From Granny to Beachy Glam

In case you don’t remember what this room looked like before…..well, be ready for a BIG change. If you’re a new reader, you will not know that this all started with a yardsale find…yes, the hazards of yardsaling, when I found a great looking black and white damask king comforter set for $15. That got the ball rolling. There was really nothing wrong with this room, it was comfortable, the colors were pretty, but let’s face it…it was a little granny. I had just used all the bedding and leftover stuff I had in here when we moved in to make it a decent guestroom, but deep down, I wanted CHANGE. And change I got! Feast your eyes on the new beachy glam guestroom.

I’m totally thrilled with how it came out. Now remember, I wasn’t out to change everything in here, I wanted to recycle and use a lot of what I had already, by making some changes to update them for the new vibe I was going for. I’ll do a recap at the end of the post on how much I spent, so you can get an idea of how you can do things on a budget. Most of my new accent additions were yardsale finds that fit right in with my new plan. You’ll have to indulge me…I took a ton of pics. It’s all in the details, right?!

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed with another slightly brighter aqua shade colorwashed over the top. You really can’t tell from these pics, but it made it slightly less gray. If you have a room with plenty of light, Rainwashed would be beautiful all by itself. It’s a great color! The damask bedding really makes a nice look in here.

This is a yardsale water color I found last year for $5 that I moved in here. Love the colors in this room.
My grandma’s sewing machine now becomes a side table for the bed. You can see how nice the newly redone lamps look, just as I imagined they would be.

The antique store oil painting fits right in leaning on the sewing machine. That tin planter with the dried arrangement was a yardsale find for $1 & I added the arrangement.

All the books I already had laying around, most of those came from yardsales. Even the aqua cloth is a kitchen linen towel that I’ve had a long time and it worked so well in here.

The newly redone print looks great with the bedding. And you can see my yardsale Staffordshire dogs are a nice addition sitting on the sconces. Those are the sconces I painted and showed you recently.

Large sham came from Steinmart, the 2 middle pillows were both yardsale finds, and the pretty vintage linen monogrammed pillow cover in front came from Grandma Eleanor. She passed it on to me and I had my friend, Lynn, monogram it for me. I love it!

Closeup of the Staffordshire dog, along with a zebra plate from TJ Maxx.

Poppy print and dogs.

Other nightstand on right side of bed with the other lamp and a large seashell. That’s an original Grandma Eleanor oil painting that I rescued from her little cottage.

Nightstand that I’ve had for a long time.

Another bunny yardsale find in the window that you probably remember recently, this one was $5.

And here are all the white mirrors I showed you when I painted them. I finally found a place for my $3 chippy white birdcage I found earlier this year. I love how the mirrors really add some light to this corner.

And painting them all white was the ticket.

This is such a sweet birdcage and I love the reflection in the mirror. Found this Flotaki-like rug at our new Garden Ridge. They were having a rug sale and I got it for $55. I didn’t want to spend much for a new rug and this one feels so good underfoot. In a perfect world, I’d have hardwoods in this room (and every room), but that’s not gonna happen.

Now, you’ll just have to picture this chair with a new linen white slipcover that I’m going to attempt to make myself with the new sewing machine…wish me luck! I’ve got it draped for now, but I can see it! You see the black/white yardsale lampshade that I found for $3 works great in here, as does the $3 pillow.

Since we have this funky ceiling downstairs in this room, I only bought one damask drapery panel from Target and it was $37, shipped right to my door. I got the longer length of 96″, pulled it back with a tassel and I think it works fine. I used an old swing-arm rod that I’ve had forever and added some rings (remember I found those at a yardsale too?) and added an iron fleur de lis finial that I had.

Here’s the Big Lots bench recovered in the black/white zebra fabric.

And you’ll remember this aqua $5 yardsale table that was newly painted, showing off the white shell I picked up on our family vacation, as well as the black/white box that I found last year yardsaling for 50 cents. The candle came from Melissa, a blogger friend here in town, that she got in a doorprize and passed on to me. Works perfect in this room.

This old pot came from Grandma Eleanor’s little house & it was so chippy, I brought it home and added this plant to it.

