Updating a 70’s Bath: Avocado & Aqua

Who would think that avocado and aqua could co-exist peacefully?

I wouldn’t have thought it possible if it hadn’t happened so easily, with the help of some inspiration linens.  From Homegoods, one of my favorite places to shop.

If you find yourself a fabric or in this cases towels and washcloths that tie it all together, that’s the way to do it every single time.  Think about it:

green, blue, khaki, brown go together perfectly, so why not in a bathroom with avocado tiles and aqua countertops.

I have no idea what happened back in 1973 that brought in the aqua countertops, but I have a feeling my Dad found them on sale somewhere. That has to be the reason. I learned from the best penny pincher around.  My dad.  And you know what? This is the absolute best this bathroom has ever looked, just by working with the colors that are here.  We weren’t about to gut this space and start over, so I had to work some magic with what I had.

When I found these towels at Homegoods, I knew this was my answer on how to blend those colors.  So, let’s take a peek back at what this bathroom looked like a few short weeks ago when I first shared it with you.

The best we could come up with around 1985 was adding this lovely pink and seafoam wallpaper.  Yeah, that would make this a soothing space, right?  I’m afraid NOT! Take a look at that horrendous florescent light fixture.  Bad, bad, bad light in a bathroom, it has always been dim in here.

Pink shower curtain lovliness.  So just what do you do to update a space like this?  Some suggested that I should reglaze or paint the tiles.  No, no, no!  I really like the green tiles.

Y’all were probably feeling bad that I had pink carpet in this bathroom and yeah, I was feeling bad about that too.  But no more….pink carpet is gone, as well as that ugly, ugly wallpaper and border.

Are you ready??

I was more than ready.

Welcome to the new and improved bathroom.  I  found this pretty squishy soft aqua ruffled rug at Homegoods back on the big shopping spree some bloggers went on and that was my starting point, along with the new towels.    Of course, the new flooring makes all the difference in the world in here.  Bye-bye pink carpet!  Good riddance, I should say.

I brought in some accessories I already had and reused things from different rooms in my old house in AL and had plenty to fill up this space.

Here’s a good look at the existing aqua countertop I had to work with and I really don’t mind it at all now.  It’s all working together in harmony.  You can see the mirror got a new frame and I will tell you all about that later.  That’s a separate blog post. 🙂

Pretty new aqua rug (exact same color as the countertop)  is wonderful on the feet and I gave all the trim and cabinets in here a fresh coast of Creamy paint by Sherwin Williams.  That brightened things up a lot too.   New hardware was a must and I ordered these ORB beauties off Ebay.

All 5 handles were $10 total.

I love their delicate shape and they make a big difference in here too.

This pretty green metal shelf came out of my old green bathroom in AL, along with the accessories, most of which were found at yardsales.

This is a pretty shellbox that I made 2 years ago and never showed you, mainly because I shamelessly copied it from Layla’s mom and she was selling them on Layla’s blog at the time.  I don’t think she is anymore, so I will show you my version now.

Most of these little shells I actually picked up off the beach.  I looked online to try to find out the names of them and did the grid on Excel and printed it off.   Hot glued the shells and inserted it all in a shadow box and there’s my shell box.  I love this little thing and have plans to make another similar out of cats paw shells I picked up in Port St. Joe.

Bottle from a yardsale, as well as that little cute black/white box.

I turned off the light so you could actually see the fixture.  Brought this with me from one of my old baths and this is an inexpensive fixture from Lowes with seeded glass globes.  Simple and pretty.

Print passed on to me from Layla, which I’ve always admired from Rusty Cricket shop.  It has a beachy feel and I love the colors.  I picked up the frame from the thriftstore and had a mat custom cut for it, total $10 to frame it.  I’ll show you that later too, but framing things like that is so easy. Burlap lamp was in one of my bathrooms too and it works great in here.

Hard to get a great pic with the light shining so bright in here.  This beadboard shelf came out of my blue bath and I was so happy to be able to use it in here.  I love this piece too and it came from a neat shop in Birmingham called Stray Cats.

Shabby and chippy with just the right colors.

