Week 24: We’re Almost There!

It’s crazytown in my world right now.

I’m not gonna lie.  Dad and I are about worn out from this renovation.  I know you all think we are super-human or something, but we’re about to hit the 6 month mark and this whole renovation thing has been all consuming, so we can’t wait to finish up all those last minute details.  And we’re getting there, thank the Lord.  Right now, most of the big jobs have been finished and it’s those little details that will kill ya.  But, we are persevering and I know one day soon, I’m going to breathe a big sigh of relief when I unpack that last box and get all settled in my new house.

It’s going to be totally worth the agony.  For any of you wondering if I want to turn into a house flipper, let me assure you, I certainly do not.  My ole’ body couldn’t take anymore.  Here’s the latest!

I’ve set my moving date for Saturday, October 20th. Cue the music and singing!!

This month could not be worse as far as how much I have on my schedule.  It just ended up like that.  All these fun and meaningful things that I’ve been asked to be a part of, they’re all good and I wanted to be a part of all of them, but now it’s all falling in one single month.

So,  let me tell you what I’ll be up to the rest of this month.

I have 3 days this week to keep working on all those little details at the house and hopefully we’ll get that tile backsplash done this week before I leave town.  I leave this Thursday for Raleigh, NC where I’ll be speaking at the Southern Blogger’s Conference.  So honored that they want me to share my blog story and blog tips and happy to be a part of it!

I’ll return the following Monday and jump right back into the house renovation on Tuesday, where I hope we will be finished with the backsplash tile and be in clean up mode for the house.  I’ll have 4 days to finish up anything that needs doing, clean the house and hopefully move over some smalls and breakables that I don’t want to pack up for the moving guys.

Then, on Sat. the 20th, I’ve got 2 moving guys with a big truck coming to my house (and no, it’s not 2 Men and a Truck, just two guys with a truck that I’m hiring on a weekend from their regular moving jobs) and we’ll get all my furniture packed up from my sister’s house and my storage unit at my parent’s house and then the big move will commence.  I imagine that will be an all day job, considering how much stuff I have.  I hope to get all the furniture in place that day and all the boxes stacked on one side of my garage.

On that following Monday after I move, the installation week begins for the Room Service Atlanta project here in Atlanta that I really wanted to be a part of too.  I volunteered for that several weeks ago and it just happens to fall so close to my move-in date, so I just have to roll with it.  We’ll be there painting rooms, possibly putting down some flooring and getting those rooms ready to show off to the new young men who will live there.

Meaningful and wonderful things to be a part of!  See, how could I say no to any of this?

But, it does make for a little bit of stress this month, but I know I’ll survive it all and then in November I can relax a bit and get my boxes unpacked.  On Saturday, the 27th, I’ll be at the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta at Stone Mountain.  I couldn’t pass that up either!   Are you going?  Look for me if you do.

As you can see, I’m stretched to the max this month, but it’s all good.  I can’t complain.  I am SO blessed!

So, what were we up to this week? 

A little of this and that again.  It seems there are endless little things that have to be done in a house renovation and just when you think you are done, you’re not. There’s those few little things that are left til the last, like more caulking and touch up painting, painting my closest bi-fold doors, painting all the shelving in the closets.  All those things that I just didn’t get to before now.  It’s coming along though, we’re getting there.  And you know, even if I don’t quite get all that touch up painting done, I’ll survive and it will get done later.


I finally got my bifold doors out and decided to save time by spraying them with primer instead of brushing. If you’ve ever painted bifolds with a brush, let’s just say, it ain’t no fun. I might try a sprayer for the dark brown finish color they are going to be (same as my other doors).


Right now they are just primed, but next time they’ll get painted dark brown.


Mom and Dad got back into town and Dad and I got back to work again and worked all weekend, finishing up all the trim work, like the quarter round in the dining room and foyer and trimming out that nasty kitchen window. That wasn’t any fun either.  Things like that can take hours to do and it did.


As always, Dad cut and I nailed with the nail guns.


We set up shop on the porch and used the chop saw a whole bunch.


And now the dining room floors are all finished too.  There’s more caulking and touch up paint in my future.  Will it ever end?


We set up the table saw in the backyard and did lots of ripping on that.  We were finishing up the top trim for my beadboard wallpaper project and I’m happy to say, it all looks fantastic.


I used a 1×6 for the top trim piece and then we capped it off with about a 1 1/2” topper that we ripped out of some boards.  More caulking and more touch up painting. You get the picture.


This is the hall bath and this one wall of beadboard wallpaper adds to much character to the room.  I’ve got some pretty hooks I’m going to add to the board here for towels.


