Why I Chose a Blanco Silgranit Sink

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Renovating a kitchen is a big deal and there are a lot of choices to make when you’re changing finishes and updating fixtures, like sinks and faucets. During my time as a home owner which I’ve been since 1985, my sinks have been several different materials ranging from stainless steel, to white cast iron, to the current sink we have just installed, a granite composite sink by Blanco. This is in fact, my third Blanco granite sink. That’s how much I love it! Blanco didn’t tell me what I had to write or even require that I write a post about the sink, but I wanted to share it in detail because I truly love it so much!

When I was living in the Birmingham house many years ago, I upgraded that kitchen with granite countertops and a new sink. I chose a black Blanco Silgranit double bowl sink at that time. When I renovated the kitchen in my previous house that my dad and I worked on together, I chose another Blanco Silgranit sink, that time the deep one bowl  sink in Metallic Gray. I had no second thoughts on choosing another Blanco sink, that’s how much I loved the first one. The color also went great with the granite I had in that house.

But, just note that there are several different colors to choose from, from light to darker tones. Silgranit sinks are 80% granite. The sinks have a natural stone like character, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and just overall durable sinks. Blanco also has farmhouse (or apron sinks) in granite, stainless steel, and fireclay. Someone asked me on Instagram why I didn’t get a farmhouse sink. Well, it wasn’t priority for me. I’m not that smitten with farmhouse sinks like so many are. I think they are pretty, but my style is not farmhouse and I really didn’t want to cut into my kitchen cabinets on this remodel.

With this current kitchen renovation that we just completed, I knew from the beginning of planning that I wanted yet another Blanco deep one bowl sink. So, since I had a relationship with Blanco and they had been a Haven sponsor, it was an easy conversation to have with them in getting this new sink in place in our current kitchen.

I loved Metallic Gray color and knew it would be a good fit and complement the new quartz countertops with gray veining.

I’m so happy with it and how great it looks in our kitchen. What I love most about the Blanco granite sink is how easy it is to keep clean. It’s deep, functional and holds my biggest pots and pans for easy cleaning.

It creates a stylish and sleek look with the quartz countertops and I just love it!

Being undermount, it’s a nice tight fit and so easy to clean up. It’s not dirty, those are water drops on the sink.

Water droplets bead up and run off. It feels great to the touch, doesn’t seem as hard as stainless steel or cast iron to me. It has a great touch to it and again, so easy to keep clean with a quick wipe down. If anything sticks, it comes off really easy. I’ve never had a problem with these sinks getting stained or discolored.

Blanco holds up great to wear and tear and daily dish washing. Those are all water drops you see in the pic.

Stylish, deep and wide, easy to clean, that’s the main reasons why I chose a Blanco Silgranite sink. It truly is my first choice, after having stainless and cast iron in the past.

My sink came with this nice stainless sink grate that you can leave in or out. I didn’t have this in my old sink, but I’ve added it in this one and I think I like it. But, it’s easy to remove if I want to take it out.

Cleaning up large pans is a snap in this sink. I wash them and let my big pots and pans drain on a drying mat that I keep behind the sink in the corner.

What I didn’t love about stainless was that it can scratch or just look dingy over time. Cast iron can leave black marks on the surface that have to be scrubbed off. But after having a Blanco granite sink, I never had any problems with them at all. It’s my perfect sink!

So, that’s why I chose a Blanco Silgranit sink….again, three times in a row. I would highly recommend these sinks. My sister also has a deep one bowl Blanco granite sink in black and she loves hers too.

Here’s one of the best prices I’ve seen online for the sink I have (affiliate link). There are several sizes available, so do some homework on what you need if you’re in the market. My old sink in my previous house could hold a slightly bigger sink than my current one, so this is the 30″ one. I love how deep it is.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day friends! We’re celebrating by eating out tonight!

- Rhoda


  1. Andrea G Corley says

    I endorse BLANCO 100%. Thanks for telling me about it. Wouldn’t have any other sink.

  2. Beautiful Rhoda! I have a Blanco Silgranit sink in an apron front sink in black, and absolutely love it too!

  3. I’ve had this kind of sink (in black) for over 10 years. It still looks like the day it was installed even though it’s taken plenty of abuse. My previous stainless steel sink only looked good when it was perfectly clean and dry. This sink looks good all the time. I’ll never have any other kind.
    Your kitchen renovation is beautiful and I enjoyed watching the process!

