A Nashville Weekend: Part 2

Back with Part 2 of my Nashville weekend a couple of weeks ago!   When I travel anywhere, I just seem to take tons of pics to remember places by and shopping is no exception.  I love having all my shopping trips documented and sometimes go back and look at something I’ve photographed.  So, I’m back today with Part 2 of the Nashville trip I took recently with some blog pals.  We hit lots of great places and one of the highlights on Saturday was the Nashville Flea market, which I’ve been to once before years ago with my friend, Layla.  If you missed Part 1, go back and catch up!

leipers fork antiques

We started the day Saturday at Leipers Fork, a small little stop in the road with cute shops and restaurants.  Don’t blink or you might miss it, but it does take you back to an old timey feel. I don’t know the exact name of this antique store, but you can’t miss the cute yellow cottage.


With the hanging swing on the porch.

antiques 2

Vintage and rustic things inside.

potted plants

antiques 3

antiques 4

serenite maison

Across the street is Serenite Maison, a really pretty shop with lots to look at.



serenite 9

serenite 5

serenite 6

serenite 6 (2)

serenite 7

serenite 8


west and co

Down the street is  West and Company.  As soon as I walked in there, it smelled like leather.  I like the smell of leather!  I didn’t get pics inside, but it’s a cute shop too.

bloggers group

The whole gang:  Beth, Heidi, Meryll, Denise, Lesley, Dana, Heather, KariAnne, Carmen, and me.  It was definitely a fun group to hang out with for the day!

Joes Natural

We ate lunch at Joe Natural’s, which was really, really good.

nashville flea

Next stop after lunch, the Nashville Flea market.  And let me just say, it was SO DANG HOT!  We though we were going to perish after about an hour of walking around in the heat and humidity.   That’s Heidi looking at furniture in her cute hot pink pants.

nashville flea 2

halloween nashville flea

Halloween anyone?

nashville flea 3

nashville flea 4

It’s definitely a fun place to browse and you can find some good buys on furniture.

nashville flea 5

nashville flea 6

Metal barnyard animals.

nashville flea 7

nashville flea bloggers

Shopping, shopping, shopping.  I didn’t buy anything.  Again, I don’t have room for more, so it does sort of take the fun out of shopping when I can’t bring anything  home.

nashville flea furniture

nashville flea cowhide

Cowhide is still hot.

nashville flea metal signs

More metal words and letters.  These are super popular now.

nashville flea table and chairs

nashville flea painted furniture

nashville flea corbels

Old corbels and architectural pieces.

nashville flea jadite


nashville flea market car packed

After a couple of hours at the flea market, here’s everyone’s haul, trying to get it all in the SUV.

rhoda nashville flea market

One thing I always chuckle about at these flea markets are the funeral arrangements that seem to be so popular. I saw them first in AL and now in TN.  I had never seen them at flea markets in GA, but they are probably there, since I do notice these bright arrangements all over the cemeteries here too.  Apparently, people DO buy these things.  Not sure what that flamingo is doing there.

loveless cafe

Our final outing on Sunday morning was breakfast at the Loveless Café.  I had heard about this place and it was fun to experience it.  We were hoping for a celebrity country sighting and we were not disappointed.

loveless cafe group

After hanging out and browsing the gift shop at the Loveless Café, who in the world did we run into?

Bloggers and Larry Gatlin

None other than Larry Gatlin, the famous country singer!  I have always loved his music (All the Gold in CA) and have listened to him for years.  We had to say hello to him and get our picture taken.  He was very nice and obliged us.  He’s the one who grabbed the chair and sat it on the sidewalk for us to gather round.  When he patted his knee and said sit here, well….I jumped on that too.  Why not, right?  He’s still a handsome guy.

What a fun and memorable weekend that was! I hope you enjoyed our excursions and all the shopping we did.  Thanks for tagging along with me on my trips, I sure do enjoy my adventures!

I’ve added a new style guide over at Ebay (click picture below),  and a new collection all about Gallery walls and would love for you to take a peek!
gallery walls

- Rhoda


  1. Larry Gatlin rocks! Lucky gals!

  2. Oh, I love the places you visit. I wish we had some stores and restaurants like that in my neck of the woods.

  3. Oh I missed those colorful ceramic pumpkins and skulls , I need those. I do a lot of bright and funky Halloween decorating. Oh boy I must go back! It’s always cool to see a place from someone else’s lens. Thanks so much Lesley

  4. What fun!!!!!

  5. What an awesome weekend!!! This is one I’ll remember for years to come. We need to make this an annual event 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! The last time we went to Nashville I ask my husband to drive over to Nolensville to Three French Hens. I spied it on another trip and decided when we went back I had to go see. You would love it! All things vintage and rustic. You can look see their on facebook page. Also I found the Southern Honey Chawk Paint at the flea market. I like it better than Anne Sloain. It goes on so thick and covers great. I order all the time from them. They have a graphite color that is really nice dark gray (almost looks black). I do so enjoy your post. Greetings from the Mountains of NC.

  7. The weekend was so much fun! Great recap & a million thank yous, Rhoda, for fitting that huge Rock N Roll sign in your car. <3 Heidi

  8. You sat on Larry Gatlin’s lap…how awesome is that! Another great post, Rhoda, love your blog!

  9. Becky in 'Bama says

    Rhoda: JEALOUS of the good ‘junk’ you all scoped out! When my daughter was young I would take her to see my somewhat eccentric grandmother (that’s an understatement) who always had a treat for the daughter (usually tied up in a plastic bag). Once, on the drive home, my daughter piped up from the backseat, “Granny always gives us some good junk.” It stuck. I will say your ‘good junk’ looks much more interesting that what my daughter brought home most times. AND it never hurts to get your picture made with such a handsome gentleman! LOL

  10. Wonderful recap of a great weekend! Already looking forward to the next one!!
    Thanks, Rhoda!

  11. Melesa Garrison says

    Looks like you girls had a great time. Larry seemed to be enjoying all of you pretty girls too 😉

  12. What a fun trip and some great shopping. But…..hold the phone! Larry Gatlin?!!!!! How fun! Now I have to sort through My CD’ s and dig out my Gatlin Brothers tunes, the best! Thanks for sharing. Jane

  13. “When he patted his knee and said sit here, well….I jumped on that too. ” Haaa…I LOL’d, and the man said “What r u laughing at?”, and I said “….my girl Rhoda..” If he’s not married, I’d say he wants a date with your gorgeous self!

  14. WoW! What fun—wish I would have been there too!
    Hey Rhoda–was Larry single?!? You looked pretty cute perched on his knee! ; D

  15. Looked like you all had such a great time…..and meeting Larry Gatlin was the icing on the cake!!!

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