These pretty aqua mercury glass soap and glass pieces were found at Homegoods too.  I love their shiny brightness and they look nice with the chrome fixtures.  By the way, I have totally mixed metals in this space and I don’t mind it all all.  You have my permission to mix your metals too.  Chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze and a little antique gold thrown in for good measure.  It’s all good with me!

Vintage art that I already had, a yardsale find, naturally.  This is a really accurate shot of the new paint color, Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams. I lucked out in picking this color, bought it when they had a weekend sale by walking in choosing it from a strip and getting a gallon mixed up. I love it and didn’t even sample before buying. That hardly ever happens with paint!

Pretty shaggy striped rug came from Steinmart for $10.  I love this little rug and when I saw the colors, I knew it was perfect too for joining all my colors together.

Perfect colors in here!  Muddy green, blue, brown, khaki, everything I needed in a rug.

Sage green and white shower curtain was a Homegoods find.  I’m going to get it monogrammed with a pretty chocolate brown letter.
Do you recognize this little aqua table?  Yep, it was in my living room in AL and fits nicely in here as a side table.  Fun to add more aqua in this space with the green tiles.   You can see I added the beadboard wallpaper on all the walls in both rooms, except around the vanity area.  I simply painted that side with the new wall color.

Trash can was a yardsale find and I used it in my old blue guest bedroom.

This is a small little room, but sure feels better with a makeover.  I totally am in love with this bathroom now.

One tip for those of you using beadboard wallpaper.  Add a doorstop to keep your doorknobs from banging into the wallpaper.  They will dent if that happens, so to be safe, add a doorstop!

Another wall piece I already had, it fits in nicely here too.

So, there it is!  The new and improved bathroom.  I totally feels like a new bathroom, even though it wasn’t gutted and we didn’t start completely over.

I hope you can see how updating the floors, walls, new paint and linens can totally bring a bathroom up to date.

Several of you asked how my parents like it.  They are not jump-up-and-down highly excitable kind of people, but I can tell they totally love it and think it’s a HUGE improvement too.  My mom wants to redo her bathroom in the Fall, when garden season is over.  That’s what keeps them busy during the summer. But, they are not ready for me to tear the house up trying to improve it. They are plenty happy with it just the way it is.   I’m the one who will enjoy this bathroom the most. 🙂

Here’s the breakdown on cost:

Paint – Sherwin Williams Windsor Greige ($35 on sale)

Beadboard Wallpaper – $25/roll – Have some left

Trim Paint – Creamy by Sherwin Williams mixed at Walmart in Dutch Boy Semi-gloss – $7 on clearance

Chair rail & quarter round – $25

Floors – Trafficmaster Allure Hickory ($1.79/s.f.) We bought 2 boxes for around $100, had 1/2 box left.

Linens & some accessories – Homegoods (I got a free $100 shopping spree and used about $60 for this project).

Striped Rug – Steinmart $10

Cabinet Hardware – $10 Ebay

Mirror – I’ll tell you about the new frame for the mirror in a later post, but you may remember that I DIY’d two mirror frames in my old house and that can save some bucks.

TOTAL Cost = $272

Lots of bang for the buck, don’t you think?!

Read about the  Allure flooring how-to’s.

More on the beadboard wallpaper post how-to’s.

I did have plenty of accessories on hand so didn’t buy anything new for that.  The light fixture came from my old bathroom and I brought it with me.

Hope this gave you some great ideas on what you can do to update an ugly old space.   And this was definitely an UGLY space.  Now I’m in love with it!\

Linking to Sarah’s Before & After party!

- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:


    The bathroom is is amazing. You did a beautiful job.


  2. Amazing job! It is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. It looks great, Rhoda! I bet your parents love it too!

  4. Paula B. says:

    Genius! It’s all in the little details isn’t it?

  5. Awesome Designs. Also very cool prices of the wonderful bathroom accessories

  6. This looks amazing! I love how you kept the green tile and made it all work. I’d love to do this to my parents’ bathroom, if they would let me 🙂

  7. The power of paint and a few key accessories make this space come alive. Thanks for sharing that a little money and some creative thinking can make a world of difference in a small space.

