Feature Friday: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

I love finding fresh talent and energizing home blogs that capture the spirit of home renovation so perfectly.

In April, 2012, a witty girl named Victoria started a home renovation blog, naming it after herself.  I just found Victoria about a month ago, when a viral post was traveling around the internet. A post about shopping on Craigslist that made me howl with laughter.  Who can’t relate to shopping on Craigslist and finding treasures to bring home and talking her husband into helping with her addictions to said treasures.  And to further draw readers in, Victoria is hilariously funny in how she tells a story in every single post.  I wish I had her wit in writing and sharing all the funny things in life.  Victoria certainly has a gift of writing and drawing people in and she drew me right in as well.  I sent her an email telling her I’d love to show off her house that she and her hubby, Paul, are currently renovating and she was pretty excited about that.  She wants to get famous in blogland and I have a feeling she might get her wish. Smile

She and her hubby bought their 1890 Victorian home near Philadelphia about 4 or so years ago, moving out of a totally renovated Craftsman home that was perfect.  Isn’t that the way old houses work though? They draw people in and make them take on things that otherwise sane people would never tackle.  They have been working day by day on their projects, completing one room at a time.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing what all they’ve accomplished and reading Victoria’s posts about how hard it is to renovate and live in a house made me cackle. She’s a funny, funny girl and you’re going to love seeing what they’ve accomplished and half the fun is reading about it too, from Victoria’s hilarious perspective.

front exterior

The 1890’s Victorian house and captured Victoria’s heart from the beginning. She had NO idea the amount of work it would take to renovate this beauty until they got in there.

front of Victorian house

It’s so quaint and pretty and I can see why she fell for it.


The front porch is one area that has been renovated and I think it’s beautiful.

front door

How about the front door, how gorgeous is this?


Victoria writes that the hinges are what sold her on the house. Dreamy hinges were all she could think about, hardly noticing that the house was about to fall down.


There’s Victoria, learning how to renovate from her handy husband.


This is the agony they started with and there’s still plenty of projects to do. They’ve only fully completed a few rooms in the house.


The bathroom beginnings.


But, here are some afters that will have you all sighing with relief for Victoria and I think we would all be drawn in by this one.


And the post that launched thousands of clicks and made me a fan of Victoria’s blog, the kingdom mirror , found on Craigslist.  You definitely need to read that one, it’s hysterical!

bathroom after

The bathroom that she spent hours dissecting and doing internet shopping for.  She did tons of posts just on this bathroom project and doing all her internet research is what propelled Victoria into starting a blog.  Yes, along with all 9 million other home bloggers out there. Seems like it, at least!  She found out that the internet is now saturated with folks renovating and talking about it online.

bath medicine cabinet

The medicine cabinet that her hubby built her, really turned out pretty.

kitchen in progress

And the kitchen that they live with now, but I hear that plans are in the works to start renovating this too. Can’t wait to see what Victoria will come up with on this. She loves planning things out and coming up with ideas for her husband to implement.  I have so enjoyed reading her plans and ideas and I know I’ll be clicking over there periodically to see what they are up to next.

I hope you’ll go over and say hello to Victoria, she gets excited to meet new people!  She’s a hoot, that girl, you will find out what I mean when you go over there.  I told her she needs to come to Haven next year.

- Rhoda


  1. That is one gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing Rhoda 🙂 Happy Weekend! xo Kristin

  2. I love this post so much!!! (You know, since it’s all about me.) Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing me… I really cannot wait to meet you next year at Haven!

  3. I love it when people take on the task of renovating old houses preserving them for the future!! What a gem!!

  4. Patty cake says:

    Love it!!
    So funny…just spent some time looking at her porch and kitchen blogs…

  5. Wow – what an awesome house. I so love Victorians. I like in a traditional probably more cottage style home built in 1941 and can definitely understand the draw of old houses.

  6. Thanks for letting us know about Victoria. I can’t wait to check out her blog, and read more about her beautiful home.

