Ikea Kitchen Renovation: Cost Breakdown

I’ve never been too shy about talking about how much I spent for things, so as promised, I figured I’d do a breakdown post of the kitchen costs. Would you like to hear that? I know most people love hearing how much things cost (I do!). I want to see if things are affordable or how much something costs in other parts of the country. I’ve heard so many stories about people spending $30 to $50K on a kitchen renovation and I know a high-end house would be so much more than my humble fixer-upper, but my kitchen came in really well-priced, so I’m sharing the details. I’ll list them all at the end. Ya’ll like details, right?! Me too! So, let’s take another look at the kitchen BEFORE and you can really appreciate the breakdown of costs on the new one.  I should have taken more of those, but only took a few at the beginning before we tore it all out. 

Take note of the door we took out that went to the living room.  NO regrets on taking that out either.  This is where my big bank of base cabinets sit now and my pretty rustic shelves.

This one definitely needed plenty of work and I’m happy that we replaced everything. No regrets about that!

Now, again for the AFTERS!! We’ve had some really dreary weather lately, but I opened up the blinds and took some more shots with no lights so you can see even more detail. This is not a huge kitchen at 7’ wide by 13 1/2’ long, but it’s very functional and the layout has proven to be super efficient. In other words, I love my kitchen! Paint color is Fennel by Pratt & Lambert, but I had it mixed at Sherwin Williams, they have the formula too. Kitchen bamboo blinds are from Payless Decor (I’m an ambassador for them) and are Java Vintage, lined with privacy shades.  I love them!

The island fits nicely in front of the windows and is handy for taking things in and out of the fridge.  Chevron runner is from Ballard Designs and it’s an indoor outdoor, perfect for a kitchen.

Fridge side with built in cabinet around the refrigerator. So glad I opted to pay a little more and get that done too.

The over the fridge cabinet has plenty of room for storing things I don’t use all that often, but are still easy to get to.

Sink base and dishwasher side. I’ve got plenty of room in the glassfront cabinets for my glasses on the right and my every day dishes on the left. I’ve had questions as to why I didn’t take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling.  Simple answer is that Ikea cabinets are not made to go all the way to the ceiling. They recommend placing them at least 4 to 5 inches below the ceiling line.  Now, it can be done and regular crown molding can be added to make them all built in, but that adds more cost to the project. When I hired my installer I didn’t ask him to do that or figure in the cost, but he said it would add more cost and time to the job.  I just decided to do it with the small crown running around the top and for this kitchen, I’m totally fine with it.  Cutting crown molding right can be a tedious job, with walls and ceilings that are not level (as I’m sure is the case in this older house).  If I wanted, I could probably go back and add that later, but really I’m very happy with the way it looks.

It really is a nice kitchen to cook in.  I bought a pull-out caddy garbage can at Lowes and love that. I’ve had these for years and can’t live without one now.

Sink and window. Love my Ballard Designs green glass pendant over the sink.

Almost forgot the little spice cabinet.  It was ordered online and my installer fit a small door front onto it and I added a knob.  It was the perfect 6″ filler for this space and I’m really glad I got it.

Sink is a Blanco Silgranit Super Single in Metallic Gray. I ordered it from Blanco to Go.

I love this deep single bowl sink. It can handle the biggest platter, pan or pot. My faucet is Moen Annabelle in oil rubbed bronze and it was given to me by Moen.

The right side with the bank of lower cabinets.  One of the things I had my installer do was build in this little 12” open cabinet at the end of my base cabinets. Otherwise, that would have just been wasted space. I opted to take the cabinet all the way to the window sill edge and I think it looks fine. It certainly doesn’t block light from coming in these 2 huge windows and my blind tucks in behind it just fine. Having a dedicated space just for platters and cutting boards is great! These big pieces take up so much space otherwise. I think I’m going to take a cue from others I’ve seen who have Ikea pieces and fill in those little holes with caulk. That would make them disappear even more.

This side of the kitchen has plenty of countertop space for prepping and cooking.

Those rustic shelves from Southern Accents (Cullman, AL) are another fave of mine. So glad I saved them for this project and they just make my kitchen. Those lower cabinet drawers are something else. That feature is definitely one of my favorite things about an Ikea kitchen. The drawers glide like buttah! And the soft close? Get out. Love that feature too.

OK, here’s a good look at those big drawers. There are two in each cabinet and they pull all the way out. I have all my pots and pans in this one.

And the one above holds all my glass bakeware and measuring cups.

To the left, more plastic storage pieces, colanders, baking pieces.

And my plastic and glass storage piece drawer. I have room for it all.

My shelves are fun to change up, but for now I like them simple with a few pretty pieces on top. These shelves are 4′ wide and 12″ deep. Since I got the question about the spacing on the shelves, I’ll answer this:  My ceilings are 8′ tall.  The top shelf is 17″ from the ceiling and the bottom shelf is 17″ below that.  The bottom shelf is 23″ from the countertop and the brackets are spaced 3′ apart (shelves on top are 4′).  This was all done by eyeballing the shelves as they were put up by my BIL, Bruce and I’m very happy with how they are placed on the wall. Here’s the post showing him putting them up.  The iron brackets are also from Southern Accents and they were screwed in with long screws into studs, so they are very secure.

I added one of my vintage paintings to the back of this shelf and love the extra texture and color.

The big pantry sits right inside the door and I’m so glad I had room for it too.

These 5 pull out shelves hold so many things.

I haven’t even filled up all my cabinets yet. The lazy Susan on the bottom corner cabinet hardly has anything in there. Nice to have room to spare!

The top has a few bottles of oil and vinegar handy but it’s nowhere near full either.

The over the microwave cabinet is extra deep and can hold some out of the way pieces that I don’t need all the time.