I’ve hung onto this dresser for 20 years now and thought I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago, but it’s one of those pieces that I just love and will probably always keep. I started to paint it, but since I went light with the walls, I decided the room need the dark furniture to keep the balance going. I may get some fancier pulls one of these days. Those blue starfish came from our Garden Ridge store. That aqua large ceramic finial was a yardsale find from last year.

Complete look at this side of the room.

Two more original Grandma Eleanor oil paintings of the beach that I rescued from the little house. These are perfect in here. I did darken up the frames.

The old dresser. It’s not a fine piece, but I like its character and charm.

Now, in case you were wondering about the bookcase, here in is, just inside the door.

I had fun pulling things from all over to add to these shelves. I didn’t buy much at all for this and had plenty to fill it up..probably too much really, but I am not a minimalist. You can see the aqua bunny bowl and the blue/green bowl that I found at Homegoods. That basket holds my driftwood and some shells from the recent beach trip. Also added some shells to that recent yardsale bottle I found.

Top of bookshelf.

Entire bookshelf.

Closet side of the room. I think guests will be comfortable here, don’t you?

Here are a few closeups of the bookshelves. Found this little bunny oil painting at Tuesday AM.

Driftwood and shells in the basket.

Bunny bowl, bunny plaque, and seashells.

A little greenery with a tag I added to it from Susie Harris (Bienvenue) that she sent me when I won her giveaway. It was a perfect little accent for this planter.

These 2 oils are yardsale finds from Bombay Co. that I found a few years ago. Their color still works in here too.

I really hope you enjoyed this new beachy guestroom tour. I had a great time doing it, as I just love the process of thinking these ideas out and letting the plan come together. I guess you could say I am passionate about design and decorating and if I can make a room look better, then nothing pleases me more. I have no more entire rooms to redo right now, but I’m sure I’ll have some projects and a little tweaking going on (I always dream up new things to do!), but my house is as finished as it can be for the moment. And that’s a good feeling! We do enjoy living here and it’s a very comfortable house, peaceful and serene. Now I know this redo is not a designer’s dream, but I love to show what you can do with a fairly minimal budget.
Here’s a breakdown of what I spent. I really didn’t know how much it was going to be until I sat down and added it up, but it came to just over $400, which I don’t think is too bad.
Damask bedding from yardsale – $15
Rug from Garden Ridge – $55
Bookcase (redone from yardsale) – $68
Bunny Oil – $15
Blue starfish – $6
Bottle oil painting – $9
Lamps (redone from yardsale) – $38
Staffordshire dogs from yardsale – $6
Zebra plates – $8
Poppy print – $7
White fabric for slipcover – $5
Drapery panel from Target – $37
Pillows from yardsale – $7
Sham from Steinmart – $17
Black/white shade from yardsale – $4
Ottoman from Big Lots – $100
Misc. yardsale accessories – $20
Wall Paint – $30
Total = $447
I could have saved even more if I hadn’t bought the zebra ottoman from Big Lots or found that bookcase that I repainted, but I love both of them and wouldn’t change a thing. And you can see how much can be saved just by buying things like accessories and pillows at yardsales.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and coming by to spend time with me. That makes my day!

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda –
    Your ‘new’ guestroom is gorgeous! I’m ready to pack my bags and try it out. I think you’ve put things together in such a wonderful, comfortable way and you might have a problem getting your guests to leave! Everything is just perfect in there but I think the real treasures are the Grandma Eleanor paintings. What a precious thing for you to have. Thanks for sharing your room with us.

  2. Rhoda
    You did a fabulous job on your guestroom! Especially for under $500. I love the wall colour – perfect mixed with the black & white accent pieces.

  3. Wow! What a transformation…it all looks great, I love the little aqua side table!

  4. WOW!!! It looks gorgeous! I couldn’t wait to see the poppy print with the black and white and boy does it look GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ says:

    Hi Rhoda, I was anxioux to see this room completed & it was worth the wait. You know I just love the blue & black combo! I'm lovin the chair just draped with the fabric, it looks like a cozy place to curl up. The rug is a great addition & Grandmas prints have found a perfect new home.