We did the same top treatment in my vanity area and added a chunky trim board on the edge of the wall going into the little space. It just gives it a more finished look to add this piece to the corner of the wall.


And here’s that space finished too.  More caulking, more touch up painting.  Got the picture yet?  I love my little sconce in here.  I used Sherwin Williams Windsor Greige in this space too, as well as the hall bath. It’s a pretty Khaki color.


That chunky little top piece adds so much to the look.  This will all get painted out with my white trim paint.


Here’s how we did the corner of the walls with that chunky board running down to the baseboard.  Isn’t it cute?  Caulked and painted it will look great. I’m still crazy about my beadboard wallpaper and sell it in my online shop if you are interested in the Graham Brown version.  I’ve shared several of my tutorials here and here on putting this up and it is great stuff to work with.  Really adds a lot of architectural detail where there was none.  I love adding the chunky molding with it and I think this version with the 1×6 board and topper piece is my favorite way to do this wallpaper to date.  My space is going to be adorable now.   Just a note, it took me about 2 1/2 rolls of wallpaper to do my vanity nook and the hall bath wall.


Moving on to the kitchen, I shared with you last weekend that I’m going to be working with Payless Décor for the bamboo blinds in my house.  They have been very generous to me and are providing blinds for my kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  I couldn’t be happier with the choices I’ve made and I got up the blinds in my kitchen this weekend.  Payless Décor is right here in Atlanta and I have really enjoyed working with them. If you’re in the market, definitely check them out for great prices and quality on blinds for your windows. You’ll be hearing me talk more and more about Payless in the coming months.   Note:  I received free blinds for my kitchen from Payless Decor.


Here’s how easy they are to install.  Very!  I used my drill to drill pilot holes for the screws to go in my deep windows.  I used an inside mount shade.


All the hardware is included right inside the shade, just take it apart and you have it all there.  I screwed 4 screws in the hardware, sitting it in the middle of my window up top.  The shades just slip right over that screw that hangs down.


See, like this!  How easy is that for installation.  The little header that comes on the blinds hangs down in front and hides all the hardware.  I chose a simple white backing for my shade.


Pulled up, it will let in plenty of light, but I have a feeling I’ll be keeping these closed much of the time. The afternoon sun comes right in my big kitchen windows and this room gets hot.  So, these shades should really help to keep the heat out.

Payless Decor blinds

Down, they filter the light and definitely keep the heat out.  With the white liner on the back, I don’t have to worry about privacy issues at night. I’ll probably add a cute fabric faux Roman shade over the top of my windows to add some color.


And here’s what they look like from outside.


Next, we moved on to that kitchen window.  Oh boy, this one was a challenge. It’s the small things like this that can take so long. One piece at a time we got it trimmed out. The nail gun sure comes in handy for projects like this.


We started off by adding a filler to the top, a piece of wood that would act as the top of the window and then a header will be added over this piece, flush with the edge of it.  All of this will be painted out with my white trim paint.


I found a piece of scrap wood with a rounded bullnose so it was perfect for the window sill.  I’m picturing sitting a cute plant on this little sill that’s just over 5” wide.


My under cabinet lighting is hidden behind the molding.


We tacked it down well and kept moving.


We had to add to more pieces of wood to bring out the sill to the correct depth for the sill to sit on.


Then that left this little spot where the cords come together for the under cabinet lighting.  We just needed to cover it up.  Please know that we are not professionals, so if you are a pro, you will probably cringe at how we are doing this.  Please bear with me.  Smile


We got it into place and then figured out the sides and underneath. My subway tile will come all the way to the bottom of the sill so we didn’t want to add any more wood under it.


We added some drywall and then went back with some sheetrock mud and filled in all the gaps, adding sheetrock tape across all of this.  we are planning to run the tile all the way under the sill, so hopefully this will work out fine.


With the header board on top, we are just about finished.  Caulking and touch up painting, yada yada…you get the picture.


Finished sill before sheetrock mud.

kitchen window trim finish

And after sheetrock mud is in place.  This should all come together next week and we’ll get that subway tile up and grouted.   Now THAT will be a happy day.


Next, it was time to tackle the front door.  We’ve left this til last too, but it’s been a wonky space all along.  There was a big uneven gap along the door frame, where it wasn’t put in properly.  It didn’t line up right, but wasn’t that noticeable and just needed a filler piece of wood, which we will then put new door facing over.  It was a strange little problem that took me awhile to spot after we got the house, but we knew we’d address it eventually.


So, we ripped this chunky piece of wood to use as a filler piece behind the door facing, but it had to start off thick and then end up thinner and thinner at the top to make it work.