And, the cabinet to the left of the microwave holds all my pretty green bunny dishes for now. To go cups up top. That’s a complete tour of this Ikea kitchen and I really couldn’t be happier with it. I would recommend an Ikea kitchen to anyone looking to have a pretty kitchen on a budget. It has all the bells and whistles I need.

Ikea Kitchen Breakdown:

Ikea Adel cabinets cost, including hardware (with their 20% sale price) 14 upper and lower cabinets, plus pantry: $4,133

Spice Cabinet pullout from here$75

Labor to Install cabinets: $1,075 (included installing microwave, extra open cabinet for platters/cookie sheets, bridge over sink, building out the cabinet over the fridge). My installer was Victor Marti, at 678-983-5550, here in Atlanta area.  I would highly recommend him.

Ikea Microwave: $200

Maytag Range: $657

Refrigerator: $810 (bought with a $750 giftcard from Lowes) Big blessing!

Dishwasher:  Installed by the bank when I bought the house.

Sink: Blanco Silgranit Super Single in Metallic Gray. I ordered it from Blanco to Go, but they seem to be out of business now. But, if you’re looking at Blanco sinks, check the internet for pricing as it changes all the time.  Here’s a link to Amazon with pricing.  I paid    $359.

Pendant Light: $56 (from Ballard Designs outlet)

Kashmir White Granite: $1,300 (Purchased from Legacy Granite in Alpharetta, GA: when I bought it was $32/s.f.) Faucet: Moen Annabelle oil rubbed bronze (given to me by Moen) Another big blessing!

Subway Tile: $125 including tile and grout (Bondera tilemat was sent to me for free).  Tile is from Floor and Decor, Interceramic, in Bone.  You can see all the tile and grout info on this post, Subway Tile and Backsplash.

Total Cost of Kitchen: $8,790

Not including flooring in this price, since the whole house was done with the same flooring. This is just kitchen cabinets, fixtures and appliances. The cost of the rustic shelves was $125 from Southern Accents, but I had already bought those 2 years ago, so I’m not going to add them to the kitchen cost, even though I used them in there.

That’s really not bad at all for a full kitchen of this size, don’t you think? I know most average small kitchens can’t be done for less than $10K, so I feel really good about what I spent on this one and very thankful for the help I got from sponsors too. I’m so grateful that I had the cash to pay for it as we went along, what a blessing that was. Just thought you’d like to know how much a kitchen like this costs. It’s more than I thought I’d pay originally, but overall very decent for a pretty kitchen that I’m totally happy with. Hiring the installation added some cost to the kitchen, but I’m SO happy I did that too.  I can’t imagine how tedious and hard it would have been for me and my dad to try to tackle that alone. Sometimes you just have to know when to hire the professionals! I’d love to hear your experience with kitchen remodels.  Have you remodeled a kitchen?  How did costs compare with mine?

- Rhoda


  1. rhoda, thanks for sharing the breakdown. You did such a great job of balancing exactly what you wanted with the cost of the cabinets, appliances and details ! I just love your kitchen. I do have a few questions about your open shelving. I’m looking to add two open shelves to my kitchen too. They will also be 4′ long and 12″ wide. How far apart are your shelves? And how far from the countertop is your bottom shelf? I am not sure at what height they should be placed between the countertop and ceiling. I have 8 foot ceilings. Lastly, where did you find the black iron brackets? Do you have them anchored in some way we can’t see – OR – do the iron brackets safely take care of the load? Thanks a million. 🙂

    • Hey, Beth, I just updated the post to tell more about the shelves and brackets, with spacing dimensions and the post where they were installed. Yes, they are anchored in studs! Shelves and brackets came from Southern Accents in Cullman, AL also linked in the post. HOpe that helps!

    • Hi Rhoda,

      What type of material are IKEA cabinets made of? We are in the works of redoing our kitchen and I am collecting information to make the best decision I can on our limited budget. BTW- You did a wonderful job on your kitchen. You gotta a good eye for working within your budget. I hope our kitchen turns out as well as yours.

      • Hi Dawn, I think Ikea cabinets are considered MDF, but definitely check out their website for more specifics, it will tell you all of that.

  2. Rhoda, The things you can do on a budget always amaze me but this one absolutely takes the cake! I have had estimates to have my kitchen redone and the quotes are triple this amount not including appliances! I think your labor cost is astounding! And the result is absolutely gorgeous! I would much rather have a beautiful kitchen on a budget than have a huge kitchen with all the bells and whistles that does not have the style and class yours does. Congratulations Rhoda on a job well done!

    • Thank you, Diane! That really makes me feel good, I am really happy with how my kitchen came out all the way around.

    • Love it, great job! Been pondering the Ikea kitchens because I do find that Ikea tends to be very functional in their plans.

      The labor was a no-brainer at a $1000. In SoCal whenever we look at something it seems like whatever the cost is that I come up with for “the stuff” the labor will be just as much.

  3. I would love to have your kitchen. The price sounds reasonable to me. When I had new countertops installed in my kitchen a few years ago, I made the mistake of not specifying a one-piece sink instead of two-sided. I don’t like that at all. I can’t soak large cookware or a large pan.

  4. Really pretty outcome. I just used Bondera and tiled our back splash…love that stuff. I posting our new look in our dining room from red to gray today and will be posting our kitchen changes later in the week.

  5. Thanks for being so open & sharing with us! GREAT JOB on the complete remodel!

  6. Joanne B. says:

    Just goes to show you anyone can have a beautiful kitchen if you spend the big bucks, but it takes talent and determination to do it on a budget and have it look just as nice! The knowing you LOVE it and did it on a budget is priceless! Many blessings to you in your new home! Please share the paint color – the green in your kitchen! So fresh! Love it!

