The Kitchen Finale: My Ikea Kitchen

Before I get into the Christmas decorating, which I’m scrambling trying to finish, I wanted to go ahead and share before and after shots of my kitchen.  Oh, how that space has changed.  If you weren’t here at the beginning, you might not know how BAD  it really was.  Well, it was extremely dated, dirty and ugly and nothing short of a gut job would do.  How happy I am that we did gut the space and start over.

Kitchen before

If you’ve been with me through all of this process, you’ll remember this pic.  Dated pine 70’s cabinets and this kitchen was filthy disgusting.  I couldn’t wait to get them out of here.  We closed up that door above that went into the living room and that was the best decision we made too.  That gave me room for my open shelves and to extend the lower cabinets and countertop all the way to the windows.

Full Shot Kitchen After

AFTER:  It’s a whole new space and I could NOT be happier with my kitchen.  It truly is a dream kitchen to me. It has everything that I need and it’s all handy and just the right size.

052 (2)

Sink side before.  Dated laminate butcher block, nothing in this kitchen could be saved (except for that old fridge, it’s now in my storage room downstairs).


AFTER:  Lighter and brighter and my Ikea cabinets are the bomb.  Love, love them!


Another disgusting Before shot, those lower cabinets were falling apart, they were so bad.

Here’s a shot from the same angle as the Before pic.  Amazing the difference!

Sink Side

And now, it’s a whole brand new kitchen with Kashmir White granite countertops and a Metallic Gray Blanco granite sink. You’ll notice that I finally got that window painted.

And another view of the dishwasher and fridge.  My cabinet installer did a great job building in the fridge and I love how it turned out.

Looking to DR

Looking back to the dining room, this is the only door coming in here now and it works just fine.  I adore my new kitchen!  In fact, I adore my whole house.  I added my cute little chalkboard by the door.  That was a yardsale find, actually a mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint.  It will come in handy for grocery items.

Kitchen Shelves

Those open shelves made from salvaged wood that I got from Southern Accents in Cullman, AL are such great statement pieces in here. I’m so glad I saved them from 2 years ago and finally got to use them in my new home.   That subway tile is exactly what I wanted too and I’m really happy with all my choices.  Planning a kitchen from scratch can be quite intimidating and I really tried to make classic long-lasting choices and I sure hope I did.


My coffee station is to the left of the sink.

Gray island

Did you notice I painted my island?  I thought bringing in the gray in the rug and countertops would be a nice balance and I really like the color (which is Timbermine by Dutch Boy, in case you are wondering).  And I finally figured out the best way to place it in here, all the way against the windows.  I like it a lot and can still get into my large bank of drawers and the fridge to the left.

The chevron runner is from Ballard Designs.

That green pottery piece on top of the island is a bean pot and was a gift from a reader and it came from Celebrating Home.  She let me pick out what I wanted and it’s a cooking pot.  What sweet readers I have!  Thank you, Leah!  I have barely had time to start cooking again, I’ve just been grabbing what I can from the grocery store, but soon I’ll be back to cooking meals again.

Bunny Chef

My bunny chef will be on guard on the island.

Stove Pantry

And looking back towards the pantry (which I love, love), this kitchen is all I could ever dream of.  Truly, it’s very functional, has plenty of storage space and I adore it.  It’s the nicest kitchen I’ve ever had.

Here’s the post on the breakdown of all the kitchen costs, so check it out for all the details. It was a very affordable kitchen renovation!

Thanks for sharing in this renovation journey with me, it’s been so much fun having all of you along for the ride! I can hardly believe I’m actually in here now, but it sure feels good.  

Don’t forget our Holiday link parties start on Tuesday and Layla’s up first with mantels! Since I don’t have a mantel, I’ll be showing you my dining room sideboard all decked out!

Monday at 3 pm EST, I’ll be doing a Google hangout with these fun bloggers and we’ll all be sharing ways to use cloches from WayfairIt’s all about the Holidays and how to make them fun and festive!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda it is just beautiful!! You did such an amazing job and I am so happy for you!

