The Kitchen Finale: My Ikea Kitchen

Before I get into the Christmas decorating, which I’m scrambling trying to finish, I wanted to go ahead and share before and after shots of my kitchen.  Oh, how that space has changed.  If you weren’t here at the beginning, you might not know how BAD  it really was.  Well, it was extremely dated, dirty and ugly and nothing short of a gut job would do.  How happy I am that we did gut the space and start over.

Kitchen before

If you’ve been with me through all of this process, you’ll remember this pic.  Dated pine 70’s cabinets and this kitchen was filthy disgusting.  I couldn’t wait to get them out of here.  We closed up that door above that went into the living room and that was the best decision we made too.  That gave me room for my open shelves and to extend the lower cabinets and countertop all the way to the windows.

Full Shot Kitchen After

AFTER:  It’s a whole new space and I could NOT be happier with my kitchen.  It truly is a dream kitchen to me. It has everything that I need and it’s all handy and just the right size.

052 (2)

Sink side before.  Dated laminate butcher block, nothing in this kitchen could be saved (except for that old fridge, it’s now in my storage room downstairs).


AFTER:  Lighter and brighter and my Ikea cabinets are the bomb.  Love, love them!


Another disgusting Before shot, those lower cabinets were falling apart, they were so bad.

Here’s a shot from the same angle as the Before pic.  Amazing the difference!

Sink Side

And now, it’s a whole brand new kitchen with Kashmir White granite countertops and a Metallic Gray Blanco granite sink. You’ll notice that I finally got that window painted.

And another view of the dishwasher and fridge.  My cabinet installer did a great job building in the fridge and I love how it turned out.

Looking to DR

Looking back to the dining room, this is the only door coming in here now and it works just fine.  I adore my new kitchen!  In fact, I adore my whole house.  I added my cute little chalkboard by the door.  That was a yardsale find, actually a mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint.  It will come in handy for grocery items.

Kitchen Shelves

Those open shelves made from salvaged wood that I got from Southern Accents in Cullman, AL are such great statement pieces in here. I’m so glad I saved them from 2 years ago and finally got to use them in my new home.   That subway tile is exactly what I wanted too and I’m really happy with all my choices.  Planning a kitchen from scratch can be quite intimidating and I really tried to make classic long-lasting choices and I sure hope I did.


My coffee station is to the left of the sink.

Gray island

Did you notice I painted my island?  I thought bringing in the gray in the rug and countertops would be a nice balance and I really like the color (which is Timbermine by Dutch Boy, in case you are wondering).  And I finally figured out the best way to place it in here, all the way against the windows.  I like it a lot and can still get into my large bank of drawers and the fridge to the left.

The chevron runner is from Ballard Designs.

That green pottery piece on top of the island is a bean pot and was a gift from a reader and it came from Celebrating Home.  She let me pick out what I wanted and it’s a cooking pot.  What sweet readers I have!  Thank you, Leah!  I have barely had time to start cooking again, I’ve just been grabbing what I can from the grocery store, but soon I’ll be back to cooking meals again.

Bunny Chef

My bunny chef will be on guard on the island.

Stove Pantry

And looking back towards the pantry (which I love, love), this kitchen is all I could ever dream of.  Truly, it’s very functional, has plenty of storage space and I adore it.  It’s the nicest kitchen I’ve ever had.

Here’s the post on the breakdown of all the kitchen costs, so check it out for all the details. It was a very affordable kitchen renovation!

Thanks for sharing in this renovation journey with me, it’s been so much fun having all of you along for the ride! I can hardly believe I’m actually in here now, but it sure feels good.  

Don’t forget our Holiday link parties start on Tuesday and Layla’s up first with mantels! Since I don’t have a mantel, I’ll be showing you my dining room sideboard all decked out!

Monday at 3 pm EST, I’ll be doing a Google hangout with these fun bloggers and we’ll all be sharing ways to use cloches from WayfairIt’s all about the Holidays and how to make them fun and festive!

- Rhoda


  1. Absolutely beautiful and such a motivator for me as we start our kitchen renovation. Thankfully, we aren’t gutting the cabinets but we are repainting them which is a job in itself.

  2. Oh Wow Rhoda! It’s simply beautiful! I love the white cabinets, the counter, the white subway tile backsplash, well, I love it all!
    The styling and the added treasured pieces put your personal touch to a timeless kitchen! Enjoy it!

  3. This truly is one of the best before and after kitchen redos I’ve ever seen! Especially since you all did the work yourselves! Amazing! Love all of your material choices…and it truly is now a space you’ll love for years to come…Bravo!

  4. Love your rabbit theme in the kitchen. My daughter remodeled a home recently and her kitchen is very similar and she loves rabbits too. Did the rabbit hardware come from Ikea also?

