Beautiful Window Treatments

I love how beautiful window treatments add the finishing details to a home and it really does make a huge difference to get them up and on your windows. Drapery panels add coziness and texture to a space like nothing else can do.You all know how passionate I am about window treatments and how adding fabric panels to a room can totally change that room for the better.  It's so true!  Adding … [Read more...]

Fashion over 50: Karen’s Updated Wardrobe

My friend, Karen, has been on a mission to update her wardrobe, so today I'm featuring some of her new finds.  She is 56, slim and looks great for this stage of life.  She's a single mom and she has gone too long without updating her wardrobe, so it was time for some updates.  And now she's thinking about venturing out to the dating world again, for the first time in 16 years.  She's been watching … [Read more...]

Ruby’s Move-In

When I walked in Ruby's new house again last week, I had to laugh.  We both burst out laughing, as I took in this scene in the dining room.  I looked at the massive amount of stuff she had stowed in the dining room and immediately was transported back to when I moved in my house over 2 years ago. The stuff, it is amazing how it seems to multiply on a move.  They moved from a big house to a smaller … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Get More Creative?

As I mentioned over the weekend, the huge Ultimate DIY Bundle goes on sale today, January 21st, so here's your chance to get this package deal worth $1200 for only $34.95.Many of my longtime blog friends and probably many you know and read too have banded together to create this huge bundle package of inspiration and creativity.  From decorating, to DIY, to crafts and photography, you can … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour 2014: Part 2

Today, I’m back with the rest of my house decorated for Christmas this year.  It’s been nice to get it finished the first week of December and then have the rest of the month to just enjoy it all.  And this year, I really am savoring the season.  This is my third Christmas in my new house and this year it really feels finished and ready for me to enjoy and that’s a good feeling.My friend, … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Unexpected Elegance

Today’s Feature Friday is a new to me blogger, Angela with Unexpected Elegance.  Angela has created a warm, cottage feel in her home with lots of rustic accents and a little color thrown into the mix.  Like most of us, Angela decorates her home on a budget and has found ways to save money and still get the look she wants by doing a lot of DIY projects along the way.Her entry has a planked … [Read more...]

Chalk Paint Finish Project: Yardsale Stool

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love to yardsale and find treasures out there to repurpose and fix up for my house.  I haven’t been able to yardsale for awhile now, but I plan to get back to it this Spring. I miss getting out there and finding things!  I had to stop because I had too many things stockpiled and once I moved in my house, I’ve begun to declutter and get rid of … [Read more...]

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