  2. Rhoda,

    I just love the way your kitchen turned out! Amazing transformation and so much my taste as well. I can’t wait to have another home of my own one day where I can have a “dream kitchen” all my own.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. Rhoda- the kitchen is lovely.Love the color with the white cabinets. Even though I am not much of a cook I still appreciate a beautiful kitchen. Congrats on a great reno!

  4. You new kitchen looks amazing Rhoda! It’s so bright and cheery.

  5. It’s just wonderful, Rhoda, what a blessing that home is for you. Your folks deserve extra stars in their crowns for their help. I know you appreciate them so much! Love the cabinetry!

  6. I have really enjoyed riding along on this journey with you. I think the two big windows in your kitchen were a major bonus. It was nice that you had them to work with along with the window over your sink. It is all so cute, and those rustic shelves are fantastic – my favorite part.

  7. Rhoda, your kitchen is beautiful! How nice that you can enjoy it for the holidays! I know you will have a wonderful time decorating! Love it!

  8. Rhoda, it IS beautiful! I think you have an amazing knack for seeing the end result from the beginning. I think you will have many wonderful moments cooking in that kitchen. And the coffee station just says “grab a cup!.

  9. …every single thing is beautiful…you are an inspiration…and so deserving of this wonderful home…blessings laney

  10. Rhoda – Your new kitchen is just fabulous!! You did a wonderful job of planning it. I just hope mine comes out as well.

    Saw the pillow I did you in a chair. Enjoy it!


  11. What an amazing transformation! Your kitchen is just lovely!

  12. So pretty Rhoda! I love the white cabinets and the shelving. Nicely done. Pinned 🙂

  13. Amazing, Everything turned out just beautiful. It does feel like a true home. You should be very proud of yourself, Dad and mom. have a great week.

  14. Rhoda, I celebrate with you each and every time you show a picture of your new home. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and thankful that you have been blessed with such a cute place and that you worked so hard with your mom and dad to achieve it. You deserve to be happy, and I pray blessings abounding on you, my friend.

    Love this. Now, I want some IKEA cabinets! 🙂



  15. I’ve been following your progress from the beginning, even though I don’t comment often. Everything looks wonderful and it has such a warm feeling of home. Great job!

  16. Linda Coleman says:

    It all looks fabulous! You should sell tickets for a home tour like Southern Living does. I would sure come!

  17. I love your kitchen and what a change. I know you must be overwhelmed with joy. Congrats to you and your beautiful kitchen.

  18. Rhoda- it looks so pretty, bright, fresh… and YOU! It appears you have gotten the absolute most out of the space- and I can tell you- as I have “matured” Ireally appreciate the ability to turn around and reach most everything… You have done an incredible job of combining space management with good design – and economically! As a reader gbove stated- it has been such a joy to get to watch this journey of love and hard work, with you and your precious parents!! Thank you for So much for sharing…. do have the most joyfilled and Merry Christmas with all those folks who matter most in your life!!

    Alice A

  19. It’s beautiful, Rhoda! And so jealous you have the large drawers. My kitchen in Ukraine had them- even bigger!- and I MISS them so much!!! If we ever get to re-do a kitchen, we will absolutely put those in instead of lower cabinets!

  20. Wow, Rhoda!! Such an amazing job. And, that view into your dining room is beautiful!

    So happy for you and your new kitchen and your new life 🙂

  21. I love your Ikea kitchen. Your coffee station looks so cute and functional. Where did you buy the shelf for your coffee station?I am sooooo happy for you. What a wonderful home.

  22. Your kitchen looks so nice, all your hard work and waiting paid off. I like the undercounter lighting, I’m sure it makes the kitchen cozy at night. Really a good job!

  23. Centsational Girl says:

    Wow Rhoda, your hard work really shows ! I love how this space is so fresh and reflects YOU! Bravo my friend on an amazing remodel!

