design Outlet looking for deals like your $8 lighting fixture you will know its us!

    • A great place that is a very old Atlanta tradition is Mary Mac’s Tea Room. It’s on Ponce de Leon Avenue closer to downtown. A great place for some wonderful southern food. You won’t be disappointed.

  29. Your kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL!! Can’t wait to see it all put together! Love the paint color too.

  30. Rhoda–its AMAZING! You are all such hard workers. I love seeing the IKEA cabinets in action, the kitchen is going to be beautiful! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with what you are doing.

  31. Rhoda, Your home is lovely! It has been an amazing transformation! Your personality is really shining through your choices! I’m so happy for you! I’m also so happy that Moen sent you new bath fixtures! They’re lovely! Your parents are precious! I wish I had half of their energy! They are amazing!

  32. Rhoda, Your house is looking amazing; I’m sooo happy for you!! The progress is moving along very quickly….I look forward every week, like everyone else, to see what new you’ve done to your place…..I love the pictures you take of your parents, that’s something else I look forward to…Take care

  33. Hi there,
    Wow! Things are coming along quite nicely! I get excited every time an update comes in my email.
    Re the cupboard above your fridge, my parents re-did their kitchen many years ago and the installer was the one who suggested making the upper cupboard as deep as the fridge. The new pantry was next to the fridge so everything was built to the same depth. The upper cabinet held all Mom’s long things – cookie sheets and the like. The pantry had the pull-drawers like yours. She also had the deep pot drawers like you have. I’ll tell you all of these things spoil you for a so-called “normal” kitchen. Mom and Dad decided the last time they had to buy a new fridge to go with the freezer on the bottom. If I ever have my own fridge I would not go back to either a side-by-side or a freezer-on-top model. I’ve used them all now and really like the freezer on the bottom.
    Take care and I look forward to the next installment,

  34. Rhoda it is looking wonderful! It might seem slow to you but here in blog land you are making great progress on your new home. Love white cabinets and your granite choice. Looking forward to more! {It’s good to be friends with Lowe’s!}


  35. I am always amazed at how similar yet how different our kitchen remodels are….just FYI, I found a great range at Sears for a very affordable price since I needed stainless steel. I am also putting in rustic shelving above a wine bar…can you give me some details on your shelves since my contractor is having trouble picturing the same thing I am picturing and I am trying to avoid a two hour drive to purchase old salvaged beams (although I love that idea)

    I keep saying, all I need to finish is a set of parents like yours!

  36. Once again—just loving all of the progress & your choices!! I’m just thrilled for you & love seeing it all come together….it’s every bit as beautiful as I knew it would be!! Alsways love seeing your sweet parents, too! What a blessing they are & I love how energetic they are! Looking forward to next weeks report! Blessings!

  37. Wow! another great feature update! Things are really coming along now! Here’s another tip for your tub…try Lime Away. I’ve used it with great success on the hardest of stains. For the toilets, try SnoBowl cleaner (Publix should carry it). So exciting! I can just see your cream dishes in those lovely glass door cabinets. Also, I love all the local tips you’re receiving from readers in your area (i.e. Powder Springs store)….great for when you’re shopping for your stainless stove. This is exciting for all of us who follow you! We are so proud of you and what you and your parents have been able to accomplish! You are blessing us every day with your posts! You rise and shine and Give God the glory everyday! That’s something to be proud of and we’re lucky and blessed to be able to follow along in your journey!

  38. What fun to see your kitchen coming together! Excited to see the end result! 🙂

  39. I love Ikea cabinets! We have them in our laundry room, and we built them ourselves. Let’s just say that I’m really, realy happy for you that you had professionals install them. It’s not hard, just so darn time consuming, especially when there are other fun projects to think of!

    We also keep our plates in drawers rather than cabinets, I grew up this way too and would never go back, it’s so much easier to put things away now!

    Loving watching your progress and so happy that blogging is actively helping you do it (Lowes:)


  40. Yay! Your home is coming along nicely! Love the way your pretty white cabinets look in your kitchen. Looks like you’ll have lots of space too! I’m just so thrilled for you, Rhoda!
    Yes, your mom and dad are real little cuties! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  41. Love how the kitchen-and your house- are coming together.
    The granite is going to really tie everything together in there!
    When I grow up, I want to be just like your parents 🙂

    As far as cleaners, though, I have switched to almost all natural things. I LOVE vinegar with baking soda and a few drops of Dawn-it has no fumes, is safe for the environment, and it works. That Kaboom stuff is toxic to the earth-something to consider when choosing a cleaner IMO.