    Slip cover…you go girl, Take care, DebraK

  6. justabeachkat says:

    A great big Wow!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl! Great job!

    I know where I’ll be sleeping the next time I go to Birmingham to shop! wink wink


  7. Twice as Nice says:

    Love it. It looks so comfortable and relaxing. You did a great job putting it all together and I’ll bet it was fun. All for under $500.00. Now that is impressive!!

  8. The Quintessential Magpie says:

    Way to go, Rhoda! Aren’t you excited??? I know how much you are going to enjoy your new room, and didn’t you tell us you have your devotionals in here? You may just be in there praying all day! I think the Lord might just be smiling on this thrifting/decorating adventure! It has Heaven’s Seal of Approval! πŸ˜‰

    And what a great price for all this neat decor! I think you did right to buy that ottoman and the cabinet, both of which I love. Hey, if you wanna get rid of them, ring me! I think they really help complete the look you were going for in the room, and look at all the fun things you have in that cabinet! I tell you, I’m going to be on here looking and looking at all the pics. I’m glad you put them up for us. Makes it so much FUN! πŸ™‚

    Great job, girlfriend — enjoy, and we will, too!



  9. Handmade Housewife... says:

    My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw that second picture. Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful. That’s a complete change from the “granny room!” I can’t believe you only spent $500, but then again you are the yard sale queen πŸ™‚ You have to be so proud of your hard work and vision. It’s lovely, every last detail!


  10. Absolutely brilliant! It’s so much more with it but very cozy also.

    I like studying the way that you actually put much more into a room than I do. I am going to try to work on this…like the look.

  11. It looks great!

  12. love, love, LOVE it! of all the things in the room, that rug is one of my favorites…it looks so luxurious and hip at the same time. But I also really adore the bench that you recovered and all the accessories that bring life and personality to the room. This is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. Good Morning Rhoda,
    Your new room makeover is
    gorgeous. I go to your blog
    each day, and I have learned
    so many decorating tips and tried
    some of them. Keep the good
    blog going to inspired us.

  14. Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" says:

    What a wonderful room for your guests! You did an amazing job with it.

  15. Mom on the Run says:

    It looks fabulous!

  16. Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe says:

    I’ll be right over!
    I have a pair of slippers and a aqua robe that will blend right in. You’ll never know I’m there.

  17. Beautiful job Rhoda! I tried to pick out my favorite thing about your makeover & couldn't, everything is fabulous!!

  18. Rhonda,
    Just stunning, girl stunning.
    You have really put this look together with texture, materails
    paint and accessories. Thanks, for sharing.

  19. Hi! You may not believe this, but I have a sample can of that very paint color that I’m considering for my living room, but I just haven’t bought the poster board on which to paint my sample. I love all the rabbit things. You were lucky to find the rabbit oil paintings b/c after I missed them at Steinmart, my Tuesday AM never got them in. Nice job!

  20. Absolutely perfect! Great job. Christy :-)<><

  21. This is gorgeous! I love love love it. Makes me want to give up my scrapbook room and decorate like this.

  22. Bam- another room gets the Rhoda touch! It’s beautiful. I love the light aqua with the black and white and touch of red. Fabulous!

  23. *having to repost because of an error – hope it’s not on here twice*

    I love how this room looks like it was created over a lifetime. You’d never think it was a recent transformation. I love it!

  24. That turned out beautiful! I’m really impressed with your talents.

  25. Wow…wow..I think what you did with that room was wonderful. And for under $500 is amazing. I would love to be a guest in that room.

  26. (standing and applauding wildly)

    Well done, Rhoda, well done!

  27. It looks fantastic, Rhoda! I love how you pulled it all together from thrifty finds here and there. I love that dresser!

  28. Fantastic job! I hope you are putting all these pictures in your portfolio! Thanks for sharing with us!

  29. Wow….I love the new look and the colors just pop!! I’ve been following along with some of your projects and am amazed at how that bookshelf and those lamp shades and that very lovely bedding all came together to make this incredible look. Good job!!