  24. It looks SO much better! What an amazing transformation! It’s so beautiful now!

  25. laura @ the shorehouse says:

    It looks *amazing*, and you deserve to have a gorgeous kitchen — you’ve worked so hard!! Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first person, lol) but the original pine cabinets didn’t look terrible? Or did they just photograph well?? I know they’re not your style but I would have loved a shot at recycling them if I was in your ‘hood…but then again I’m obsessed with recycling in what I will admit is a slightly maniacal way. 🙂

    • ILona McFerrin says:

      Thank you for sharing photos and description of your beautiful kitchen. It is cozy and airy. Cabinets are very well planned. I love the pantry. Open shelves are beautiful and tastefully decorated. Wishing you the very best in your new home.

    • Laura, the old top cabinets were in good condition, just incredibly dirty. There was so much roach filth behind these cabinets that it was SO disgusting. But I did keep several of the upper cabinets to recycle down in my laundryroom, so you will indeed be seeing them reused. I will definitely be painting them. The bottom cabinets didn’t fare as well and they truly were falling apart and nasty, so I didn’t want to try to save them all. They were pretty far gone for that. No comparison to my new Ikea ones as far as functionality and looks!

      • laura @ the shorehouse says:

        Ah yes, I do know of the ‘inherited dirt’…I think it is the worst kind of household dirt!! Honestly I had cabinets that I thought looked OK when we bought the house…and I literally had to clean them for days. DAYS. Ugh. And don’t even get me started on the bathroom cabinet. I think I ripped that out with my bare hands. 😉

        That’s exciting those upper ones can be reused! I love the height and I know they will look amazing with a swipe of the Rhoda Paintbrush! Now I can’t wait to see yet another room.

    • Laura I felt the same but only because they are so MY style. But when Rhoda disclosed the roaches, condition etc she did the right thing. Plus this is an awesome kitchen and really is more her style. Glad the uppers are to be recycled somewhere, I just love knotty pine. Great Job on the WHOLE house Rhoda, has been a great ride following along.

  26. Rhoda,
    You should be happy and proud…it looks outstanding!!! You did a wonderful job picking out everything for it. I have that same little green flower pot (I keep pens and pencils in mine). Looking forward to see how you have been decking your new halls.


  27. It really is beautiful! Sorry if you’ve mentioned this before and I missed it but where did you get your cabinet hardware? Specifically the cup pulls? I’m going to be replacing mine soon and have been on the hunt! 🙂

  28. Hi!
    I’m thinking about ikea-ing my kitchen… since mine is currently worse than your before kitchen and I must say your post is truly inspiring. You did such a good job that you nearly convinced me!

  29. Beth Morrow says:

    Beautiful job…love seeing all the before and after pictures.

  30. Beautiful job Rhoda. I really like the cabinet in gray to match your rug and the way you positioned it against the windows, it sure opened up the floor space.

    But, ummmm, that tower of bowls sitting on your glass shelving – doesn’t it make you a wee bit nervous? Maybe they’re plastic and not as heavy as they look.

  31. Chelley Black says:

    I saw a picture of your kitchen on Pinterest and thought, “Oh, that looks like my sink!” I have the same sink in dark brown and LOVE it! Congrats on your reno. It looks gorgeous!

  32. Judy Clark says:


    I am so happy for you. You and your Dad did an amazing job on that kitchen.

    To the reader that said something about those pine cabinets not being gross. Oh yeah, they were really gross. You had to see them in person. Well done friend.

  33. Wow! What a stunner! I can’t wait to see the breakdown on pricing also. Sometimes it seems impossible to create a kitchen cost effectively but you have proven that it can be done! Thanks for sharing!

  34. It’s lovely! Beautiful! But we didn’t get any shots of the dishwasher and fridge…. Also, you started out with hardwoods. Did you replace them or were you able to salvage them?

    • Kate, I just added a couple more shots of the fridge and dishwasher. The original hardwoods were thin veneer and damaged, so instead of trying to match the whole house to those, I chose to tear them out and get engineered hardwoods all throughout the house for continuity.

