The Decorated Paver Patio

This inspiring patio makeover is sponsored by AE Outdoor, who happen to be right here in my hometown of Marietta, GA.  

It’s definitely been an exciting couple of weeks around my house!  With the installation of the patio last week and the arrival of a sectional sofa, that patio is looking gorgeous.  Outdoor spaces are probably one of my favorite things in a house, from a screened porch to an open deck or patio, outdoor living is so prevalent in the South.  We just love living and being outdoors as much as possible.

It’s been my dream to have a patio addition on the back of my house, for entertaining and just another way to enjoy my backyard.  So with the addition of the patio, having functional and practical furniture is a needed part of furnishing this area.

I chose the Canyon sectional from AE Outdoor, because I like the shape of it and the fact that it had a cute coffee table with little cushioned stools that pull out for extra seating. I thought an L-shaped sectional would be great on my patio and I was right, it fits on there perfectly.

decorated patio2

As I mentioned earlier, I am working with a local company here in Marietta that specializes in outdoor furniture, AE Outdoor and they have great looking outdoor sectionals and other pieces that really make an outdoor living space come alive.  I love that they are a small company right here in my town.

They design and manufacture their own line of furniture and it’s sold at some major retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, and Target.  This is good stuff, y’all!  And you can buy directly from their website too.

patio sectional and planters

The Canyon sectional is the star of my patio now and I love how it can be moved around, since it comes in 4 separate pieces.  You can configure it anyway you want.  This furniture is made from rust proof aluminum and the fabrics are all summer-proof Sunbrella fabrics, which I’m so happy to have.  I can safely leave this outside and with the 5 year warranty, it should hold up fine.

patio sectional and rug

With the sectional is a cute coffee table ottoman with pull out stools for extra seating.

patio coffee table with seating

patio sectional ae outdoor

Confession: I did take a ton of pics of the patio from all different angles, because I just couldn’t stop staring at it!  I’m so in love with this new space.  I look outside the screened porch and can hardly believe how pretty it is now.

Is this really my backyard?  Yes…yes it is! 

patio decorated

I figured out how I wanted it to fit on here and got everything uncrated and set up in about an hour (with the help of my roommate).  The boxes were shipped directly to my house in 3 separate boxes and everything was in perfect shape.

canyon sectional back

You can see the loveseat and corner pieces are separate.

ae outdoor canyon sectional back

Then, there is an armless section and another right arm piece.  You can see here how pretty the woven all-weather wicker is along with the aluminum frame.

decorated patio

I know having this space during the summer is going to be so fun. I can envision parties and hanging out here since it’s all shaded after around 4 in the afternoon.

I’ll be getting a cantilever umbrella to help shade the sectional, but truly late afternoon after 4 pm, it is complete shade on this side of the house.  Early morning is shady too, which is really nice.

planters with flowers

The Wayfair planters look great out here and we will enjoy the blooming flowers as well.  You can’t have an outdoor patio space without flowers and I just may add more along the way.  I love container plants!

patio with sectional

I also moved the rocking chair from the porch out here too, since my porch was a tad crowded with one too many chairs.  The rocker fits out here just great and looks right at home with the new sectional.  The rocker came from Pier One.

patio tray

I couldn’t resist this pretty vinyl tray from Homegoods, with all the colors I’m using out here.  You all know how much I love blues and greens, so it was only natural to continue that love-fest on the patio.

patio cushions

The Canyon sectional comes in a pretty gray/tan solid fabric on the cushions and a combination of green and a blue print throw pillows, all in Sunbrella fabrics.

sofa cushions patio

Love, love these colors!

colorful patio rug

I ordered the rug from Overstock and love it too. It adds just the right punch out here with all the colors contained in the flowers.  Rugs are such a great grounding element to a space and it really finished off the patio.  I checked prices on several websites for this same rug and Overstock had the best price.  In fact, it looks like they’ve marked it even lower since I ordered mine.

rug and tray

The rug plus the round tray = fun, fun and more fun!  Doesn’t this just scream summer?

canyon sectional ae outdoor

I truly love the Canyon sectional and am so happy with my choice.

sedum planter

I had this sedum planted in this planter for months and am so surprised it is still alive. If you want a tough succulent, this lime green sedum is it.  Every planter I have it in is thriving and it’s not because I’ve taken care of them.  This plant fits right in with the look out here too.

potting bench painted blue

I did spray paint the potting bench in a bright blue, Lagoon, from Rustoleum.  I think it will help protect the wood even more and I just didn’t like the color it was as much.  This pop of blue is fun and since the patio and sofa are all neutral, it just adds that special little touch back here.  I can see serving food and beverages from the potting bench.  Party time!

polywood chairs

You may remember I got these Polywood chairs last year and now they have a special place to sit on the patio and finally got out of the yard.  And the cushions blend seamlessly with my new sectional cushions.  That was a happy surprise!  I thought they might go well, but was so thrilled to see it in person.