    • HI, Jeanne, that’s what I love, they wear so well over the years. I’m not sure I’ll ever have another kind either.

  4. I love your sink ! When we built our home I got a deep one bowl and loved it. It wasn’t granite but had the granite counter tops. I think the depth is so nice for pot and pans like you said and why have two bowls when most people use the dish washer. Your kitchen looks really pretty !

  5. It’s all so beautiful. You thought out every detail, Rhoda. I love how clutter free it looks. I’m a neat freak married to a clutter bug, isn’t that always the case!

  6. Looks beautiful! I have lots of larger pots and pans so that makes sense. But I’m curious how having one sink versus a double sink works. I don’t always make just one side soap other side rinse but I typically do have dirty one side and a pot w soap for that side and a rinse side. I’m curious how having one big sink works functionally and whether or not this is what I need to consider. Love seeing you loving life! Love you!

    • HI, Dawna, long time no talk! I wash my pots up a lot as I’m cooking and I have a drying mat just behind the sink in the corner, so I’m always stacking things back there to dry once I wash them up. Everything goes in the dishwasher except the big pots and pans, so those get washed up after dinner and put on the drying mat. It works great for me, everyone is different, but I love having that one big deep sink. It’s big enough that a pot can be sitting in there soaking and I can still wash up something else too.

  7. Your kitchen is so amazing! Nothing like a content heart in a happy kitchen ♥ I’ll be ordering my second Blanco® metallic gray single bowl sink on our current new build. I had my first Blanco in my last house and absolutely loved it! I had the two bowls with a low divide and subline draining area. There wasn’t one thing that I didn’t love about that sink. I’m not a fan of an apron front style sink. Oddly enough, I used one on vacation. It was so scratched on the from pant buttons and I frozen being pressed up against it?? Weird, but I was glad I experienced that before even thinking about purchasing one. I noticed you have a Delta Trinsic faucet. Do you still like it? I had a different brand in our last kitchen but similar in style. It sprayed a micro fine mist as soon as the water was turned on. I’ll never use that other brand again. Congrats on the beautiful kitchen space ♥

    • THank you, Tracy, sold on my Blanco sink too and I’ve only had the Delta Trinsic faucet for a couple of weeks now, but so far I do really like it. I’m with you on the apron front farmhouse sinks, I just wasn’t that enamored of them like everyone else is.

  8. We remodeled a year ago and installed a beige colored Blanco sink. The one we replaced was similar and the best sink we’ve ever had (like you, had every kind imaginable in our 13 moves, even chipped a porcelain one :(. This previous sink was some kind of composite, maybe corian? It was a real workhorse and never showed stains on its white surface nor did it chip. But my light colored Blanco stains easily and needs a good scrubbing a couple of times a week. Plus the only thing that would work on removing the stains was Bartenders Friend. Sounds as if the dark colored sinks don’t have this problem. Sad too that the Blanco was quite a bit pricier than regular sinks. We wish we were as happy with ours as you are with yours 🙁
    I do love your kitchen remodel and each of your choices blend so well, great job!

    • Hi, Connie, sorry to hear about the staining on the light ones. I had heard that before, but yes, the darker one like my Metallic Gray really cleans up so easy.

  9. Elizabeth Logan says

    Rhoda, your “new” kitchen looks fabulous . . . great job! I love your sink but since we have very hard water I’m wondering if hard water deposits would be an issue. Do you have any info on that situation?

    • HI, Elizabeth, I’m not sure about hard water, we don’t see to have that here. But honestly I think it would be fine.

  10. I have a black granite double bowl sink in our kitchen and I love it! If we get around to renovating our kitchen this year, I will definitely go with a Blanco sink!

  11. Hi Rhoda,
    I have a Blanco sink and absolutely love it! I have a deep, double bowl sink in the color Truffle (sort of a gray/brown color) I use the grate on one side like a dish drainer. It wears beautifully and is so easy to clean. I have hard water, but it isn’t an issue. After I clean it with something like Bartender’s Friend, I rub a little baby oil on it (recommended by Blanco) and it gleams! I recommend these sinks 100%!


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