Mountain Brook Yardsale Jackpot


What’s more fun than a church flea market and yardsaling in Mountain Brook all in one weekend??  Nothin’, absolutely nothin’!  On Friday, I met up with one of my readers, Nancy here in Birmingham, for a fun shopping extravaganza at the local Briarwood Presbyterian Church flea market.  Oh my gosh, I think everyone who wasn’t working showed up for this one, but it was fun to go in and see what we could spot.  I came home with a few things, as did Nancy.

I even spotted a deal for my friend, Layla, at The Lettered Cottage.  See that pretty wooden sailboat I’m holding?  As soon as I walked in the door, there it was and I just had to get it for her.  I called her on my cell to tell her about it and see if she wanted it and she said, if you think I’ll like it, then definitely get it. And it was a $2 steal, could not pass it up.  Hope she loves it, I can see it in her cottage now.  In fact, I’m going to be meeting up with her and her friend, Sarah for the Longest Yardsale this coming weekend.  They are going for a couple of days and I am going to tag along only on Friday, but can’t wait!  What a blast we will have and of course, you’ll hear all about it too.

A funny thing happened on Friday, when I was in Hancock’s getting some string cut to repair a set of Roman shades I found awhile back.  There was a friendly young man waiting on me and he asked me if I was Ms. Southern Hospitality. I burst out laughing!  A big hello to Michael, who reads my blog daily! 🙂


I seem to have a thing for melamine bowls and these were 10 cents each. I love to have them around for the microwave or to hold a snack.  And besides, they’re lime green! 🙂


This pretty little Floraline planter was 10 cents. It was caked with dirt and not looking so good, but I washed it and it’s not bad at all now.  Who knows, it might get another plant.


This Haeger USA pottery vase was $3.  Love this piece.


And here’s Layla’s pretty sailboat.  It’s not real old, but pretty neat anyway.

So, on to Saturday, me and my niece, Lauren had a blast in Mountain Brook.  I don’t normally drive into Mountain Brook to yardsales, since I have so many out my way usually, but this weekend there were several all in the same vacinity, so it was the best bet for deals and I’m SO glad we went.


Lauren had her GPS with her, so she brought it along in the car and navigated for me.  It was a lifesaver, since I don’t know all those streets down there and it told us exactly where to turn for the next sale.


Driving through beautiful Mountain Brook, I took time to show you a few of the houses and they are stunners.  Clicking on that first link at the top for Mountain Brook will tell you more about the area, Birmingham’s ritziest part of the city.






All lovely, no??


This house was having a yardsale and they had some really nice things, but I especially loved their frontdoor with the lantern above and the roses climbing up the wall.  We didn’t buy anything here, but she had some gorgeous things.


At another sale, we saw this set of chairs and dining table, all for $175, not bad I thought.  The table legs were chunky and turned and would be great for a paint project.


This twin bed was pretty too, not sure how much it was.


And I thought seriously about this old needlepoint chair for $25, but decided not to get it.  I have no more room!

But, you know I didn’t leave empty handed.  Actually it was a smokin’ yardsale day.  Come and see….


This pretty metal trashcan was $2 and it will go in the beachy guestroom. Original pricetag on the bottom from some chi-chi little shop was $40.  I don’t think so.


And this pretty black tole planter was $1 and looks to be fairly old.


As was this Towle silverplate tray with little feet…yep, $1.


Prominently marked on the bottom.


Check out these green polka-dot shoes (by Chinese Laundry).  Perfect condition, $2. When I showed them to my hubby, he said…yep, those look like some Rhoda-shoes.


I happened by the sale of one of the ladies I used to work with and she had some great things too.  I got this pretty old black chandy for $8 and it is going to go in my office nook.  I love it!  She and I had fun catching up too.


This find I fell in love with at first sight!  This is a pair of HEAVY IRON candle sconces (must weigh 25 lbs. each) and they were $20 for the pair.  A real steal for something this big.  They are very rusty already and I’ll just leave them as is.  Where am I putting them??   They are huge, which this picture doesn’t really show and I’ve already  hung them above the fireplace on either side of my picture.  I’ll show you that later on.