  5. I LOVE your kitchen! It’s perfect…with your amazing eye for design and detail I knew it would be 🙂
    I don’t often have time to comment but I so love your blog and your beautiful heart ~
    All Things Heart and Home

  6. Hi Rhoda!!

    I’m doing the happy dance because I’m sooooooo happy for you. Your kitchen is amazing!! You so deserve this and so much more.

    Now, start doing the happy dance with…


  7. Hi Rhoda!

    I am so happy for you! Your new place looks fabulous! I’m happy that you are happy! If you need a new monogram rug for your new place…let me know. By the way, I’m having a giveaway for SnoWonder. It’s fake snow that you can use to decorate with (feels & looks like real snow) Please come enter & spread the word of the giveaway, thanks!

  8. I too am about to embark on an IKEA kitchen makeover,w the white farm sink,same Kashmir granite. I love your cabinets,I wanted white(have white now) but from 1969 yuk! Been painted over/over..I want a tAll pantry w shelves/spices next to the range/overhead microwave.. Now I’m going to WAIT till you post what your kitchen cost you, before I commit to my local IKEA…. Did you hire for 750.00$$ their planner person to assemble all your cabinets&over see the project?? Looks fabulous! Congrats!

    • Hi, Meburke, you can’t go wrong with an Ikea kitchen, I’m convinced of that. I did not hire them to put my cabinets together, my dad and I did all that. I did hire an installer to put them in and that was money well spent. I’ll do a breakdown as soon as I can get to to it. Look out for their 20% off sale, I did get in on that & saved a bunch.

  9. Congratulations to you it’s beautiful! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and I’m so happy for you.

  10. Love your blot! What is the name of your tile backsplash?

  11. JennyBCCiarletta says

    Lovely transformation! Cooking will be so much more fun in this space. Love all the touches that make it yours.

  12. Hi Rhoda!
    The kitchen is just gorgeous! Would you please share the paint color brand/name with us?

  13. Such a beautiful makeover! Just in time for the holidays.

  14. I googled my way here only to find your remodel story similar to mine. I am even carrying around a Kashmir white granite sample, because it was the whitest granite I could find, without changing material and going with marble.

    Yours came out beautiful. Thanks for posting it. I also believe in remodeling with cash too and prayer. 🙂

    I’m going to have to go back through the posts, because I have only seen 16/17 and this weeks.

    I keep heading back to IKEA because I can’t believe my other two quotes!

    I also am making a painted white, cottage kitchen.

  15. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I am so happy for/with you, that you finally got your own dream kitchen. I understand totally. And you got rid of the dreaded double sink….. grin. I am selfish enough to ‘dream only’ of getting a custom, HUGE kitchen sink….. utility kind…. but only a dream.

    I found you via Hometalk.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE how your kitchen turned out!

  17. Rhoda: I don’t know what you do for a living (just started looking at your blog through a link from Beneath My Heart), but you should be an interior designer. It takes a lot of vision, talent and hard work to complete such a daunting project and have it turn out right in the end. I love the big drawers, love the built in fridge, the subway tiles, and the rustic shelves with those nice cast iron brackets. Your sink and granite tops are yummy. There is not one thing about your kitchen I would change. How rewarded you must feel at the change! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  18. Rhoda: I have just discovered your blog. I love it ALL!!

  19. Rhoda,
    I just discovered your blog today. You are simply amazing! I love your new kitchen. I just recently visited our local Ikea (in Potomac Mills, Va) and am overwhelmed at the process of ordering cabinets for my kitchen remodel. My hubby is very handy and will be doing the labor, so I can have my dream kitchen. You are so talented! Thank you for posting your before and after pics and all the links.

    Did you ever total up your costs for the remodel? Just curious . . . . I have Champagne taste on a Beer budget.

    I simply love your sister’s bedroom re-do too! I will be ordering the stencil and having the paint mixed.

    Thanks again for showing the rest of the world what you do best!

    • HI, Connie, thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you got inspired by my Ikea kitchen too. I am SO happy with my kitchen. I’ve just started totaling up my receipts from my remodel, but haven’t gotten a final yet, but will soon. I’ll probably do a post on that and share it all. I have the same taste you do! 🙂

  20. Hi, I just found you on Pinterest! I love the kitchen! I love the subway tile, cabinets, & floors! We have been looking into IKEA cabinets, but have not been to a store yet to get a good look at them. We were just wondering about the quality of them. You seem to be very satisfied with them, so that makes me happy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful home!

    • Thank you, Jessica! I’m absolutely totally happy with my Ikea kitchen, no doubt about that. I would do it again!

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