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Right after Christmas last year, I picked up all these glass balls in the 1/2 off sales and decided to do a wreath just like Eddie Ross showed during the Christmas season last year.  I showed it to you here briefly, but I didn’t take the time to show you how easy it was to put together and since it was after Christmas, it just went in my craft closet waiting on another Christmas to roll around.  Go and look at Eddie’s version too, it’s really pretty.IMG_7581The best tip I can give you is to glue down the metal tips of the balls before you get started with your hot glue gun.  This didn’t keep mine completely intact and I lost a couple of balls that just popped off and shattered on the floor from moving this fragile thing around, but gluing does help somewhat.  And I’d tell you to get the shatterproof ornaments too, as they will be able to take the pressure of moving around a lot better than the glass ones.  Just thread the ornaments on the wire hanger, alternating colors and sizes. They will move from front to back and you can play with them as you are threading to get them where you want them. IMG_7582

I’ll show you how it was put together.  All you need is a wire hanger that you take apart and use as the guide for the circle.  Then, it has to be clamped together with pliers or something similar to close it up and hold the hanger together.IMG_7583

Those wire hangers are tough to move with your fingers, so be forewarned about that.  Then, you’ll want to cover up the top of the hanger with a pretty ribbon.  You can try to bend the wire where it’s closed together, down so that it doesn’t show at all.


So, that’s it!  Get a pretty ribbon, hang it up and enjoy. Mine is not perfectly uniform but it’s OK with me.

There are a few floating around this year.  Sarah just did a pretty bronze version and Chris did one too in some cool colors.  And Girly Stuff also has a larger and really colorful version.  The great thing is, you can really personalize it to your decor and use whatever colors your little heart desires.  One thing I would probably do different that Sarah did was use those shatterproof ornaments.  Those would be much easier.  Threading real glass ones like this puts some stress on them, so that’s why 2 or 3 of mine popped off and broke.  Those shatterproof ones are really cheap too and still look good.

Get yourself some cheapie ornaments and make one too!  I noticed that Walmart has some great looking shatterproof ornaments in all sorts of colors this year.  And they have some really cute things in stock, much better than what I saw from them last year.

If you’ve made one of these, leave a comment, so we can all come and see yours too!

I’m joining Kimba’s DIY Day, along with Kate’s Ornament party, so go over and check them all out too.

I’ve got a really fantastic giveaway coming up later this week, so come back for that.  And the Christmas Home tour is coming up Thursday, so I hope you have your pics and posts ready to link up!! It will be a super fun week!



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- Rhoda


  1. Good Morning Rhoda…
    Sweetie this is just beautiful. I love your color choices for your combination. It is beautiful. I will go and pay the others a visit and see theirs also. You did a GREAT job, and I thank you for the tips on plastic. I hate it when these glass balls pop, bad enough they shatter but the noise just scares me to death. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Please stop by and say hi. I so love the company.

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry

  2. Rhoda-I have seen Eddie’s and am dying to try it for my daughter’s house! You are right about the Walmart ornaments–and the top is not movable….so many ideas…so little time 🙂 Thanks for showing us yours. It turned out beautifully!

  3. I just bought the set of 3 Santas! Love that site!

  4. Good morning Rhoda
    I love your wreath. Yeras ago Martha Stewart featured a wreath made of Christmas balls and I made one. Unfortunately over the years the balls got broken and I finally had to discard it. Seeing yours makes me think about making another one. I think the one I did was glued to a styrofoam wreath form. I am hoping to join in the Home For the Holidays Party so I’ll put the button on my sidebar.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  5. Such a pretty wreath! The color combination is great. As many fun things that I have seen to do for the the holidays this year, I should have started decorating in October! Looking forward to the Holiday party on Thursday.


  6. I made one too! It was so easy and I’m the least crafty person around. It was a lot of fun and the kids were involved. Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. So beautiful! I plan on picking up some ornaments after Christmas when they are on clearance, I cannot wait to make one for next year! Thanks for the tips!


  8. I have everything ready to make on of these too!! LOL – I made one last year (and posted about it) but Eddie’s way looks easier – so I’m making another one this year!

    Yours looks beautiful!

  9. I made one too! I used the shatter proof ornaments. Thankfully! Because I had about 6 fall off. I *like* mine. I just don’t *love* it. It needs some tweaking but I haven’t been in the mood. haha Yours looks great!

  10. Very pretty Rhoda! I need to try this idea. 🙂

  11. Your wreath looks beautiful. Thank you so much for providing all those links–that was really generous of you! And thanks for explaining how to do this. You’ve inspired me!

  12. Such a pretty wreath and it really does look simple to make. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  13. Thank you for inviting me Rhoda!
    I’ll join the party and show our trees!

  14. These are so cute but tell me, do you glue the tops to the bulb for security? I can’t wait to make one in colors to match my living room. Thanks!

  15. looks great rhoda!

  16. So gorgeous Rhoda, what beautiful colors ! That ornament suspended gives it just the right final touch. You’ll treasure this beauty for years !
    Thanks for joining the party !!!

  17. Made it…easy! Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the great tutorial! I’ve always loved those wreaths, but had no idea they were so easy to make…so easy I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks again!

  19. I so hope to make one of these lovely wreaths sometime this season. Yours is breathtaking!

    I hope that you will come by and see the ornaments I made: pearl encrusted star, crystal and button ball and an anthro inspired tree topper.