It’s chunky at the bottom, then gets a bit thinner in the middle.


My smart dad ripped this long piece on the table saw and it came out perfectly. See how it gets thinner and thinner at the top?  That’s what we needed.  I’ll caulk it and paint it (do you see a pattern here?).


Really thin at the top.  All of this gets covered with our door facing.

door trim finished

New door facing all around the door and new quarter round and we are all set in this little foyer.  Oh, except for another coat of paint on the door.


I got my closet somewhat ready and decided to use two hanging tiers on either side of the closet and leave the middle free.   Right side.


and left side.


I’ve got shelves to add on top of the hanging rods and I can use this middle space to go up with shoe racks or drawers.  I would love a wonderful closet organizer system, so maybe one day I can get that going.


My mirror got quarter round too to give it more of a finished look.


And just adding that helps it a bunch, don’t you think?

trimmed out mirror

It needs a little caulk and a fresh coat of paint and I’ll be finished with  it.


Down in the den, to get ready for the new ceiling tiles, I rolled white paint on all the gridwork.


So when my new white ceiling tiles go in, this will look SO much better.  This will happen before move-in date, thanks to Lowes!

Are you tired just reading all this?? I know, me too.  It’s exhausting and we are all tired, but we are SO CLOSE to being finished and I can hardly wait til move in day.  If I can just finish up a few more things, I’ll feel good about moving in and just go for it.  I could wait a couple more weeks, but I’m chomping at the bit to just get in there already.  I can get my bed set  up and then take my time unpacking boxes and getting the whole house set up.  I’ll have all of November for that!

And I already have internet and TV service (AT & T U-verse), so there’s really no need to keep waiting, is there?

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  Y’all are the best cheerleaders out there and I’m so happy to be sharing this momentous journey with all of you.  It’s going to be worth all the hard work, sweat, and just plain exhaustion at times.  My sweet daddy needs a break and I’ll be glad to give him one.  We’ll have plenty more to do once I get moved in and he gets to rest for a few months.

- Rhoda


  1. THis is so inspiring. I love following your story!! Your daddy is awesome.

  2. You are so lucky to have your dad helping you! Imagine trying to do all of this by yourself! What a transformation you’ve made. Can’t wait to see the finished/furnished version!!

  3. I so feel your excitement! I would be just like you–give me a bed and I’d be walking the floors of my new home (not house–your new home!).

    There will be such memories of your sweet mom and dad with all their touches in it.

    You have created something that is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Wonderful update ! So exciting ! Everything looks so beautiful ! Great job ! Love your daddy !
    Cant wait to see the post about move-in day !
    Karen in Texas

  5. Rhoda: What an incredible journey for you!! I look forward to each update. You and your mom and dad have done an amazing job!

    I’ll be attending the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain. Any idea where you’ll be??

    Can’t wait to see how you decorate!


    • HI, Teresa, I’ll be there on Sat. walking around, meeting up with a bunch of bloggers, so hopefully you’ll spot us. Come and say hi if you see me!

  6. It’s been such fun watching the progress on your home….although I can’t imagine how you are keeping yourself from collapsing! (not to mention your elderly parents!)

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. You deserve a nice space, after all you’ve been through.

  7. It’s been so much fun, watching the progress of the lovely little house. You and your parents are doing an amazing job. I’m excited to see the finished home, with all your furnishings and can only imagine how thrilled and proud you must be, seeing your ideas come to fruition.
    Can’t wait to see your post the day you move all your furniture in and get everything just so!

  8. It was so nice meeting you at Bella Rustica. Thanks for purchasing the Home pillow and for the picture you had on your site. I’m just getting my etsy shop set up, along with my facebook page. It takes a lot to get started doesn’t it? I’m enjoying watching your home progress and I so look forward to seeing what all your dad is tackling in each post. He is amazing! Makes me miss my dad, who passed away in July from cancer. He too, was my hero!

  9. Beth Morrow says:

    Lol…love it and a big FYI…I renovated my house 2 years ago and changed all of the base boards out from 21/2″ to 41/2″ , and I have a media room that still needs caulked and painted…the boards are primed but you get my drift…maybe, but doubtful, I’ll finish mine before you finish yours! I need to rent your Dad for a weekend, he’d love south Texas:)
    Can’t wait to see your finished project!

  10. What projects are you still planning on doing after you move in? Will they be indoor or outdoor projects? Spring will present its own challenges with landscaping projects, I’m sure! Looks great! How long do you think it will take you to get everything put up on the walls and decorated,etc.?

