Feature Friday: Shannon’s Farmhouse in TN

Today’s Feature Friday is a little different from the norm, in that it is going to be a tour of the outside of a house and not the inside.  But, wait til you see the outside and the view!  It’s to die for.

I met a new friend up in TN when I was there for Bella Rustica in October.  She reads my blog and it just so happens she is undergoing a renovation of her own at her farmhouse in TN that she and her hubby have lived in for many years.  It’s a gorgeous Southern Living plan and a wonderful location.   We met up at Bella Rustica and immediately hit it off.  You know those people whom you meet and feel  like you’ve known forever? Yep, that was Shannon.

Shannon and Rhoda

She picked me up one afternoon and offered to show me around the town, so I jumped at the chance.  And she wanted me to see her farmhouse too.  We made a quick stop by the Milky Way manor house on the way out to the countryside of Lynnville,TN.  Shannon’s on the left and she is a doll.

Soda shop

We drove to downtown Lynville, TN, a quaint and oh-so-Southern little town that was cute as a button.  The downtown area was actually bustling that weekend with all the traffic in for the antiques market.

Red Cupola

Driving through the countryside was such a treat, with views like this.

Lynnville, TN

Downtown Lynnville has a railroad museum.

cute downtown Lynnville, TN

We tried to get into Soda Pop Junction, but it was a long wait for a table.

Col. Littletons

We popped into Col. Littleton’s, a men’s haberdasher, which is a throwback to the good old days.


Showing off men’s attire like this.  Isn’t that gorgeous?

food truck

Since we missed lunch at the café, we opted for a country ham sandwich out of a local food truck.

country ham sandwich

Salty country ham, nothing better.  My daddy’s been eating this my whole life and I acquired a taste for it too.

chocolate pie

A little chocolate pie for dessert.   Then it was time to head to Shannon’s farmhouse, which she had already been telling me about.  And boy, it didn’t disappoint.

Shannon Farmhouse

That’s it up at the top of the hill with the pretty red roof.

Shannon's farmhouse in TN

From the front, this beautiful country farmhouse sits like a beacon on the hill.

Front porch

The front porch is so welcoming too.

rocking chairs

With a row of rocking chairs like this, you know you’re in the South.


With views like this, I can see why they chose this spot.  Isn’t this stunning?


The spacious courtyard with flagstone is a wonderful place for outdoor gatherings.


Potted plants and all.

It was such a treat to visit this quaint town and get to meet a reader and now friend, Shannon.  She showed me all the things that they are doing in their farmhouse and I hope to be able to feature inside one day when everything is finished.  It is truly gorgeous and I love all the updates that Shannon had planned.

I didn’t want to miss showing you this beautiful farmhouse in TN, even though it’s an outside tour and not an inside one.  Hope you enjoyed!

- Rhoda


  1. Beautiful farm house.

  2. Hi Rhoda! What a beautiful place. That red roof is just perfect on that home. I think there’s a little part of all of us that dreams of living in a spot like that. I know I do. By the way, outside tours are just as fun as inside to me.

  3. What a wonderful place to wake up and look out in the morning. I hope we get to see the rest when she’s done. I know it has to be lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda Coleman says:


  5. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see inside.


  6. Totally stunning! That would be a wonderful place to live! Love Love Love that flagstone!

  7. Love, love, love the site and the exterior of Shannon’s home! Can’t you imagine what those hills would look like covered with snow? Hope Shannon finishes up the interior soon so we can see it all. If you sent your dad up there, she’d be finished in no time!!!

  8. I love your blog, but I am really annoyed by the pop-up bar that can’t be closed on my phone. Happens with every post, every time I try to scroll, I hit it and it takes me to the ad. I can’t get close it. Please reconsider this ad placement.

  9. That’s my idea of a true Southern Home, it’s beautiful.

  10. What a beautiful home! Love the flaystone courtyard.

  11. What a sweet surprise to wake to find! Thank you for the very kind words, Rhoda. You are a treasure, and have motivated me in many ways. I’d like your readers to know that when I saw you in person for the first time, it was a “rock star” moment for me! Rhoda is her sweet, genuine blog personified. As you now know, Rhoda, I have followed you for nearly three years; can you imagine what a thrill it is to be featured on your blog?! Cheers! And many blessings my friend. ~Shannon

  12. Rhoda, I remember when you told us all about meeting Shannon, and that you would post about her house someday. Such a beautiful site for a home. The house is so pretty and can’t wait to see inside. Just a short story, a while back there was a house up the road from us, that was in bad shape and the people put it up for sale. The new buyers have worked and worked on it. You should see it now, it reminds me of Shannon’s house. And all the hard work they did, reminds me of you.

  13. Beautiful space and images. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Lovely home! Hopefully we will get to see the inside soon.

    Mary L

  15. Oh my! That view is beyond stunning! Heaven on earth. The more I see of Tennessee, the more beautiful it seems. Shannon is one lucky lady to live in such a gorgeous place, and what a charming town too. Love the men’s haberdashery! Sounds like a fun day.

  16. Rhoda…Shannon’s farmhouse is gorgeous…such a magnificent bucolic setting….I cannot imagine living in a house surrounded by beauty….Hopefully, we will soon be able to see the great things she is doing to the interior of the house!!…Glad you had a great time!!

  17. Oh my glory!! Beautiful. I can’t wait to see the inside!

  18. It’s beautiful.

  19. Hi Rhoda!!

    I love going thru little towns like this. It’s so quaint and you see things that the bigger towns miss to have.

    WOW!!!! The outside was great to see. What a perfect place to have a house, with those views!! Can’t wait to see the inside.

    Enjoy the weekend!!


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