My Happy Happy Green Office

One of my most favorite spots in my new/old house has to be my office.  To have a dedicated space that is all for ME feels quite indulgent and nice and I wanted it to be a space that reflects me and my personality.  I think it does that.  I chose to paint it a vibrant chartreuse-y green called Fennel by Pratt and Lambert (mixed at Sherwin Williams) and it is a wonderful backdrop color to my all black furniture in this room.

Of course, I kept all my black furniture that I had in my old office nook (which by the way, was a sweet spot as well, I really enjoyed that little office space too).  So, having a 10 1/2 by 10 1/2’ room of my own for my office is such a treat.

I filled it up with things that are important to me and things that I enjoy looking at and having around every day, as well as storage items to help keep me organized.  Cause, I sure need all the help I can get with that part.  Paper clutter is my nemesis.  I can’t seem to get a handle on it once and for all, but this new bookcase system I have in place in my closet will surely help.

So, please don’t hate me for sharing too many pics.  There are a lot and I just can’t help myself.  It’s packed with a lot of stuff (probably too much for many), but I love it!  It just feels so cozy to me.  I can be an over-sharer of pics sometimes, but I know you love to see  the details like I do.

We can’t start this tour without a decent Before shot, can we?  That’s half the fun of seeing the AFTERs! Take note of the untrimmed window too.  UGLY, can I get an Amen!?

BEFORE, of course, the closet.  This room had a vivid shade of blood red that I couldn’t wait to get rid of.

cottage office

AFTER:  Coming in the door, it’s a happy space with lots of color and pattern.

Desk and shelves

My black desk from Target has served me well for many years now and still going strong.  You will recognize many things from my old office nook.  I am using it all again and added a few more things since this is an actual room and not just a nook.  Surprise, my old nook was green too!

shelves and bookcase

Did I say I love it?  I do…love it.  It’s a nice mix of vintage and modern and all the color just makes me smile. The light fixture was a $5 find from a thriftstore in Birmingham that I brought with me.

bookcase and bulletin board

The yardsale bookcase that I found and painted years ago is corralling lots of things in the corner.

chair and Ikea drapes

The Ikea drapes are really what got me jump-started in this room.  I just loved them and wanted those happy colors to surround me.  Didn’t hurt that they had my fave blues and greens in there.

wayfair chair ikea drapes

Did you spot that cute turquoise chevron chair?  Thanks to Wayfair for providing that for my office, I’m very grateful to them.  It was the finishing touch in here and I love it.  The Life is Beautiful pillow came from a Joss and Main sale and I got it with credits.

clock drapes

The vintagey clock was also a Joss and Main find on one of their sales.  Love it!

drapes and blinds

Once again, Payless Décor provided my bamboo blinds and this one is Tibet in their Premium shades. This one is unlined, since I want the light to filter in softly to this room.  Again, Payless Décor has great products and affordable prices.

watercolor and bracket

This little corner got a painted shelf bracket and some of my yardsale finds.  The cute original artwork is from Fifi Flowers, a very talented artist and this is my old laundryroom, so yeah, I’ve been loving these colors for awhile.

vase and bird

Yardsale bracket newly painted in Rustoleum Lagoon blue, along with a vase and birdie.

black Ballard shelves

My long time Ballard Designs shelves are still going strong.  I just added all my fave framed pics of family and friends to the shelves, along with a few cute accessories.  It’s not necessarily styled to perfection, but I like it.

Ballard shelves

Initials, yardsale finds, vintage prints, all of those things find a place with me.

The stenciled wall was done with a stencil from Royal Designs and here’s the tutorial on all the details and how I did this one in my sister’s bedroom.  Same exact method is used for my wall.

chair and console table

The black console table came from JC Penney Linden Street collection and works great as a printer stand.

framed botanicals

Framed botanicals from Saturated Colors Etsy shop, love the black and green in these.

black shelves

Framed pic of my niece, Lauren and me at her wedding.

white pencils

Personalized pencils that someone gave me.

bookcase bulletin board 2

Better look at the yardsale bookcase I repainted a few years ago.  It was originally pine.  I spray painted those baskets in a pretty shade of blue (Rustoleum Lagoon too), which works well in here and they help organize notecards and small things.

top of bookcase

Top of bookcase holds some favorite finds.  Old vintage fan, a vintage print and globe, all yardsale finds.  The planter in the middle was a wedding present to my parents and yep, it is vintage too at 59 years old. Smile

zebra bulletin board

This zebra bulletin board started off as a yardsale frame find (it’s HUGE) and I turned it into this cute and functional bulletin board a few years ago.  Still love it!

Fave scripture

Another yardsale find, this very favorite Bible verse of mine, Proverbs 3:5-6, hangs from the corner of the bookcase.

Ikea Expedit

Now, let’s get to the closet!  I took off the original closet doors and left this wide open.  It was the perfect size to hold an Ikea Expedit shelving unit, so I brought it home several weeks ago and got it together and in place.

And that pop of turquoise inside is Sherwin Williams Larchmere.  I pulled out the teal from the drapes and knew that adding it in the closet would make this room even more fun.

hanging plates

Above the closet, I added these 3 plates that I’ve had forever.  The colors were too perfect in here.

