Feature Friday: Buck’s Bungalow

Today’s Feature Friday is such a fun one.  My roommate, Rhonda, has a business acquaintance, Buck that she is working with.  When she visited his house, she came home telling me all about it and how Buck had completely renovated this small bungalow that is inside the perimeter here in Atlanta.  In-town living is something that I do not know much about, because I’ve always been an OTP (outside the perimeter) girl, but I love seeing how houses near downtown Atlanta have been renovated to make them work on smaller lots without a lot of parking options. Buck’s house is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and at 980 s.f., Buck has captured every square inch of useable space in his home.  I know you are going to love this one.  Plus, Buck has incredible taste in decorating and design and it’s a house I could completely feel comfortable in too.  He told me that he bought the house 8 years ago and has been working on it since then. He has moved walls and the kitchen, expanding the space to really fit his needs and the house lives much larger than its square footage would show.

When I would ask Buck if something was new or original, he laughed and said, if it’s pretty and you like it, it’s new!  I laughed at that and totally get it since that is what my house went through as well.

So, enjoy the tour today of an in-town Bungalow, a smaller house that feels very homey and quite spacious.  I loved it all and I know you will too!  She asked him if I could take pics and he was all for it, so we went in town for a photoshoot this week and I was blown away with what Buck has done with this house.  I wish you could see the Before pics, he showed me the snapshots and it is a WOW renovation.

buck davis

Here’s a little about Buck.  Buck is a consultant and a speaker. He specializes in diversity, inclusion and has a growing practice area in the science of happiness. He’s a subject matter expert on race in America and can be seen on CNN from time-to-time and in case you’d like to contact him, check out his website,  BD and Company.

I can attest to Buck being a happy guy, he exudes happiness and zeal for life. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Buck and seeing his house.  And I really want to get an invitation back to hang out in the backyard, which you’ll get a little glimpse of in this post.

curb appeal

The curb appeal is evident too at Buck’s in-town bungalow.

exterior bungalow

The front porch has been renovated and the columns and railings are all new, giving it a Craftsman vibe.

porch bungalow

So cute and welcoming.  Love the red front door and the deep teal exterior color.

front porch chairs

Front porch seating.

living room

Stepping inside the front door is a cute and nicely decorated living room.  All the board and batten was added.  Those are vintage hat molds on the wall that Buck has collected.  One thing I noticed is that Buck doesn’t have a lot of clutter, but it’s just enough accessories displayed in his small space.

lr sofa

The sofa is classic and I saw a mix of traditional, vintage, and modern.  A happy mix.

living room corner

Love the rug that anchors the room.  Notice the fiddle leaf fig.

lr front door

A look back at the front door.

lr art

New artwork that Buck had made. This is his  and his family’s streets and places he has lived.  Love that personal touch.

lr side table

Fresh flowers make a nice impression in the living room.

master bedroom

To the right is the master bedroom.  Buck told me he closed up a window that was on the headboard wall because it was so hard to decorate around.  He still has plenty of light coming in and a focal wall now.

master nightstand

Contemporary art and some classic pieces of furniture make the master a haven.

armoire in master

Looking back towards the living room, Buck had this armoire custom built by a local man and it is just beautiful.  Inside are sliding drawers and shelves that add a lot of storage to his master.  Buck added all the extra molding on the tops of each door frame too.  I love that!

master bath

Off the master bedroom is the master bath, a fresh update with basketweave marble tile and a beautiful pedestal sink.  White subway tile with black pencil accent tiles add such a classic touch.

master sink

More fresh flowers on the sink.

master tub

A simple black and white shower curtain in the tub, with glass blocks letting some light come in, makes this space very clean and fresh.

kitchen island

Right past the living room is the beautiful kitchen.  I literally gasped when I saw this space.  A nice center island painted dark, with a beautiful white slab of marble, is just so pretty.  Two barstools are tucked underneath.  I can imagine folks hanging out here and lots of conversations going on.

kitchen 2

Buck did lots of things on a budget, including the kitchen.  The cabinets were found for a bargain at a local source and he added black granite to the cabinets to offset the marble slab on the dark island.

marble island

Small subway marble tile backsplash pulls it all together, creating a really upscale look.

kitchen cabinets

Pine floors keep it warm in here.  Don’t you love this kitchen?

kitchen sink

Notice the beautiful chrome bridge faucet and those windows with the cute café curtains.  Everything flows.  Don’t miss the light fixture either.

kitchen plant

Two pretty mossy plants in rustic planters flank the sink.

life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful.  Yes it is indeed!  Good shot of the marble tile.

breakfast nook

And then there is the breakfast nook!  Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen?  Check out the table legs and bench seats on either side. It’s wrapped in beadboard on the walls and ceiling and I just loved everything about this space.  Buck said that this nook was added onto the house during renovation.

breakfast table

The table top, plants and windows are so inviting.

breakfast nook windows

Those café curtains are too cute.

breakfast nook pillows

Loved the fabrics and what a sweet space this is.

kitchen mirror

Right outside the nook is a mirror on the wall, which bounces light and really adds a spacious feel.

kitchen island (2)

Fresh flowers on the island.


