Master Bedroom Progress

Hey, there!  Hope you all are having a fun weekend.  We’re working on that guest bath and making progress on it.  Most of the tile work is done and Mark worked on the beadboard paneling in there and we will continue to work on the finishing in the next couple of weeks. It’s looking great and we are very happy with it!

I’ve been working on several projects around here and finally got staples for the stapler so that I could get my newly painted bench recovered with new fabric.  I got this fabric from Fabric and Fringe here in Marietta and also bought fabric for the Euro shams.  I’ve decided intead of hiring that one out, I’m going to sew them myself.  My mama is a good seamstress and she is going to help guide me through the process, so as soon as the bathroom project is done, I’m going to go over and sew those shams.  I’ll keep you posted on that and share the post.  How hard can it be, straight seams, right?

Master Bedroom Progress

In the meantime, I got the vanity bench recovered and it looks so pretty.

Master Bedroom Progress

Isn’t it pretty?

stool bench seat

I really love how this turned out and it will be really fun to get this room complete.  Still have a ways to go, but making progress, a little at a time.

Master Bedroom Progress

I just loved this fabric when I saw it with all those hues of blue and it bring out all the colors in the rug.

Master Bedroom Progress

I added a faux succulent arrangement on top of the chest of drawers and it helps to disguise the thermostat while being low so it doesn’t get in the way of the pictures

Master Bedroom Progress

I’ve got the fabric ready to sew and my mama will be a good tutor for these.  She has sewed so many things for me over the years, from clothes to drapes and pillows.

Master Bedroom Progress

This Charlotte Terrell print will hang somewhere in our master bedroom, we’ll determine the best place after it’s all done.

Master Bedroom Progress

And I’m pretty sure these are the final fabrics that are going in here.  The geometric will be Euro shams and the solid to the left, I’m pretty sure will be my drapery panels at least in the bedroom.  I haven’t bought this fabric yet, but this is my main contender. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do a different fabric in the sitting room.  I might!  The herringbone fabric is the fabric on our Bernhardt chairs in the sitting room.

So that’s a look at progress in the master!  I hope you enoy seeing these posts too, since it takes awhile (and money!) to finish a room so it doesn’t all happen overnight.  I have painting to do in the sitting room and we may do a wall treatment on the master bedroom headboard.  So, as we move along and get things finished, I’ll continue to keep y’all updated.  I think sharing the journey is a good idea too and thought you all might like that.

On another note, have you ever in your life heard of this?  A light came on in my brand new car, so I took it by the dealer to check it out.  Since we’ve been doing the bathroom renovation, I’ve had to park in the driveway to make room for all the supplies in the garage.  In the 10 days or so that it’s been outside, this happened.  The guy at the dealership came back as I was in the waiting room and showed me a picture of a big pile of leaves and what looked like insulation mixed together in a big pile on top of my engine. They had to take the cover off to see all of this.  It’s a rats nest!  Is that the most insane thing you’ve ever heard of?  I’m taking my car in tomorrow to get it all checked out and find out how much damage has been done. I’m hoping it’s minimal, but what an ordeal. My insurance adjuster said he’s seen it many times.

Why me?  Ugh……


- Rhoda


  1. Rat’s nest! I can definitely relate. As you know, we don’t have a garage and squirrels from the surrounding woods get into our cars during the winter. They enter from underneath around the engine. They have made nests. There is a repellent in the form of granules you sprinkle around. Our mechanic said just to sprinkle it on top of the flat areas under the hood. The repellent is not harmful to animals. I’m sorry! It is disgusting to think of a rodent being anywhere around your beautiful new car! Good luck!

  2. Barbara Carroll says

    Hi Rhoda, what type of paint did you use to paint your ottoman? Thank you.

  3. Rhoda everything is coming together so beautifully. Love your blog. Rats cause terrible damage and my husband learned this through a very expensive wiring bill on his bmw. They had gone in and gnawed away at stuff very quickly. There is a spray u can buy on amazon. We use this now, since at times our cars are outside. Hope your bill not too bad! Good luck!

    • Thank you, Lynne, we will defintely be getting some rat deterrent stuff around here, don’t want to deal with this again!

  4. Rhonda, I’ve had the problem with rats nests twice in my car’s engine. We live in the country, but I park my car in our covered carport. The only way I knew was the horrible smell inside the car. Ended up having to put rat poison traps in several areas of the engine compartment. Solved the problem.

  5. Sorry! I meant to write Rhoda!

  6. Rhoda, I love the color choices for your room. They’re just lovely!

    And yes, I’m very familiar with the rodent in the car problem. When we first moved into our house in Southern California, I was backing out if the garage heading to work and a BIG dead opossum dropped out from under my car engine. Fortunately he didn’t do any damage, but he definitely shook me up!

  7. Can you please tell me the name and vendor for the geometric fabric (or a link) Love it and all the blues for your room. Thanks!

    • HI, Brenda, the sample I got with a tag I picked up didn’t have the name of it, only that it was a special buy, so I don’t know the name of it. When I start to roll out the fabric I have I’ll see if it’s on the selvage, I can’t see it rolled up, but if I get the name of it, I’ll definitel share it in my post.

  8. Love seeing the progress as you go on any of your rooms…. Also, sorry to hear about the rat’s nest in your car. I live in Arizona and it is COMMON …and not just being parked outside. People here have had infestations of packrats in their enclosed garages! It’s very bad, and I hope you don’t have too much damage. I was at my mechanicc’s shop a few years ago and an older gentleman came in with an Escalade–the packrats had stripped almost every wire throughout the car, while the couple were away….This is something we vigilant about all the time here–watching for packrat activity….Good luck!

    • Wow, Ann, who knew it was such a problem?! I sure never thought about it, but it seems to be happening all over. I just wonder what about wires attracts them so much, that doesn’t make sense to chew on something like that, but there must be something to it.

  9. Love the shades of blue and the mix of fabrics….it is going to be beautiful!

  10. Glenda Niederhofer says

    I’m loving the selections you have going on in the bedroom. Can’t wait to see it finished! Just a note on your car…..good idea to get things checked out……my son lost his vehicle to a fire caused by rats chewing on the wires under the hood…..I was in the back seat & was trying to get his dog out……it went up quickly!! Who knew that rats could wreck so much havoc!!

    • Thank you, Glenda, and yes it’s terrible the damage they can do. It was quite extensive in my car, I’ll do an update tomorrow.

  11. Love the beautiful colors and patterns! Can’t wait to see the bathroom…we desperately need to reno ours but it’s down the list of priorities in our turn-of-the century farmhouse. We’ve also had run-ins with destructive rodents from racoons making themselves at home in the garage attic to mice or rats chewing through the wiring in our barn causing a fire (thankfully noticed right away in time to save it). The most memorable, however, was when our mechanic pulled about a coffee can full of dog food from the vents of the car where mice had been squirreling it away. It was several months before we could turn on the heat or A/C without a whoosh of hot or cold kibble scented air.

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