Top Projects of 2009 Party

Since I tend to put a lot of projects on my plate every year, it isn’t too hard for me to come up with 10 things that I accomplished in 2009.  And I bet you have a lot too, when you went back through the months and looked at everything, didn’t you?  It’s fun to look back, pat yourself on the back and feel good about the rewards of DIY.

In January, I recovered the bulletin board that I originally made from a huge old frame that I found yardsaling. I finally got around to changing out the fabric to a snazzy zebra that I had picked up and it made all the difference in my cozy office nook.


BEFORE: In the red fabric from my kitchen…..


AFTER: Fun and funky zebra


That cute light fixture was a 2009 addition to the office nook, an $8 yardsale find. Before

BEFORE: Many of you were with me in February when I debated back and forth on whether to lighten up my dining room or not.  I went for it, along with adding picture frame molding below the chair rail and  it went from pretty in red to….

diningroom overall

AFTER: WOW and classic in Antique White!  I got a lot of comments on this change and never regretted for a minute painting over the red.  I loved red for a long time, but I really love the lighter and airier feel of the Antique White.  IMG_4203

I did a complete tutorial on how I did these picture frame moldings all by myself with my handy-dandy miter box and many of you tried it too.  If I can do it, so can you!DR 010

Look at it with me again…BEFORE in RED. And you can really see some of the other major changes in here from when I first did this room.  Got rid of some of my dried flower arrangements, as well as the brass light fixture.  And I darkened that mirror too. Antique White dining room

AFTER: Antique White.  I think you’ll all agree that this was a majorly huge improvement to the dining room.  I love this space completely  now.IMG_0715

BEFORE: Moving on, again in February, I finally tackled my guest bathroom mirrors and once and for all framed them out and painted the frames.  One bathroom got chocolate brown and the other black.  This is the downstairs guestbath with the black mirror.IMG_4041

AFTER: And see what a difference this makes, with the addition of the molding.  This tutorial post got a HUGE amount of comments too and many of you tried this one at home.  An easy project with a lot of bang for the buck.IMG_5364

This bathroom also got the addition of the shabby cabinet that was found for $25 at a yardsale and it was love at first sight.  Click that link for all the details on it and installation process. Corner Cabinet2

BEFORE: In March, I decided to go on the hunt for a corner cabinet for my kitchen, so out to the antique malls I went and it wasn’t far from home that I found this beauty.  NOT really beautiful, you say!  Well, wait til you see her after I took her home and gave her some TLC…..IMG_4585

AFTER: With a new coat of Antique White paint, some burlap with stencils on the back walls and new knobs, this ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan and now is one of the stars in my kitchen.  I showed all of the how-to’s here.

I can’t forget to mention the fun we had with the burlap party in May and many of you joined in and shared your projects for that.  Burlap was definitely the FUN fabric of 2009!

Kitchen before2

BEFORE: After a couple of months of deciding, looking and pondering some more, I finally got new granite countertops for our kitchen in May.   Out with the tumbled marble, which was looking pretty shabby. IMG_5013

AFTER: And in with the new Napoli granite counters, which I dearly love.  New hardware completed the transformation.IMG_5017

With a new granite sink and stainless steel faucet, I’m a happy cook now. 🙂  This wasn’t a DIY project, but it was a huge project at our house last year, so it makes the list. IMG_3142

BEFORE: Lighting in the newly up updated beachy guestroom got upgraded too in May of 2009, with the addition of a new chandelier.  Click on the above link if you’d like to see the true Before pics of this room and how I transformed it last year for under $500.  IMG_3305

The chandelier that looked like this when I found it at a thriftstore for $5.  But, it didn’t stay that way long. chandy

AFTER: Here it is with a new black paint job and hanging in its new room.  This is one of my most favorite fixtures yet. IMG_5621

This wonderful beadboard wallpaper really got blogland talking back in June, when I tried it out on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and loved it so  much.  Many of you ran out and bought it too and tried your own projects. IMG_5650

BEFORE: Just as a reminder of how great it looks, this is my plain Jane kitchen cabinet ends before I got ahold of them with the beadboard wallpaper.Bath cab

AFTER: In the master bathroom, it really improved those too.IMG_5690

AFTER: In the  kitchen.  No one who sees this in person can believe it is wallpaper.  It really looks that real. Beadboard wallpaper

And later on, I did a single accent wall in one of my guest baths, when I did a redo in there too.  Blogland was buzzing over beadboard wallpaper, so we had a Beadboard Wallpaper party to celebrate and several of you showed off your projects too.  That was SO much fun!

