Feature Friday: Savvy Southern Style

Another Southern belle living in Atlanta is my guest today for Feature Friday, Kim from Savvy Southern Style.  I know many of you know her already, but I thought it would be fun to highlight her beautiful home in North Atlanta.  It truly is a dream home, from my estimation and she and her hubby built the house themselves back in the mid-90’s.  It is a classic style and Kim is a very talented decorator, who must shop more than anyone I know.  Her home is always a-changing, but it’s always beautiful to look at.

Enjoy the tour!

Kim's home

It’s a beautiful traditional home on the outside and has such curb appeal.  Kim and her hubby have worked hard on their home and it is evident.

living room

Inside is equally as stunning, this is the living room.

great room

She has a two story vaulted greatroom, wonderfully decorated to feel nice and cozy.  Those beautiful built-ins are great.


Kim has a great eye for antiques and has many pieces around her house, as well as vintage accessories.


Her kitchen is equally stunning, open with a French Country vibe.

breakfast room

Breakfast area with table and chairs.

dining room

Love this shot of the dining room, so pretty.


And her sunroom is the envy of everyone, I think. She changes it up for the season, this is the summer version.

Fall Sunroom

And this is the Fall version.

master bedroom bed

Her master bedroom feels so luxurious and calming.

master bath

And the master bath is beautiful with her painted piece of furniture.  Kim has mastered the art of repurposing old pieces of furniture and has many throughout her home.

guest room

One guest room

2nd guest room

And another guest room, equally as pretty.

powder room

Kim’s powder room was featured in Cottages and Bungalows last year.  No wonder they took  notice.

Kim does a great job with her house and if you haven’t stopped by yet, don’t miss out!  Savvy Southern Style is a great source of inspiration.

- Rhoda


  1. Thanks for sharing- gorgeous house! Do you know if that bird print comforter in the second guest room is stock or custom? Would love to find that one for my guest room. I love how she has repurposed vintage furniture pieces and blended them in with current items.

  2. Kim’s house is just gorgeous!!! I love all of her beautiful touches throughout her home. Than sunroom is simply amazing…Kim truly has some southern style! Thank you Rhoda for sharing this stunning home!
    XO Barbara

  3. Rhoda,

    Thank you so much for the feature. I am truly honored.

  4. Thank you for Sharing Kim’s beautiful home. I am a follower of her blog and have seen her home but I never get tired of viewing it ! LOVE her style! Have a great weekend!

  5. Too funny! I follow Kim’s blog and I think she shops more than anyone I know too! LOL

    Miss Bailey needed to be featured also!


  6. Truly a gem of a friend and Kim’s home and decorating style are the one of the best I see. She may shop a lot, but she is good at scoring the deals for sure:) I need to go shopping with her sometime.

  7. I have had the great “experience” of seeing Kim’s home in person…I can tell you that pictures do not do it justice…Her home is amazing…So much beauty around every corner…her attention to detail is impeccable and she is naturally talented as a decorator…Thanks for sharing Kim’s home.

  8. Micah Thompson says:

    I love this house. Would you happen to know what color her kitchen walls are? I need a good off white without looking too yellow beige.

    • Micah, you can click over to my blog and find all my home colors under the header in a page tab, home colors.

      Thanks for your comment.


  9. Just gorgeous! I have a similar floorplan from the looks of it! I hope to steal some ideas. Oh, I adore the sunroom!!!

  10. Kim’s home is truly fabulous, yet she’s maintained a comfy and welcoming feel throughout! I love following along as she is always repainting and adding wonderful touches to her home.
    Mary Alice

  11. I have followed Kim for a long time. It is amazing that while her home is so big she manages to make it warm and cozy feeling. Such beautiful pieces she finds. I wish I could shop with her too. XO, Pinky

  12. Debbie Mrazek says:

    Oh my gosh this is a stunning home!!:) I want to go visit!!
    Thank you for this great inspiration!!:)

  13. I read her blog all the time, but had never seen these photos. So pretty!

  14. Kim’s home is just beautiful and has so much character. I love the black sign over the cabinet. The red furniture in the first picture is stunning. I love all the vintage touches and the antiques.


  15. Kim’s home is amazing, and her blog is a definite stop for inspiration everyday!

  16. I love the red furniture in the living room. Where does one find colorful furniture when there is nothing but brown leather and tan tweed furniture?

  17. I WANT TO GO LIVE WITH HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Her house is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Yes, I have always loved her home too. I know (since she is my sister) all the sweat and tears they have put in that house. It is always immaculate like that too, let me tell ya! That’s not just for the camera. LOL!

    • Oh, no it’s not. You haven’t ever just popped in when it is a mess. Especially when I have Leila here. It looks like a bomb went off.

  20. Kim has such a beautiful and inviting home and I NEVER tire of seeing what she is up to! She is so incredibly talented and does the most amazing things with paint! I also love the way she incorporates antiques in with her traditional decor……
    Thank you for sharing her home :o)

  21. I have always loved Kim’s home, she has such great taste! I especially love her sunroom and how she can so easily change things up in there. And congrats on the feature in Cottages and Bungalows Kim!

  22. One of the nicest homes I have ever seen. Beautiful. Her style is impressive.

    • Absolutely gorgeous!!! Warm and cozy, classic and Southern. Love her style. Would love to see what she does for Christmas.

  23. I Love Kim’s home…it is indeed warm and cozy….I love her Southern Style 🙂

  24. Rhoda,
    Kim’s home is truly beautiful. The exterior is exquisite and Kim decorates wonderfully. Her entire home is just stunning, while staying warm & inviting!

  25. Man I dearly love her decorating style! Everything looks sooooo nice!

  26. I have been following along with Kim since before her blog and in the RMS days! Her style and her ability to accessorize is what caught my eye immediately. She has been a wonderful blogger friend and I can’t say enough good things about her. Her home is beautiful and she always keeps us entertained! Glad to see her featured!

  27. I always love seeing Kim’s gorgeous home! She truly does have a gift when it comes to decorating and repurposing furniture. Her sunroom is my favorite space, and I love how she switches it out for the seasons.

  28. Hi Rhoda!!!

    Thank you for taking us on such a beautiful tour!!

    Kim’s house is gorgeous on the inside and outside. Her talent for fixing in antique pieces around her house is so beautiful.

    Have a great week Rhoda!!


  29. I remember finding Kim’s blog when she linked something to MMS’s Furniture Friday- I was immediately attracted to her style! I love how she mixes the antique finds & lovely fabrics.

    I would love to visit some of the wonderful antique shops in & near Atlanta!

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