    • Susan, I’ve got to get the porch fixed up, probably in the spring, as well as lots of other little things, like the laundry room and as you said outdoor landscaping. It will be ongoing for years!

      I have no idea how long it will take, I’ll just have to do it as I can.

  11. Hi Rhoda! Oh, how exciting you’re getting to the end of your renovation. I know you’re tired and have lots on your plate this month but you’re amazing and you must take some mighty find multivitamins! 🙂
    I have enjoyed going along with you on your journey and know your new home will be gorgeous as I know you have wonderful style.
    Take care and you’re always a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  12. Hi Rhoda, Your house looks beautiful!! What a a journey you and your Mom and Dad have been on. The difference is amazing since the first painting party that I was so fortunate to help out with. Now the fun begins with all the decorating and landscaping. Can’t wait. Hope to see you at the Country Living Show. 🙂

  13. needed to see the window install info — perfect timing. have so enjoyed the photos and the journey. blessed to have your parents with you too for these memories of sweat and tears and joy!

    i have the feeling that once you’re done, you’re gonna share something else? i have bought the bead board wallpaper for a test on my kitchen backsplash! we’ll see how that goes. Happy Day!
    Nalyn 🙂

  14. Everything is looking great! It’s amazing how a little trim will make a huge difference in the finished look. Have fun at the conference, wish I were going! 🙂

  15. It’s been so neat to follow this journey with you! Thanks for sharing it with us! Your home is shaping up beautifully! I can just imagine your excitement!

    Looking so forward to hearing you speak this weekend! This is my first blogging conference …so excited! 🙂

  16. Yes Rhoda! Following you every step of the way. It’s been awesome to watch your progress and seeing that you’re almost there! Very excited for you! Hang in there:)

  17. God’s timing is perfect- you need these breaks from the house so you can gain perspective and refresh your spirit for the final push. The house is looking great- you’re about to complete the big picture so as to fill in the details later. Travel mercies in your upcoming events.

  18. God bless you and your parents for all the hard work you’ve done. It’s shaping up beautifully. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. 🙂

  19. Cathy Hitt says:

    So excited for you! Everything looks great and everyday is such a great story! Favorite picture of the day is the light fixture with your Dad in the background at the miter saw. LOVE! You have captured alot of memories with your sweet parents and it shows everyday! Blessings and lots of love on your new HOME!!

  20. This has been an amazing and exciting adventure to watch from afar! I am in awe of your Daddy, as well as you and your Mother ! I can’t imagine being able to do all the difficult and sometimes complicated things you have accomplished on your home. Your home is absolutely lovely, and for many years, you will be looking at all the many different things your Daddy and Mom did in that home – and you will be so happy !

  21. Oh boy! Do we ever get the picture! And we are excited (and exhausted!) with you! 🙂 I know you are so happy to be wrapping this portion of the renovation up! Congratulations to you and your parents on a job well done! I’ve enjoyed the journey with you and look forward to the rest of it!

  22. Elaine in Laguna says:

    What an exciting and exhausting journey for all of you. This huge effort will make your Thanksgiving all the more meaningful. Congratulations and blessings to all of you for the refreshed home and fresh start. It’s just beautiful!

  23. Wow, that was some post! It must have taken hours to write/upload! It does seem like when it rains it pours, but someday soon it will be done and you will have a wonderful space to call your own.

  24. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! You’ve accomplished amazing things since you bought the house, and I for one can’t wait until you get to move in and “foof”! I’m sure you’re more than ready yourself!

  25. After reading you post about the Bamboo shades I got to thinking they might work for me in my sunroom. I have 9 windows and a french door, so the sun can be pretty bad at times. My questions is: Did you make the liners for the shades or purchase them, and do the liners keep out the sun for TV watching. Thanks for information you might have. THANKS!

  26. This is better than TV. I love reading your weekly update so much and have learned so much; most importantly, that we as women can do these things. You have given inspiration to so many and I hope you don’t stop at move-in. The show must go on; too many of us would be left hanging!

    Good luck the next few weeks as you juggle it all. Me? I will be waiting on the next installment!!

  27. You are getting so close to your goal…so exciting! Your Daddy is a precious one alright! You are so lucky to have him! 😉

  28. Rhoda. I know it probably seems like it has been forever doing this renovation, but for me, as a reader, it seems like it has flown by! I have enjoyed seeing your new home come to life. I can’t wait to see you put all your personal touches on it with decor.

  29. Rhoda…you are surely one very busy person!….Cannot wait to see you again at the conference….I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful progress of your home….Your dad is the best!…I love seeing the “snipit” of the lantern…beautiful!!