In fact, I have my own online shop selling this wonderful Graham Brown beadboard wallpaper.  So, please…if you’re getting ready to buy some of this wonderful product, please shop with me. (I will make a commission off each sale, but prices are comparable to the other online sources for it also.)IMG_3986

BEFORE: Speaking of that bathroom, it got a huge makeover in September, when I was blessed to get to do a shopping spree from Homegoods and chose this room to make over. IMG_6472

AFTER:  And that was a lot of fun, as I repainted with Antique White, added new rugs in olive and chocolate brown and added several new pieces of artwork and accessories.

Vanity Mirror

It got a whole new look!  You can see the whole transformation here.


BEORE: In July, I found this cute old mirror at a rummage sale and brought it home for $3, but you know it didn’t stay like that.  As cute as it was, it just got better… IMG_5847

AFTER: When I painted it white and sprayed it with chalkboard paint, it became a great meal planning board for the kitchen.  Now I use it every week for our Monday – Friday meals at a glance.  It really has helped me SO much with meal planning, a simple chalkboard.IMG_3150

BEFORE: Back to the beachy guestroom, in September, Grandma Eleanor helped me with this sewing project and the chair with fabric thrown on it for almost a year, finally got a real slipcover. IMG_8064

AFTER: I couldn’t have done this without Grandma’s help and you all shared in that project by watching her sewing videos, which were complete hilarity. You’ll also notice the little aqua side table changed from the Before to After pics.  I found the new one at a yardsale for $5 and painted it the same aqua color, since it was all wood and nicer than the first one.

So, that’s a wrap up of MY Top 10 Projects of 2009.  I had many more smaller DIY projects that I completed, but considered these the cream of the crop.  I can’t wait to see what all of YOU have been up to last year too.

Share away!  Please add a link back to the party on your post and only add your party post URL, please, not just a link to your blog!

I’m heading over to Atlanta on Thursday and will be going to the Gift Mart on Friday with my friend, Renae, and my sister, Renee.  Should be a LOT of fun and we’ll we walking our little feet off trying to take it all in.  And on Saturday, Renae and I will be hanging out with Eddie Ross and my sweet friend, Layla, too at the Tea at Two and framing workshop that Eddie is presenting, so if any of you are planning to be there, I can’t wait to meet you also!  Fun, fast and furious weekend, but I’ll share it all when I return!

Meanwhile, have fun looking at all these links (go, visit and comment, everyone likes a pat on the back!) and come back on Friday for a fun giveaway!

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- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda!

    It’s fun to have a look back isn’t it. I thought I hadn’t done much until I started getting my post ready for this party and was surprised that I actually had done quite a bit.

    I think my favorite projects of yours was your dining room. I loved the red and wasn’t sure I would like a different color in there but it looks so great!

    Thanks for hosting this fun look back.


  2. Where did you get the beadboard wall paper…I MUST have some of that?????

  3. Hi Rhoda! So fun looking back at all of your projects~what a year! Have a ton of fun in Atlanta this weekend!! 🙂

  4. You have done some fabulous projects. It is amazing how much difference the light fixtures can make. Happy New Year!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  5. Ha McLinky is up!
    Rhoda you outdid yourself in 2009! I love your projects. I wish I could get my hands on the beadbord wallpaper over here, because I would so follow in your footsteps!
    I added a link to your blog in my post. I’ll edit it to your permalink when I get back from work (on my lunch break now, talk about timing).
    Here’s to lots of great projects in 2010!