  30. Hi Rhoda –
    I absolutely L-O-V-E the black and white damask with the blue walls. Very glam and chic! I agree with Adrienne, you may have a hard time getting your guests to leave. And all for under $500! You should have a show on HGTV! I am working on a re-mix of my Master Bedroom & Bath. I too will be using a blue paint called SHADE. Very similar. I'll let you know when I am done so you can take a peek on my blog – Carolina Panache.

  31. Half of the Style Sisters says:

    Wow your re-do is fabulous. I really love the difference in the room. You really have an eye…especially for all the details. I did a similar re-do in my master bedroom a few months back. I painted the walls robin’s egg blue and I have black accents and a similar looking bedspread. Good minds think alike πŸ™‚ Your guest room is just beautiful! Here is the link to my bedroom makeover.

  32. You did a great job! I want your Stanfordshire dogs and all your bunnies. And I love the drapes and the way you hung them. I’m in the process of doing my white guest bathroom white and black.

    Tea Cup Lady (Sandy)

  33. Wowee!! Such a transformation! I love the new look – black and white is such a classic theme. I love the color on the walls too. It’s funny, I have the same birdcage as you but you got the better deal on yours for sure – mine was $125! But, I love mine and it is part of a little vignette on our upstairs landing – I will have to post some pictures soon.
    Happy Decorating!

  34. WOW! It’s totally different. I love it! When are you headed to Panama City? I would love for you to come redo something here. It’s just fabulous!

  35. Thanks for teaching me that your bedspread fabric is called damask. I am using fabric like that and I posted some of it on my blog and called it brocade! Now I know it’s damask! Beautiful room.

  36. Screaming Meme says:

    WOW! Great job!!!!! πŸ™‚ I love the colors….

  37. carolyn at cranberry crossings: says:

    WOW! Totally worth waiting for! It looks great and your guests will love staying in there!
    Have a great week!

  38. It looks beautiful! Great job…I just love pale blue and black together. Yum!

  39. Wow Rhoda!,It’s so beautiful! I tell you it will make any Granny that stays in that room feel like a teenager! Deb

  40. Michele~Lovin Life After 40 says:

    Rhoda – I LOVE the new guestroom!! I’ve been waiting impatiently for you to post the finished product. Also – I thought I’d let you know that there are a few pics posted on my blog from an open house at Mary Carol Garrity’s house in Atchison, KS. Enjoy!

  41. What a nice job, I think your guests will be quite comfy, I would like to block off a week-end in March πŸ™‚

    Kathy πŸ™‚

  42. It's Always Something Around Here says:

    It is just gorgeous!!!!

    Wanna come help me out with a few rooms or maybe on second thought my whole house???

  43. Cindy ~ My Romantic Home says:

    It looks amazing!!! I really love the corner with the white mirrors and the birdcage…You know I love that birdcage! I also love the wall color, it’s so soothing!!! It all looks so great!

  44. OMG! It turned out so cute! I just love it! I’ve been waiting to see the final product and how fun that it is finally here! I’m sure you’ve really enjoyed putting this together. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  45. the pleasures of homemaking says:

    Hi Rhoda – your guestroom turned out really great! I love the seating area with the white bird cage and the mirrors. That’s quite a transformation you accomplished on a such a limited budgert – it looks so pretty!


  46. I can’t believe I am just now stumbling upon your amazing blog! Everything is just beautiful! I think I saw about 500 things I want to copy. πŸ™‚ You’re so talented! Jill

  47. Lady Katherine says:

    Your room is Granny, Be Gone! You have pulled together a wonderful room, with grandmothers treasures, to beach theme, and all the black and white. Now who said it could not be done. You have brought in things, and made them all be apart of the wonderful room. I love the Big Lots ott. and book case, The best is that you pulled it together with very little money. And it turned out gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your room. I know you will be tempted to just go in and relax there. I left you something on my blog if you wish.

  48. I love it!!!! You did such a wonderful job!

  49. Wow Ms. Rhoda…this beautiful room came together relatively quickly from the start of your idea for it…It was nice before, but it is outstanding looking now…and just wait till you get Grandma Eleanor’s aqua chair…lol,
    it belongs in there! πŸ˜‰ Bo

  50. Hi Rhoda your room is beautiful. You are so talented. You did a great job!!

  51. I admit that I had a hard time picturing this room in my head as you were buying stuff along the way. I was sort of attached to the granny version. However, now that I actually see what you were seeing all along in your mind, it is beautiful and very soothing. I’m impressed.

