Write the Right Words Book Giveaway

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I’ve got another fun book up for giveaway today that I think many of you will enjoy.  Write the Right Words:  Messages from the Heart for Every Occasion,  by Sandra Lamb covers all the occasions in our lives that we need to share the written word.

Writing notes and letters has really gone by the wayside these days, in our electronic society.  When is the last time you sat down and wrote someone a letter…in your own handwriting?! I can’t remember the last time.  It really is a shame that we have let so many of the social graces fall away, when relationships are so important to us and writing a heartfelt message is part of that.

My longtime friend, Vicki, who lives in Atlanta is one of the people I so admire in this respect.  She has always, always been an encourager of the written word and I have countless cards from her over the many years that we’ve been friends (since high school).  For all occasions, I can count on a card from Vicki with a hand-written note inside.   I’m afraid I fall far short of writing heartfelt messages and notes to my friends and loved ones.  I do send cards, with a hastily scrawled note inside, but it’s not always well-thought out.

From the book:  A firm believer that every greeting card needs a personal, handwritten message from you to make it complete, Write the Right Words is a guide to help you create a warm, personal message that connects you to the person you’re addressing.  Filled with examples that you can adapt for every occasion, Write the Right Words will help you get through any greeting-card writers’ block.  Flair, fun, and a personal voice will make every card you send a memorable one.

This book covers it all:

  • Connecting Messages
  • Happy Day Messages
  • Holiday Messages
  • Social Grace Messages
  • Care and Concern Messages
  • Creating a new relationship Messages

And at the back of the book is a Dates to Remember section, from January through December, where you can add all your own personalized notes to keep yourself organized in sending cards to your friends and family.

I’ve got one copy up for a giveaway! All you need to do is leave a comment here on this post for the chance to win your own copy (retail value $23)!  I know I will definitely enjoy having this book on my shelf and I’m going to utilize it from now on.

Answer this question:  Do you still send greeting cards?   How good are you at personalizing your greeting cards?  Do you always write from the heart or scrawl out a quick message like I usually do?

Let’s get better about sending out a special card, filled with our heart-felt thoughts!


The winner of the last book giveaway, The Fixer Upper, is Dogsmom. Congrats and enjoy!

- Rhoda


  1. Yes I still send greeting cards & letters & I hand write all of my Christmas cards. I love to make my notes & letters personal & special. I’m always looking for new ideas so this book would be great. I’d love to win!

  2. Do you still send greeting cards? Yes! Absolutely. 🙂 Mostly at Christmas, and more often to older relatives.

    How good are you at personalizing your greeting cards? I like to personalize them as much as I can.

    Do you always write from the heart or scrawl out a quick message like I usually do? I try to write something meaningful. And I try to make my handwriting legible. 😉

  3. I mostly use blank note cards with a pretty cover. It’s what we put in our own handwriting that a person really remembers from a card, and that way I always have cards on hand when needed. It doesn’t take long to think of something meaningful to write.
    I’d love this book for help, though!

    Enjoying your blog, btw. I’m a Tennessean living in a sea of yankees in carolina! 🙂

  4. I send greeting cards, but I often have trouble adding a sentiment to it. Most often, I just write a quick note without much thought. I love getting cards that have been personalized and I want to be better at it. Maybe this book could help me.

  5. Yes, occasionally I still send out cards and am usually okay at personalizing them. I always have the MOST trouble with sympathy cards, I never know what to say. Thanks for the giveaway.