  8. Rhoda, that looks great! We have 5 bathrooms with various 1960’s tile….some better combos than others! I think the most heinous was the girls’ bathroom that boasted spring green tile, avocado tile on the floor, a tan sink, bathtub and toilet and a weirdly patterned beige countertop. The people we bought the house from had attempted to tie it altogether with a sparkly flowered wallpaper with a black background (oh, I so with I had before pictures!!!) I can live with a lot of things, but I could NOT live with this! Eventually we changed out the floor, toilet, countertop and sink with white, but had to leave the tan bathtub, so I make sure the shower curtain is always drawn! At least you know that you got the aqua because your dad probably got a great deal….there’s no excuse for the combo in that bathroom–this house was built by a doctor in the 1960’s and it was professionally decorated! What were they thinking??? Enjoy…..it’s beautiful!

  9. Way to go. I’m happy to see a bath remodel that’s practical and imaginative, rather than just plain expensive (aka, the easy way).

    Your new room looks beautiful. Enjoy it. I did!

  10. Lovely job!!! It’s so perfect now:)

  11. What a terrific makeover. I love what a lot of creativity can do. Let’s face it, anyone can make a space look amazing with unlimited cash.

  12. Absolutely stunning!! What an amazing transformation, Rhoda!! Love, love, love it!!!

  13. Love it love it love it, Rhoda!!

    I love that you did not paint the tiles, but rather worked with them. Perfection!!

    I found a nifty rug at Home Goods when I redid the guest bath at the condo. It is white and similar to the one in front of your vanity. Those rugs are great! Wonderful vintagey look.

    Great job!

  14. Love it! I love the budget even more! Rhoda you did an amazing job!!!

  15. Wow! That is amazing and for less than $300?! Very inspirational! Loved to see your transformation of this space!! Awesome!

  16. Looks great Rhoda. Love the colors and love that white rug. I wonder if they still carry those. Feel a trip to Home Goods coming on.

    • Hey, Kim the rug is aqua, same as the countertop & I love the little ruffled edges. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Kudos, Rhoda!! Lovin’ this transformation on a dime. The colors are awesome together. 🙂

  18. I’ve been looking forward to this post… FAB.U.LOUS!!!

    I’ve always thought that out of all the decorating blogs, yours is the one that I’m just drawn to – we really have similar tastes. When I saw your OBO hardware, I just about fell out! I have the exact same hardware on ALL my cabinets – ordered it on eBay about 3 years ago!! It was the only place I could find some that looked great & that I could afford (I had to buy new hinges, too – mine are exposed & I was switching from antique brass). I had to buy 72 pulls & 50-something hinges… I paid around $200 for everything! I still love my hardware & so glad I bought it!! I think it’s called Indian Barrel & falls under the French Country category. Not sure how they came up with that…

    I hope you enjoy that new bathoom – LOVE it!!!

    Oh, and I’m really sad that we don’t have a Home Goods… sigh!

  19. I love your bathroom remodel! It is such a transformation! The colors are some of my favorites. I love the the aqua table-great idea!

  20. Rhoda, you did an amazing job with very little money. I love Stray Cats, too. They had a fantastic booth at the Children’s Harbor Art Show @ Lake Martin. Your bathroom is so pretty now! I like the green tile, too.

  21. Elizabeth H says:

    Just amazing. I do love the colors together and so glad you kept them. As always you are genius with making over a room and your budget was so good!

  22. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see this makeover, since I have some of the same ideas in mind for my bathroom.

    It looks great! You did a wonderful job tying everything together with the old aqua countertops and avocado tile. I’m going to be working with a dark green countertop that must stay for awhile longer yet… but now I’m excited to get started.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Way to go, Rhoda! This space looks absolutely delicious now. I think this post is much, much more helpful than a complete-gutting-makeover post would be. Those are inspirational, of course, but this shows that you really CAN make something look great without a gutting. I remember the bathroom in our first house–white carpeting, ugly wooden cabinets, pink and gold marbled Masonite walls, and pink tile. Oh, my goodness. We replaced the floor immediately, but that was the only big thing we could afford to do. But of course we wanted it to look better, so the rest we accomplished with paint, wallpaper, accessories, and creativity. The result wasn’t magazine-worthy, but it looked nice and was very livable, with no debt to pay off. I’m guessing there are lots of people reading your blog who need inspiration that won’t break the bank!