Just past the kitchen is the office.  Warm and welcoming as well.

office desk

I love the corner desk space and this is where Buck works.

bucks paint

Many of you asked Buck for his paint colors and the trim in the office is a custom color, so here’s a photo from Buck with the formula on the can.

office desk 2

Those curtains are so cute and add so much to the masculine space.

office art

Artwork on one side.

office molding

I love the extra molding columns in the room and it totally adds to the space.

laundry hall

In the hallway to the outdoor spaces, is the laundry nook.  How cute is this?   I love the red washer and dryer and the built in cabinets that make it all look seamless.

laundry nook

Notice even the top of the cabinets are useful for storage.

second bath

Right across from the laundry space is an extra bath that Buck was able to fit in the house.  Love this marble tiled shower and hex marble floor.

2nd bath

Another clean and classic space.

outdoor patio

Right outside the back door is a deck and stairs that go down to this beautiful fireplace patio.  It’s in Winter mode now, but you can imagine what a fun space this would be during the summer months.  Like having a whole other room right outside.  It has lights strung up and music piped out here.  Love, love it!

Buck said I could come back later in the spring and do another photo shoot of the backyard, so I’m going to take him up on that.

In fact, I did go back and photograph the beautiful backyard and you can see his backyard paradise here

I know you loved Buck’s house as much as I did!  It’s the cutest small house I think I’ve ever seen.  Buck knows how to live large and live well in his small space.

EDITED to add Buck’s paint comments below:

Kitchen Walls – Antique Jade – Sherwin Williams
Bathroom Walls – Dolphin Fin – BEHR
Office Trim – Custom color – Sherwin Williams. (I’m going to see if Rhoda can publish the pic of the color breakdown).
Exterior – Retreat – Sherwin Williams
Living Room – having trouble tracking down the name – It’s by Porter



- Rhoda


  1. PERFECT!! What a treat to wake up to this morning! Buck really has a great eye, and I love how his home is cozy and comfortable, but not overdone. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! What a lovely, warm and inviting space. I love it all. Thanks of sharing. I look forward to the Feature Friday’s all week.

    • Mike Krause says:

      Beautiful decoration ideas. Surely I’ll keep in mind this tip while remodeling my apartment. I was looking for some tips on ductless air-conditioner installation. Will look forward for the next post.

  3. What a classic home! So tastefully done! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderfully decorated space….perfect in every way.

  5. Pam Clark says:

    You’re right! Buck has impeccable taste. Love this house! One of the best exteriors I’ve seen in a while.

  6. Buck certainly made the most of every nook of space and the outcome is beautiful! I could move right in!

  7. What a wonderful house – thank you for sharing Buck!

  8. Just love this house!

  9. Love, love, love this home! You mentioned the breakfast nook, office, laundry and extra bath. I didn’t receive these photos. Did you include them? I am wanting to see more! Thanks for sharing.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this home!!! Everything is so well done…perfection!!! Thanks for sharing Buck….

  11. Perfect craftsman home for Buck! Love it – he did an awesome job and that kitchen is TDF!

  12. Wow! What a lovely home – so warm and inviting. He has great taste!

  13. Rhoda, of all the houses you have shared lately, Buck’s is my favorite!! What a great job he has done, from the exterior paint choices to the classic look on the inside, I love it. I am going to be stealing some of his ideas.

  14. Wow! Buck has excellent taste! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home, Rhoda.

  15. This is gorgeous! Great job, Buck.

  16. Marie Claire says:

    The home is lovely! Adding the breakfast nook was a smart choice, and it blends in seamlessly with the older parts of the home. I would love to have that kitchen!

  17. LOVE this house! What a gem! Decorated to perfection. Well done Buck.

  18. There ARE so many ideas to steal….er….borrow! LOVE, love, love the rosemary clippings in the simple rock filled vases….sooooo stealing THAT idea. One of my favorite houses I have ever seen! Charming!!!!