  30. I am so happy for you, moving date this month, wow.it is a good thing we do not know how to get to your house cuz I think a lot of us would show up and help you. Enjoy every minute with that sweet dad of yours.

  31. Your home is looking fantastic. I have loved reading each week about your journey. You are one busy lady! Enjoy this month even though
    you will be quite busy. I cannot wait to see the finished house!

  32. Your house is looking so beautiful. I really admire you for taking the time out this month to help with so many outside projects. I would just want to concentrate on finishing my house, but you are still doing so many other things. I know the Room Service Atlanta Project is a lot of work, but it’s such a good cause. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how you decorate once you move in to your house. It’s almost time and I know it will be beautiful.

  33. Woohoo…. the end is near! I know y’all will be so glad when all this reno work is finished.

    Can’t wait to see how your rooms come together when you move in and start adding the pretty.

    I’ve gotten so many ideas for wainscoting and bead board wallpaper from reading about your reno… so thank you for sharing it with us.

  34. Rhoda, is the sheetrock/drywall behind your sink and under that window just the regular stuff? Not the “greenboard” or whatever is for watery areas? So, even behind your sink, just regular drywall that you’ll be tiling over? I ask because we’ll be installing a tile backsplash in our kitchen area, and I’m not sure if I need to use that special drywall or if the regular stuff will do.

  35. Here’s to a relaxing November!

    And don’t forget to make time to meet my friend I told you about in Marietta! (Just add it to the list for later!)

  36. Debbi in Texas says:

    I most say, you have the most fantastic dad (and mother) to help you with this; you are very blessed to have their support. The house looks fab.

  37. It’s wonderful watching how your new house is coming together. I know you all will be happy to slow down and get some rest. : ) I just know God has great things planned for you. Much happiness and success in the future! You are an inspiration.

  38. Rah, rah sis boom bah! I wait for Tuesdays with baited breath. You and your parents rock.

  39. I just noticed the ceilings in your house. Were they already done in the flower pattern or did I miss a post? So pretty!!

  40. What an extra special Thanksgiving this will be for you, Rhoda! How much has changed in one year’s time! Gotta love that family support system! God bless your mama and daddy!

  41. I am so happy for you. I have followed your journey from day one. You and your dad working together remind me of me and my daddy.

  42. Great job Rhoda! And how exciting, you are in the last steps of this inspiring project.
    Wanted to let you know we sold our house (I’m the gal from RI who mentioned we would be heading to Atlanta, Canton to be exact, once our house sold here.)
    I have bookmarked all of the great info you have been sharing along your journey, so when we need stores, contractors or the like we have some idea of who/where to go. Thanks for all the sharing!!
    If we are in Atlanta by November (which looks likely), I’m eager to go to the Country Living Fair you mentioned.
    Wishing you continued strength and joy as you finish your home with your loving parents!
    Susan Martin

  43. Rhoda, you and your parents have worked so hard on this home. Yall have tackled projects that most people would have afraid of! I’m so proud that you will soon be in your new home and can’t wait to see how you decorate for Christmas! God Bless you always and I know his hand has been in this project!

  44. Even as exhausted as you are, you must just be beyond excited to move in to your house. You are so lucky to have such a talented daddy, not only to have him do so much creative work, but to learn from as well.
    I can’t wait to see it all after you move in! I wanted to ask, after things settled down for you, if you would do a tutorial on how you wall paper behind the toilet with the beadboard wallpaper. I always have so much trouble in that spot.

  45. Janet Cole says:

    I know this sounds strange since we haven’t met, but I am SO very proud of you! I’ve been reading your blog everyday for a while now and I am totally inspired by your journey (renovation and otherwise). I wish all the best for you in your new home and hope that it is overflowing with happiness!

  46. Leila Case says:

    You are phenomenal and so very fortunate to have such a fine father helping you. Wonderful, supportive parents. They love you. your house renovation project is awesome and I am enjoying reading about it weekly. You have a terrific A+ blog. Congratulations for turning a down time in your life to an up time. Commendable. Can’t wait ’till you move in and we see it all completed. Kudos to you

  47. Rhoda, your home has come together beautifully! All of your “Rhoda touches” are wonderful! Your adorable parents are so talented, I see where you get yours! Love the renovations! Have fun at the conference! I know it will be a blast!

  48. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    WOW and double WOW……….and AWESOME too. When you get all moved in and because of time constraints get your bed set up and dressed so you can crash by the end of an exhausted day and then it will be SUPER fun unpacking and arranging and rearranging, take your time and feel it, you deserve every bit of pleasure on getting all your pretties in place. A SHOUT OUT to you wonderful folks, what BLESSINGS they are…………carry on, the finish line is near. Blessings & Love, Lady Delores.