  24. Thanks for all the inspiration. This is such a huge transformation with such a small budget. I have enjoyed the posts about this bathroom. That flooring looks so good. Now your stay with your parents will be even more enjoyable with such a serene bath experience.

  25. Oh, Rhoda!!!! Loooove the makeover and the colors are gorgeous together! Now, I must know ~ what do your mommy and daddy think of it????

    • Laurie, they really, really like it too. They are not the jump up and down, get excited kind of people, but I know they think it’s a HUGE improvement too. But, they aren’t ready for me to tear up more of the house anytime soon. 🙂

  26. Rhoda, that looks fantastic! I love that you squeezed the little table in there. Tables are always nice in the bathroom but I’ve never done it. You thought of all the details and it shows.

  27. This looks fabulous. My favorite detail is the beadboard shelf. Absolutely adorable! Curious–how long did this all take to put together? (Forgive me, I’m a new reader and haven’t been following along).

    • HI, Bria! Welcome. I think I worked on this space for about 4 weeks, but that was stopping & starting. I did the painting first, then the beadboard wallpaper, then the chairrail. Then the flooring and the rest of it. My dad wanted to do the flooring, so I waited for him, since they go back & forth to their mountain house in the summer taking care of the garden. So that is what made it take so long.

  28. It’s lovely!! How do your parents like it?

  29. This is simply spectacular Rhoda! What an inspiration to those who need to update their bathroom on a budget. Looks like a million bucks!! I’m thinking of adding the beadboard to mine. At what height do you add the chair rail? Just wondered if there was a standard measurement from floor to rail.

    • HI, Buffie! I think standard for chair rail height is about 36″ from the floor, but really you can do whatever looks right in your space. I chose to start mine right under the light switch, to avoid any cut outs and it was a good height for that room.

  30. Ocean Design says:

    Love the transformation. It looks completely different and updated. My only complaint is the small aqua table and feeling it’s too tight of a fit. Otherwise it’s a win win.

  31. Fresh and fun!
    Great Job!

    I enjoyed all of the pictures.


  32. Fantastic job! It turned out so nice. Just became your follower. I’m brand new to the blog world. Feel free to pop over for a visit. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2011/07/kitchen-cabinet-transformation.html

  33. Rhoda, Loved what you did to the bathroom and thank you for sharing the details of the makeover.

  34. Rhoda, it turned out so darling. I like the color of the tile. Not too avocado-y (on my monitor anyway)
    Is the tile ceramic or acrylic? The ones we tore out of our bathroom were installed in the 50’s and were plastic. Odd.

  35. Joyce Ackley says:

    It looks great, Rhoda. Everything works together well. I’m sure your parents love it.

  36. Fantastic transformation Rhoda! It looks beautiful.

  37. Love it! Every bit of it! Every last detail is perfect and so is the cost.

  38. What an inspiration! We are renovating a house this summer and one of the 3 bathrooms is pretty bad in design but it doesn’t fit into our reno budget right now. I’m going to have to live with it until we can afford new a new vanity and tile. You’ve inspired me to start looking for a piece that will tie all of the colors together and go from there. You can see how bad the room is on my blog, http://threelittlebirds-jcnm007.blogspot.com. Its kind of been giving me nightmares. lol

  39. Wow! What a transformation, Rhoda! You truly have a gift! Looks great!

  40. Wow! You did a fantastic job! I love the colors and you did a fantastic job mixing them and making them look like it was “planned” that way even though they were already there. I love the beadboard wallpaper. I wish they made a board and batten look wallpaper (that’s a thought that maybe some great wallpaper company will look into), just me rambling, ha. Anyway, I love it. I am in the process of redoing a bathroom too. Hope mine turns out as nice as yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. LOVELY! LOVE those towels. GREAT transformation! 😉

  42. Wow! The improvement is just stunning! Well done in working with what you had. You are truly such a blessing to your parents.

  43. Rhoda, this is beautiful! There is hope for older, outdated bathrooms! You are an inspiration to me!

  44. Rhoda,

    The bathroom came out beautifully! VERY VERY VERY beautiful! Great job!!!!!