  35. Rhoda – I am just blown away. Since I was in the original kitchen, I am overwhelmed by the changes. You did such an amazing job!! I love every bit of it!

  36. Monica Converse says:


  37. I keep scrolling back and forth between the before and afters. It’s an amazing transformation. I love it!

    P.S. I always forward your blog to my husband so he can see the progress you’ve made:)

  38. Jerri C. TN says:

    You have reached the ” WOW” factor. LOVE!!!!!

  39. Hi Rhoda,
    Love your kitchen. Amazing what you can do with Ikea. I think the granite counter tops really make the whole kitchen look high end. No one would ever guess it was Ikea. You must be so Happy to be in your home and settled in.

  40. Marie in Va says:

    Hard to believe it is the same kitchen!
    LOVE all of your choices!

  41. Oh wow, that is a beautiful transformation. I love, love it! The before and after are amazing. I’d love to cook in this kitchen! Wow again!!

  42. Rhoda,
    You saved one of the best for last because I love everything about your kitchen. Right down to my fave, the white subway tiles. I have saved the name of that granite too, b/c I really like that pattern. Now you can hopefully relax a bit and do some Christmas decorating and really truly fall in love with your home even more. Have a great week, my friend. Can’t wait to see your holiday decor. BTW, me and Suzy of Worthing Ct will be in Atlanta next month for the mart. We are gonna try to met with Savvy Kim and hope we can hook up with you too. 🙂 xxoo

  43. Terry Butler says:

    Can you tell me where you got your pendant light over the sink? I have been debating what to put over mine and just love the way this one looks in your new kitchen. I love your blog and enjoy all you great posts.

  44. Rhoda, you did a beautiful job! I never thought Ikea cabinets could look so fine. Your choices are classic and lovely and that kitchen should last you as long as you live there.

  45. I love your kitchen as much as you do! You are such an inspiration. .Merry Christmas.

  46. LOVE! Ikea is a wonderous place! I’m so happy for you and your new beautiful kitchen! 🙂

  47. Good morning Rhoda, It all looks so pretty.You have chosen so much of what I have chosen for my kitchen , and we are planning an ikea kitchen also . Your counter tops and tile back splash and white cabinets are all what I have picked out so I am kinda excited to see how they are going to look when we get it finished in there. Not on your level , but this summer I spent the summer redoing large amounts of our home also , so I know what you have been going through and it is hard work . You have done a beautiful job.I

  48. Wow, this is just beautiful. I noticed the island right away and it is so gorgeous. I love the color and the details, BEAUTIFUL!


  49. Rhoda, Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love your choices and how you made the entire space “you”! That is so important when designing your own kitchen. The color combos are great, and I love those cabinets.

    Have fun cooking and entertaining in you fresh new space. You should be so proud!

  50. Donna Duffy says:

    love your home

  51. Christina W. says:

    Simply beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!

  52. You will love cooking with the bean pot. If she didn’t pass along some of the recipe books, they are a must to have with some very yummy and easy recipes.

  53. Looks AMAZING! Congrats on your new home/kitchen/remodel!! Say hi to your parents for me!

  54. An absolutely amazing transformation! Turned out beautifully, every detail. Enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

  55. WOW! Beautifully done!

  56. Beautiful!
    I’m new to your blog and didn’t see this adventure from the beginning. After seeing your before photos this morning, I had to check your location because we had these same cabinets in our house and the builder’s son made ours. We also had the same rangehood with an almond colored stove just like yours. We did have different door handles but yikes we had the same kitchen cabinets down to the knotty pine with a v-groove cut into the door face and a curvy cut valance over the sink. I have to say, these cabinets look much better in our shed where they are now than in our kitchen.
    Your kitchen is bright, sophisticated and charming. I adore the wall of cabinets and open shelving you’ve created.
    We still havent finished our kitchen yet, but I love what you’ve done with yours. Thanks for sharing your home. You are inspirational. Pamela