  7. Stunning and fresh! What fun to have a new kitchen! Congratulations on a beautiful design.

  8. Beautiful job girlfriend! Looks like you spent way more on it too. I watch those shows on HGTV too where people spend 20,000 on a kitchen, knowing full well I will never be able to do that – thanks for giving us an example of a beautiful and very functional kitchen for less 😉

  9. What a fantastic job you did on your kitchen! I really love it all. My son and his wife just bought an older home in Marietta and I will pass this along to them for inspiration. We’re going next week for a visit to see their new home. I know they’d love to redo their kitchen as well. Oh, one question. What is the skinny cabinet to the left of the refrigerator? Does it open?

  10. Thanks for sharing Rhoda! I will definitely keep passing along the info to my mom and her kitchen renovation! It was great to see you Saturday!

  11. The kitchen is just gorgeous!!! Love the Ikea cabinets expecialy those drawers that pull out. You did such an amazing job on a budget, got to love that!

  12. Linda Coleman says:

    Thnks for sharing this info. Gives me hope for our kitchen. Yours turned out beautifully!

  13. Rhoda, you have every right to be proud of your kitchen! It’s lovely, but most importantly, it represents ‘home’ to you. There is just something primal about have a place that you can feel secure and safe in. Your pride and gratitude is evident in your blog and we rejoice with you!

  14. Don’t forget the dishwasher… or did not own it already?

  15. Rhoda…your kitchen looks amazing!!…Your hard work and research certainly paid off…You are an inspiration to those who want to remodel their kitchens to look like a million bucks for less than $10,000…Can’t wait to see it Rhoda!!

  16. Wow, it all looks so lovely!

  17. Amazing before and afters..love it all!! Great job!

  18. Rhoda! Thanks for sharing the breakdown! This is such a gorgeous kitchen. You know I love those shelves. I feel like that’s our friendship’s beginning! So glad you finally got to use them. I never doubted how gorgeous they would be when you finished! Have a great week!

  19. Rhoda, We just finished a full kitchen remodel too and your blog was my inspiration every step of the way. We purchased used cabinets from a new house that had to be demolished and accomplished a full remodel on a fixed income. The total kitchen gut and redo ran about $4,000. Now I have white cabinets with black hardware, subway tile back splashes and laminate flooring and I can’t be happier! Hubby says this is the last remodeling ever! Can I borrow your sweet dad? I have a few more ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sandy, that is SO incredible, what a price! That’s great that you were able to find salvaged cabinets, that could really save a ton.

  20. Would you mind posting the installers name and number? Thank you!

  21. Rhoda, I have never done a remodel, but I know you did fantastic- especially with the price you paid. Kitchens are expensive, and yours looks wonderful! If I ever do a remodel, I am going to steal your spice cabinet idea and the spot for the platters and cutting boards. Just so smart!

  22. Melissa Smith says:

    Rhoda! Love the kitchen – noticed the chevron rug – I’ve been looking for something similar……do you mind sharing where you bought it? Recently bought a wool runner for my kitchen – it shed terribly – learned my lesson!!! Is your rug indoor/outdoor? More importantly, do you like it?
    Thanks, Melissa

    • HI, Melissa, I went back and added the rug to the post. It’s from Ballard Designs and is a runner and yes, indoor outdoor. I do love it. It was only about $50 too on sale.

  23. Debbie Booth says:

    God Bless you in your new home. I have been enjoying you and your blog for quite a while now and wish you all the best ! Lovely !

  24. Your kitchen is really awesome! Great job you did with this remodeling and I can’t believe that you did this on a budget with less than $10k – congrats! I especially love your big sink, it’s really practical and the small details as the vintage painting are great too. Happy cooking in your new place!

  25. Such a pretty kitchen and you styled it perfectly! Those pictures are gorgeous:)

  26. That’s excellent!!!! And it came out so charming and pretty!

    We have a total fixer-upper too. I think we are going to come in close to yours, but just a little over because we need a new refrigerator to fit the space, and we want one of those new, but “vintage” looking ones, because the cottage is 70 years old.

    I’m leaving out the plumbing and the electrical because the house had to be redone before we could do the bath or the kitchen. We did add some outlets to the kitchen, but that in itself was not expensive, so I’m adding that in.

    Crown molding is not as hard or as expensive as it looks. My spouse found, ne just needs a power miter saw, not one of those boxes! I can’t tell if your gap is a standard size molding though. If it is, I think it would be straightforward because the cuts to go around the room would involve no coping. Ours will be tricky because there will be molding on the cabinets. You were smart to leave it off and add it later if you want! It doesn’t really need it anyway; the kitchen is pretty the way it is.

  27. I’ll be glad when they get your feed fixed! I am having trouble going through various pages of your links!

    Question–where did you purchase the little stand that you use in your coffee station? It is precious.

    I thank you for sharing your home!

  28. Phyllis Robinson says:

    I am so happy you posted this! I need to move the range over six inches so the dishwasher doesn’t over lap the stove and this is great. I can use the 6″ spice filler on the top and they have a pull out 6″ thingy for the bottom!~ Yea, I don’t have to build them, just get them and install. Thank heavens!

  29. Hi, Rhoda:) I love your kitchen. Would you mind telling us the name of the subway tiles? They look beautiful. God bless you.

  30. This really turned out amazing! And I am super in love with the light fixture above the sink. The perfect shade of bright cheery green!

    Enjoy your new kitchen!!!

  31. Great kitchen for a great price! I’m wondering — did you have to have an electrician do anything in there? I am about to embark on an IKEA kitchen remodel, but I am going to be adding some under cabinet lighting, adding a couple light fixtures and moving and/or adding a couple outlets, since I am moving my DW and microwave. I have a feeling this is going to be a large chunk of my budget. :/ You must be in 7th Heaven right now with all the progress you’ve made on your house. I can’t wait to get to the decorating part myself!!