Ikea Expedit with baskets

These shelves are going to keep me organized after buying all the baskets and boxes from Ikea that go in the cubbies.  I think after I get them labeled, it will really keep me on task. I’m going to use my Cameo machine to label all of these with cute little labels.  Always wanted to do that!  Every bin will hold something different, from paint chip samples, to paint supplies, plenty of room to store things out of sight.

peacock wreath and candle

Peacock wreath came from Kirklands.

Books on Ikea Expedit

My book collection and baskets. Eventually, I’m going to add some built-ins to the downstairs den room too, there’s a perfect spot for that in the corner of the room.

Top of Ikea Expedit

For now, I’m going to enjoy my organized office space and enjoy looking at the Expedit, all neat and tidy.

side view Ikea Expedit in closet

I would highly recommend one of these units if you have room for it.  They are very versatile.

framed newspaper clippings

I hung my 2 framed prints from the newspaper in Birmingham on either side of the closet.

Life is Beauty Full

And you know what?  Life is definitely beauty full!  I’m proof of that.  Smiling ear to ear in my new office.  This is where blogging central happens.

mirror reflection

My new space feels so good and is a good reflection of me, don’t you think?

Just for fun, do you remember the Olioboard mood board I designed for my office space??  Take a look at it and how amazingly like the real room it turned out to be!
My New Green Office

happy green office

Life’s too short not to enjoy the spaces we live in and I plan to live mine to the max, right here in this cozy colorful office.

Thanks for stopping by today!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,
    I just wanted to tell you how much your blog inspires me.
    Your original office was so comfortable and me that I copied
    it as I could. Unfortunately my son and his family have taken over the space while searching for a new home. But seeing your new office has begun my yearning for my own space again. So I will begin planning and hoping to have as beautiful a space as you’ve created. Thank you for all of your ideas. They are truly beautiful.


  2. Barbara (WA) says:

    Rhoda – I thought of your gorgeous office yesterday while at TJ Maxx when I spotted some pottery with that same deep blue accent color you’ve used in this room. I wished you lived here and I could call you to come see :)

  3. LOVE this room Rhoda!! You guys have done an incredible job transforming this home! Your office space is definitely a bright & cheerful space! I would love working there!

  4. Great job on your office! You created a wonderful space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Very nice! I especially love the Wayfair Chevron Chair! I need to redo my office, too — hope it turns out as pretty as yours!

  6. Wow, what a difference! It’s so beautiful Rhoda. Soo beautiful!

  7. You go girl! I love every bit of it! It’s perfect and elegant and organized….just like you. :)

    Happy day to you!

  8. It’s beautiful! I’m so glad Traci sent me over here to see it. We are in a new home with lots of blank canvas to work with, thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Julie Ratcliffe says:

    Oh my goodness me! I have just stumbled across your blog looking for decorating ideas for my bathroom. It’s so inspiring, your home is stunning. What I really love is the way you reuse what you already have, proving that lovely spaces don’t have to cost a fortune. I will be back often. I live in the UK so obviously we don’t have all the same DIY stores and suppliers that you do but good ideas are good ideas wherever you live, right? Thankyou for sharing your home, I love it.

  10. Hi Rhoda!!!!

    Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!!

    I can see why going to work is a pleasure. You did a great job!!


  11. Rhoda! You are so talented! I’m thrilled for you. I’m scared of colors on the walls of my home, but wow, you’ve put it all together so well and it’s very special. When I get through with my renovations, maybe I’ll save one room to try out with color. Don’t know if I can pull it off though. You have a natural flair I’m thinking. Loved the Beauty Full pillow on the chevron chair. It’s such a fun room…aahhh.

  12. Nancy I. says:

    Hi Rhonda, I certainly love your style and am inspired by your story. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the paint colors that you have used in your houses especially the green ones. I have had a hard time getting green right. Thanks for sharing. So Lovely!!

  13. I love the black shelves! Where did you find them? What a great office!!

  14. I’m really curious about your cord management for this room/desk combo-what did you do with them? Do they other you?

    • The cords are part of life and they are not completely hidden, but that’s just something I deal with.

  15. Good Morning Rhoda,

    I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Whenever I get down I look at all of your great
    ideas and feel revived. Decorating and organizing
    are two of my passions. I’m just beginning a shoe
    string renovation of my home. My office will be first
    since I lost it when my son and his family moved in.
    But now they are closing on their first home and I
    am getting mine back! I can hardly wait, let the decorating


  16. Just lovely! You’d fall backward if you saw the mess our little office still is – just haven’t found the time after all the work that needed to be put into the other rooms of the Blue Cottage. But 2014 will be the year of the office :)

  17. Love this…happy, cheerful. Inspiring me to do better…Happy New Year!

  18. Love your new office! Green is my favorite color. Wish I had a whole room to redo like this. Really enjoy your blog…you are so talented!

  19. I love it! I’m so glad you included tons of photos. You are right – I loved seeing all the details.

  20. I just found your blog and I am in love! I love those Ikea curtains. Are they a current design? If so, what pattern are they? (I can’t find them on their website, which is why I’m asking.)

    • They are called Stockholm Blad curtains and last time I was in the store, they still had them in several colorways. I looked online too and don’t see them online anymore, but I bet the stores still have them.


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