  19. Perfection! Done so well and just charming! A real gem!

  20. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, Thank you to both you and Buck for sharing his perfect house! Please go back in the spring to see the garden and share with us.

  21. That was about the cutest place ever! I loved everything about it!! The bathrooms and kitchen were spot on!!

  22. Catherine says:

    Wow! What a great renovation. He did an excellent job of making this house feel warm and cozy, but yet it still seems spacious. I love to see people fix up and preserve these old homes.
    Thanks for an excellent post. So inspiring!

  23. My dream house… thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderfully laid out and decorated space!

  24. Deborah Wiltshire Whaley says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing home! I am in love with and inspired by all aspects of Buck’s design work. The house is a true gem! I look forward to seeing the yard come spring!

  25. Wow! What a beautiful small cottage! Thanks so much for taking us along on the tour!!

  26. Really enjoyed the tour of this little cottage- utterly charming and cozy! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love this house! It’s a beautiful, warm, uncluttered living space.

  28. Beautifully done and such a creative use of space too. I invite you to share at my Thursday hop. You can link up through Sat midnight) xo

  29. I absolutely love this house! Every room is perfection. I love everything about it but my favorite things are the window treatments. Charming!

  30. I am so glad you shared Bucks home. It is beautiful! So classic , warm and inviting. He did such a good job on picking all the colors used. I would love to live there!

  31. LOVE!

  32. I LOVE it! and that back yard! Thanks for the tour, wonderful home 🙂

  33. What a charming home, beautifully decorated. Would love to know the paint colors! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your nice comment. I’m in California this week. When I get back home I’ll try to track down all the colors. Thanks for your interest.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks again for your kind words. I’ve done my best (today) to track down some of the paint colors. Here goes:
      Kitchen Walls – Antique Jade – Sherwin Williams
      Bathroom Walls – Dolphin Fin – BEHR
      Office Trim – Custom color – Sherwin Williams. (I’m going to see if Rhoda can publish the pic of the color breakdown).
      Exterior – Retreat – Sherwin Williams
      Living Room – having trouble tracking down the name – It’s by Porter

      • I’m so happy to have stumbled across this! We just chose SW Retreat for the exterior of our home and it looks beautiful on your home! I’m so excited! Thanks!!

  34. Buck needs to add reno and decorating consultant to his resume. I would hire him! Does he have any blog plans?

  35. Love this – If Buck doesn’t mind sharing, I would love to know the color of the trim in the office space?


  37. Lorraine Watkins says:

    I agree with everyone. I loved everything about this home, My daughter has married a young man from Merietta, GA . They live here inVirginia . We live in Yorktown near the Colonial Williamsburg area. If you need someone to be your assistant on your Spring visit to this home I would love to meet you in GA treat you to lunch. We could also tour Buckhead and make a girlfriend day of it.i am turning 60 in March and love this time of rediscovering myself! I really enjoy your blog and feel we have things in common.

  38. Rhoda, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of Buck’s home with us! I can definitely see why you were so impressed with it. To me, it is a perfectly beautiful blend and balance of architectural features, scale, paint colors, textures, and textiles, etc. which all work together to evoke a sense of calmness and peacefulness that is very comforting to the senses. I literally sighed at the end of your post. By the way, did Buck share any of his paint colors?

    • Hi Dianne, so nice of you to comment. Thank you. I’m away but will return next week. I’ll track down the colors and get back to you. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Dianne,
      Here goes:
      Kitchen Walls – Antique Jade – Sherwin Williams
      Bathroom Walls – Dolphin Fin – BEHR
      Office Trim – Custom color – Sherwin Williams. (I’m going to see if Rhoda can publish the pic of the color breakdown).
      Exterior – Retreat – Sherwin Williams
      Living Room – having trouble tracking down the name – It’s by Porter

  39. Please tell Buck thank you for the photo shoot. I loved his house!! Gorgeous! He has a wonderful eye and obvious talent, and the space is just lovely and beautiful, and something to truly be proud of! Can’t wait to see the outdoor springtime photos!