  57. It looks great, Rhoda! I love that it has a modern edge yet possesses some country charm in the details! Gorgeous! xo Kristin

  58. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, and I know you’ve had some bumps in the road. It’s wonderful to see how far you have come in the last couple of years. Congratulations on your new house, it’s beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  59. Oh my word, Rhoda, it’s gorgeous! SO bright and fresh.
    I looked at Ikea cabinets and just got confused, I can’t figure out how to go about putting my purchase together. Are the bases and doors separate pieces? Maybe I will give you a call for some help when I get closer to that project 🙂


    • Hey, Leen! Absolutely, I’d be happy to walk you through the Ikea cabinet process. It is not really easy, you have to do a lot of legwork and get it laid out on their 3-D computer program, but it can be done. If we could do it, you can do it!

  60. Rhoda,
    Your kitchen looks beautiful. I especially love the big drawer cabinets under your reclaimed wood shelves. I think I should have you and your sweet folks come stay at the Fairfield House for a month. heeheehee
    Your Friend,

  61. Gwen Callahan says:

    Love the new kitchen! It would have been so hard for me to make holes in the subway tile and put up those shelves. You are a brave girl!!!!

    • Ha, Gwen, my brother-in-law, Bruce, came over and installed them for me and I was biting my nails as he drilled holes in my tile. It WAS scary!

  62. Hi! Love to read your blog. I’m from east Cobb and now live in Pensacola. I liked reading about the White Rabbit…I visited there a few weeks ago with my mom who now lives in Dallas.

    I have a question about your cabinets. Why didn’t you take them all the way to the ceiling? Do you have lighting above them? Congrats on the kitchen. It’s beautiful!

    • Hi,Whitney, good question! That would have been great, but my cabinet installer advised me to do it this way, because to do traditional crown molding up there with all the cuts and precision that would have to be made, it would have cost me a lot more money for him to do it all, so I opted for this method and used Ikea’s small crown around the top. And you know what, it doesn’t bother me a bit, I love it as is. There are no lights around the top, just under cabinet lighting.

  63. That is such a crazy transformation! Absolutely inspiring Rhoda!

  64. Hi Rhoda…Love the kitchen, you did an awesome job. So much like the pendant light over your sink first thing that caught my eye. Also, white is definitely my color for the kitchen and I couldn’t love your granite choice more. I am saving the name. I am truly a cook and the kitchen is the heart of my home. Windows are my thing also and like your windows so much. I can do without other things for my home to have the kitchen I desire. Great job Rhoda!

  65. Rhoda, your kitchen is beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for the shout-out about the bean pot and the link to my website! I think you will really love cooking with your bean pot. I thought your readers might be interested to hear that our Last Chance clearance sale begins this Friday morning at 6:00 Central time, and we will have a lot of beautiful items on sale for amazing prices. In fact, this Venetian Parsley bean pot is retiring and will be included in the sale. This is a great way to accomplish your Christmas shopping because everyone loves our pottery. I wish you continued blessings and a very merry Christmas!

  66. Elizabeth H says:

    Just beautiful. Job well done. Your home is beautiful.

  67. Rhoda;
    Your kitchen is beautiful; you should be very proud of it! As a professional Interior Designer , I have to say that all of the selections you made were just how I would have directed you, if I was your designer………a timeless, classic-look (not trendy) with a wonderful blend of your own personal touches!

  68. Looks Beautiful … great job!

  69. love IKEA!!! we did the same and what a difference a new kitchen makes. there is just nothing that comes close to the easy and value of an IKEA kitchen.

  70. Rhoda,
    I’ve just been catching up with you. I am so excited about your new home! It is going to be such a lovely retreat for you.
    The kitchen is a dream, the living room so beautiful – love those windows! – the basement ceiling in black is an inspiration, the wood floors are beautiful.
    When I was a single mom, my dad helped me out with lots of home projects, renovations. My parents were truly a godsend, my support network, my best friends. What a blessing your parents are!