  6. I enjoyed seeing these again, Rhoda! All fabulous projects.

    I am about to take the plunge with beadboard wallpaper, I think. I’ve been mulling an idea over, for the condo. I think it will look great in the bathroom there. I’m also thinking about using it under the cabinets.

  7. It was so fun to go back and read about your Grama Eleanor! My husbands grandmother will be 95 in April and sharp as a tack still, too. We don’t live close by but we call her on the phone almost weekly. I miss when I can’t talk with her often!!

    Loved the year in review! Mine isn’t anywhere nearly as spectacular 🙂

  8. Rhoda, your 2009 projects are just wonderful! I’d read about all of them during the year. . . yours was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly! . . . but it’s fun to see them recapped here. And it was fun to look back at a few things I’d done through the year, too. Thanks for a fun party!

  9. Good morning Rhoda 🙂

    I loved looking back through all your past projects! I think my very favorite is your dining room makeover, but all of them were fantastic 🙂


  10. Oh! I forgot to ask…. What did you use on the dining room mirror? I need to darken a very gold looking one I found in our attic.


  11. Everything looks great! I have a corner cabinet like yours in the garage that I might just have to salvage!
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. You’ve been one busy lady! Love the beadboard and can’t wait to use it. Happy New Year!

  13. Wow, Rhoda! I wish I had been half as productive in 2009 as you were! You’re amazing. I’ve been meaning to frame out our bathroom mirror for two years now, and your makeover reminded me that I still haven’t done it. It really does make a difference.

    Do you have anything left to make over in 2010? Every room of your house looks beautiful! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this fun party!

  14. You certainly were busy Rhoda! I can’t decide which project I love most. I just love your style! Thanks for hosting such a fun party! I can’t wait to check out the links!

    Have a great time this weekend. Sounds like a blast!

  15. Your projects are fantastic. I will bookmark you for that wallpaper. Really great job!

  16. I have loved watching each and every one of these transformations happen this year and I look forward to seeing all of your projects in 2010! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you girlfriend. Enjoy!

  17. rhoda I cannot even begin to tell you how much you have inspired me to look beyond the obvious and just go for it! I am constantly in awe of your style and your grace
    many blessings for a wonderful 2010

  18. Rhoda, I’ve always thought it was cute that we are both bunny lovers but looking through your latest post something caught my eye. In the picture of your slip-covered chair, I noticed a bunny with babies on your window seal, I have the exact one. lol I got it at Big Lots about 10 yrs ago and I still love it.

  19. Rhoda, I love visiting you when I can! Your projects are so motivational! And your home is getting prettier (if that is possible) by the day!

    Happy New Year to you!

  20. This has been an incredable year (09) for you and your projects. You took on some MAJOR changes…and all for the best! I am most in love with your white dining room…just stunning.

  21. It was fun recapping your year of projects. My favorite, and one that I personally saw a lot of buzz about was the bead board wallpaper. I still haven’t gotten any, but have several projects in mind for it.

  22. This is so fun Rhoda! And I love what you have done around your house!

  23. I’m in awe of all that you’ve done this past year! I love looking at your pics!
    You inspire me!

  24. You always do such a great job in your home, Rhoda! It’s very inspiring. I don’t know if I have enough projects from 2009 to put together a post, but I’ll draft one and see how it looks. I feel like I did so much, especially since we were getting our house ready to go on the market during the late Spring/early Summer.

  25. Jaithan and I are so excited to see you too! Have a safe trip! xoxo

  26. What a year you’ve had. Those are all beautiful transformations. Thanks for hosting & always inspiring us.

  27. I’m so impressed!! I guess if I counted all the home remodel projects (which I don’t post), then I got more than “a one and only” project for 2009. The beadboard wallpaper did fool me!

  28. YOU have been a busy girl!!!! I think my favorite of all of your projects is your dining room.

    I just read the post from yesterday and of all the trends and fads that I HATE and hope becomes extinct is the use of the stainless steel appliances!!! Real stainless isn’t so bad but the cheaper fake stainless is not good!!! I expect (and hope) to see in the coming years stainless steel appliances piled by the side of the road!! Of course this is just my opinion. I am just a little passionate about this, yah think?