  20. I really wanted to do one of these this year, Rhoda. I had planned on getting the ornaments from the Dollar Tree {plastic ones}. If I have time {and patience left} I may still do one. If not, at least I know I can get ornaments at a good price!

  21. Yes- note to self, use plastic ones next time and lots of hot glue. But a very fun, pretty project! Can’t wait to buy more bulbs after christmas on clearance! So fun to see everyones colors, yours are beautiful, so is your home! Merry Christmas!!

  22. Love this idea….I’d forgotten about it …they are all over blogland huh ??? Next year that will be my new decoration, now I have to be on the hunt for some pretty ornaments….

    Nice post,
    Kathy 🙂



  24. Well …. I think I am going to try this! Wish me luck … and thank you for all of the extra special tips.

  25. Beautiful wreath. thanks for directing to others for more examples.

  26. Thanks so much for explaining how to make such a pretty wreath. I’ve been saving all my vintage ornies to make one and now I’m convinced that you are right and that shatterproof new ones are the better way to go! I’ve added your Christmas Home Tour button to my blog sidebar and also posted about it today ~ see you Thursday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  27. Hi Rhoda 🙂

    I tried so hard to make one of these this past weekend, but I failed miserably LOL Maybe I’ll try it again after seeing yours 🙂

    Your kitchen looks AMAZING all decorated for Christmas. I love the red and lime green together.


  28. I have ALWAYS wanted to make one of these and you made it look so simple! Wow- I may have to give it a whirl!

    I am doing a ‘lil give-a-way(actually my first EVER) at “The Kelton’s Cozy Cottage”-be sure to stop by and sign up.

  29. I just made one last night! It was super easy and really inexpensive! (I went to the dollar store and got 12 ornaments for a dollar!) It’s not as pretty as it would be with glass ornaments, but it still turned out super cute!!! check it out:

  30. Eddie would be proud. 🙂

    I saw a gigantic one this weekend that incorporated bits of tinsel and glued a second layer of the balls on so you could see some of the metal tips facing out. It was kind of cute. I was hoping to make one this year but time’s a ticking, and I’m a working — all the time! Bah humbug. 🙁

  31. I made one of my own TODAY! I saw Eddie’s on Little Birdie Secrets last year and waited until clearance sales and bought my ornaments at the dollar store and W@lmart – maybe spent $10 total. Now I just need to tie a ribbon on it and hang it up. And blog about it, that will be soon, I hope!

  32. This is lovely! I like the colors that you chose!

  33. Thanks for the instructions, Rhoda, and especially the tips on what to do and what not to do. Yours is beautiful!

  34. HI Rhoda, love your wreath. I have never made one of these but seeng yours makes me want to do one! Thanks for the inspiration! Your colors are beautiful together! BTW, I hope you have a Cracker Barrel near you….I was there today and they ahve some BEAUTIFUL lime green and red things! Really pretty and some are 25% off!!!! RUN!!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  35. It looks great! I made one of these too using the plastic ornaments.

  36. I made one last year using plastic ornaments. I will have to take photo and post it on my blog as well. Thanks!

  37. I had seen this idea on another blog and decided to buy the ornaments and styrofoam wreath form which is what they used. When two of our granddaughters were here for Thanksgiving, i let them make it however they wanted to. They had fun being creative with where they placed which ornaments. Here is the post which shows their wreath.

    By the way, yours is gorgeous!! Wish I’d bought ornaments at a half price sale last year!!

  38. I love your wreath!! I have seen so many pretty balls this year that people are decorating with. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  39. Your wreath is very pretty. You were smart to buy your balls on sale last year after Christmas.

    I made a monogram wreath out of balls for my front door. I think you’ll like it! You can see it here:

  40. I love reading your blog!! The ornament wreath is so gorgeous:)

  41. oops! here’s my blog:

  42. Very pretty. I love the colors you used and especially the hanging star.

  43. Are you going to miss “As The World Turns”? Do you think soaps will be around for much longer?

    Please stop by my blog and leave your comments.

  44. Hi Rhoda!

    Looks fantastic again!

    Just posted a contest here:

    Send Jaithan ( a pic, and we’ll enter it!

    Happy Holidays too!!


  45. Thank you for the instructions, SUPER important that you hot glue the ornament tops on, after that is is very easy. I love this blog!!

  46. Love your colors (I’d be too paranoid to use real glass balls…that spells lots of clean up in our house!). I saw a huge wreath like this at CB2..loved it…but couldn’t imagine spending the$$ for it! I ended up using the $4 box of plastic balls at IKEA (took 2 boxes). My dad was around when I was fumbling with twisting the ends together. He took one look and said use the pliers to bend it back into a loop on one end, and then loop the other side into the first loop…kind of like hooking them together….GENIUS!!! (I’ll be posting on this later this afternoon with pictures if I’ve got ya totally lost!)

  47. I used this idea with yours as an example on a blog post I just did about DIY wreaths. I looked at all the links you shared but I like your colors the best! So beautiful~~

  48. I made a glass bulb ornament wreath and decided it would look great with a hurricane and candle in it. It’s gorgeous and not so likely to get broken. Will go with the shatterproof bulbs next year!

  49. I always have a hard time hanging up my Christmas Wreath. Can’t put nails in my door so i tie a string to the wreath, pull it over the door and tie it to the inside door nob. Well i have to keep tying it throughout the holidays because it come loose with constant use of the door nob. I have been on a quest to find a solution. Recently i found a great product it’s a wreath hanger. I found it on ebay item number 200533748351 for anyone interested Merry Christmas all.


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