Whitecaps Cottage on Tybee Island

We are experiencing MORE winter weather here in Atlanta today, but my heart is still at the beach….

Last weekend was an absolutely wonderful experience, getting away to Tybee Island for 4 nights with a bunch of blog girl friends.  This all came about when several of us were at The Chapel Market last Fall and Mary Kay Andrews (aka Kathy Trocheck), you know…the famous author,  was there with us and we all started talking about Tybee and how fun it must be. I had never stayed on Tybee, so the discussion came around to “why don’t we plan a big blogger event at Tybee in the off season”, January or February.  Plans were made and the gears started turning for Mary Kay and her friend, Diane, who manages Mermaid Cottages on Tybee to get this trip going.  I helped them coordinate with the bloggers and a memorable event was hatched.  And what a fun event it was!

Tybee lighthouse2

It has been at least 15 years since I stepped foot on Tybee Island and all I remember about it was a lighthouse. I totally don’t remember all of these cute cottages or little downtown shopping area or the beach looking pretty darn awesome.  I don’t remember any of that!  So, I have to say that Tybee has evolved and grown a lot over the last few years.  I’ve visited Savannah a handful of times and absolutely LOVE it. So historic, charming, and Southern.  Tybee is about 30 minutes from Savannah, so a perfect place to stay and see it all.  I will definitely be going back to Tybee Island. It reminds me of a 1960’s beach town, not because it’s out of date, but because it’s so charming and quaint.  There are plenty of restaurants, shopping and bike riding. The perfect island to get away from it all and relax.  At only 1 mile wide by 3 miles long, it’s a small island, but that’s part of the charm. You can ride bikes and feel completely safe and it’s flat too.  Loved that!

I took over 600 pics, so will definitely have to narrow down my posts to share with all of you, but be forewarned.  I will have a lot of posts from Savannah/Tybee Island.  I couldn’t stop taking pics, there was just that much cuteness everywhere I looked.  From the cottages, to the beach, so much to look at and experience.

I stayed with 3 other girls in my cottage, called WhiteCaps.  It’s in an area where there was an old army base called Fort Screven and many of the homes in this area are old.  It’s just steps to the beach from here. White Caps dates back to 1897 and was a complete charmer.  I loved her so!   Three sweet blog friends stayed with me, Beth, Jen, and Lucy and we had a ball.  Talk about a girl’s weekend, this was the ultimate. There were 19 of us in all, everyone spread out at 6 different cottages and we made the rounds, checking them all out.  I got lots more pics of a few of the cottages, so I’ll have plenty more to share, along with Savannah and the beach. It was so much fun and really a great get away for this time of year, with the inclement weather back in Atlanta right now.

Spring, where are you?  Please come back!  Going to Tybee for the weekend gave us a little taste of spring, we lucked out with temps in the 50’s and 60’s and mostly sun the whole time.

heather rhoda

My friend, Heather, who blogs with her sister, Vanessa, At the Picket Fence, now lives in Atlanta so she and I rode down together.  Her sister flew in all the way from Oregon for the weekend and they were happy to see each other again.  We had a gorgeous, little chilly, drive down on a sunshiny day.  We had to stop and take a pic of the Tybee Island sign once we drove through Savannah. Tybee Island is on the other side of Savannah from Atlanta and on a little island all alone.

white caps exterior

This area has older cottages like this one, mixed with newer construction and the whole Fort Screven area is charming.  White Caps sits on a little hill with lots of other houses around.

white caps 2

It’s actually a duplex and we stayed on the left side.

white caps porch

This charming front porch was so adorable.  We did take the chairs off the table after we got here, but I was too busy snapping pics.

white caps 1897

Whitecaps Circa 1897.

white caps shells

Shells on the rustic table.  I can imagine this place in the summer will be bustling.

white caps water view

I used my zoom lens to get a view of the water just across the way from Whitecaps, so the beach is just a short walk from here.

white caps front door

Whitecaps awaits our visit!

white caps foyer

Coming in the foyer we were oohing and ahhing over all the beauty.  She’s a beauty, Whitecaps!  Mermaid Cottages is a rental agency that handles cottages all over the island, so you can choose any number and size of houses offered for rental.  Whitecaps is a large one that sleeps 9, so even though rentals aren’t cheap it’s great for large groups and cost effective with a lot of people.