  32. wow, wow, wow…..I’m just going through a bunch of your posts (behind on my reading!) This kitchen is such a amazing transformation and the stair runners in the other post – it just makes the place feel like a million bucks! You have really made this home spectacular. 🙂 Maybe you should go into the business of buying old 1970’s homes fixing them up and selling them…..you could get money off the houses and posts for your blog – it’s a win win! (I’ve thought about doing that!)

  33. Wow! Great job – I had ikea come and measure our kitchen, $5000. For cabinets but $11000 for installation, how much did your installer charge..

  34. Rhoda-loved following along with your remodel. We are in the planning stages of a kitchen facelift! The Blanco super single sink is on my radar, however none of the local suppliers actually have one in stock to look at! Is your trash pullout below your sink? Our new island is being crafted by an Amish cabinet maker who has never heard of the offset drain and is telling me there won’t be room for trash pullout. Can you possibly tell me how much space is below the sink??? Tanks, and enjoy your gorgeous home!

    • Hey, Jill, I do have a pullout trashcan beneath the sink. There’s probably about 3 inches between the top of the trashcan and the sink, but the pullout has a handle and it’s no problem getting it out. I got my pullout at Lowes.

      • Thank you sooo much! 🙂 I spoke with a granite wholesaler last evening, and he is installing Blanco sinks in his showroom in a few weeks so I will actually be able to see the sink before ordering. And you are right-the prices on the internet are all over the place! Happy Friday!

  35. Rhoda, your kitchen came out so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your sources and expenses. It’s so inspiring to know that a dream kitchen can be affordable too. I hope you’re enjoying your new home!

  36. Your kitchen looks amazing. I especially love those iron brackets holding up your shelves and that spice cabinet looks so cute!

  37. Teressa says:

    I love your kitchen. You did a super job with all of the details. I love your island, it is so perfect! I have looked on Ikea’s sight, but didn’t see anything that looked even close. Did it come from Ikea, if not where and how much was it. I absolutely love it!

    • Hi, Teressa, the island is not from Ikea. It was made by hand several years ago and I brought it from my first house.

  38. Okay…well…as usual, I’m in absolute awe! This kitchen is so so beautiful. Ms. Rhoda, you are amazing! I really love the iron bracket shelves, always wanted some. I love how although it’s not a big kitchen, you were able to get in so much storage space and so many beautiful pieces without making the room look cluttered at all♥ So inspiring

  39. I, too, have been looking at IKEA kitchens on their website. My issue is how I decide what look I want, and if I should have them do all (measure, install). I have a small 8′ x 9′ KITCHEN WITH EARLY 70’s cabinets. It’s a mess, really. I also need to have the existing cabinets taken out. I am a single gal, who is fearful of being ripped off by any local people. You hear such awful stories. I’t’s pretty clear that have trouble “pulling the trigger” on this project. Any calming advice would be greatfully appreciated.

    • HI, Ivy, I have no regrets about my Ikea kitchen at all. I’m really very happy with them. I found a local installer and that might be your best bet too if you can find someone recommended to you who can install them for you and probably put them together too. I know that Ikea can do both, so compare costs. The more you compare costs and find out the entire breakdown, you can then make an intelligent decision. We did manage to put them together ourselves, but didn’t feel at all comfortable with the installation, so just get a cost comparison on all those steps and then decide.

    • I’m with Ivy. Since my husband died I’ve been ripped off 6 ways from Sunday.
      Mostly because i just want to ‘get it done”!
      But after looking at your great makeover, I hear the kitchen in my 70s ranch mumbling about it being time for a change. And now I think I have someone reliable who will do it for about what you paid
      But I want to sell the place and move to something smaller, and if i put in a new kitchen all the rest of the house will look that much shabbier. Sigh.
      Caught between a rock and a hard place.
      But I’m bookmarking your post for the next house because it’s the best kitchen makeover I have seen. Well done. Kiss your dad for me, willya’?

  40. I was curious about your demo costs?

  41. Dacia Daniels says:

    Gosh, this is such a warm and happy place– I’d want to find room for a chair or stool so I could just sit in there with my coffee and enjoy the charm! Wonderful job. (p.s. I hope you add the crown moulding later; I think it will be icing on the cake!)

  42. I love love your kitchen. I just decided to do an Ikea Kitchen and your blog has helped me get great ideas 🙂 Thanks so much!

    PS: I also have a few (filler spaces) where I could use that spice rack. What did your installer use to put a door on it?? Was it a piece from Ikea? I am not sure how I would put a door on it or where I would find the material.



    • HI, Katy, the door on the spice rack is a skinny door (probably a 12″ one) that came from Ikea. I just bought an extra door and my installer cut it down and added the banding around it. NOt sure how he did that, but banding is what he did. I’m sure a good kitchen installer could do the same for you.

      • Been so upset that Ikea didn’t sell a 9 inch cabinet for my filler space! but I’m so glad i found your blog. So your installer just purchases a plain white board from ikea to cut down to size? and you love the look and function no regrets?
        renovations are so stressful. I just don’t want to make the wrong decisions. =/
        Thank you.

        • Hi, Mandy, yes he cut down a 12″ door front for my 6″ filler piece and did a great job. I have no regrets about any of my Ikea kitchen and would do it again.

  43. Thanks so much! One more question, which lighting did you use for under the cabinets? I heard they are just plug ins but I don’t see where you plugged yours in? they look great!

