Westside Design District: Jonathan Adler Store

Last Saturday, I met up with local Atlanta bloggers for lunch out and some browsing in the Westside Urban market.  That area is really up and coming and so many new stores are opening up down there in the last few years.  Not far from Ikea, there are so many creative resources in the area now.

Starting with lunch at JCT Kitchen, always a treat, we had a great time catching up and doing a little shopping.

lunch at JCT Kitchen

Here’s part of the group at lunch.  JCT is a really good place to eat, fresh and great food.

Westside group shot

We walked across the way to the Jonathan Adler store. I had been in here once. It’s an explosion of color.

From left to right:  Sarah, Christina, me, Amy, Sally, Kelley, and Carrie.

Jonathan Adler store

The Jonathan Adler store is not exactly my taste, but it’s fun to look at all of this. Talk about mixing patterns.  Anything goes these days.

Jonathan Adler 1

White pottery on blue.

Jonathan Adler 2

This chair is really cute, I do like it.

Jonathan Adler 3

Round mirror and lots of owls.  It totally cracks me up to see all the owls back in again.  The 70’s are really trying to make a comeback.

Jonathan Adler 4

This looks 70’s too, doesn’t it?

Jonathan Adler 5

Orange and white.

Jonathan Adler 6

If a peace sign pillow isn’t 70’s, I don’t know what is.  I personally lived through it the first time, so I don’t want to relive the 70’s again.

Jonathan Adler 7

This wall screams 70’s, loud and clear.

Jonathan Adler 8

Loving the greens.

Jonathan Adler 9

This marble topped table was pretty, but pretty pricey.

Jonathan Adler 11

Vivid blue wall and a sectional sofa.

Jonathan Adler 13

It’s very eclectic in  here.

Jonathan Adler 14

This cute traditional chair is a good one. Not so crazy about a pillow that says Anger.  No thanks to that!

Brass Jonathan Adler

Brass is resurging again, as predicted.  I like some more matte finish golds, but this is still a little screaming to me.

Brass Banana Jonathan Adler

Not to mention, a big brass banana?  Uhmmm, no thanks!

What do you think of the modern Jonathan Adler style?  I like a few things, but for the most part it’s a little too contemporary and bright for me. 

I’ve got more pics to share of a few other stores in the Westside Design District and I’ll get those up eventually!



- Rhoda


  1. I am with you. It looks like the Brady Bunches Living Room.

  2. Goodness! I too prefer a more calm decor! A few pops of color is great but one of those wall papers on my walls would give me a constant headache, not to mention be out in about six months!

  3. Do you recall the Home Interiors owl picture everyone had in the early 1970s? It’s fun to see others enjoying the 1970’s look again, but it is a ” been there…done that” for me!

    Pleeeze I hope avocado green or harvest gold appliances stay away!

  4. I was so happy when the avocado green refrigerator finally died! Of course you can’t get rid of a perfectly good appliance, can you? lol

  5. Looks like a FUN time! LOVED the marble table…very nice!

  6. The day we closed on our house I took down some wallpaper very similar the orange, brown and green paper displayed! I’m with you girl, I had the Peace and Love signs in my room as a teen and all the beautiful appliances and then as an adult bought a house circa 1972. Done with the 70″s!

  7. The Seventies are back Rhoda…oh my goodness, the knitted lion with the fringed mane!! Before we know it macrame will be back too. I have kept all my brass pieces and they are proudly being polished and put on display. I had so many brass candlesticks and resisted the urge to paint them as shown on pinterest. They are now on display on my buffet and look great.

  8. The 70’s bring back fond memories except that ugly avacado green. I like the newer spin on it especially the owls since they were my always favorites.

  9. I agree with you….I lived through the 70’s too and don’t want to go back. I am not a big fan of the total Jonathan Adler decor as a whole. Too stark or too way out there for me. However, some pieces would look good in a room with other items. A brass banana? Really?! I totally didn’t ‘get’ that!

  10. seventies? any garage/estate sale! how does jonathan adler get those prices? are people just buying a designer name? an impressive label to me is goodwill! ha ha

  11. Have to say that I wouldn’t be spending any money in the Jonathan Adler store. I’m wondering what the demographic market is for that store though…maybe people in their 20s and 30s? Not me.

  12. Lived thru the 70’s once and it’s enough for me – the only thing I want from the 70’s is for disco dancing to come back!

  13. I agree with you. I have no desire to go back to the 70’s!

  14. I have a space that I rent in a local business that resells vintage finds. I have to say the things that sell the fastest are the midcentury modern and 1970s era items. Owls seem to fly out the door….no pun intended! Anything turquoise and orange sells. It’s those Brady Bunch items that the younger generation is after.

  15. I work really hard to make my house look French, Italian, even Early American but the 70s…no. That’s where I draw the line!

    Ashley Rane Sparks

  16. Yikes! I would not shop there…….I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy. I’ll stick with my traditional style. Lunch looked like a great time…..always good to get together with friends.

  17. I don’t think I would shop there at all. I do like that marble top table though. It looks like you had a fun time.


  18. Not a fan of the seventies or Jonathan Adler! Quite frankly, society, including the design trade, would have been just fine without it!

