Feature Friday: Southern Living Idea House Part 2

I’m back with all the pics from the Southern Living Idea house in Senoia, GA. The August issue of Southern Living is now on the newstands, so I’m clear to post my pics!

From all the comments and pinning going on, I’d say this house is a HUGE hit with all of you. I know it is definitely one of my fave Southern Living houses EVER.


Looking back towards the front door, this little hallway has original pine floors and planked walls. So very farmhouse-y!


This little nook is perfect for an accent chair and side table. Love the deer art, very appropriate in this house.


Do you spot more Ballard goodies? Yep, those huge light fixtures are gorgeous. I seriously considered this style too for my dining room, but the other one won out. Simple and elegant master bedroom.


Planked walls painted a creamy white and those beautiful side chairs make a great space.


Grouped antlers over the bed make a style statement.


Other side of the room with a chest of drawers.


A peek into the master bath, with 2 vanities and a pretty covered bench.


Horse painting over the clawfoot tub is very nostalgic.


A pretty vignette on a table.


Let’s go upstairs, shall we?


At the top of the stairs, these black chairs with graphic striped black and white pillows are a wonderful focal point.


At the other end of the stairs, this little hallway grouping is extra pretty too.


Looking towards a boy’s room.


Neutral Americana boy’s room is pretty and textural.


Dresser and chair and check out the cowhide rug layered over jute or seagrass.


Bedside table with accessories and lamp.


An old fashioned feel to the bathroom up here.


These burlap boards with nailhead trim were part of that earlier grouping.


Looking back towards the top of the stairs.


Guestroom perhaps with a pretty gallery wall.


Tobacco baskets continue to be all the rage in décor.


A closer look at that gallery wall. All the frames are white.


This one has a bathroom too. Love the antique vanity.


And this shower curtain is great too with the band of stripes.


A peek out the window at the party going on under the tent below. We were headed there next.


More pretty light fixtures.


Sconce going up the stairs.


Out the back door is this lovely landscaped patio area. Don’t you love this? I know, swoon time.


This little porch is off that cute sitting room inside that had the plaid wall treatment we all loved.


Complete with a potting bench.


I adore the architectural features on this house. That striped awning was so pretty.


I even like how they covered this door with those big brackets and sloped the roof down.


Looking back towards the door going inside.


Here’s the beautiful backyard. Amazing all the work they put into these homes to make them so drool-worthy.


Outside under the tent, a cooking demo was going on.


I couldn’t stop looking at the house. Love that brick foundation.


Another look at the arches and cute picket fenced backyard.


I got to meet Lindsay Bierman, Editor of Southern Living. What an honor that was! I love the magazine and read Lindsay’s column every month.


We had the best time touring this house. My friends, Jen and Debbie and I took a little break on this side porch as we headed out in the dusk to go home, complete with our own Ballard Designs tote bags. And we all sort of wished that we could just move right in!

These events are so much fun and I’m so blessed to get to do all the things I do. All because I love decorating and home so much that I get to write about it. I’m just glad you all enjoy the pics too, I love sharing them with my friends.

And that’s all of YOU, you know?!

- Rhoda


  1. Such simplistic beauty! Just love it. I am loving the red and white Ikat chair. ….and everything else! Thanks for taking us along. Lori Lucas

  2. Judy Clark says:

    Love, love, love that house. It is so simple, but so well done.


  3. Kristy A. says:

    Thank you Rhoda, I love your blog. You give me inspiration. We are headed to Atlanta this weekend, I now have another stop to add to my list. Love the house and the lighting… so pretty!

  4. This is absolutely my favorite Southern Living idea house. I love how they have preserved the integrity of the old house while modernizing it.Thanks for sharing it with us, Rhoda!

  5. Thank you for sharing your tour with us! I am especially loving the painted wood floors (gray?) upstairs. I’ve been pinning painted wood floors for months now. I am blessed to have hardwoods throughout much of my home but they’re that orangey-oak color and I’m dreaming of light and bright. Now if I could just convince my hubby to let me paint them….

