Duke Days of Summer {$100 Giveaway}

This post and giveaway is sponsored by INSP.

As many of you are fellow Baby Boomers, I thought you all might be interested in this giveaway! Did you grow up watching westerns on television? I sure did! My dad was a big fan of westerns and he gave me a love of westerns also, so this genre was a part of my childhood and I still love them to this days. Cowboys were the real He-men back then and John Wayne was one of the best!

Today I’ve got a different post for you, but a fun Summer giveaway and something you might be interested in too for these lazy summer days!

When there’s not much on TV for summer you can find something to watch which will take you back to childhood and those old Westerns we grew up with.

Lazy Days of Summer? Not When the Duke Is in Town!

John Wayne is back ramping up the Western action on INSP every weekend for the entire month of July. So crank up the AC, get your snacks in order, and ride with The Duke.

Tune in to see fan favorite films, which include 3 Godfathers, Angel and the Badman, Big Jake, El Dorado, McLintock!, Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo, Rooster Cogburn, The Shootist, and Cahill, United States Marshall. This special programming event will begin with the 1971 classic Big Jake, which will air on INSP on Friday, July 5th at 9PM ET.  For the complete lineup, click here.

INSP is available nationwide to more than 78M households via Dish Network (channel 259), DirecTV (channel 364), Verizon FiOS (channel 286), AT&T U-verse (channel 564) and more than 2,800 cable systems – find INSP on your TV.

INSP provides a trusted viewing experience with a lineup of exclusive and original series, timeless Westerns, action-filled dramas, and films focused on adventure and heroic characters.

Mark is very happy we have INSP on our cable TV. He is catching up on his favorite Western shows this summer as well. We both have fond childhood memories of watching Westerns on TV at home.

Check out the trailer below and get ready for the Duke!

I’ve got a fun giveaway for you too. Do you have a John Wayne fan in your family? I’ve got a $100 gift card for one of you to shop at John Wayne.com online and you can choose whatever you’d like for the John Wayne Western lover in your life! How fun is that for summer? 

Just leave a comment below on this post and tell me your favorite John Wayne movie! Sign up with your email on the Rafflecopter widget below the trailer video. That’s how I’ll choose the winner. 

Open to US mailing addresses only. 

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- Rhoda


  1. “Angel and the Badman” and “The Cowboys” remain the top of my favorites of John Wayne’s films. I grew up watching them with my dad, as many of us did, and he especially enjoyed his westerns as the war films were hard on my dad, a decorated veteran of WWII.
    A funny aside based on an above comment regarding the cast of Gunsmoke; they stayed in the hotel my mom worked at when I was very young, and she was allowed to bring me in one morning to meet some of them. I’ll never forget meeting my idols James Arness, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis, and Buck Taylor.

  2. McClintock is a definite favorite. John Wayne was someone I always admired him for his patriotism and strong personality.

  3. Rooster Cogburn:)

  4. True Grit…what a classic!

  5. So many to choose from – True Grit is always a classic.

  6. Brenda Haines says

    Hondo has always been my favorite. Thanks for the chance!

  7. Sandy Stevens says

    It’s impossible for me to pick just one favorite Duke movie! Maybe True Grit or maybe Rooster Cogburn? I’ll definitely be watching them on Friday!

  8. True Grit. Loved his movies when I was growing up.

  9. True Grit was my favorite! But, there were so many other as well! Still love watching anything John Wayne is staring in!

  10. Robin Canter says

    I love every John Wayne western but my favorite movie of his is “The Quiet Man”.

  11. Patti Wilson says

    Absolutely hands down – The Quiet Man! A must see every St. Patrick’s Day as well as whenever it happens to be on TV.

  12. The old Westerns are always great to watch!- Love those cowboys! True Grit was a favorite.

  13. Linda Hickey says

    Mine would be, ” True Grit.” One of his first westerns. Oh how I still remember seeing it for the first time. My Daddy and Mother took all of us kids to see it at the Drive in Theatre. We watched it in the car, when it first came out to see. Both my parents loved him and his movies. So there likenesses was instilled in me as well. A great childhood memory. Thank you for sharing Rhonda.

  14. LynneMarie says

    I have been a HUGE John Wayne fan since I was about 12 years old (I’m now 55). I have been collecting all kinds of JW memorabilia since my late teens and would love to win this so I can add some more items. I love so many of his films, but my favorite is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. My email address is proof of that.

  15. Mark Corwin says


  16. Elizabeth Woolverton says

    The Cowboys and McClintock! Have watched them over and over and over again as children, with our children and now our grandchildren.

  17. Lynn Furr says

    True Grit (like just about everyone!)
    My brother is a HUGE John Wayne fan. This would be an awesome gift for him. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Brenda Smith says

    True Grit

  19. Christyj Spurlock says

    My husband is a John Wayne fanatic! Favorite movie is rooster cogburn!

  20. Mary Sturgeon says

    Rooster Cogburn is on I remember. I had two older brothers so when they “babysat “ me on Saturday nights I watched quite a few! Among Dirty Harry movies😳

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