Another plan in the works is building a privacy screen right behind the chairs a couple of feet off the patio.  It will help shield the neighbors, since they are so close.  Not that we don’t like our neighbors, we very much do, but when we are outside, it will be nice to have a little more privacy.  A screen will be perfect and my dad and I are already hatching a plan for that.  I’m sure I’ll be adding some climbing vines to it as well.

planters on patio

The other planters anchors this corner of the patio.  I’m so happy with how big the patio was built, so glad I didn’t skimp on size.  It’s nice and big and holds everything with no problem.

That cute backdoor cover that my dad built really adds to this space now and it’s hard to believe it was one of the first things he did when I moved in the house.  It adds so much charm back here!  Now, I think I have to paint the back door a bright color to make it even happier.

planters patio

It will be fun watching the planters grow all summer long.

back of sectional ae outdoor

I have a feeling this will be a favorite new hangout space for us.  It gets morning shade and late afternoon shade and I’m hoping to get an umbrella out here soon too. That will be the finishing touch.  I  looked at a cantilever umbrella at Ikea for just over $100 and that is definitely on my radar.

colorful flowers on patio

Getting this patio installed and decorated is truly another dream come true for me.  Finishing this house step by step, inside and outside has been such a fun journey and I’m so happy with where it is at this point.  It truly has been an amazing 3 year endeavor.

One thing I’ve decided to do is to have a big tarp handy and when I know it’s going to rain and storm, I’ll cover up the whole sectional and that will protect it even further.  I bought a 12 x 16′ tarp for just over $30.  I’ll do what I can to make it last for a long, long time.  I’ve got a deck box that I’ll store the tarp in.  I could buy individual covers, but those are pretty expensive and wouldn’t be that easy to put on and take off.  A handy tarp can be added in just a couple of minutes and then stored away.

Working with great sponsors like AE Outdoor has also been a huge blessing and I’m very grateful for the partnership.  I truly believe they are a great company, with superb products and warranties that stand behind their products. I look forward to using my patio for years to come. You can order fabric swatches to know what you’re getting ahead of time and right now they are having a 20% off sale.

- Rhoda


  1. I would paint that door a bright lime green Rhoda!! I love your patio…gorgeous.

    • Arlene, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do. I have some green paint already.

    • I was going to suggest the same thing…Arlene beat me to it! Rhoda, I’m really thrilled for you. Your patio is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see party photos and more flowers added. Enjoy!

  2. Rhoda, that looks amazing! It’s beautiful but also large enough to really enjoy. You’ll have to plan a get together asap. 🙂

  3. It’s beautiful but looks like it will be really hot with no covering or shade.

    • Susan, I will definitely be getting an umbrella out there, but believe it or not early morning and late afternoon after 4, it’s completely shady.

  4. sylvia clark says

    Rhoda, I follow your blog, and I admire your house. Could you please tell me where you purchased the adorable bunny beside your white planter. Love it!!!

    • HI, Sylvia, I’m trying to remember where I got that and I’m drawing a blank. I have had it a long while now and it might have come from a yardsale in Birmingham.

  5. This is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous, Rhoda! I think your ideas of painting the door a bright color, adding an umbrella, and privacy screen will complete your little slice of heaven. Beautiful! Tip: if you buy the cantilever umbrella like we did (13′ from Sam’s Club, affordable!), I would buy the cover for off-season. We found ours in Home Improvement catalog, and order right away – they sell out fast! For the regular market umbrellas, Sam’s Club has the best, most affordable wrought iron stands – they last years, and the umbrellas can be removed, stored inside off-season.

  6. Awesome! That’s how your patio looks, Rhoda! What a great space you’ve created. I know you must be looking forward to using it.

    That outdoor sectional is wonderful! What a handsome piece. And you’ll be so glad you have a piece with Sunbrella fabric–that fabric really is amazing, much better than other outdoor fabrics, I think. I love that it can be bleached to get it really clean. That’s wonderful when it comes to mildew (which is of course inevitable in our humid climate), bit it’s also quite handy for cleaning all the other spots and stains that just come with living.

    Thanks for the introduction to AE Outdoor! Off to check out their website now.