    • Hi, Katy, I bought some under cabinet LED lights from Lowes that plug end to end and had an electrician put in outlets that are hidden inside my cabinets to plug them in. The plug end to end and we have them tacked up underneath and plugged into those hidden outlets. I actually ran wire behind the molding of my window on the sink side, to hide the wires and they are continuous plugins. It’s good to have an electrician do that part so they can get things just right.

  44. Your kitchen is just lovely! We recently re-did ours which was also a total gut job and I love how it came out. I have a blog post about it here.


    Our cost was a bit more than yours, but we got custom cabinets of alder wood, higher end crown molding as well as more expensive granite, but I still think our cost was great. We spent just under $13,000. I adore my kitchen and though it’s not big either the galley style is SO wonderful to cook in, which I do for hours a day. Would love it if you stopped by 🙂

  45. Carpenterken says:

    Definitely an improvement although misleading on the “cost” of an “entire” kitchen renovation.

    You didn’t include or mention the cost of the under cabinet lighting , or the electricians cost . Unless the electrician was an uncle or brother you probably paid at least an additional 500.00 / 750.00 for just his labor . Overall cost close to 1,000.00.

    Also new flooring is a huge aspect to an “entire” or “full” kitchen remodel , even in a small space such as this one your looking at an additional 750.00 /1,000.00 labor and material.

    Your installer also was extremely “cheap” considering he did some custom work . The average cost of this job would be higher than you paid , most likely nearer to 1,500.00.

    You probably spent closer to 11,000.00 if you added the floor and “entire” electrical cost . You say the kitchen is 7 feet by 13 feet ? Based on the cabinets I see in the photo’s where exactly are you measuring from ? Front of cabinets or wall to wall?

    • Ken, the undercabinet lighting was around $100 for the lights (off the shelf from Lowes & on clearance) and I hired an electrician who I paid by the hour (and yes, he was very reasonable), so that cost was minimal. He worked on other things besides the kitchen too. So I didn’t pay anywhere near $1000 for under cabinet lighting or electrician. More like $200-250 total (that was the only thing I think I didn’t include in the total). I didn’t add in the new flooring because that was part of my whole house remodel. I broke this down just by kitchen costs because that is usually what most folks are looking for. Everyone doesn’t always replace flooring in a kitchen, so I didn’t include that cost.

      I measured floor space in my 7 x 13′ dimension. So, yes, front of cabinets.

      • Carpenterken says:

        Rhoda, “Most ” electricians familiar with codes or that do it for a living full time don’t work for less than 25.oo per hour , many are near 35/40 , which is closer to an average per hour price for labor . I would assume the job took close to a day in labor if he added outlets installed the lights and as you say some “additional work”, so indeed he must have worked very cheap.

        Under cabinet lighting can vary significantly in cost , typically LED is the choice for the longevity of the bulb life , however also costs more . I’m assuming your under cabinets are “not” LED , if they are there must be only a few fixtures even at a clearance price.

        I just finished a kitchen with 5 wall mounted cabinets this required 4 under cabinet lighting units to disperse the light correctly . Installation also required some minimal cabinet alteration underneath , also hardwired a transformer and dimmer switch underneath the cabinets. Those 4 LED lights at a 40% off retail price ,along with the transformer and switch ,plug ins and wire , ran close to $ 600.00 “ONLY MATERIAL” . They were Kichler and high end admittedly .

        Your kitchen looks good and you achieved what you wanted it appears , in the end it’s what “you” wanted and live with . “But” you had some items donated if I recall and your labor cost is below the average by about 25-35% , it’s hard to tell the quality of work from a photo at this distance . My contribution is “only” to alert others expecting to duplicate your kitchen they may indeed pay a bit more for the same amount of labor and materials. In closing my labor cost runs about 30.00 per hour and at that rate I am almost always the “cheapest” bid. Good day and thanks for the reply.

        • Rhonda,

          Love it! We gutted our 90’s white washed kitchen and put in an ikea kitchen two years ago. I love everything about it! It’s a dream cooking in it. We put a 24″ deep cabinet above the frig and it holds cookie sheets, griddle, 9×13’s, ect. We have the roll up metal cabinet that hides all our paperwork/mail. The corner cabinet with the pull outs is amazing! I have all my appliances in there: food processor, crock pots mixer, pop corn machine, blender, fry daddy, ice cream maker….lol. We are planning on buying a mobile home in Florida and doing an ikea kitchen there, as well. You can’t beat them on storage and it’s easy to be creative with “Hacks”. We used an eight inch extra space to add shelves for cook books. Awesome company!

  46. I love your kitchen. We just purshased a 1920 small story book cottage. We gutted the kitchen and will be installing our own ikea kitchen. Yours offered some great ideas. I will be including the spice rack pull out and take inspiration from your selection of knobs and handles on your cabinets. We purshased new appliances,so our costs will be more than yours. Thanks for your post it was very helpful.

  47. I love it! I am also in Atlanta. Who did you have do the flooring in the house? What was the cost of the flooring? Which company did it? Also, do you know an inexpensive but good general contractor / handyman for renovations? We just bought a major Fixer-Upper “Handyman’s Special” in East Cobb, and the place needs to be gutted!

    • Hi, Sara, here’s a whole post on my flooring and the person who installed them is at the end of the post, complete with name and phone number. Installation cost for the flooring was $2500.


      I did get a great deal directly from Shaw for my flooring, so I didn’t purchase from a local retailer. I don’t know a really good handyman for renovations. Best of luck to you on your house reno too!

  48. Hi Rhonda,

    I love your new kitchen. I live in Bay area. Do you have an installer in the area that you recommend?