  42. Wow, everything looks fabulous, I love all the choices you have made. I can’t wait to see your new home finished, You and mom and dad have done a fantastic job.

  43. I just love watching your home progress and that you are doing this on a budget, but it will still be a showstopper. I wish I was there to jump in and help you out. Your parents are just the sweetest ever, they remind me so much of my own dear Mama and Daddy. I love them so much and am so blessed, too. Your kitchen is gorgeous, and thanks for sharing the granite pattern. I may look into it. I have been holding out for Carrera but omg is it ever expensive. I love that granite pattern, too. xxoo

    • Hey, Barb, definitely check out the lighter/whiter granites. they do have a little bit of a marble look. I’m thrilled with my choice !

  44. Debbie Thompson says:

    The house is looking awesome. I look forward each week to your updates and photos. My daughter, sister, niece, and I are coming to Atlanta in the next few weeks to shop for my daughter’s house. We are planning to shop at IKEA, Ballard Design Outlet, Crate and Barrel, and The Container Store. If you happen to see four crazies running through Ballard Design Outlet frantically searching for bargains such as your $8 light fixture you’ll know its us!! Are there any other places you would recommend? We are staying in Buckhead. Also, not having anything to do with home decor, are there any places to eat you would consider “not to be missed” when visiting Atlanta? If you hear your name being called out in a giggly “oh my gosh, there she is” voice you will know its me!!

    • Hey, Debbie, it sounds like you’ve got the best places covered already, so I don’t have more to share with you. I know you’ll have fun & don’t feel bad if you don’t get an $8 light fixture at Ballards, that was a once in a lifetime fluke for me! Places to eat, there are so many great restaurants and I’m not an expert on that area down there, but I know you’ll find plenty to eat. Have a great time in the ATL!

  45. This renovation has been so very enjoyable to watch and has inspired me to follow my design dreams. Your kitchen choices are lovely and I’m so looking forward to seeing the finished product. Keep up the great work you do!

    Your west Michigan friend, Sheila

  46. Love, love the kitchen! I’ve had oak wood cabinet in all three of our houses and I would love to have white cabinets. Anything but oak wood ones. Your kitchen is beautiful – did you put wood floors in here too? I like the IKEA cabinets and drawers. It’s so much fun joining you in your adventure. I think it is wise to get as much done before you move in even though it’s difficult to wait. I, too, must have a ceiling fan in our bedroom. It run on low all summer…day and night. My comfort comes over any decorating decisions. Function, function, function! I love the granite you picked out. I’ve never had granite in any of my kitchens. Let us know how you like it. Really enjoyed my visit today.

  47. I’m a recent subscriber to your blog and I just love it! The pictures of your parents are priceless! Thank you for letting us follow your kitchen remodel step-by-step.

  48. WOW… things are really moving along…I have enjoyed watching the progress! Your parents are priceless! You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents. The memories you all are making together will live on forever!

  49. Soooo happy for you ! How nice that you are getting all that help from Lowes, etc. You are their best example of using thier products and Lowes knows that! Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations with us! After what you went through in the recent past and having to re-start your life, I know YOU know Rome wasn’t built in a day! The painstaking decisions and every nail you hammer in will make that house a home, and that, is what it is all about! God bless you and your wonderful parents for helping you! You are so blessed to have them!

  50. This is going to be a great kitchen Rhoda….excited for you!

  51. Everything looks great, but I wanted to comment on the stainless. Everyone is carried away these days on all the HGTV shows about the stainless, but I know first hand, it does not clean up well. You have to scrub and scrub or it streaks big time! Personally I prefer the look, I guess you could say I have the faux stainless on my fridge, and believe me it cleans up very nice. If you put the stainless cleaner on there, be sure you have plenty of time, because it will take you probably at least 15-20 min. to get the streaks off.

  52. Rhoda…I so enjoy seeing the progress of your home…the kitchen is coming along beautifully…really love the granite you chose….and what a way to end your post with a picture your wonderful parents..I am so happy that they have been able to be such an important part of the process of your home and blessings in your life!