white caps foyer table 2

Beautiful iron foyer table covered in burlap and nailheads.

white caps living room

The large living room is light filled and spacious.

white caps living room 2

White slipcovers and beautiful pine floors.

white caps fireplace

The fireplace looks to be original.

white caps fireplace 2

Fireplace with overmantel, so pretty with the built-ins on the side.

white caps ceilings

Check out these gorgeous ceilings!

white caps shells on fireplace

These seashells are stacked and tied with twine to keep them all in place.

white caps bookshelf

Built in bookshelves on either side.

white caps living
Those 2 big doors go out to the porch and still have original wavy glass.

white caps dining to living

I love this room!

white caps dining

The dining room is spacious and light filled too. Check out the curtains which are held up by rustic sticks.

white caps dining 3

I love the exposed brick on this side of the dining room.

white caps dining 4

Another full shot of the dining room.  I know these all white rooms won’t appeal to everyone, but at the beach, this is a really nice feel.

white caps foyer table

Looking back towards the foyer from the dining room.

white caps hall mirror

A large antique mirror sits at the end of the hall coming from the kitchen. I loved how this opened up the space and it’s such a pretty mirror.

white caps kitchen

Down that hallway is the kitchen, also light filled with modern white beadboard cabinets.

white caps kitchen 2

Such a cute kitchen, with all the modern conveniences needed.

white caps kitchen 3

Rustic pine floors go well with all the white and I loved these glass front cabinets

white caps coffee station

Mermaid morning bliss coffee awaited us the  next morning and we put that coffee maker to good use.

white caps kitchen 4

Welcome to Tybee!

white caps bedroom 4

Right off the kitchen is this cute bedroom in pink checks.  Beth stayed in this one.

white caps bath 3

She had her own little bathroom to match.

white caps looking down

Upstairs looking down to the foyer.

white caps stairs

The staircase was a double one, with one set of stairs coming up from the foyer and another to the right that went down to the back hallway leading to the kitchen.

white caps bedroom 1

At the top of the stairs was this quaint bedroom and this is where I stayed.

white caps master bed

Comfy bed all ready for guests.

white caps bedroom 2

Plenty spacious with a large closet and fireplace.

white caps bathroom 1

We shared bathrooms and this one had the shower and large sink.

white caps 2nd bedroom

Lucy stayed in this pretty khaki striped walls bedroom with the iron bed.  So cute and charming!

white caps 2nd bedroom daybed

This daybed was in there which could sleep another person.

white caps blue bedroom

At the end of the hall was the blue and white bedroom, which Jen stayed in.  I loved how nautical this room felt.  Check out the striped dresser on the right.

white caps blue bedroom 2

I love the mix of blues in here with crisp white woodwork.

white caps blue bedroom art

Couldn’t you just make yourself at home in a cottage like this.  Yes, we did too!

white caps 2nd bath

Upstairs hall bath had a clawfoot tub.

white caps 2nd bath sink

With a cute pedestal sink and retro black and white tile.

white caps bunkroom

Downstairs in the basement was a cute red, white and blue bunkroom, perfect for kids.

white caps bunkroom 2

So cute down here.

You can see Whitecaps is a very spacious house and would hold a lot of people. I can see hosting a family reunion on Tybee Island, or a girl’s weekend like we did.  So many cottages available in every price point.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit of 4 nights on Tybee and I would highly recommend going to Tybee and staying.  It truly is a great place to relax, without a lot of traffic or busyness.  If you’re looking for rest and relaxation at the beach, Tybee is a good place to start!

I’ll be back later to share Ebbtide, Mary Kay Andrews cottage that she bought a little over a year ago.  Ebbtide is big, so it’s where we met up every night to congregate. It’s so quaint and cute and very large too and has a completely different feel than Whitecaps, but equally charming. Mary Kay did her usual junking to fix up Ebbtide and it’s so adorable. The charm factor in these cottages?  Over the top!  I can’t wait to show you more.

- Rhoda


  1. Rho,

    Those homes are so pretty. So glad that you had a good time with your blogger friends.