  49. You are amazing. I will admit, I was tired after reading your post, not from reading it but imagining the caulking and painting you have left but ….. you have done so much!!! It’s really encouraging to all of your readers. I look forward each day to reading your posts; especially the Week… updates about your house. The best of luck as you endure this month.

  50. Susan Foster says:

    Hey!! I have been following this reno with you and I know you are soo excited!! Question…I have the exact exterior front door that you have and along with the others have found it very difficult to get my paint to stick although they are pre-primed. I chalked a lot of it up to the humidity we have here in the South. How have you managed to allow yours enough time to cure without having to leave the doors open creating a security risk? I found mine were sticking around the door jamb. Also do you find that painting the insides of all of the interior doors a darker color, darkens the inside of your home?
    Thanks! I’m sure excited for you and I know having done an entire house reno myself, how weary you all are!

  51. Ruth Dallas says:

    Rhoda, keeping you and your folks in my prayers…asking God to continue to pour blessings on you all as you near the end of your house renovation journey. Thanks for sharing your journey with us…loved reading your posts. You and your folks are an inspiration! xo

  52. Love your updates. What an incredible experience you get to share with your parents, they are soooo sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us too 🙂

  53. You are in the home stretch….last innings now! And, keepin’ it real as always. We love that about you Rhoda! Alot of work last week and we are chomping at the bit to see and hear about installing the subway tile and rustic shelves in the kitchen. The shades looks great in the kitchen and I still can’t get enough of the green glass light over your sink. Makes me smile everytime I see it! Thanks for sharing…I think we’re all gonna miss these renovation posts. Yes, better than TV thanks to your great pictures. Loving that Bead Board wallpaper – I’ve gotta get some. Trimmed out…it looks really, really good. Your visions are unveiling. Unpacking is way more fun than packing. Good luck with everything this month. A blessed and thankful Thanksgiving is in your future for sure! Hugs from FL !!!

  54. amazing Rhoda! I love to see your updates.
    good luck with the move, have a safe fun trip!

  55. I log onto your blog everyday with great anticipation, you and your family have done a fabulous job on this home! I too will be using Fennel green in my kitchen! I also am planning to put up white subway tile in the kitchen and anxiously await your tutorial. I have never tiled before, do you think this is too hard a job for me? Can’t wait to see the home and how you decorate!! You’re my favorite blogger! God bless you all!

  56. Im so happy for you Rhoda! It’s been a journey for you and seeing you and your family working together with love and patience, just blesses me! Counting the days with for your gracious home to ready.
    God Bless, Julia M

  57. I can’t believe it’s almost time for you to move! You and your dad have accomplished so much these past six months. I imagine he might get a little board once he doesn’t have to work on your house all the time anymore.

  58. Oh Rhoda….you and your parents have done such a wonderful job. I know you are all exhausted…BUT…as I always tell my 77 year old hubby…”all that work keeps you YOUNG”. We are constantly attacking projects wondering if we have what it takes to complete them. We always do. Maybe not like the pros, but they get done and we love our accomplishments. Hard work does keep you young and fit and makes you use that space between your ears. I highly recommend it.
    Can’t wait for the finished product. You inspire me and motivate me. Hubby says “Thanks a lot!”

  59. What a precious father you have! I’m going to go rest now that I’ve read all this. But I will be so happy to meet you this weekend in Raleigh!

  60. Everthing looks wonderful! When I first saw those bi-folds I thought they were shutters for the sunroom. I’m glad to see you’re spraying them…such a pain to brush paint (and clean).
    I really like how you’re arranging the closet and that 1/4 round molding mad a HUGE difference to that mirror.
    The blinds are also perfect in the kitchen…I think they stand on their own and give a warm, clean and uncluttered look to things. However, all your choices look lovely so if it’s faux romans, I can’t wait to see them. CTD

  61. Whew! You all must be exhausted. But, good exhausted.

    My heart is full of joy for you, Rhoda.♥

  62. It all looks so fantastic! Have fun speaking at the show. Wish I could go. I’ve never been to something like that.

    I like your beadboard wallpaper too. Is that something you can use on a popcorn ceiling, after you scrape off all the popcorn?