  7. I am a new blog follower and am so excited to start this new adventure. Can’t believe I am this late to start reading blogs, but heck, I’m a Grammy, so what can I say? However, loved this blog and so looking forward to others.

  8. Oh, I am crying, with tears running down my face with laughter from the mirror story. I cannot wait to show my husband what I COULD be asking him to do.

  9. I found Victoria via the same post and quickly started stalking, er, following her everywhere I could find her. ;). She can make anything humorous. But the Kingdom mirror . . . priceless.

  10. I followed the link to Victoria’s blog and laughed myself silly! I totally get her sense of humor, so I wasted no time in signing up for her emails and am looking forward to reading more of her exploits as a home restorer. Thanks so much for giving her this opportunity to be found by appreciative readers! I love your generosity in sharing other bloggers with your readers.

  11. Ummmmmmmmmm…. I’m dying over here…. with LAUGHTER that is!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious post about the mirror… but was she right or what !!!! Gorgeous!!!!! I will be following her progress.. The house is amazing!!!!!! Thank you Rhoda for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I just spent about an hour reading some of her posts…hilarious! I finally had to close it down otherwise I don’t make it into the shower before noon but I bookmarked her:)

  13. She’s courageous! Can’t wait to check out her blog.

  14. Hi Rhoda! Oh, what a transformation. I’m not familiar with Victoria so I’ll have to pop over for a visit. Now I love hoots so I’m sure I’m going to love her! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. I too, found her at the time of her hilarious post on the Kingdom Mirror! –I shared the link on my fb page and watched mY numbers blOW uP at the hilarity!
    And I shrieked at her declaration for attending Haven next year–omG! Wouldn’t you like to just spend a day with her?!?

  16. I just read some of Victoria’s postings, starting with the Kingdom mirror post. She was absolutely right about that mirror in her living room, how fab is that in situ.
    Thanks for the heads-up to her location Rhonda! It’s a must-read (just like yours!!)

  17. What a great feature on Victoria! I’ve been following her from the early days and now consider her a friend and it’s been wonderful seeing other people discover how funny and talented she is. Her success and recognition is well deserved as it would be a shame for people to miss out on her posts!

  18. Oh! I read all about the Kingdom Mirror a few months ago. So awesome! I don’t recall how I came across it.. but it sucked me in! So fun getting to see more. Really glad you featured her Rhoda.

    Happy Friday 🙂

  19. I just signed up to her blog, thanks for sharing. Haven’t read about the mirror yet. I hope to be at Haven next year with sweetheart in tow (he won’t believe there are other crazies out there like me!!) And I LOVE your red lawn mower blog, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy, right????!!!!!


  20. Oh my, that mirror!!!!


  21. OMG! I’m dying…”Sucker”. Classic!

  22. Victoria is a fellow Philly girl, she’s a HOOT! Did you read her post about the built-in wardrobe (that leads to either Narnia or Downton Abbey?) It’s perfection! So glad you featured her, she’s truly a talent.

  23. Thanks Rhoda. I knew I could trust you so I followed the link and…hysterical!

  24. Victoria’s blog is one of my favorites. So glad she’s being picked up and read by more and more people. If you haven’t read through all her blog yet, read the post about the rock, it …rocks! and you’ll be rocking w/laughter over that one too. Love this blog!

  25. She really is amazing. And lovely. And funny!

  26. I’m a big, crazy Victoria fan! Love that girl!! Glad everyone else is hoping on board her train. 🙂

  27. thanks for the link. her blog is hysterical.

  28. Victoria’s one of my must-read sites. Besides being entertaining, their home is amazing (at least all of the parts they’ve refurbished are), it’s fun to watch their progress and the hilarious tales she shares.

  29. I found her when she did the post on her mirror and Craigs
    list. I read ever post and laughed myself silly. The storybook wedding, the first apartment, all the stories. I see a sitcom lol. She easily will become a star in blogland, on her shear wit and writing ability and a few posts of her and the hub dancing. So fun

  30. Ronda, you certainly were right, Victoria is hilarious and a most gifted writer. Thank you for featuring her on you blog today and for the much needed laughter.


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