  45. Love this makeover! I love how you showed how easy it is to work with what you’ve got. So many would have just pulled out the sledgehammers, but you had the vision to pull off a terrific transformation. Love all the decorative touches! Thanks for sharing.

  46. I LOVE this! You have a wonderful eye for bringing it all together 🙂 It must be fun to make over this house you know so very well!

  47. Wow, love the new look! I grew up with lots of avocado green! My childhood home also had lots of orange and gold! Most of it is gone now. I think the main bathroom still has the gold tile around the tub, but the kitchen no longer has any green, gold or orange! My current trim on my house is Windsor Greige. I love the color! It is also the main color of my garden shed.

  48. Rhoda you are a magician!! Great job!

  49. Girl….you have done it again! Just beautiful!!!! I was almost started cheering when I saw my favorite little shelf you had in the bath I used. I think that was one of my favorite pieces in your home at the time. Oh an d that shelf above the toilet. I loved that one too 🙂
    Ok …back to this bathroom….love. You did such an awesome job and I think I may just check out that flooring for a project I may be working on. I know your Mom and Dad must be as excited as you. I can’t wait to see whats next on your list. Great job my friend…great job!

  50. It looks absolutely incredible Rhoda!! I love all of the details and you truly transformed this and modernized it while keeping character and great original details. I LOVE that little shelf and how you used that aqua table! Everything is just fantastic!

  51. What a fabulous transformation! Great job!!

  52. Luv it! So amazing what you can do with whole heart and soul! 🙂
    I luv the Pottery Barn feel!

  53. Hi Rhoda it looks so beautiful!! What a change in there! I love mixed metals too and they all look great in your new bathroom. My mom and stepdad just bought a new house and it has some updating to do too, especially to the bathrooms. Wallpaper and brass. Fun fun! 🙂

    Great job on the redo!

  54. Fantastic job Rhoda,
    I too was curious about your parents might want more remodling.. 🙂 it looks beautiful.

  55. Jake's a Girl says:

    Absolutely LOVE IT!

    That little table is perfect, but so is everything else. I know you are
    as proud as a peacock. I saw the pic. of the dad working on the flooring. Too sweet.
    The green tiles are a great old color. My old house had blue…baby blue…they had to go but I would have worked with the green. You really brought all the colors together beautifully. That’s what makes a great decorator. Someone that can blend old and new and not be able to tell which is which. It really looks amazing.

    Can’t wait to see what your Mom comes up with for you to do on the update of their bath.

  56. I am loving the floors and that little blue table in there!! Who would have thought to put that in there? – it looks great!!!!

  57. Another BEAUTIFUL makeover! I love your beadboard hook board and I need to make a stop at the Stray Cats store, after eating at the Irondale Cafe, of course!

  58. I love what you have done. Ihave done much the same thing in my “new” old house. Not only is it economical…something that a lot of us worry about, but it is a challenge. Don’t you love the hunt of knowing you can make it look wonderful on a budget….and without gutting it? Your Homegoods finds were wonderful. The fact that you got to use some of your own things makes it very personal. I have always loved your beadboard “towel” rack. Love the entire redo! Thanks for sharing….I love it when someone shares things done well, for low $$!! Lori L

  59. It looks wonderful, Rhoda! I love what you brought in and the paint color is just right. Love the molding around the mirror. I’ll be watching for that post as places we are looking at {to downsize to} have those large mirrors in the bathrooms and I knew right away I was going to want them framed out.

  60. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom! I have read your blog for along time and never left a comment because I don’t have a blog, but your talent is AMAZING!!! I wish we lived closer. You have such a gift/talent for putting things together that I would never think of. Thanks for sharing!

  61. RHODA! So pretty! You did a great job….period…but when you take into account the amount of money you spend it was a dang miracle!!! Lovely!

  62. Girl, if anyone could rock those aqua countertops, it would be you. Job well done! What a lovely space. 🙂

  63. Love love it! I love that little funky beadboard shelf…

    Our house was built in 1968 and I just loathed our colonial blue tile in our bathroom until I decided to embrace it and went with silver and black and white and it looks so much better.

  64. Holy Cow!!!

    What a HUGE difference!!!!!