  63. Incredible! I’ve loved following along the amazing transformation of your home! May I please borrow your Dad for a bit?! What a talented man. Look forward to seeing you this weekend. *Becca*

  64. Say it isn’t so! Almost 6 months? How can that be! I am exhausted just reading your blog and seeing all you have done; I can’t imagine actually DOING all that work too! Good job and what wonderful parents you have. I have written you before that I love seeing your Dad’s hands at work! You are SO blessed to have him! My father who was a carpenter by trade died suddenly when he was 54 ( I was 6) and seeling these pics of your father actually makes me happy. I just know my Dad would be there for me too. God bless your parents and God bless you in your ‘new’ home! I know you thank your lucky stars daily, I am sure of it! Best of everything to you Rhoda!

  65. Its looking great. Keep it up Rhoda, besides you love thrifting and decorating so it sounds like its getting close to your favorite part. The decorating part. 😉

  66. Rah, rah, RAH! I don’t know if cheerleaders really ever said that, but that’s they say in the books. 🙂

    Anyway, it’s been such fun to be one of your cheerleaders for this home renovation journey. I know you and your folks must be bone-tired after all this work. And now October is just crazy for you! But oh my word, Rhoda, what an amazing Thanksgiving you’re going to have!! God has been so good to you these past couple of years. I thank Him for showing you that you are indeed loved and treasured by people who know what’s what. Your dad is just the mirror image of Christ, isn’t he?

  67. Marie in Va says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait for move in!

  68. Paula Lusk says:

    Oh my, Rhoda. I got tired just reading this blog. I’ve been following your blog for years, but, this project was huge. I hope your dad will be able to settle back into his routine after you move into your new home. He is a trooper! I know from experience how hard and time consuming this has been, and I know you’ll be so happy to be settled again. October is sure a busy month for you! Blessings Paula

  69. Diane Amick says:


    I’m so excited for you…sounds like you’re going to need a long winter’s rest when October and moving day is over. Hang in there girlfriend…you’re almost there!

  70. Wow, its coming along nice, you all probably exhausted… Well goodluck to your speech. Im sure youll do fine. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Hi sweet friend! I’m so happy things are winding down for you…and your sweet amazing Dad! I sure hope I get to see it one day soon.


  72. Oh, Rhoda! The “worst” is almost done! I am so excited for you! You and your parents amaze me (especially since I passed a certain life/age “mark”) and it makes me so happy to see you all work together on this. I look forward to all upcoming projects & decorating!

  73. So excited for you to move in!

  74. The final countdown! Yay! So excited for you.

  75. I know you will be so glad to be in your own home! It looks great! Can’t wait to see all the special touches you will be giving it over the next few months! Hopefully, you’ll find some time to rest!

  76. Hi Rhoda,
    I know it must seem like forever to you and your parents but I can’t believe that in only six months you all have worked miracles. Other than your painting parties and some professionals (flooring, electrical, etc.) you and your Dad have done all the work. It truly is amazing! You’re very lucky to still have your Dad and he can still do these things for you!
    I do have a suggestion, though, and take it from someone who knows. Please get three men when you move. For the little extra it will cost you for the extra man, you will save so much more in the actual moving into and out of the truck. Two men will do all the lifting and moving and one man will organize and pack the truck so you make the best use of the space on the truck. Then when they get to your home all three will move stuff in. I have moved so often in my life (three times just in the past three years plus clearing my parents’ and my sister’s homes the year before).
    I only wish I lived closer. I can’t do much anymore but I could sit and caulk and touch up paint. I’m also a wizard at unpacking and am great to throw ideas around with. However, me getting to Atlanta in the next little while isn’t going to happen but hopefully some time in the not so distant future. Atlanta is one of the cities I’ve always wanted to go to.
    Take care and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you on the 20th,
    London, ON (Canada)

    • Thanks, Cathy for the suggestion. I’ve got some help too from my sister and BIL, so I think we’ll be covered. Thanks for the offer and I hope you get to ATL one day too!

  77. It has been so much fun watching your renovation. You are so lucky to have such wonderful and talented parents. Now we know where you get it! Can’t wait till you start furnishing and decorating.

  78. I’ve been following along your journey and how fun to see your house almost finished. We built our house almost 14 years ago, but I remember it was the end that seemed to drag on forever. I can certainly understand you wanting to be in and settled before the holidays. I’ve wondered if you had plans to flip houses, but I see you answered that in this post. Too bad since you and your dad would be good at it, but I also can see why you wouldn’t want to put this much time and work on another house. Best wishes on the new adventures coming to you in the next few weeks!

  79. Ande Stephens says:

    Rhoda, this is so amazing! Thank you for sharing all the little details it really helps to understand each step and what all those things are called..ha ha. I just recently began subscribing to your blog, but I would love to see how you got started with your reno…is there a link to that on your website? And your dad…wow…he’s more than great!
    Ande (Attila’s little sister)

    • Hi, Ande! This is still so funny to me that you are reading my blog.

