Feature Friday: Marc’s Christmas House Tour!

You might remember that 2 years ago, I featured my sister’s neighbor, Marc’s beautiful Christmas house.  I took so many pics, I did it in 3 parts, so you can find them here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 if you want to take a look at those.

He’s a designer here in the area and has wonderful taste and decorating abilities and you all LOVED his house tour then.  He’s made a few changes in his décor (as most who love Christmas decorating as much as Marc and my sister do) and so I went back to take a few updates this year. I know you’ll enjoy it all over again, so please be inspired by Marc’s Christmas home, all decked out for Christmas.  I didn’t take nearly as many pics this time, but you can imagine that it was just as decorated this year as back then.

Now, mind you, Marc and my sister are two peas in a pod. They decorate most every room in the house with something Christmas, much more than I do at my house. I certainly don’t begrudge them in their holiday festivities and while I don’t envy them packing it up and putting it all back away, it is a feast for the eyes.

Enjoy! I’m not going to narrate every pic, but will just put them up for you to browse and enjoy.  You can find Marc on Facebook for more information.




















































Wasn’t that so much fun?  I knew you would love seeing Marc’s house again. He’s so talented and does a lot of client/design work here in town.  His house is beautiful ALL the time, but at Christmas it really shines extra special.

If you missed Days 4 and 5 of the Christmas home tours I was part of this week, here are the links!  You are sure to enjoy every single one of these blogger’s home all decorated for Christmas:

- Rhoda


  1. I so have enjoyed seeing Marc’s home from year to year…every room, every detail is perfection…what a treat for us to be able to tour his home! Thanks Rhoda and have a great weekend!

  2. Amazing ! Every room is absolutely gorgeous ! Thanks so much for sharing it !

  3. Nora Linstrom says

    WOW!!! Stunning. Thanks for treating us.

  4. Gorgeous! It makes me want to start collecting Santas.

  5. I’m absolutely blown away by his home! Stunning! I’ll could spend all evening studying the photos for creative ideas! Thank you so much for sharing him home with us!

  6. Over the top … pffftttt!!!! Its a wonderland. I could stay there for days just staring into that… (just dont ask me to help pack!) Its so beautiful beautiful.. ok now I go back and stare some more. Merry Christmas !!

  7. Wow! This is over whelming…to try and take it all in…it is stunning in a wonderful way! Beautiful!

  8. Marc, that you so much for sharing your home again. I absolutely love your style and decorating. What a great mix of new and traditional Christmas decorations!

  9. Marc’s attention to detail is just incredible! I would love a Part 2 and a Part 3 if his fabulous home. I have to say this is the most amazing Christmas tour I have ever seen. Thank you Rhida for sharing his gorgeous home. Thank you Marc for allowing us to get a glimpse of your holiday magic!

  10. What a stunning home and Christmas display! I’m sure that takes a *ton* of time and effort, and we appreciate it – thank you for sharing!
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  11. Rhoda!

    I’m giddy with delight gurl! I’m packed and on my way Marc! What a gorgeous holiday home. And Rhoda, you have taken some fantastic photos for everyone to see. I love it! Its inspiring and delightful. And your pups are too cute. Thank you for sharing your talents and the love that’s in every corner of your home! **sigh** Merry Christmas

  12. I absolutely adore Marc’s home. I just love his taste which is similar to yours, Rhoda. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I looked at his tour several times two years ago.

  13. I like his mixture of transitional and traditional in his furnishings,. Oh and of course his Christ
    mas décor:) I would be all dreamy if I toured this home in person. It looks warm , stylish and comfortable!

  14. Very nice…t looks like an expensive makeovers! The room looks so beautiful and inviting for this Christmas! great work!

  15. No ma’am I would not want to put all of it away. But I enjoy looking at it!

  16. I love everything about Marc’s house…stunning!

  17. Marc’s house is TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!! It brings tears to your eyes and also puts a smile on your face that makes your face sore when you are finished looking at his pictures. WOW, AMAZING, LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE!! I HAVE BEEN TO MANY MANY TOURS OF HOMES IN MY 57 YEARS BUT NOTHING HAS COME CLOSE TO MARC’S BEAUTIFUL DECORATING. YOU ARE TRULY ONE IN A MILLION. STILL IN AWE OF THE BEAUTY! THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING.

  18. Susan B. Jones says

    Well, I am finally having a chance to open this tour and take a look and WOWZA! Love, love, love! Simply dreamy. Would have loved to have seen Marc’s house in person — is it on any of the holiday tours? One thing I would have loved to see is a direct photo shot of was the decor at the base of the stairs on the bottom of the bannisters. I will look and see if there is a shot on his facebook page. I’m so glad he allowed you to take and publish these pics — Happy New Year, Rhoda!

  19. I just LOVE all the beautiful decor and style that Marc has at his home! It was a real pleasure to look at all the pictures and get some decorating inspiration! Would love to see your home in its “regular” decor! LOL Do you decorate for other seasons as well? You are so very talented!!! Ana

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