  49. Eowyn West says:

    Hello Rhoda,
    Your kitchen looks amazing and it must be such a joy to be in it everyday! Maybe it was mentioned somewhere but I could not find any mentioned of where you bought your hardware for your cabinets. I love your drawer pulls & knobs. When you have a moment can you kindly share some info. on them please? Thank you so much. Many blessings to you in your home!

  50. Rhoda, your little kitchen is perfect! Can you tell me where you got the cabinet height lazy Susan? Was it already part of the IKEA cabinet? Thanks!

  51. Hello!

    I think you did an amazing job – your kitchen turned out absolutely lovely. I’m not sure you’ll even get this post from me or respond considering you wrote this blog back in January. I have just one question really because my husband and I are about to embark on renovating our 9 x 10 kitchen and we are also planning on going with Ikea cabinets as they are running their sale again right now. My question is – How long did the entire project take? I would just like to get a rough idea. I would love to be able to finish our kitchen on time for Thanksgiving but I’m not sure if that is too ambitious. Thanks for any input. Sincerely – Emily from Wisconsin.

    • Hi, Emily, thanks for stopping by my kitchen. I still love my Ikea cabinets and would do it all over again. Great, that you are getting in on the sale, I did the same thing. i think you could possibly get it done before Thanksgiving, if you have plenty of days to work on things. I’d say mine took about a week total once the cabinets were put together. I had to go back to Ikea several times to switch things out and find little parts, etc. THat’s just going to happen on kitchen remodels like this, so be prepared for that. I had extra panels to buy, had to do some refiguring on a couple of areas after we got started and I had a cabinet installer come and do mine. He did most of it in 2 days, then had to come back another whole day to finish up once I had all the correct pieces. There are things that have to be cut and installed on site and he did a great job. If you’re doing countertops and backsplash, then of course that is going to take longer, but I think you could get it all done in 6 weeks or so if you keep moving on the whole project. Good luck!

  52. Very lovely kitchen! I love the countertops and cabinets that give a almost see through look. We built (literally!) an Ikea kitchen when we lived in Germany, since it’s customary for people to take the kitchen with them when they move. Ikea has great, affordable, nice looking pieces. They’ve really stepped up and provided some high end looks with a budget price. I’d love to do a kitchen makeover, while our house is only a year old, everything had already been builder ordered when bought it (boo).
    I like white kitchens because they are timeless and it’s very easy to add color through accessories that can easily be changed.

  53. Great job! I see someone had already asked…can you please let us know which subway tile you chose? Everything looks fab!!!

  54. Beautiful transformation. Now I have sink envy!

  55. Rhoda – your new home is unbelievably elegant and beautifully done, especially your kitchen. I have been drooling for 2 days over your renovations! I tried to find your sink with the blancotogo.com link that you have above, but it isn’t a working link. Have they gone out of business? Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • HI, Lori, thank you for stopping by! Evidently Blanco to Go is out of business and I saw a few bad complaints about them, so I’m glad I didn’t have issues with my order. Here’s a link to Amazon, but do your research online before you buy. The prices on these things are constantly changing. Look for a company who seems to have a good reputation and you can definitely save money by ordering online.

      I love my sink!

  56. Hi! I have a few questions as I am starting my own Ikea Adel remodel in my 1958 fixer upper! Your blog has been great for information and your transformation is beautiful!

    How did you do the divider in your small open cabinet at the end that you’re keeping baking sheets in?

    Any advice on how you built in your dishwasher? Did you use two “cover panels” to frame?

    Amanda 🙂
    There might be more Q’s later 😉 haha

    • Hi, Amanda, thank you! I love my kitchen. I used a 12″ cabinet base for that open cabinet for baking sheets with an extra panel for the divider. You can buy all of that separate. I just got the 12″ cabinet with no door. My installer built in the divider by cutting it and adding it. My dishwaher is flanked by the sink cabinet on the left and the large fridge panel on the right, so nothing else was needed. Hop that helps! Feel free to ask more.

  57. Thanks so much for the inspiration & the cost breakdown. I’ve been wanting to remodel our kitchen for 10 years but just didn’t think it was in the budget. Your cost breakdown helped me realize that we can have a nice kitchen for under $10K. I’m starting the plans NOW after seeing your beautiful, affordable kitchen makeover!

  58. I am new to your blog and LOVE it! We have an older home, built 1968, in Carmel, Indiana. We have redone every room accept our laundry room, which I have been putting off, but now you inspired me to complete and our kitchen, which we were expecting to spend $25,000 on renovations. I love your kitchen redo and the fact that you went with IKEA cabinets, AWESOME. We have talked to the professionals at IKEA and have decided that is definitely the way to go. I am so excited to see your total cost on your kitchen makeover. Now I feel as though our complete kitchen makeover is closer to coming to fruition than I first thought. Thank you for sharing.

  59. Scott Ankersen says:

    You did a great job with the kitchen. It looks beautiful and well planned. Don’t you just love the pantry pullout unit? I like your spice holders for the upper cabinets. We often Use Rev-A-Shelf add ons and just put IKEA’s doors over them. I have an IKEA in the old Nexus Birch front and its at least 10 years old. It still looks good and holds up beautifully. We do offer installations and IKEA designs in Oregon & SW Washington. For people questioning IKEA’s durability and quality….. Don’t be. They have a 25 year warranty that covers just about everything. Well done on your website.

  60. Karen Carter says:

    It blows my mind that people spend that much money renovating a kitchen!! $50,000 is crazy! If you take the time to do research, you can find things at a fraction of the price. When we redid our kitchen, I started by making a list of my favorite things (which I’m sure could have added up to $50,000!!) and then one at a time tried to similar things for a cheaper price. If you hunt hard enough, you can get an amazing redo for an amazing price..and isn’t the hunt part of the fun anyway?!