  40. Not only is Buck’s home beautiful he is pretty darn cute himself! Thanks for sharing!

  41. What a beautiful home! Every aspect of it is just perfect!

  42. Love! This is home! Buck did an awesome job.

  43. Wow I can’t stop looking at this one, Rhoda! Buck has done such an amazing job with this little bungalow. He sure used all the space as beautifully and efficiently as he could. Smart! Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  44. Elizabeth Claire says:


  45. Myers Carpet – AtlantaDirections
    Carpet Store
    Carrying carpets, tile & hardwood, this spacious store also offers custom rugs.
    Address: 1500 Northside Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318
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  46. I enjoyed Buck’s house very much and look forward to seeing more of the back yard in the spring. And I agree with Sallie, he is pretty easy on the eye himself! I am loving your Wednesday fashion posts, especially since I like your style..

  47. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Thank you for sharing, loved Buck’s home……awesome!

  48. I want to live there! Would Buck share how he did the picture with names of roads and cities?

    • Buck Davis says:

      Hi Judy, I got a graphic artist to lay it out then had it printed at a local printer. It’s very easy and affordable. Take a screen grab of mine (as an example) then find a small printer (that has a digital printer) near you. I bet they may even have a graphics person on site who can lay it out.

  49. I love this house! I live in 890 sqft, and there’s so much inspiration in his home. Thank you Buck for sharing! My house is shingle, and I’d love to know your exterior paint color. I thought it looked like gray at first, but I’m interested in the dark teal color. Thanks again!!

  50. Like others, I’m looking forward to finding out Buck’s paint colors. Also, what was Buck’s source for his window treatments? Are they available in retail or were they custom?

  51. This is one of my most favorite homes I’ve seen in blog land. Honesty, if Buck wanted to change careers, he would be a wonderful house flipper/decorator. There is nothing in this home I would change to live there. It really is perfect!

  52. Very nice home! Thanks for sharing! Seems that Buck has a great sense of humor too – buck fabric on the breakfast nook pillows and the “Be nice” artwork!!!! Love it!

  53. Love your beautiful home!!!

  54. Kathy Jenson says:

    Love this house! I am looking for the colors in his livingroom right now and would love to know what colors he used.

  55. Barbara Hagan says:

    Congratulations to Buck for creating such a beautiful & cozy home. It is one of, if not the best post ever!!! This just shows what you can do with small space decorating….outstanding design and use of space is awesome. I definitely look forward to seeing his spring patio featured soon!!!

  56. pam williams says:

    What character! absolutely love what fresh flowers do for a space!

  57. I love it, the details are amazing. Great house!!

  58. WoW! I spent a good 45 minutes looking and relooking at this house. Love it!

  59. Love everything about Buck’s home! FANTASTIC – what an eye! Any chance he can tell me where he found that wonderful corner desk in his office. I have been on the lookout for something like it and now I am smitten with his. Thank you!

  60. What a beautiful home! The breakfast nook is my favorite!! Whenever I’m near downtown Atl. I love to ride at look at all the older homes. The bungalow/craftsman homes have so much character. Thanks for sharing!!

  61. Thank you for sharing Buck’s home. It shows you don’t have to have a huge house to live well. I love the classic style. He made good use of every inch of space. The mirror in the kitchen is perfect for bouncing the light around and enlarging the room. Adding on the area for a banquette was another light bulb moment.

  62. An absolute darling home.

  63. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  64. Wow!!!….I so enjoyed this fabulous home!….going back to scroll up and down again!!…

  65. henrietta carter says:

    I love how he decorated his house so tastefully , every room has style , love the drapes the lampshade in the bedroom don’t know where to stop every room is so fantastic , thanks for sharing .

  66. Lynne in NC says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Thanks for another great Friday post. Would you ab able to get me the name/company/color of the carpet used in the office of the bungalow house? Thanks so much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks, Lynne in NC

    • Hi, Lynne, Buck is out of town and when he gets back, he is going to come and answer all the questions here. Oh, in fact, I’m pretty sure he shared the carpet up above in the comments. Scroll up!

    • Hi Lynn,
      I can’t track down the color swatch of the carpet. Myers carpet in Atlanta on Northside drive is where I purchased it. I wanted something the looked like sisal but was more soft. This is a fabric they keep it stock so it shouldn’t be hard to track down if you can get to their store.

  67. Leslie Sinclair says:

    Amazing bungalow tour! I love the kitchen!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  68. wow, this space is amazing. He has some serious design talent!!!

  69. Buck is truly a talented guy….best use of space I’ve seen, and liveable. Can’t wait to see the back yard. He could easily be a designer. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda AND Buck!

  70. I’ve seen small homes & they are crowded with “stuff.” This is the best use of a small space I have ever seen. Each inch is appropriately used. The home gives you a feeling that it is much larger than it actually is. Great job, Buck. Thanks Rhoda for the lovely tour.