  6. Swoon! This is my most favorite house ever! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Thanks for the comprehensive tour. Really enjoyed it. I’d like to pick up the house and just plunk it down here at mine in Charlotte! Best wishes, Debbie O.

  8. Rhoda, thanks for the tour, I really enjoyed it.

    Now if Southern Living and Ballards was smart they would have you write an article for their magazine and give you a buget like Lowes to work with and let us see you work your magic on an average persons budget.

  9. I totally adore that house! Thanks for all the great pics!

  10. Lovin’ this post…just except for one teeny tiny itsy bitsy thing… not diggin the ‘dead animal menagerie’ above the bedroom headboard. I don’t mind a few (faux) heads/skellegans on the wall, just not in the bedroom. Above the bed. Kinda wiggs me out. lol

  11. The thing that stood out to me was the gorgeous landscaping! I’m sure touring that home was a blast full of awesome ideas.

  12. This house is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your posts about your house every week as well!

  13. Hi Rhoda,

    I just found your blog through a comment on another blog I follow.
    What a beautiful house! I love the landscaping, the beautiful accents, colors, everything! Thank you for taking us on the tour with you.
    I do have a question for you that I truly hope you will answer. My family and I live in a 101 years old farmhouse. The original, beautiful, wood walls in the house have never been touched. As beautiful as they are they also make the rooms dark. I have wrestled with the idea of painting them to help lighten the rooms but am afraid of ruining them by doing so. I cringe to think that those walls have been in that house for 101 years and then I come along and ruin them and fingers are pointed at me for doing something so horrible. Please give me your advice. What would you do?

    • I always fell that I’m just a custodian of an old house, changing when it’s already been changed and usually ruined in the process. Wooden walls are such a rare and beautiful statement. Things can be lighted so simply with painted furniture,light stained wicker and fabric, never forgetting the value of reflective surfaces. Most arts and crafts houses, which can seem oppressive, were designed to be decorated with glass, sliver, pottery and copper which make the wood glow. I don’t mind seeing that sort of thing in new construction, but if one really hates one’s house there might be another out there better suited.
      I recently read a blog where the owner paitned the woodwork in a similar house bright white. It was so jarring and unsympathetic. I will say that a light wash Can look really good, but it is the basic feel of the house you’re changing, not a piece of old furniture. I hope at least you’;; keep the original windows.
      That said, I’m sure everyone else will vote to paint them.
      Good luck.

  14. Love all of the vintage pieces in this decor! That bath room vanity that is chippy and old, and the boys room! Love, love, love! Great decorating! I will go look for the other post part 1. Thanks for the tour Rhoda!

  15. Thank you Rhoda! You bring joy and beauty into our lives and your faithful followers so appreciate your gifts of writing, story telling and fabulous photography! You are a blessing ! Love this house sooooo much! Great ideas abound here!

  16. I’m especially loving the light fixtures in the master bath as well as those in the guest and boys’ rooms. Any thoughts on where they might be sourced? The latter look so neat and seem a great solution in rooms without a lot of headroom for a chandy. I also noticed the star escutcheon plate which I have as an original light fixture in my 100yr old home. What goes aroung comes around, I guess! Lovely post and beautiful home.

  17. Wow! Gorgeous home, I always love anything Ballard’s, so this is right up my alley.
    I’ve been checking out all the other ‘featured fridays’ homes. So fun and inspiring!
    Thanks for writing such a great blog!

  18. It’s just absolutely charming!! I love that nook under the stairs. I wonder WHERE they got the art on the walls?

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour. I have scrolled through the photos (part 1 and part 2) several times. It is GORGEOUS. I always find historic farmhouse renovations particularly inspiring since we live in one ourselves and are constantly working to make it shine again. This is by far my favorite Southern Living Idea House!