    And I am SO GLAD that you kept that little aqua table…I loved it before and I love it now in the new bathroom space!!!!

    You did a fantastic job making this bathroom look completely new, even with keeping the existing tile & countertop. That’s almost impossible, but you did it!!!!


  65. I love the bathroom,
    The floor looks wonderful!
    Bead board wallpaper is great!
    Really great job!
    All the other touches just added to the charm.

  66. It looks amazing, Rhoda!! I am loving that tip about finding a towel, napkin, or fabric that has the colors you want to incorporate in your room – I need to do that for my next room re-do!

  67. LOVE it! Instead of making the aqua countertops a downside to the space – you built the color scheme around them and it WORKS! Great job!!! 🙂

  68. Elaine W says:

    You did a fabulous job! I too have been waiting to see this as I knew your creativity would just pop off of the screen. I also second the notion that it looks better because you worked with the what you had rather than starting over.
    I read your blog faithfully and although I’m in the Southwest I always find things that tickle my brain. I’d love to see what you could do with a Southwest interior that didn’t necessarily have to include kokopellis. But, sadly we don’t have a Homegoods store here yet. Fingers crossed.

  69. April in CT says:

    It looks absolutely lovely!! We just moved to CA and our nearest Home Goods…well, it isn’t so near and I’ve got to plan a trip there soon! We have two bathrooms in the new place that need some decorating STAT.

  70. What a transformation — you did such a beautiful job. You and your father make a great team! Everything is so well thought out and it’s fun to see how you are utilizing the things you already have.

  71. Rhoda, your “new” bathroom looks awesome!!!!!!!!! You are the queeen of making a room come alive with beautiful, inexpensive pieces and things you already have!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the aqua colors in here, it is so soothing! I SOOOO admire you for your courage, heart and spirit! I pray that God HEEPS blessings on you in the future. XO, Pinky

  72. Rhoda, this bathroom looks AMAZING I LOVE IT !! Girl you really know how to transform a space and you have the prettiest accessories! GREAT JOB! Martina

  73. We LOVE your makeovers. Are you sure your parents don’t want you to redo their whole house? You did a wonderful job on the bathroom and made the avocado green and aqua work like neutrals. It’s fun to see some of your favorite accessories resurface. I love the rugs, the towels, and the repurposed table, waste basket, and board hanger. Thanks for the inspiration!

  74. Oh my goodness, I love everything, the colors, the price and the counter tops! You really know how to work the decorating magic wand! Thanks for sharing. Now people know there’s HOPE, for the outdated carpeted bathrooms! I’m going to share with my FB readers!

  75. Great job on this bathroom. It is wonderful and amazing what you did with that bath, and the new floors are awesome. So many lovely details.

  76. Becky in 'Bama says:

    You mention your parents’ garden in the Mountains. I was wondering if they were doing that again this year. I recall your garden post from last year. Need pics of this year’s bounty. Bath makeover = lemonade from lemons. Refreshing!

  77. LOVE this!!! It’s so fresh and clean! Ahhh I love the inspiration 🙂

  78. Beautiful! Our home was built in 1972 and our master bath is harvest gold! Harvest gold flooring, floor trim, sinks, toilet, shower surround and tub. And the countertops are have some faux wood layer.

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  79. So pretty! Who would have thought that anything would go with that avocado tile? The countertop looks perfect also. What a great idea to use the 1/2 table in there.

  80. Love the redo! What a wonderful to work with what you’ve got…and I know something about that. Our house has three bathrooms, hot pink, mint green, and aqua…all tile – floor, wall, and shower).

    Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  81. It looks fabulous Rhoda! great job – it IS amazing what a little money can do without a total gut renovation. Great ideas for those who are thinking of moving, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bathroom or kitchen for that matter, since they will be selling. Or for those who just can’t take it anymore and their space is hideous! Thanks for sharing your progress!! 😉

  82. Rhoda,
    You are simply amazing! Most people would have been stumped as to how they could work around the colors, but you have pulled it all together. You are an inspiration to so many people who are decorating on a budget.

  83. As always, you did a wonderful job. Mixing the vintage colors with new products is the way to go. Best wishes and blessing to you.