  7. good choice re tarp, we kept buying chair covers for the table and chairs and at $60 dollars or so every year or so it was crazy expensive.. They also blew off or came close,to many times during our wind storms. The patio looks wonderful especially love the rug and all the colors.
    Your Dad is the best, he does great projects with much style.
    Love your site.

  8. Love it! Love it! Love it! It really all came together! I have no clue what grows down your way but maybe a tall potted palm like tree or a tall potted hibiscus tree… to bring some height back by the house wall. It looks awesome already… and you know what to do.
    Been with you since 2009…
    ~Nancy from Ohio is now in Arizona…!

    • Hey, Nancy, yeah, I’m just getting started. It will definitely change out there with a few more things. You’re so sweet, so glad you have been with me that long!

  9. Beautiful! The patio and furniture all look amazing. Glad it’s done and now you can relax.

  10. So happy to watch your house come together. This is absolutely beautiful, just like you!! Congrats on this major accomplishment. I know it will add to the enjoyment of your home. 🙂 xoxoxo

  11. This is a wonderful addition to your home. You will enjoy lots of fun times here with all the big comfortable furniture. It is perfect! You are so lucky that it is shaded in the am and pm. I can see you serving up some delicious salads and lemonade back there this summer. Enjoy!

  12. Mary Alice Kenley says

    Rhoda, are the cushions truly rain-proof? We are considering furniture with Sunbrella cushions for our dock. Unlike the porches, they could get pretty soaked before we could get to them to stow them away during a sudden rain that, as you know, can happen in the South. I don’t want to make the expenditure until I’ve heard from an actual owner that they can weather a good rain. Thanks!

    • HI, Mary Alice, these cushions have had one little rain on them so far and they dried out pretty fast, but from what I hear, they truly are weather-resistant fabrics. Sunbrella resists fading and even if they get wet, they dry out pretty fast. They are really meant for outdoor living and keeping them outside. I’m going to try to protect mine as much as possible, but I know I won’t be able to completely do that.

    • Sunbrella started out in the 60s making awnings and then in the 70s for marine products. For a while it seemed that sailcovers were blue or blue. Now that they are making the fabrics for furniture, chances are that you will get bored with the pattern before the fabric wears out.

      We use sunbrella for shade awnings on race committee boats (sailboat racing). They are great for shade, and while we’ll get wet from the rain blowing into the boat or from the waves, I don’t remember seeing the awning be wet on the underside or dripping water. The awnings are on the boats from April through October and subject to rain, hail, winds, hot sun and abuse. Any fabric failure is usually related to the area around the grommets, where the fabric is actually cut into to put the grommets.

    • THanks, Liz, that is great info to know! Kudos to Sunbrella!

  13. Congratulations, another great space!!! Love everything you have done back there. I am sure you will enjoy it very much this summer.

  14. Rhoda, your patio is gorgeous. Excellent choice in fabric and style. I know you will host many gatherings there. I love being outside too and I’m working on spiffing up my veranda as well. I like referring to my patio by that name; it just sounds so southern. Enjoy.

  15. Teresa Emrich says

    Your patio is such a wonderful additional “room” to your home. We are purchasing a new beach condo, and will need new patio furniture with a rust-proof capability against all the salt air, rainy weather that occurs. I am going to read more about your source. Suggestion: How would you feel about an umbrella between the two white chairs, for those days you would like to enjoy the patio BEFORE the sun’s rays are blocked by your house? Just a thought. Maybe your father could figure a way to incorporate your little table and the base of an umbrella stand. Enjoy!

  16. Barbara Taylor Smith says

    So glad to see you take your fabulous style outside!! I’m setting up our screened porch and deck this week and and am inspired by what you’ve done. Enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor.

  17. Love the latest addition. Everything is looking fabul0us! Enjoy!

  18. Great space Rhoda. I love every detail and the colors along with the furnishings create a really inviting and relaxing space. Soak in the sun and enjoy your outdoor haven.

  19. The patio is beautiful. I like the rug and it will help with all the heat that can radiate from the patio pavers. We had an outdoor patio at another house and the brick/pavers put out a lot of heat. One idea is a nice palm would look great next to the patio. Love your ideas.

  20. Lovely indeed!! Your outside door may look good in the turquoise you used on your entry door. Tie the indoors and out together….but whatever you do, it will be good! 🙂 Love the way the patio is looking, for sure. If wind is an issue in your backyard, I would definitely look for a beefy umbrella…just talking from experience….we had a gust of wind take a lighter weight umbrella out of its stand and up over the garage roof. It magically descended without hitting anything or anyone (of course it happened while we were having a garden walk at our house)! Have fun on your patio!

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