And this might be the best find of the day!  This is a Sid Dickens plaque.  In case you don’t know it, these are highly collectible.  I found 4 of these last year and resold them on Ebay for a small fortune.  We’ll see how this one does.  If you ever spot one of these at a yardsale, buy it!  The back is solid black with the Sid Dickens name on it.  I have no idea why they are so prized, but there are a lot of collectors for these plaster plaques and the demand is high.  This one is in perfect condition too and I paid $3 for it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, since I’ll be reselling it. 🙂

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  1. Hi
    Ooohh I’ve just joined in with Today’s Thrifty Treasures, I’ve never joined in before but thought it was a lovely fun idea.

  2. Rhoda – what a fun time! Shopping for steals and gorgeous scenery! You always find the best stuff! Thanks for sharing and hosting such a fun party! 🙂


  3. I have always loved riding around Mountain Brook. It really is a pretty community.

    You made a haul! The white planters were my favorite and the color should make it easy to create a collection (one is good, two are better, and too many to be considered reasonable – Jen)!.

  4. I think I linked up correctly this week. I have got lots of housework to catch up on, and will have to limit myself checking out the other great finds. Love your yardsale finds this week I will have to check out to see where I might could join in the longest yard sale, don’t know if it would be practical for me, but I know it would be fun. Jackie

  5. Well now, it looks like you know all the good places to shop! What a wonderful weekend you guys had. Wish I could have been there 🙂

  6. Don’t you want to work out some sort of trade for that sailboat? 😉

  7. Nevermind, I forgot it was for Layla. ;(
    Have a great day!

  8. oh I just love viewing your finds!!!

  9. I love seeing everyone’s thrifty finds!

  10. Hey, Rhoda!! Love the finds, girlfriend!! I heart those shoes!! Too, too cute!!


  11. Hey! I’m knew here. Although – I can’t believe I hadn’t found you before. Hmmm. Anyway – thanks for sharing all your treasures. I’ll be back often and was so excited to have a post to link to today! Yay.

    p.s. the chandy is my favorite! 😉

  12. Thank you for doing what you do!! I love participating in Thrifty Treasures each Monday. It is one of the highlights of my week.

  13. You must bring everyone good luck when they are looking for treasures. Either that, or you have magical powers in finding great things. I love that trashcan!

  14. Thank you so much for you kind message Rhoda. I’m so glad I found you, I really enjoyed joining in today & have loved finding lots of wonderful new blogs.

  15. What finds. Wish I could tag along, well I did sort of, just couldn’t purchase anything.
    Love the homes. Some many storybook types. Reminds me of Ardsley Park in Savannah. Can’t wait to live there.
    Thanks for the “trip.”

  16. I’m so jealous you’re going to the World’s Longest Yardsale. I’m totally jealous! I will go there one day! 😉

    AWESOME deal on the Sid Dickens plaque. I had no idea about them. I had to go check ebay like you mentioned and wow! I’ll certainly be on the look out for those. LOL

    Love your site! Today was my first time to share my thrifty treasures. 🙂

  17. Rhonda,
    Feel free to shop for me anytime, you have a great eye for a bargain! How I love SID.

  18. Hi! I love love those polka dot shoes you found! The chandelier is fabulous too!

    This is my first time linking up, but I scored a great China Hutch for $20 this weekend!

  19. Great finds as usual Rhoda!
    I love the sailboat and the tole planter and those dotty shoes! One of these days I’ll get my act together and join your party! I’ve picked up some great things myself in just the past week or two.

  20. Great finds!! I love the boat, the sconces, the SHOES!! and the tray. I’m sure you will keep it silver since it is a beautiful shape, but, I have seen many people paint the inside of theirs with chalkboard paint and hang it as a pretty announcement board! Great shopping!!
    And what stretch are you going to on the largest yard sale? That will be a blast!

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