  53. Hi Rhoda: I LOVE Ikea and the kitchen looks fab…I also love that you chose my favorite granite Kashmire White! Isn’t it gorgeous? It has bits of green and silver and its shimmery, so beautiful. Good luck and looking forward to the finishing touches!! ;-))

  54. Four times to Ikea would be pure madness! Glad you were able to endure it. Love your glass front cabinets, and that score of a refrigerator was amazing! You lucky girl. Y’all are making great progress (even if it does seem slow to you.)

  55. I was trying to read your part 5 story and it shuts off. Tired om a laptop and then in frustrations switched to my iPad and still same results. Your other parts are working fine…just thought you should know. I am trying to find answers to the blog route. Thanks for the help

  56. I have so enjoyed watching all of this come together. You have done such a great job, and I am thrilled for you.

  57. Hi Rhonda. Your kitchen and home is beautiful. I love your green paint in the kitchen. What color did you use? I cant wait for the reveal.

  58. Marc Jones says:

    Style, taste and good design! Your home is turning out gorgeous! But then again I knew it would and the hard work you have put in really shows! You decided on the white cabinets after all! It is very cottage chic! Personally after three other houses with white cabinets I have opted for painted/ glazed cabinetry but I have to admit the white is classic always! Just beautiful Rhoda! When is the house warming party? Congratulations, you deserve all these blessings coming your way!

  59. The kitchen is looking great, and it’s so fun to watch the progress. I love the green! I had a suggestion…I noticed outlets on the wall between your counter top and upper cabinets. It is not too expensive to wire an outlet strip that you mount under your top cabinet, and then you won’t have cuts in your pretty tile backsplash. An example of what I’m talking about: http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=70611-170-V20GB306%2b&langId=-1&storeId=10151&productId=3201871&catalogId=10051&cmRelshp=req&rel=nofollow&cId=PDIO1.
    Of course, I’m assuming that your dad can do the wiring for you. If you have to hire an electrician, the price would go way up.

  60. Rhoda,

    Everything looks so great, it’s really fun to see you remodeling your new-to-you home. I love looking at other peoples homes and seeing how they decorate! A question that I’m hoping you will have time to answer, you mentioned when you bought your IKEA cabinets that they have a sale twice a year, I was wondering if you knew when they will have the next sale on cabinets? I’m planning on an IKEA kitchen and seeing yours has got me excited to start! And you are inspiring me to start a blog 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us..it means the world.


    • Hi, Nicole, from what I saw online it seems that they do the kitchen sale maybe twice a year. I don’t know if it is always the same timeframe, but the spring sale was around April, I think. I had no idea that I would get in on a sale, it was just a blessing that I did. It saved me at least $1,000 on my kitchen and what a help that was. I am extremely happy with my Ikea choice.

      • Thank you! I did a little research and it looks like they might have one in the Fall sometime, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Thank you for responding. 🙂

  61. Your kitchen (and the rest of the house) is coming along so nicely. I’ve been meaning to comment for a while but never got the chance. The pic of your parents above finally prompted me. You are so blessed (I know you know this) to have them. Seeing them work on your house tirelessly every day just warms my heart (and sometimes teary eyed, only b/c I wish I could have that too). Your house is literally built with love. Always treasure them. 🙂

  62. Don’t comment often, but wanted to say I love watching the transformation you’re doing on your house. Looks lovely! AND your parents are so cute…they truly appear to be the epitome of “happily ever after” !

  63. Hi Rhoda
    it looks more amazing at every update. Just love it. Cant wait to see the kitchen counters. Love the fridge. Yes your blessed with wonderful hardworking parents.

  64. Rhoda,
    Your house is coming together beautifully. And all in God’s time. So very happy for you. Thanks for update on your hardware. And your parents! 😉 Hugs!!! Michelle

  65. Rhoda
    You have really great parents. I know they must be extremely proud of you. In the picture of your mom and dad working in their potatoes, I liked the way his hand just touched her shoulder.


  66. Wow, you pretty much put together my dream kitchen, with the white cabinets and dark hardware.

    I was looking online at the Ikea cabinets and I’m a little overwhelmed, what model did you use?

    • Hi, Ivona, thanks! I’m really loving the kitchen too. Ikea has Akurum base cabinets for all and then you add the door style. Mine is Adel White.