      I do have a category for the entire Home Renovation, it’s on my right sidebar, if you click the house pic (see my Home Reno). Here’s the link and you can go back to the previous page to get to the first post about the house and then all the ones after that, each weekly update.

      Thanks for coming by & reading!

  80. Rhoda, It continues to look amazing! I can only imagine how tired you are. Keep up the great work! Once this month is over, I know you’ll be relieved. Maybe THEN you can take a well-deserved nap. 🙂

  81. deanna briscoe says:

    You are amazing!! What an awesome inspiration you are. I don’t think there is anything you wouldn’t tackle. I’m looking forward to seeing your Home all finished and ready to be decorated and lived in and loved by you and your wonderful family.

  82. It’s so wonderful that you have your dad helping you. My own daddy owned an auto repair garage, and built the house I grew up in. I believed he could do anything. He’s been gone twenty two years now–I was thirty five and he was only 57—my age now. I miss him every day. The pictures of your dad are wonderful.

  83. I admire you & your dad (and mom) for your 6 months of hard work to renovate a plain jane house into a beautful home. I’ve enjoyed following you during the renovation. I don’t know how you do it, though. My 82 yr. old dad & I tackled the chore of adding shoe moulding to 2 areas of my home this past w/end and needless to say, I’m pooped. Kudos to you!

  84. Phew, I’ve been along since the beginning but just reading this particular post has me exhausted. You are an amazing woman and the daughter of equally amazing parents. Hope you are settled in soon, can enjoy things, and that the holidays, this year, will be extra special in your very own home.

  85. It’s all coming along wonderfully, you must be getting really excited. Why don’t you do a walk through with a video at the end and upload it to youtube so we can all see it, you could link from your website, I think it would be great to see it this way too, not just 2 dimensional images 🙂

    I am making over my mums house at the moment to put it on the market or rent it, not sure which yet. I am limited to just changing the paint colour inside but will be doing some styling to get it on the market as a lot of her furniture is just too dated. I am going to take a few of my pieces over to get it ready for the market. I am excited about it as I know she would be thrilled if she saw how light it looks now I have taken down the dark drapes and painted over the old fashioned patterned wallpaper. It will need some life in it once the painting is done so I hope that I can pull it off and get a lot of interest in it. I will do some photos for my blog maybe when its finished.

    Lee 🙂

  86. What a journey you’ve been on! You’re my renovation hero! So happy for you that the end is in sight… I’m in awe of all that you and your dad have done.
    Enjoy the conference this weekend — wish I could go but “life” is getting in the way of my bloggy and DIY goals these days. 🙂 Safe travels!
    xo Heidi

  87. Rhoda,
    Your blind company sent you the wrong brackets. You should not have to see them installed on the side like that. They should have sent the brackets that are simply flat, and not and “L” shape. Then you would just install the screws into the top of the frame, and not the sides.

    I hope you can request them for your other windows, you’ll like the look better.

  88. Amazing progress, it looks wonderful. You and your parents have done such a great job! I can’t wait to hear how it feels spending your first night in your new home.

  89. Rhoda,

    One of the great joys for me of following your project (aside from the fact that this is your home) is watching your father working so dilligently on this for you. What a sweetheart! And your mother, too!

    Not only is it a blessing to have such Godly parents, but it is a blessing to have such talented parents. I have found myself in tears reading back through your house adventure. And I am so thankful you have cataloged everything.

    Know that I am SO happy for you, and I am proud of you for all of the hard work you have put into your home. It is just turning out so cute, and I am glad you have been blessed along the way by various merchants and companies. You are a good spokesperson.

    I’m not sure you will see this, but I did want to leave this note here for you and tell you again how proud and happy I am for you. Great job, my friend. But that is no surprise to me!



  90. P.S. Someone told me that when they clicked on my email address they went to a strange ad. Not sure what, but if you end up there, know I didn’t approve it! LOL

  91. Things are looking great! I know you’re ALL ready to cross the finish line! Your parents are Saints!

  92. Hey Rhonda,
    I am thinking about ordering Payless Blinds for a client’s house and wondered which ones you ordered I like how they look. I really like the blinds without liners but wonder if it will give them any privacy at all. I know the blinds I typically order for clients vary in how much you can see through them based on the weave but since I am not familar with this product can’t tell. I ordered some samples but what I thought would be the typical bamboo look was very green, didn’t look like yours at all. I need them quick so needed to order from the designer group, is that what yours is from?

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