  71. Very pretty~~so happy for you.

    Merry Christmas!

  72. what a fantastic makeover! I LOVE Ikea cabinets

  73. How is that even the same room?! And how in the world did you do that much work?!?! so impressive…I know you just gaze at it every time you walk in. So beautiful, Rhoda!!

  74. Rhoda, It is absolutely fabulous. Closing off that door was brilliant. It so shines with your personality. I love it. Congratulations on all of your successes. Hugs, Diane

  75. So fabulous!! It is very impressive – you have my favorite granite – Kashmire and the Blanco sink is VERY good quality as is the Moen faucet! and the IKEA!!! aaah! Love the whole thing – thanks for sharing – have a great week! ;-))

  76. Thank you all so much for the very kind comments! I am so over the moon with my new house and it’s so much fun sharing it all with folks that “get” it!!

  77. Love love love it!

  78. How wonderful, Rhoda — it’s lovely, every inch of it! Enjoy!
    xo Heidi

  79. Hi Rhonda!
    I love the new kitchen! It looks perfect and brought life to a dark space. Enjoy and Happy Holidays. Pat

  80. It’s amazing!!!! Fantastic job.

  81. Absolutely beautiful and such a motivator for me as we start our kitchen renovation. Thankfully, we aren’t gutting the cabinets but we are repainting them which is a job in itself.

  82. Oh Wow Rhoda! It’s simply beautiful! I love the white cabinets, the counter, the white subway tile backsplash, well, I love it all!
    The styling and the added treasured pieces put your personal touch to a timeless kitchen! Enjoy it!

  83. This truly is one of the best before and after kitchen redos I’ve ever seen! Especially since you all did the work yourselves! Amazing! Love all of your material choices…and it truly is now a space you’ll love for years to come…Bravo!

  84. Love your rabbit theme in the kitchen. My daughter remodeled a home recently and her kitchen is very similar and she loves rabbits too. Did the rabbit hardware come from Ikea also?

  85. I LOVE your kitchen! It’s perfect…with your amazing eye for design and detail I knew it would be 🙂
    I don’t often have time to comment but I so love your blog and your beautiful heart ~
    All Things Heart and Home

  86. Hi Rhoda!!

    I’m doing the happy dance because I’m sooooooo happy for you. Your kitchen is amazing!! You so deserve this and so much more.

    Now, start doing the happy dance with…


  87. Hi Rhoda!

    I am so happy for you! Your new place looks fabulous! I’m happy that you are happy! If you need a new monogram rug for your new place…let me know. By the way, I’m having a giveaway for SnoWonder. It’s fake snow that you can use to decorate with (feels & looks like real snow) Please come enter & spread the word of the giveaway, thanks!

  88. I too am about to embark on an IKEA kitchen makeover,w the white farm sink,same Kashmir granite. I love your cabinets,I wanted white(have white now) but from 1969 yuk! Been painted over/over..I want a tAll pantry w shelves/spices next to the range/overhead microwave.. Now I’m going to WAIT till you post what your kitchen cost you, before I commit to my local IKEA…. Did you hire for 750.00$$ their planner person to assemble all your cabinets&over see the project?? Looks fabulous! Congrats!

    • Hi, Meburke, you can’t go wrong with an Ikea kitchen, I’m convinced of that. I did not hire them to put my cabinets together, my dad and I did all that. I did hire an installer to put them in and that was money well spent. I’ll do a breakdown as soon as I can get to to it. Look out for their 20% off sale, I did get in on that & saved a bunch.

  89. Congratulations to you it’s beautiful! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and I’m so happy for you.

  90. Love your blot! What is the name of your tile backsplash?

  91. JennyBCCiarletta says:

    Lovely transformation! Cooking will be so much more fun in this space. Love all the touches that make it yours.