  61. Rhoda, I’m installing a similar spice rack as an upper in my little kitchen. I notice you used a knob on the door, do you find it hard to open? I want to use all knobs on my doors and cup pulls on drawers but my husband thinks a knob might make the spice rack kind of hard to open. Any issues with yours? Thank You!!

  62. I LOVE your kitchen. You did a great job!

  63. Pamela Esposito says:

    Beautiful kitchen! Can you please share what color of grout was used in the subway tile backsplash?

  64. Experienced home-buyers know that most homes have something that needs to be restored.

    Antonio can be a child who love to discuss his expertise about home-based business.
    It could be daunting to first time home buyers.

  65. Judy Sursely says:

    We remodeled our old farm kitchen2 years ago with Ikea cabinets, buying also with a 20% off. Our kitchen went from a tired old farm kitchen probably more than 50 years old to a glamorous kitchen straight out of a magazine. Kitchen is 16×16 with a 5 x 8 island, granite counter tops, white farm sink and faucet from Ikea. My husband put the cabinets together and we (literally) hung them. First one was a bit trying, the rest however were a piece of cake. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen to check into Ikea.

  66. I love your home and your style. We did a Phase I small improvement to the kitchen and in the next couple of years will continue and probably finish in the next Phase. Although I’m not in love with the style door of our cabinetry, we will re-use them because frankly we have solid cherry cabinets and I can’t bare the thought of replacing them “just because” and spending more when we have good quality. My question is designing the kitchen. We would like to move things around a bit and I have a hard time picturing things and drive myself crazy. Is there a website/tool you are your readers use to help you plan the placement of cabinetry/appliances? I’d appreciate any feedback.

    • *or your readers

    • Hi, Lisa, space planning can be challenging. Ikea does have an online design program that does help visualize things, so you might try that and see if it helps. It shows the plan from above and also from different angles. It does help in seeing how the room will look.

      • Okay, I will check it out. Thank you for getting back to me. God bless! 🙂

      • I played with it in the wee hours of this morning when I couldn’t sleep, ha! Although measurements of cabinetry I’m sure will vary, it did really help me to get a visual. Thanx so much!

  67. I’m so happy I found this! My fiancé and I just bought a house with a renovated kitchen (orange/brown granite, bronze details, mismatched backsplash, etc.) and I absolutely hate it. It’s substantially smaller than your kitchen, so I think we’ll be able to do it for about half the price – possibly less. You just made my day. Err, YEAR.

  68. Jessica says:

    Hey Rhonda! I loved reading your post! I do have a question though, I originally planned on doing darker cabinets for my kitchen but am recently considering doing the white shakers like yours. Do you like them still? Are they easy to keep clean and would you do white again? I have 3 kids and we’ll have more children, am I crazy for leaning towards white??

    • Hi, Jessica, I’m sold on white and love a white kitchen, so there was not another choice for me. I don’t have any problems keeping them clean. They can be wiped down easily. I’m sure with kids you’ll have some getting dirty but they are easy to clean up. I definitely would do it all over again!

  69. Grace Gates says:

    Hi Rhoda!
    Your blog caught my eye because I recently redid my kitchen on a very low budget. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a passion of mine to do projects for the lowest possible cost with fantastic results. For my 10 x 10 kitchen. I paid $6,500 for new cabinets, granite counters, sink, faucet, disposal, hardware, installation, removal of old cabinets, removal of half wall and re-connection of appliances. I am thrilled with the results. As many people commented, you can have a beautiful kitchen without a huge cost! Again, you have a gorgeous kitchen!

    • Wow, Grace, you did a wonderful job with that amount of budget. Congrats & thanks for sharing with me! Thank you so much for stopping by, I still love my kitchen every single day.

  70. Wow, I love this kitchen! Did your price include the demolition too? Our kitchen is oh-so-80s so we are hoping to redo it within the next couple of years. I LOVE the open rustic shelves!! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  71. Joseph Cercy says:

    I am a huge IKEA fan. They make good quality cabinets and just about everything you need for a renovation. Your new kitchen is really beautiful.

  72. Kathleen Potvin says:

    Hi! I love your kitchen remodel and I’m looking at doing an Ikea kitchen remodel as well! I like how you built in your fridge with the side panels. Are those from Ikea or did you have those custom made?


  73. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful kitchen makeover with us! It is gorgeous! Thanks also for giving us a breakdown on the cost! So many times I see things on blogs I would love to try, but because there’s no pricing listed, I don’t really know if it’s something I could afford. To have gutted the space and created such beauty for under $10,000 is truly wonderful! You have done amazing things with this house! I know you’re proud of the journey and results. Hats off to your dad too, he’s truly a jewel!

  74. Rhoda, your kitchen turned out beautiful! I do have a question however. How did you pay for the renovation? Did you take out a personal load, pay out of your own pocket, refinance? Just wondering what the best options are for us. Thanks xo

    • Hi, Vanessa, I was very fortunate and had money saved to pay cash as I was renovating my kitchen. I was able to pay for everything as we went along.

  75. Marietta says:

    You did a great job on your kitchen. I love it! It is very clean and fresh. Absolutely gorgeous and on a budget. I LOVE THAT!

  76. Hi Rhoda,

    Love your kitchen!
    How long did it take you to order and receive everything?
    How many days/hours did it take your installer to do?
    If you are somewhat handy is it difficult to do the demo yourself?

    Thank you!

    • HI, Rose, my dad and I did the demo ourselves so if we can do it, anyone can. My dad is handy though and figured out how to get those old cabinets out. It took about 4 days for the installer to do everything, I think. I had to go back several times to get little things that we needed from Ikea, so that is something you have to deal with in an Ikea kitchen install. It was worth it though, I’m completely happy with my kitchen 3 years later. I ordered the cabinets from Ikea and had them delivered (all in boxes!) and my dad and I put them together. Of course, you don’t know what you are missing until you start putting them up, so hence the trips back to Ikea. It takes patience, but again worth it!