  52. Great job, Rhoda. It’s a bit of a departure from your usual style, but it’s equally as beautiful. Love all the finds!

  53. this is my favorite room! but i LOVE them all!!

  54. Enjoyed the tour! Great job!

  55. Jules from "The Roost" says:

    Beautiful & peaceful! You are really creative!!

  56. Wow Rhoda! Only $400 AND it’s beautiful?! Amazing…. truly amazing. All the little treasures make it so sweet and personal too, especially that darling pillow with the monogram πŸ™‚


  57. LOVE LOVE LOVE the room re-do!

  58. Wow, I love the room. it turned out so nice. So nice your guest may not want to leave.

  59. Melissa Wertz says:

    How beautiful Rhoda! And it turned out Hollywood Beach Glam! Great job. I am glad that candle worked out. Looks much better where you put it. If you put it on that ‘new’ shelf, it would have disappeared. LOL!

    WOW, you did it all for under $500 bucks. What a bargain.
    Thanks for sharing!

  60. The Berry's Patch says:

    OMGosh, that room is drop dead gorgeous! Yes, I could stay in that room comfortably. I love the touches around that room that say RHODA…like the bunnies and shells. Great transformation. πŸ™‚

  61. 9405018--Pat says:

    Rhoda, you did a fabulous job…it looks great thanks for sharing…Pat H

  62. Oh my gosh you are so glam I can hardly stand it Rhoda! I love how everything turned out. πŸ™‚ You must love walking in there now!

  63. KMfamily ;-) says:

    from granny to GLAM – without a doubt!!!!!
    WOW!!! wait let me look again
    Wonderfull and light feeling but grounded with the dark wood furniture!
    And I love your arrangements for the bookshelf. (i always have trouble with arrangements)
    And the budget!- fantastic!
    Glam it up girl- glam it up!!!

  64. Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio says:

    That turned out fabulous! I wouldn’t change one thing. I’m coming to visit πŸ™‚

  65. Rhoda,
    I love the room. I can tell that you put a lot of time, effort and thought into it. I loved it even more when I was reading through your comments and someone mentioned that this is your spot to go to for devotional time. So special. Your blog and the things you write about inspire me.


  66. Wow Rhoda! You did an amazing job on that room. It is stunning!!

  67. WOW!
    I have been following along for awhile now and actually read your entire blog and all I can do is say “wow” you amaze me to the point of being silenced and that rarely happens!
    Thanks too for the color of the room as we have some gray fixtures in our bathroom and I was looking for a coordinating color for a seashore inspired bathroom! Whenever I get around to actually doing it!
    All the best

  68. Every Day Blessings says:

    This is darling! So fresh and new!
    I love the fact that you used the special things from your Grandma.Those are the icing on the cake.

  69. Miss Janice says:

    You did an awesome job and I love the color combinations. And, I love looking at tons of photos!
    Miss Janice

  70. Hi Rhoda – it's all so beautiful! I love that you put so much detail into it – it's so fresh & inviting, and the touches of blue/aqua are perfect. So gorgeous!!!!

  71. Pat@Back Porch Musings says:

    Hi Rhoda

    We’ve been at the lake since Saturday night and I’m trying to do some catching up in blogland. So happy I stopped by. Everything looks wonderful!

    Great makeover!

  72. Your newly decorated room is so beautiful! Especially love the great deal you got on the bedcover and the book case! Thank you for posting LOTS of pictures – love the details!!! – SherylCanadianGirl

  73. OH! MY! GOSH! Your room is AWESOME! I love the zebra plates behind the dogs. I love the dogs! The bunnies! The rug! The water color print! The comforter! The monogrammed pillow!

    I could go on…..

    Just GEEEE-ORJUS! : )

  74. Oh my word, Rhoda! It’s a total transformation! I just keep looking at all the pictures and the details of them all! You did a spectacular job!

  75. Rhoda

    OK! Are you renting out the guestroom for tired, tired mothers who just need a day or two of downtime with a good book in a super cool room (love the lampshade!!)/????