  92. Hi Rhoda!
    The kitchen is just gorgeous! Would you please share the paint color brand/name with us?

  93. Such a beautiful makeover! Just in time for the holidays.

  94. I googled my way here only to find your remodel story similar to mine. I am even carrying around a Kashmir white granite sample, because it was the whitest granite I could find, without changing material and going with marble.

    Yours came out beautiful. Thanks for posting it. I also believe in remodeling with cash too and prayer. 🙂

    I’m going to have to go back through the posts, because I have only seen 16/17 and this weeks.

    I keep heading back to IKEA because I can’t believe my other two quotes!

    I also am making a painted white, cottage kitchen.

  95. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I am so happy for/with you, that you finally got your own dream kitchen. I understand totally. And you got rid of the dreaded double sink….. grin. I am selfish enough to ‘dream only’ of getting a custom, HUGE kitchen sink….. utility kind…. but only a dream.

    I found you via Hometalk.

  96. LOVE LOVE LOVE how your kitchen turned out!

  97. Rhoda: I don’t know what you do for a living (just started looking at your blog through a link from Beneath My Heart), but you should be an interior designer. It takes a lot of vision, talent and hard work to complete such a daunting project and have it turn out right in the end. I love the big drawers, love the built in fridge, the subway tiles, and the rustic shelves with those nice cast iron brackets. Your sink and granite tops are yummy. There is not one thing about your kitchen I would change. How rewarded you must feel at the change! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  98. Rhoda: I have just discovered your blog. I love it ALL!!

  99. Rhoda,
    I just discovered your blog today. You are simply amazing! I love your new kitchen. I just recently visited our local Ikea (in Potomac Mills, Va) and am overwhelmed at the process of ordering cabinets for my kitchen remodel. My hubby is very handy and will be doing the labor, so I can have my dream kitchen. You are so talented! Thank you for posting your before and after pics and all the links.

    Did you ever total up your costs for the remodel? Just curious . . . . I have Champagne taste on a Beer budget.

    I simply love your sister’s bedroom re-do too! I will be ordering the stencil and having the paint mixed.

    Thanks again for showing the rest of the world what you do best!

    • HI, Connie, thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you got inspired by my Ikea kitchen too. I am SO happy with my kitchen. I’ve just started totaling up my receipts from my remodel, but haven’t gotten a final yet, but will soon. I’ll probably do a post on that and share it all. I have the same taste you do! 🙂

  100. Hi, I just found you on Pinterest! I love the kitchen! I love the subway tile, cabinets, & floors! We have been looking into IKEA cabinets, but have not been to a store yet to get a good look at them. We were just wondering about the quality of them. You seem to be very satisfied with them, so that makes me happy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful home!

    • Thank you, Jessica! I’m absolutely totally happy with my Ikea kitchen, no doubt about that. I would do it again!

  101. Hi Rhoda, I love your home! Great Job! I wanted to know if you would share with me the brand and color of the yellow/gold paint that you used in the other room. It had a stencil over it on the wall in your office. That’s the exact color I have been looking for.
    Thank you very much,

    • HI, Ann, if you mean my current office, it’s Fennel by Pratt and Lambert, but Sherwin Williams also has the formula.

  102. Hi Rhoda! Would you give me information on your bamboo (style) blinds in the kitchen? There are so many out there and I’m trying to narrow down my choices!

    Your home is gorgeous and so are you!

  103. Love, love love your kitchen! I’ve read your blog for years. While searching for reviews, pics or ANY info on the Blanco Silgranite sink in Metallic Gray, I came across your blog again! I’m sink shopping right now and your sink in the single bowl is my front-runner. How are you liking it now? I have Typhoon Bordeaux granite and am bouncing back and forth between a sink in white or gray. There are very few reviews on this gray model. Thanks!

    • Hi, Kristin, I absolutely LOVE my Gray sink by Blanco. I could not be happier with it. I had a black double bowl in my old house & love this one even more. The gray was the perfect choice for my kitchen.