  77. wow ! beautiful kitchen and done within budget

  78. Urban Accent says:

    Stunning kitchen makeover and I really like the lime green pain colour

  79. Mary Beth says:

    I’m coming late to the game, and glad that I found this post. We are trying to decide whether to go with cabinets from a traditional home improvement store, IKEA or custom build. We have a 1907 Victorian farmhouse and this style cabinet is what I’m considering. Thank you for sharing the costs. My hubby and I will be doing the renovations ourselves (WE.ARE.CRAZY).

  80. Michael Grady says:

    Very Cool!! If you are going to use an undermount sink with any countertop especially stone, you should try these sink clips. No drilling needed, which is great!! We found them on AMZ. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YO4TNME?

  81. Karen E. Levy says:

    Your kitchen looks great. I’m about to start this process and I’m SO overwhelmed. Will the IKEA folks help me decide HOW to use my space? I really want to use under counter refrigerator/freezer drawers to get more counter space. I don’t cook and I keep little food here. I can get a 24″ width product for $2500. The only other choices I have for wider drawers is Sub-Zero Wolf and it’s all over $4000. This is a place that I’m stuck. My kitchen is 8×12 and I don’t plan on moving any time soon. Advice?

    • Hi, Karen, they will give you some help with using their space planning software, however, I would recommend you get a kitchen designer or friend who knows this stuff to help you figure that part out. I had a little help with the space planning part of mine and didn’t rely on Ikea for that. We did draw it out on their software and that helps for ordering.

  82. Hello. Coming back to this post because it was such a pretty outcome. About to do a kitchen remodel and overwhelmed at all of the choices one must make! Question on your big drawers. How wide are they and how long ifs the drawer pull?

    • Hi, Lisa, thanks so much! I still love my kitchen. Those drawers are 3′ wide and the pulls 7″ wide. Good luck with yours!

  83. Sharon D says:

    HI Roda! I’m new to your blog and just LOVE you, your blog, and your ideas! Not sure if you know, the Southern Living home in Senoia, Georgia a few years back was an IKEA kitchen! Forgive me if I am repeating another post, but am wondering if you had ikea measure for your new kitchen or if you planned it on your own. If you measured on your own, do you have any suggestions for planning and measuring?

    • HI, Sharon, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I saw the SL house in person and blogged about it and that Ikea kitchen really pushed me into getting the same for my house. I loved that kitchen! I didn’t have anyone come out from Ikea to measure for me, but my next door neighbor at the time was a former kitchen installer and helped me think things out. I used their software at Ikea to lay out the size of my kitchen and that helped to visualize what all would fit in there. I would go to a store and ask someone to help you after you play around with it at home. That’s what I did. Then when I got ready to order, I opened up my drawing in the store and they helped me with the purchase of all the pieces. It worked out pretty well and I had it all delivered to my house. My dad and I put all the cabinets together and I had an installer put them up. I did have to go back to Ikea at least 3 times during installation to get everything I needed, but that’s part of the process working with their products. I’m still SUPER happy with my Ikea kitchen!

  84. Very nice kitchen, how long did it take and did you use Ikea installers or did you have to find your own installers?

    • Lisa, I think it was about a week to get it all installed and all the final touches. I hired my own installer and didn’t go through Ikea.

  85. Hey, I found your blog while preparing for an Ikea kitchen.You know those little open holes on the inside of the cabinet don’t need to be filled in with caulk. Ikea sells little plastic plugs for them. They are part of the Variera line. If you search for Variera they will come up. The come in white or brown and it’s $1 for 100.

  86. Sierra Sando says:

    How long did it take for the installer to get your new kitchen together? Just wondering what the time frame was from start to finish of this kitchen remodel 🙂

    • HI, Sierra, it probably took like 5 days or so, if I remember right. He worked several hours a day until it was all finished. I had to go back to Ikea at least twice during the install. There’s always something else to get. The backsplash was done after everything was installed, so that was another 2 to 3 days.

  87. Where did you get the square sponge holder?

  88. You absolutely made my day!! I also live in the Atlanta area and have been racking my brain and sourcing a million big box stores looking for the best deal and my budget is exactly 9k.
    I’m calling your installer in the morning!
    thanks a million

  89. Jami risley says:

    Love your renovation! Great savings ideas too!

  90. Nice!
    How hard were the cabinets to install?
    I’m looking forward to planning my own kitchen. ?

  91. Charmaine Warren says:

    Hello! We are thinking of using IKEA for cabinets for a house we are building. How are they holding up? Have you had any issues with them?

  92. Beautiful! This sure looks like a dream kitchen to me! Did you pay to have the old kitchen removed? Was that included in your installation labor cost?

  93. I LOVE the gray cabinets! We’re thinking about doing gray for our next remodel also. This looks great! We just did a remodel with Grimslov off white cabinets and I love it. You can read about it here: http://www.realtyhousewife.com/525/ikea-kitchen-planning-design/

  94. JanOdom says:

    I just joined your blog and am so enjoying it. I have Kashmir white granite in my kitchen too, and love it. My walls are light blue and love seeing the green you out with them. My friend Jan Arrants Matthews told me about your blog.

    • Hey, Jan, thank you for stopping by. And small world, you probably know that Jan and I went to high school.

  95. Wow! This really gives me kitchen envy! From the wall color with the white cabinets and white with black open shelving, it looks so good. Can’t believe this transformation! Really like it when bloggers add the costs, gives me a much better insight into what I could expect once I start renovating. If been doing quite some research and these types of blogs have really helped me.


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