  71. Beautiful but would have loved to seen some before pictures.

  72. Wow!!!! What an absolutely stunning home! What really caught my eye was the kitchen dining nook area. I would love to know how wide this area is? I want to do the same thing in my home, but my area is only 6ft wide, and don’t have the vision to see if it would be possible in my tiny space. This is best inspiration image I have seen to-date. Chris x

    • Buck Davis says:

      Hi Chris, I’ll measure when I get home. I’m back on Tuesday.
      My best, Buck

    • Hi Chris,
      The width is a little less than 6 feet and the depth is about 7 feet. You should have room. My table is 32″ wide. The benches (seats) are 21″ deep and 18.5″ high. There is storage in the benches. Just get a carpenter to use a piano hinge to split the seat near the wall. It will open up for some nice storage.

      • Hi Buck,

        I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me with all these measurements (I didn’t want to be cheeky, and ask for all the measurements, but you have been kind enough to supply them). My space is actually just under 6ft wide too, and I am really excited to see that the kitchen dining nook can work for me now. Thanks again!
        Chris x

  73. This house is exactly what I want to live in when we retire. Small, but plenty of space. He did a marvelous job, it’s gorgeous!

  74. Good Morning!
    Buck has done a wonderful job!!! I know that it would be a lot of work for Buck but would love to know his resources for curtains (name of materials used) and colors of paint used thru out the house. I am getting ready to redo the master bath and loved his choices for flooring in his bathrooms!
    Bucks’ house is just the right size not to big and not too small, sounds like Goldie Locks and the three bears. LOVELY HOMEY HOME!!!

  75. Love the house and all the charm! I have a small house and live just OTP and I got so many great ideas from this post. Can you track down who Buck used to build his custom Armoire. I would love to add something like that to my master bedroom. Thank you!

  76. Buck Davis says:

    Guadelupe Aguilar
    Home Time Remodeling
    (678) 677-7604

    He’s terrific!!!!

  77. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing this house. It’s beautiful. Every detail. I loved seeing pictures used on the end tables too. It looks extremely inviting, practical, and pretty. Really, just lovely.

  78. Please share where you found the living room rug, I have been searching for one similar to that!


  79. I loved seeing this home. Buck’s efficient use of space is amazing. He has quite an eye for getting the proportions just right. I would love to see the floor plan previous and finding which walls he knocked down and how he moved/created the kitchen space. The window treatments are perfect. I’m also curious to know if he has a basement, attic or garage for storage.

    • Buck Davis says:

      Hi Robin, there is a rug outlet off Chattahoochee blvd in a West Midtown in Atlanta. Its adjacent to the new Top golf facility that’s being built Intown. Hope that helps.

    • Buck Davis says:

      Hi Becky, I do have an attic and there is some storage under the house. I have to access it from the crawl space door outside but there is room to stand.

      I do have some sketches of the floor plan before the redo. I’ll check w Rhoda as to how to best show those.

      • Hi Becky,
        I looked over the pencil drawings of the floorplan. While I have the before, I don’t have a finish version of the after. It probably won’t make sense if I posted the before wo the after. If I can carve out some time I’ll sketch one out and get Rhoda to post. My apologies in the meantime.

  80. I think this is my favorite house you have ever featured. Perfection! Lori Lucas

  81. Nancy from RI says:

    This house is beautifully decorated and I love the fact that it’s not cluttered up. Well done Buck and I’m looking forward to the outside picture when the weather allows it.

  82. Lovely, just lovely! A near replica of the type of home I would love to live in now that I am facing the retirement phase of life. Thank you Rhoda and Buck for sharing this with us!

  83. I ,too thought your home is just so well done, cozy and charming. Thank you for sharing it ! My question is whether you could share the source of the bathroom sink with the towel rack bar in the first bathroom photo.It would be such a good solution for a small bathroom we will be renovating, hopefully this spring.

  84. I love Buck’s house. I would love to live in it! 🙂 I was wondering what paint color he used in the kitchen?

    Thank you!

    • Kitchen Walls – Antique Jade – Sherwin Williams
      Bathroom Walls – Dolphin Fin – BEHR
      Office Trim – Custom color – Sherwin Williams. (I’m going to see if Rhoda can publish the pic of the color breakdown).
      Exterior – Retreat – Sherwin Williams
      Living Room – having trouble tracking down the name – It’s by Porter

  85. This house is so cute! Thanks for sharing! I would love to know the paint colors Buck used for the exterior of his house? I love the teal and red combo!