  84. This is a transformation…the mirror really improves the space. I am SO encouraged to fix up our dated mountain condo bathroom! It’s sort of neutral but the cheap mirror is off center and there is garage type shelving over the toilet. GOT to love Home Goods. Thanks for all this inspiration.

  85. Rhoda,

    The bathroom looks like a completely different room in a different house! You did a beautiful job transitioning it to 2011! I love the color combination of aqua and sage. The new flooring and bead board wall paper really make all the difference. Especially like how you incorporated your little aqua table.

    Your Friend,

  86. oh my GOODNESS!!!!!! What an amazing make over without gutting the whole room!!! Rhoda, I love it …. and yes I remember the little table …. and the other items from your Alabama Home!!!! (Your parents were probably secretly jumping up and down with joy!) cause….. it is just so beautiful and refreshing and …… Their very own Rhoda did it!!!!! Terri 🙂

  87. That flooring is just crazy!!! I love the look. All your accessories changed it from old to hip and stylish. Good job Rhoda! (and dad!)

  88. You have totally transformed that space! Awesome! I love how you pulled all those colors together with towels and carpets!

  89. Carol S, says:

    Simply sensational. Your pics and descriptions are perfection. Looks like you had a ball and that little aqua table is the bomb.

  90. Wow, it looks fabulous! I’m loving that rug, too. (eBay is such a great place to buy cabinet hardware inexpensively. I buy all mine on there, too.) Fantastic job!

    Join us on Facebook!

  91. WOW!!!! Your bathroom looks amazing.

  92. Now that is a makeover! Love to see people do it for less and you did! We redid our master bath a while back using blank faux wood and I love it too!

  93. Rhoda, have you talked about how you remove/deal with the existing wallpaper? My daughters want to redo their bathroom and remove the “yucky” (their word!) wallpaper and border.

  94. Fabulous! I love the way you take inspiration and run with it!

  95. I just ran across your blog… Love it.. I have a 70’s bathroom too… Mine is yellow tile and thankfully the previous owners painted the walls white… Now, what to do???? Hmm. I am really stumped. The walls are made of block so when I hang a picture or a mirror it will need to be a long term thing… I welcome any help from DIY ers… thanks… Tina, TSY751962@hotmail.com

  96. I saw this on TJ and just had to click. Our bathroom is carpeted, too. What were they THINKING??

    Thanks for sharing!

  97. I am very impressed. So many people waste time and money FIGHTING their old colors. Sometimes you just gotta embrace them. Great job!

  98. wow! thanks for inspiring me! my bathroom has avocado tiles. thick italian tiles and i love them. the bathroom definitely needs a major overhaul and now i have some great ideas without spending a fortune!!

  99. You have a great taste mixed with best (and cheap) ideas! fantastic job.

  100. Love the light you used! Seen you said it from Lowes but i havent seen anything there like it and its just what im looking for! Did you change the globes? Do you remember the brand name or any info would be great! Thanks

  101. Thank you! I’ve been trying to re-invent the wheel in my 70’s bathroom. Great job!

  102. Great redo! I think I have the same bathroom except about 5 years younger and looking for inspiration. This is beautiful!

  103. I have the exact tile. I can’t change my vanity because of the odd size(53″). Unless I can find out where to purchase more tile.
    I’m actually changing the mirror and the lights and now I think the floor.
    Thank you

  104. You are amazing! Thank you for all your ideas! The bathroom is gorgeous. Great job.

  105. Just wondering about the aqua table in the bathroom. I love the design of it. Does the drawer come open? Where did you get it and do you know of where you can get one like it – is it antique?

    How long did all this take because that is a lot of work?


    • HI, Deb, that table is not antique, but I bought it at a yardsale. It’s actually at my house now in the living room. That bath is at my parents house. The drawer doesn’t open. The entire bathroom took about a week of working on it a few hours at a time, so not that bad. Paint on the walls, beadboard wallpaper and new vinyl flooring.

  106. You’ve done some amazing things over the years, but this is my absolute all time favorite, Rhoda!!! My parents were just like yours, very very frugal. That’s a skill everyone can use a dose of because it prepares you for the ups and downs of life!


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