    Please book me for next week…thanks!


  76. Sher's Creative Expressions says:

    Beautiful job Rhoda. Absolutely beautiful!! I love all of it. That bookshelf makeover is stunning. Love the drapes, the pictures, all of it!!

    All done with your house you say. . . now what are you going to do?



  77. nikkicrumpet says:

    Rhoda…this is nothing short of AMAZING! And to think you did it on such a budget. To look at it…the last thing you would ever say is “budget”!! It’s glorious. I love the little dogs with the zebra plates behind them, and the display with the mirrors…and the zebra bench…oh heck I love it all!!!

  78. Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe says:

    I guessed, I guessed!!!!!
    You better blog while you’re there.
    Have fun~

  79. Rhoda, it turned out so pretty! Which we knew it would. It was fun following you as it progressed. Thanks for sharing it with us and enjoy your new room. Ok now do another room so we can watch. πŸ™‚

  80. Looks fabulous Rho! I am glad you found a way to make Rainwashed work for you. We love it in our Master bedroom. Love that first shot you posted best of all…the glammed-out rug and snazzy zebra fabric! And I can appreciate the bargain you snagged with that coverlet, as I bought that for my daughter!

  81. kristinmadesimple says:

    your guest room is gorgeous! i am so inspired that you made it look so fantastic and stylish on such a reasonable budget. i’m furnishing my apartment on a super budget, so you’ve given me some good ideas to try!!

  82. Dreams and Decor says:

    This is sooooooo beautiful! you are so talented! I just love black & white! I especially love how you only used one panel on the window! I'm going to "steal" that idea for my guest room window! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous room with us! Patti

  83. The room looks fabulous!

  84. Oh Rhoda,
    It looks AMAZING!!!!! I love everything about the room. It looks like a completly different room. So inviting and very relaxing.
    Congratulations. I have enjoyed watching the process up to this point.

  85. FrenchGardenHouse says:

    LOVE that! You are the queen of redo. I think you should have your own tv show, sweetie. It’s gorgeous, really.
    xo Lidy

  86. Laura @ the shorehouse. says:

    RHODA! Stunning!!

    I think the most fun about seeing this room for me has been seeing all of the bits and bobs you collected along the way, and watching how you’ve transformed them. It really came together incredibly. You should win a gold medal in the Yard Sale Olympics for this one.

    And you definitely need to hold on to that dresser. If you ever change your mind I’m driving down to fetch it from you! πŸ™‚

    – Laura

  87. blessed mama says:

    Holy smokes! That isn’t the same room! It is gorgeous! The perfect mix of beach/glam/cozy! You should be on Design on a Dime. You would blow them out of the water.
    By the way, I am having a giveaway on my little ol’ blog, so if you have time…come on over! I would love the company!

  88. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    I love the new “beachy glam” of this bedroom! It’s beautiful! I really love the color on the wall with the black and white, too. Everything looks so clean and fresh. You might not be able to get guests to leave. πŸ™‚

  89. Hi Rhoda,
    Brilliant work in that gorgeous room! You have inspired me lately to think more about painting things black, and they have turned out beautifully.

    One of my fav things about your blog is that you tell us how much you paid for stuff and break it down. Yard sales rock! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  90. An Accomplished Woman says:

    You are very talented and did a fabulous job, as always. You inspire me as well as others. Thanks for sharing the room with us….and under $500, what a great job.

  91. Jaithan Kochar says:

    What a great tranformation! Love the sewing machine side table and also al the mirrors painted white! Doesn’t it just do wonders sometimes? Check out what a little white paint did to the secretary Eddie and I picked up a consignment shop.

    Looks great, Rhoda! Very beachy glam…


  92. Hi Rhoda,
    The guest room looks so fresh and pulled together. I especially love the bookcase, it makes such a statement in the room. Yes, anyone would feel very at home there!

  93. Inspired Kara says:

    I love all the details in the room! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this reveal. It looks wonderful!!!