    • Hi Gracie,
      That’s called Retreat by Sherwin Williams. More details if you scroll up.
      The red is a a darker, red plumb color that I mixed at Ace Hardware. No name, no numbers unfortunately.

  86. I thoroughly enjoyed this home tour! Buck has impeccable taste and great vision to get the absolute most out of this space. Thanks for sharing with us and I look forward to seeing the Spring photos.

  87. You know what I noticed? Rust. There is lovely, normal RUST on the bathroom sink metal stand! This, above all, tells me this home is achievable for anyone!
    My house is a rust pit, and no matter what I try, metal will rust. To not have to be perfect is what I look for when I see designs, and this is wonderful! Bravo!

  88. Wow! Every square inch is inviting, interesting and incredible! And just when you think the wonderful tour is complete, there’s the fantastic outdoor fireplace! I love it all!


  89. Wonderfully charming home…..enjoyed the tour! I scrolled through the comments but did not notice any inquiries regarding your kitchen appliances. I’m in the planning stage of a kitchen renovation and am in the market for a “commercial” style range (viking, wolf, etc) without the price! I like the appearance of your gas range…please share the model/brand info and if you have been satisfied with its cooking performance. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us!

    • Hi Wendy, those appliances are part of the GE Cafe collection. The stove is a dual fuel range. It’s gas on the cooktop and electric in the oven. I prefer to bake with electric and cook on the stove with gas. I love the range. The frig is great except it doesn’t produce the amount of ice I’d like. They designers made a mistake with the way the ice bucket is shaped. It leans backwards towards that little lever that signals to turn the ice making off. They may have redesigned since I bought these a few years ago. Regarding the “industrial” look you’re going for. I think it’s best achieved when you have the controls on the front of the range. Hope this helps and thank you kind words.

  90. I loved the tour! I especially loved the artwork through out Buck’s home. The one that caught my eye was the one in his kitchen that said, “never get to busy making a living that you forget to make a life”. I also loved the print of all the places he had once lived. Well done Sir, thanks for sharing your home! Best regards, Shelli

  91. Vintage Beachgirl says:

    This is without a doubt my favorite of all the ‘Feature Friday’ posts you’ve shared with us Rhoda. Thank you and please thank Rhonda and Buck on my behalf for the opportunity to see this spectacular renovation.
    Imho it’s a study in good sense, great taste, excellent planning and precise execution, (with a bit of a twinkle in the designer’s eye?? ‘Be nice dammit’ indeed!).
    Such a beautiful use of space, color and style…… I get the impression that Buck’s personality might be reflected in the detail of every room. It must be a joy for him to live and work in the fabulous home he’s created. Very reminiscent of some of the older bungalows in our Atlanta daughter’s neighborhood just southwest of Lennox Mall…… the ones someone lovingly renovated in keeping with the style of the area as opposed to razing to build a McMansion. Thanks again Rhoda for this fabulous Feature Friday! I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after sketches as well as the back yard in springtime.

  92. Love it! I, too, am an ITP’er and am in the process of updating my 1920’s bungalow in East Lake. Would love to know where Buck got his pedestal sink in the second bath. I have a small space and am looking for a sink. Can you help a girl out?

    • Hi Jenny,
      I just now saw this comment. My apologies. I “think” I got that sink at Cowan Supply in Atlanta or The Home Depot. Probably, Cowan Supply. Thanks for asking.

  93. Love the way this small home is decorated. Just right..not too modern but just a little with some traditional pieces. Great use of space!

  94. Rhoda, I just finished reading about Buck’s house in Abbeville, and then I read this one! Wow, I thought he did a nice job in Abbeville, but this one exceeds that one! What a gift he has in finishing homes and styling them. I’m off to see his flip house next. This is like binge watching HGTV, lol.

  95. It’s beautiful Buck! I just finished reading the feature on your backyard and how you added that breakfast nook and the deck. If Buck won’t mind, can you please share the floor plan in his house cos it looked small from the outside but looking at the pictures, it looked like a lot of space in there. Thanks..and happy flipping with your new house.

  96. There is not one thing that I would change. If only I had your talent. I just moved down the street from your house in Abbeville, SC – the Old Ramey House and have recently remodeled it. Next time you are in town please stop by and give me some extra tips on what I need to do – especially the master bedroom (which we have not touch). Betty W. says to tell you “HI”.

  97. Love this house! Such a wonderful job. I was wondering what the curtains in the living were called. Would love to get them.

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