  19. Rhoda,
    The only thing I’d like to bring back from the 70s would be my youthful body!!!

  20. Everything my parents had in the 70s was avacodo green, down to the car – and we had it all for 10 years. I was scared for life, not that I hated it, I just never choose the color for anything. And owls— I remember a lot of macramé Owls–everywhere. Why do we do these things? :).

  21. I don’t like it at all. No thanks!

  22. I’m OK with some of the accessories, but over all it’s not my style. 🙂

    On a separate, but kind of related note, I dreamt last night that I went antiquing with you and Christina (The Frugal Homemaker). Funny because I’ve never met either of you and I don’t live anywhere near Atlanta!

  23. Rhoda, I didn’t care for the items in the Jonathan Adler store at all. Your house has so much prettier furniture and accessories!

  24. I too.. felt like I was invited to the “Brady Bunch” set!! Love the vibrant colors but the style is just a little tooooooooooo seventies for me!! (Been there done that… now you know how “Young” I am!!) LOLOL .. obviously a fun day !!!

  25. I still live with some of this stuff!!! I got it in the 70’s. Don’t want to add more either. The one thing I loved was the framed yellow butterflies. That made me happy.
    Thanks for another great post, Rhoda.

  26. Oh yea, I did the 70’s too. It looks like my bedroom from when I was 13-17ish. What an angst filled stage that was. No thanks! 🙂

  27. I didn’t cave to much to those oranges etc, the first time around. The best thing for me that came out of the 70’s was my baby daughter Michelle.:-)

  28. I agree with you … not exactly my style but there are some really pretty accessories… Glad you all had a great time…so nice to be able to get together with fellow bloggers!

  29. Not a fan at all !!! Hubby would love taking me there we wouldn’t spend a dime lol !!! to each his own right ???

    Thanks for the tour !!!

    Nice to have girl time…………….

  30. Looks like a fun day, but I’m with you, once around for the 70s was enough for me as well! My grandfather always said that only good thing about the ‘good old days ‘ is that they’re gone! I have to agree with him. Have a wonderful day!

  31. Looks like fun! I don’t think anything in Jonathan Adler store would fit in my budget, but I love a little pop of color here and there. Totally intrigued by that white disco-ball-looking light in the picture with the vivid blue wall – no clue where something like that would work in my house, but I dig it 🙂

  32. Ooh, been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.
    Although I would buy the pillow that said “No Wire Hangers” – funny…

  33. Courtney Taylor says:

    I just got a good laugh out of the anger pillow and huge brass banana!

  34. I guess I’m with the majority here. I don’t “get” what he does as anything new and different and certainly wouldn’t want it at his prices.

  35. The huge banana reminds me of Andy Warhol.

  36. No thanks!! All that stuff was shoved down our throats in the 70’s and then was “out” just a few years later. And the designers all made fun of us for having it in the first place! It had no staying power then and it won’t this time either.

    I can’t believe he sell his stuff at those prices!

  37. Definatly not my style either, fun to look at, but no way would it make it to my home. 😉 Thanks for sharing all your adventures! Your blog is my “magazine” I read everyday.

  38. Hi Rhoda! That lunch and shopping trip was so much fun! I got so much out of the conversation and really appreciate how down to earth you are, kind and generous with your time and advice. It is cool to see the Jonathan Adler store through your camera’s eye. And I agree with the last comment… your blog is my daily “magazine”.

  39. Sounds like you had a very fun day, Rhoda! I would love to have a group like that around here! I can’t wait to come and meet everyone at Haven!!!

  40. I just wanted to comment on how much I like your new photo.

  41. Looks like a great day out. Interesting to see the grey in the third image, I have just completed a post about how to use grey in your home as usually it is associated with a drab colour but used correctly it can have a calming effect. Personally though I think its best to use it with an accent colour.

    There looks to be a wide range of colour and designs in his store, sometimes I wish I didn’t live all the way over here in New Zealand. We have some fabulous little stores, but that is exactly what they are, design stores here are mostly small private shops carrying a small range of designers products.

    Thank you for sharing your weekend.

    Lee 🙂

  42. I agree, Rhoda! Even though I didn’t live through the 70’s, it is definitely not my style! 🙂 There were a few things in his store that I liked but no brass, big bananas, or orange wallpaper 🙂

    But it was a fun day, a yummy lunch, and a good time talking with everyone as usual. Looking forward to our next get together 🙂

  43. Hey, Rhoda! I was wondering if you could recommend one or a few nice furniture stores in your area. I live in Canton and there’s not a large selection here. Woodstock Furniture Outlet is probably our largest store. My taste leans more toward traditional, just not very contemporary. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have!

    • HI, Jill, have you tried all the furniture stores on Barrett Parkway, down from the mall? There are several over there, Thomasville, Lane, American Signature, I think you might find something in those.

  44. Thank you for the suggestion, Rhoda. I’ve not looked at any of those. Will definitely check them out! Just wondered if there might be something different around Marietta…maybe a family owned furniture store with unique pieces. I appreciate your input!

  45. I bet that was one pricey banana!

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