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Thanks for hosting hunny! What a great idea..loved seeing all of the best makeovers!! I have posted the button on my sidebar instead so that my friends from this side of the pond that visit can see all the loveliness too!!!
    Sorry didnt comment sooner..we are having a SNOW DAY in England! I have a 5yr old boy to entertain!!! Please come back and visit soon as I am having a big giveaway xxxx
    Annie x

  30. Wow – you’ve done some amazing things in 2009! I love the beadboard wallpaper. Glad to have discovered your blog!

  31. Hi Rhoda! Really, really loved this post and all the links–I checked them all out and talk about inspiring! Wow! Added many to my favorites 🙂

    Today’s the day! I”m adding a beadboard wallpaper wainscot to my bedroom walls following your instructions! Thank you and Layla for suggesting it!

    Blessings in the New Year,

  32. Hi Rhoda, you really were busy. The picture of the before and after of your dining room is the most remarkable to me. It has totally transformed. Love the new look, You made some really good choices on that one, Great Job!!!Thank you for sharing all of your hard work. Hugs Kathysue

  33. Rhoda,

    You are Super Woman! So many projects in so little time! I love the new and improved look of your dining room. I’m also in lust with your shabby cabinet in your bathroom.
    Have fun on Saturday with Layla!


  34. Hi Rhoda,
    Your home and all of your projects are gorgeous and very inspiring. Love it all! The dining room is truly amazing!

    I’ll add the link of our garage floor makeover. I hope it’s okay that I only add one project and not a grouping of several.
    If not then you can delete it. I’m a little paranoid about getting deleted from link parties since it happened to me once. *Smiles*
    Can you tell?

    Thanks for hosting a wonderful linky party! ~Melissa 🙂

  35. Ahhhh… thanks for the eye candy, girl! There’s that dining room again. I’d want to sleep in that dining room I just love it that much. Love your office area too, so personalized and warm.

    I’m #45. Thanks for hosting!


  36. Hi there Rhoda – you are amazing ! All of those projects are so inspiring. Your dining room makeover knocks my socks off. Stunning ! It reminds me I’m in need of some new molding in the master bedroom…. thanks so much for all you do !

  37. You did so many beautiful things this year. I love the bead board wall paper and your neutral dining room. I think we all painted our walls bold colors after watching too much Trading Spaces and now we want some calm! Anyway, keep in up next year. Your blogs is one of my favorites.

  38. Jillinda Janeway says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I just had to leave a comment about how much I LOVE all of your projects. I’ve been a fan of yours for about 5 months when I found your link on my cousin’s blog (The Shabby Nest). I hadn’t seen many of these projects and now can’t quit thinking about them. I just hope that I can be brave enough to try them. I am a perfectionist and not a do it yourselfer. I think I am just too worried that I won’t like it or that I will totally mess something up. But your projects are truly inspiring.

  39. Thanks for hosting this fun party. I can’t wait to check out everyone’s projects and get inspired for more ideas this year.

  40. Rhoda, you’re an inspiration!

  41. Lovely Rhoda! Hey, is that a granite sink? I’ve been eyeing one for a year now and am so close to getting one. Everyone I know says they don’t scratch. Is it true? I just love the black!

  42. I don’t think that I have been as industrious as you. You put me to shame. I do have a little blog award if you care to visit though.

  43. So many fabulous projects, but still your dining room is my very favorite. It is full of goodness. Thanks for hosting this party. I’m enjoying the links and have found some wonderful things.

    I added a link to a few of our projects. Couldn’t get ten up unless I ignored my children longer than I already have. : )

  44. Hi Rhoda,
    As I was reading through your post today I kept hearing myself say “Oh yeah, I remember that one” again and again. If I had to pick just one favorite it would have to be the picture frame molding post because as you well know, I copied it shamelessly in my own dining room. You are such an inspiration and I love how you always accomplish everything without spending a fortune. I am so looking forward to everything your wonderful blog will unfold in 2010. TFS! Sheila

  45. Just found your blog today……….I am sooooo excited. I was reading abeachcottage and Sarah mentioned your blog, so off I was to take a peek. What a find! I feel very fortunate to have found your blog on the day you posted your top 10 and I am pretty pumped about the beadboard wallpaper – I will be looking for you to sell it soon.