  67. As much as I love seeing all you do with design, I love seeing your parents even more. They remind me SO much of my grandparents and make me think they’d be doing the same things today if they were still alive. *hugs*

  68. Rhoda, it looks great. I love hearing all this positive feedback about IKEA cabinets. Although we won’t be replacing our current ones in our kitchen it’s nice to know if I wanted to do a larger remodel in our next more permanent house IKEA would be a good place to turn.

  69. Rose Broadway says:

    I have enjoyed lurking on your sweet blog for a long, long time. Your home is looking more beautiful by the day.

    Many blessings to you from hot and dry Missouri!!


  70. Awesome! This is shaping up to be beautiful. You are truly inspiring.

  71. Always love following along on your home updates! Oh my your cabinets are gorgeous. What a beautiful kitchen you are going to have!

  72. Love those cabinets and that awesome pantry! It’s coming along very nicely!

  73. Your cabinets are just gorgeous, and I LOVE that green paint. I am so excited for you! Can’t wait to watch the next month or two unfold! ~Kerri

  74. I’ve loved IKEA for years … their products just keep getting better and better! Your kitchen is a fabulous example … LOVE what you’ve done. The white cabinets are so crisp … love how functional your new pantry will be, too! I look forward to seeing it all put together!

  75. Kitchen’s looking great, and everything else seems to be coming along well too! Great progress, Rhoda. So excited for you.

  76. You are one amazing woman and I want to thank you for allowing people like me into your blog world. Congratulations on how well you have bounced back and created a brand new life for yourself. Best wishes, Ardith

  77. The kitchen looks wonderful. Does Ikea sell paint that matches the cabinets in case of any knicks? And how will you keep the 3 or 4 inch space above the cabinets clean? And finally, what the heck is “shoe molding?” It must be “Southern” for something. lol.

    • Lindy, I don’t know if they have touch up paint, I didn’t see it if they do. Hopefully, I won’t need it. As far as that small space above, I won’t even worry about it. It’s no different than a 12″ space in that it will probably get some dust up there, but it’s not going to bother me. I didn’t clean the top of my other cabinets hardly ever! Shoe molding is the same as quarter round around the baseboards next to hardwoods. Not sure if it’s Southern or not!

  78. I love your pretty home blogging, but your parents are all-stars and could be an amazing blog of their own! Truly, when do you see women of *any* age sitting on a bucket washing potatoes?! So very rarely. Their generation knows how to work, and mine (I’m 37) doesn’t even know how to do what comes so naturally to them. They are a wealth of knowledge. Please share more from them!

    I only have one grandparent living (she is 93) and I love to hear her stories about the chores she did as a child. Hmmm, I didn’t even have to do chores unless my mom got frustrated with us and made us help her once a month.

  79. Rhoda, your kitchen looks fabulous, and your parents are seriously the cutest. They remind me of some folks in my family that like to get things done 🙂

  80. Rhoda, I’m so thrilled for you! It’s wonderful to see how your kitchen is coming together so beautifully. Watching you take this house from eyesore to eye-candy is such fun!

    The folks at Lowe’s knew what they were doing when they made you one of their bloggers. Honestly, I think you’ve made the best use of that connection! Who would have thought that you’d be able to get a big stainless steel fridge for your kitchen? I’m really happy that this worked out for you. God is blessing you so richly.

    I’m sure you know that you have people all over the blogosphere absolutely in love with your parents. They’re just the best!

  81. I just love the picture of them washing “taters” …. how we say it “further South” .. I’m in Southwest GA …

    Please let patience have it’s way. You’ll be so much happier in the end. Thanks for allowing us to tag along.

  82. Your house updates just make my day! I look soooo forward to what you all have done next. I love everything!!! So tickled for you that Lowe’s helped you out on your fridge! They are just awesome and what a blessing indeed!
    I get such a kick out of your parents! Man me and you both on hoping to be AS productive as they are at their age. What a legacy they are making!!!!
    Me to on loving the pix of them washing their tators. She’ll probably have food for your pantry to help get you started in your new home when it gets that time. I know they will miss you being there in the house with them to when you move into your home. CONGRATS Rhoda you are getting closer and closer to being in your home!

  83. Hi Rhoda!

  84. Looking good! I have been missing most of the posts lately, I thought they were a bit short, then I finally realized you started truncating your posts in reader, bummer!


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