  20. Lol…. I first saw your post with my first cup of coffee this a.m. When I came back in the afternoon to show my husband some of the ideas, it was not there! It’s okay…. I am planning on buying the magazine when it comes out to show him and have a record of the design. I’m glad you explained what you did though, I would ave thought I was going crazy lookin for it!

  21. Please excuse my two typos. Where’s the spell check when you need it!?

  22. Love the house – especially the gardens. It’s so serene.

  23. I’m glad I got to see the interior pictures earlier because I was able to show my husband the photo of the jute rug under the dining table and he liked it! (I’m going to get a seagrass, like you had under your table) Southern Living should thank you for the “tease”…. it has whet our appetite to see more of this house!

  24. Marianne in Mo. says:

    I’d wondered how you got to post those pics before the article came out – OOPS – guess we all goof up sometimes! I’ve been a SL subscriber for many, many years, even ‘tho I’m considered the far reaches of “upper south”. I consider myself southern at heart, if not location! I even just today had a ladies’ “Southern Luncheon” with tea sandwiches, and a few lovely desserts. We had a nice afternoon “cocktail” and since it was too warm outside, we watched a movie about the south to keep us in a southern frame of mind. Everyone said over and over that it was such a nice idea to theme the lunch that way, and to enjoy time with each other eating “girl food”! Cucumber sandwiches were a hit, as were the Lemon Bars! Sorry, I digress…
    I wish I could see this house in person, but guess I have to content myself with your pics and wait for the article in my magazine. Long live Southern Living!
    Don’t know if I could live without it – or your blog either!

  25. I love this house – thanks for sharing it with us. I was born in Alabama and raised in the south, but have been in Arizona for 35 years. I love looking at all things “Southern” – it takes me back to some wonderful memories. I’m trying to nurture some Hydrangeas and love looking at them. They are especially gorgeous around the brick foundation. Thanks again for sharing!

  26. I just now read your post and only got to see your outside pictures. The patios are beautiful, and I love the light fixtures hanging in the tent! Hydrangeas make me swoon. I can’t wait to see the inside of the house.

  27. OOps you scooped them, nevertheless I love these images you took and can’t wait to see the interior. I will have to wait till you post them as we do not get this magazine in New Zealand.

    What a cute house for sure!

    Lee ☺

  28. What a great experience! Love touring beautiful homes. Still think it’s so crazy that your best friend Debbie is my old drama teacher!

  29. Rhoda,
    What a fabulous house – from the brick foundation to the porches to the hydrangeas! Everything is pure perfection! How fun that you got to meet the editor of SL!

  30. I am so going Rhoda…..it just looks beautiful!

  31. Well you’re just a super duper scooper that’s what you are! Wish I had gotten here before you had to pull the pictures down! The outside is certainly lovely.

  32. Anne Boykin says:

    Rhoda, My friend & I toured the house yesterday and it is gorgeous! Made me want to go home and clean my house which is always a good thing. Beautiful ideas throughout keep every room fresh. Love the Ballard Design items throughout too. Sorry you had to take the pictures down. Looking forward to meeting you this week at the Haven Conference. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  33. I sure do hate that! Good for me though, I saved your pics in my own file. So I can still look at them. I loved your posts with all of your pics, btw. They should realize though that people want to take pics of decorated houses and as long as this house is open to the public, pictures will be snapped and beyond their control. More people in GA may have seen this house in person, but it will still be new to people in other states. Gee, now I wonder what other idea houses have pictures posted across other states!

  34. Beautiful job – by Southern Living on the house and by you on photographing it and sharing it with us (the second time around). I am sure that was a very fun tour. Thank you for allowing us to “go along with you” to see it. I loved the bathrooms, but I have to say, the antler heads over the bed creep me out. Everything else was gorgeous!

  35. I LOVE the bedroom with the beige and white checkered pillows and curtains! Do you happen to remember where you go that set? It’s absolutely beautiful and has given me inspiration for when my husband and I re-do our bedroom 🙂

  36. I LOVE these floors!! Do you have any idea what kind of wood these floors are and what Color stain was used to achieve this look? Thanks in advance.

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