  46. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I have to say I am in awe. All of the changes you have made are just spectacular. I can’t wait to go see what everyone else has done as well.

  47. I hate to but I just noticed my link to my blog is showing up. So sorry but this is a test post.

  48. Wow- you had a busy year! You’re inspiring me to get up and get it done on all those projects I’ve been thinking I’ll wait on your new store- I’ve been thinking about my kitchen and between you and Layla’s kitchen redo- I have my inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Hi Rhoda,
    what great projects you had, love the beadboard paper and that cute shelf in the bathroom! So many wonderful ideas, beautiful home, thanks for the inspiration!

  50. Becky in SC says:

    Hey Rhoda!
    You are truly one amazing Wonder Woman!! I sift through alot of blogs, but yours is my most very all time FAVE!!!
    I purchased two rolls of the beadboard wallpaper couple of months ago…just trying to find the time to get something started with it. Think I’ll start off in our half bath (it’s smaller) to see how that goes…will send pics of before and after!!
    Keep all those awesome posts coming!!

  51. Wow, you’ve been a busy lady! Your projects are terrific–that corner cabinet may be my favorite. Thank you for hosting!

  52. Your projects are wonderful. I appreciate your sharing them! You are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing with me. I love visiting your blog.

  53. What awesome projects. I plan on using several of your ideas. Thanks for sharing and I cant wait to see what you will be doing for 2010!

    Many blessings Heidi

  54. You did good girlfriend! It was fun getting to see all your hard work pay off.

    Hope your holidays were good.

    Hugs from the beach!

  55. If my memory serves me correctly, I began following you the day I ran into your guest bedroom blog. I was IN LOVE! You have so many excellent finds, and have tackled some really neat projects! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life!

  56. PS Olive, white and chocolate brown are perfect together!!! <3

  57. Your projects take my breath away. I look at “before” picture and have to double-check to see if it’s really the “after” pic, b/c to me it looks quite nice. Then I see the “after” pic and think “wow, how did she know what to do to make it even better!” Then I scroll back and forth and think “Yup, I really do like the “after” better”. You’re rocking my confidence though, since I really like red walls and just recently did red walls (but definitely the wrong shade, sigh). So now, I wonder if I should stick with the red, and re-paint a more subtle shade? Or do I re-paint with a completely different, more neutral color (I’m thinking a very subtle gold…..)? You’re someone who has the talent and confidence to look at a room and know what to do. I sooooo admire that.

  58. You were a busy gal during 2009…cannot wait to see what you have up your sleve for 2010!


  59. Hi Rhoda
    Congrats on finishing such beautiful projects!! Thanks for sharing, I know I’m not the only one inspired and motivated by your posts.
    I’m reeeally interested in beadboard wallpaper, please let me know if you have plans to ship them internationally! I live in Sydney, Australia.
    Thanks 🙂 Abby

  60. I loved the Idea of it, very nice

  61. What luck! I just posted my favorite projects and see that you are hosting a 2009 Project Party. Thanks for hosting. I’m going to check them all out right after dinner.

  62. I really enjoyed looking at all your projects. You have so many really creative projects done. Thanks for sharing

  63. Maddy Mallon says:

    I love your blog! I have gotten so many great ideas from it – you have a gift for decorating that I wish I had.

    I’m in the process of having my kitchen redone and will be replacing the faucet. I liked yours and was wondering w ho the manufacturer was. If you could let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  64. I love that beadboard wallpaper. That is fabulous!

  65. You’ve been busy!

  66. Rhoda,

    Do you have instructions on how you made the bulletin board, starting with just the frame? I have a frame & fabric. What did you use for the bulletin board insert?


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