  104. I love what you’ve done! We were just at Ikea looking at the Adel white last night. Question, in the store they look more off white than white, but in your pictures, they looks so bright white and fresh and crisp. In real life, is it more off white? Or does it have a lot to do with lighting in the space? We really want white, but I also fell hard for the Shaker style Adel cabinets. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, Alyse, I think the Adel cabinets are the perfect off white. Not too bright white like some of the old laminate cabinets are, but really a pretty shade of creamy white. I am in love with them. I went with a slight creamy tone in my subway tile too. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. They will read nice and white, trust me!

  105. Alyson Smith says:

    Hi Rhoda, I LOVE your kitchen! I am redoing my kitchen and using yours as my inspiration! Where did you get your kitchen hardware from? I especially love the pulls on the large drawers. You did such a great job!
    Thanks, Alyson

  106. Hi..
    Just found your blog! I really like your style. Your story is inspirational, too. I’m an Atlantan (been one forever). Thanks for sharing your style, story and ideas!

  107. Can you please tell me what brand/model of faucet you used. I like it very much and would like to use it in my new kitchen.

  108. Hello Rhoda,
    I just stumbled on you site today while looking for French Country ideas for my 1970 something split level. I’ve looked at your pictures and couldn’t believe how your before pictures looked like my house. I guess in the 70’s most split levels were built very similar! I too have had a rocky road and am finally in a place where I can start working on my house room by room to get my home the way I want it before retirement. Your site is pure inspiration for me!
    I do have a question … your kitchen floor is not original. Did you go with hardwood? Was your entire house hardwood or did you have to install it? My carpet and vinyl flooring has got to go!
    Luckily when I purchased the split level the end of 2006, the kitchen cabinets were just installed and nothing I need to worry about! The walls and the floors are screaming “help!”

    • HI, Carol, thank for stopping by! I’m glad you are finding some inspiration for your 70’s house too. I have had fun fixing mine up and glad the worst is behind me. I did replace all my flooring. There were old hardwoods in the kitchen and dining room, but I had to rip them up to get the look I wanted and have the whole house cohesive. I have hardwoods on the main level and upstairs in all the bedrooms too. Best decision ever! I got engineer hardwoods from Shaw Floors.

  109. Hi Rhoda, I’ve kind of been using your kitchen as inspiration along the way as we redo ours. It’s just lovely. We, too, used an off white subway tile that we were planning on grouting with a color as close to the tile color as possible. However, after living with it un-grouted for a week or so, we really like how it looks and yours has a similar look. Can you tell us what grout color you chose? Thank you for any advice you can give us. You’ve done a GREAT job!!

  110. I’ve just discovered your blog; Hometalk had a link to it through Facebook today. Your new kitchen looks so lovely and fresh! I love that you added a whole lower section of nothing but drawers. That feature is on my wish list in my dream kitchen, as well. My aunt has lower drawers in her kitchen and it is so much easier to find items this way.

  111. Hi Rhoda!

    Just curious, and I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this, but I don’t see it. Where did you find the light above the sink? I just love it!


    • HI, Kim, that light is from Ballard Designs. Got it at the Roswell Ballard outlet for a great price.

  112. Debbie ashcraft says:

    I have been following you on Facebook for a few months but never really read about you until tonight. I really admire your courage to keep going, creating, and inspiring women despite your hardships. I love your fashion posts. What a great idea. It is so hard to know how to dress when you get to be over sixty. Thanks for the ideas!!

  113. I just hopped on over from your Ikea post and I’m drooling over your sweet kitchen! Now I want to go home and rip out my kitchen and start over!! I’m stalling on a kitchen reno as I have some other big construction I’d like to do at the same time (connecting house and garage) so I’m afraid I’m stuck with my 90’s style kitchen for another (long) while. I guess it’s better than the 70s style you started off with so I shall count my blessings!

    • Hey, Debbie, thank you so much! I’m still so happy with my new kitchen, best to you on getting yours updated one day too. Amazing how those decades were so obvious!


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