  2. I was so jealous of your girls trip to the beach. I watched for every photo on Instagram. So happy to read your recap. I love Tybee. I have a friend with a house there and hope to be visiting again this year. I’d love to read a recap of all the shops and restaurants you visited in Tybee and Savannah so I know where to go next time I visit. xoxox

  3. I would love to hear more about the shells on the mantel….they ARE FANTASTIC! Do you think it would be easy to make?

  4. My heart is still full too. What a joy to spend that time with you. Reconnecting was my highlight. You have captured the magic of our place with your pictures. Obviously, you got the shots of my room either before or after I left, and if it was after, my apologies that you had to clean up so much. haha xoxox

  5. Okay….how did I miss that basement? Seriously. Amazing.

    The whole trip was so full of joy and laughter and I’m so blessed to be included!

    You go girl!

  6. I was so blessed to be included on this fabulous weekend! Your photos turned out great. I loved your house and couldn’t figure out how those shells were held together! There was so much to see and do, my head is still spinning!
    Hope you are staying warm and safe today.

  7. I missed that basement too! Wow it is cute! The whole house was simply stunning. I could’ve moved right in! It was so nice spending time with you this past weekend!

  8. Rhoda, thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to see all 600+ pics too! My husband and I are heading that way in May, from OK, so these posts are perfect timing as we plan our vacation. Thank you!

  9. What a lovely home and how fortunate you are to get to stay there AND get a taste of spring! What a rough winter we have had here in the south and everyone is so ready for the promised warm days ahead!

  10. I so enjoy visiting beautiful places that you and other bloggers share. Thank you. I definitely will include Tybee Island to our vacation wish list.

  11. What a gorgeous place! I love that rug in the kitchen and how it matches the bricks.

  12. A beautiful and perfect place to relax and enjoy the gorgeous island of Tybee…Thanks for taking us on this wonderful tour of this magnificent beach house…So glad you all had a great time!

  13. If I visited there I wouldn’t want to leave! Beautiful!

  14. What a great place to stay!! What fun:)

  15. Have been following this fun weekend on a few blogs, MKA has had a few posts! Love Whitecaps and could see living there year round. Was it originally one home or always a duplex? I’ve visited Savannah and the Carolina coastal areas, but have only heard about Tybee from Paula Deen or books I’ve read – would love to visit there. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.

  16. I am new to reading blogs. I loved seeing the pictures from Tybee Island. I hope I can visit sometime since it’s just a few hours from my home. Southern Hospitality is a perfect blog for me. I love home decorating and project ideas I can do.

  17. Thanks to your earlier post about your planned trip to Tybee Island, I read your post today from Cottage on the Green, just around the corner from Whitecaps. My husband & I decided to drive to Tybee Tuesday to miss all the snow & ice headed to Marietta. We got a great deal from Mermaid Cottages, pay for 2 nights & get 2 free. This is one of the most charming homes we’ve ever rented, it’s the perfect size for 2 people. We’re in Cottage A & we’re planning another trip here so we can stay in Cottage B. I peeked in the windowsof B & it may be even more charming than A. It is cold here today but we haven’t seen a single snow flake. Thank you again.

    • Hi, Terri, I’m so happy to hear that you are on Tybee now!! You will love it, such a charming place. I definitely am going back too. Enjoy your time and walk over and peek in the windows of Whitecaps!

  18. I know y’all were in Tybee last weekend but did y’all get a chance to stop by the craft show in Savannah at the convention center? I went Sunday and my friends and I were on the lookout for y’all. Hope you had fun and I hope y’all went to the crab shack it’s a place not to be missed.

  19. I would like to see all 600 of your photos of Tybee Island….such a welcome site from all of this snow I am seeing. I can’t wait for the next beach post. I have spring fever.

  20. Rhoda, you could be the travel ambassador for Tybee Island! I’m sure the number of visits to Tybee will increase after your fun weekend with your blogging buddies! I love Tybee and have passed Whitecap Cottage on our last stay on the island. I hope you got to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. The home you stayed in is stunning. Love the staircase! The basement is really cute. I never thought they would have a decorated basement. Hopefully, the island will stay as charming as it is and not become a yuppy high priced resort town.

  21. Looks like a gorgeous cottage and wonderful weekend! I’ve never heard of Tybee, but now I’d love to go!

  22. Stayed there in the early 2000’s with my side of the family had a great time love Tybee Island, thinking about going back, kids are grown now, would love to take a girls trip and stay there again.
    Looks like it has been redecorated and done very well.


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