  94. You should really be proud! It’s absolutely gorgeous – so many fine touches! I wish I had your eye when you’re “thrift shopping”. PAM

  95. Love the room as always….it is amazing just as I thought it would be :o) Love the wall color…so crisp and fresh!!!!! Fabulous job :o)

  96. Debbie @ says:

    Oh MY GOSH!!! I LOVE THIS!You did an outstanding job…putting it all together. Oh how I love those bed linens, the zebra plates, the mirrors…I remember all of it wondering how you would put it all together. Great job. It is lovely…I like how you put the tag sale items with the precious and it all blends perfectly!

  97. Rhoda, it looks simply fantastic! You really have a vision. I like that you re-used and recycled. You are a genius.

  98. {The Sassy Mom} says:

    The bedroom is amazing! I could really use some help with mine.

    Great site!

  99. Darlene - Our Creative Life says:

    Your guestroom turned out Gorgeous! Your bookcase has everything displayed so beautifully! Anyone would be honored to be a guest in your bedroom!

  100. When can I come for a visit?

    This is your friend in Germany who has been so busy that I’m just now catching up on reading your blog.

    Rhoda, when you go for changing a room, you really go for it don’t you? It’s beautiful and once again I am so impressed with your talent. Miss ya!!! We’re hoping to be stationed in MS next so we may not be too far from you girl!

  101. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says:

    I love reading about your makeovers! You have a wonderful ability to accessorize and pull it all together!

    I really love this room…every inch of it!

    And the oil paintings done by Grandma Eleanor make it even more special!

  102. Susie Harris says:

    Beautiful…and just think it all started with 15.00.hehe

  103. Adventure girl wanna be says:

    Wow! that is gorgeous. what a transformation.

  104. Wow! Amazing! Yes, I think your guests will enjoy it. You may never get rid of them. I’ve enjoyed following you when you found something for the room, and I’m so glad to see how beautifully it all turned out. laurie

  105. sarah @ a beach cottage says:

    evening Rhoda

    oh goodness, I can’t believe just how good it is and for that price A M A Z I N G

    such a fab transformation from Granny and oh of course just such a wonderful tour, love the pics


  106. Jillian, Inc says:

    Everything looks great. You’re amazing!

  107. Oh my word! I want to stay in that room! I would never leave….better not give me your address! ha. You have such a flair for color and pairing. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work!

  108. I feel like I was right there…thank you for the lovely peek into your soul

  109. Daisy Cottage says:

    Oh Rhoda!
    I love this transformation SO much – you can see that you had fun with it and your artistic side really comes through with your creative touches… it is awesome! I love the rug and bird cage too!!!! Way to go girlfriend!

  110. Very pretty, Rhoda! I love the new beachy colors & accessories you have chosen for the new look. I bet your guests will LOVE it too!

  111. Gina @ Six in the Country says:

    How breathtakingly beautiful!!! You are such an inspiration to those of us who don’t have $10,000 to redo a room. It looks like a million bucks!

  112. I could seriously live in this room and NEVER come out! And what a creative thrifty way to achieve this major designer look!! Perfection.

  113. OMG! This is just incredible! It has been such fun to watch you acquire each piece and then transform them into this wonderful room. Bravo!

  114. Mrs. Limestone says:

    Looks great. Especially love those little nooks and crannies and how you’ve styled everything beautifully. Really impressive!

  115. Rosie's Whimsy says:

    You have done a marvelous job! I love the black and white. All your details are so wonderful!

  116. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  117. Thanks for the link to this, Rhoda! The bookcase looks great! I love the transformation you did here, but I have to tell you that I have that same area rug in your “before” picture in a small den I have (we call it “the kids’ den” where they hang out with friends instead of our great room).

  118. Fabulous makeover!

  119. The black and white theme with a splash of color here and there is way too cute! The little decorative items just adds to the rooms cozy feeling! Nice!

  120. Found your website from “Living the Good Life” I never would have thought of black and white as “beachy”, but with the shells and the aqua color it is! Love it!


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  2. […] pretty cherry finish nightstand used to be in the beachy guestroom, until I found that neat round table from TJ Maxx that I painted the top black and put in there. I […]

  3. […] pretty metal trashcan was $2 and it will go in the beachy guestroom. Original pricetag on the bottom from some chi-chi little shop was $40.Β  I don’t think […]

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