Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in Atlanta

Happy Friday! I’m running a repeat Feature Friday today. This one was very popular 3 years ago and it’s worth another look in case you missed it the first time.


I met my friend, Tracey, a blog reader turned friend, after I moved back to Atlanta almost 5 years ago.  I helped her a few years ago with a few updates at her pretty home in North Atlanta, in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area and shared her living room refresh then.  Nearly 2 years ago, she and her hubby and 3 children built and moved into their dream home in the same area.  The lot was purchased with the plan to tear down the older house and build new and their home sits on a lovely corner lot.  And what a gorgeous house it is.  I asked Tracey if I could share it with all of you and she was gracious to say yes.  It is still being decorated and doesn’t have all the rooms completed yet, but it is such a beautiful home with the architecture alone.  She’s slowly working her way around the house adding things to each room and she will be layering it with collected things along the way, as well as new furniture.

Decorating a home like this takes time and patience, but Tracey has done a wonderful job so far.  Enjoy the tour of this new build home in Atlanta.  I was trying to figure out the style of the house when I walked up to see it for the first time. My first thought was Modern Farmhouse, but it also has a European elegance to it, so you can judge for yourself.  Tracey said she wanted the house to have a classic feel that couldn’t be pigeonholed into a certain decade.  It certainly is classic!

I took lots of pictures, but keep in mind this was a fast photo shoot. I don’t set up on a tripod when I do these and all the pics are not crisp and clear, but I wanted to share how beautiful this home is and hope you enjoy!

Tracey also shared her architect and builder information:

This is the architect who designed our home, Rodolfo is wonderful.   Castro Design Studio

Our Interior designer was Chelsea Dunbar.

Craftmaster, Eddie Levin was our builder.

modern farmhouse atlanta001

When I pulled into the circular driveway, I was taken in by the exterior beauty.  It seems Southern, yet with a European feel too.

I’m adding the paint colors below!

modern farmhouse atlanta002

The front entry with the stunning arched front door really draws the eye in to the beauty of the front porch.  Notice the creamy white painted brick and the stone steps and front porch.

modern farmhouse atlanta003

This door is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. You’ll see a lot of arches in this house and that makes it so unique.

modern farmhouse atlanta004

Two arched French doors lead into the dining room from the front porch.

modern farmhouse atlanta005

The columns give it a stately classic look.

modern farmhouse atlanta006

Inside the front door, two more arched doorways lead to the stairway and greatroom.

modern farmhouse atlanta007

Console table in the foyer.

modern farmhouse atlanta012

A niche in the foyer holds a pretty cabinet with a painting over it.

modern farmhouse atlanta009

Lighting in the foyer. I loved her lighting choices throughout the house.  She has a great eye for details.

modern farmhouse atlanta008

To the right of the foyer the dining room has another arched entry.

modern farmhouse atlanta010

The paneling in here is painted a lovely shade of gray, along with all the woodwork.   Tracey opted for 2 large tables and simple modern chairs.

modern farmhouse atlanta011

She has leaves to extend both tables to butt them all together and seat a host of people around her table.  She has a large family and they entertain often.  What a lovely space to enjoy a meal.

modern farmhouse atlanta013

The staircase leading upstairs.  We’ll go there later.

modern farmhouse atlanta014

Straight ahead is the family room with a large expanse of windows and doors.  I absolutely love her choice of doors and I’ve never seen doors like this.  I thought they were black metal, but they are actually painted.  I love the large panes and how it has an industrial feel, but very classic.

modern farmhouse atlanta015

She used this throughout the house on all the windows and doors.

modern farmhouse atlanta028

Greatroom with a large sectional.

modern farmhouse atlanta029

Behind the greatroom is the kitchen which flows into the breakfast room.

modern farmhouse atlanta016

Another look at the fireplace and greatroom.

modern farmhouse atlanta017

Love the stained beams on the ceiling, such a nice touch.

modern farmhouse atlanta018

Sofa table behind the sectional.

modern farmhouse atlanta077

Looking from the kitchen island back to the greatroom.

modern farmhouse atlanta019

Pendant lights over the island from Ballard Designs.  Notice she has a large range out here but you don’t see other appliances, except a built in fridge. This is a really genius idea and I’ll show you that in a minute.

modern farmhouse atlanta020

Looking towards the breakfast area with built in bookcase.

modern farmhouse atlanta021

Love the huge expanse of windows and doors in this room, letting in a flood of light.

modern farmhouse atlanta022

It’s a beautiful space. Notice the light gray cabinetry, a beautiful color in the kitchen as well. I also love the hardwood floors.

modern farmhouse atlanta023

Looking back to the kitchen, you’ll see the built in refrigerator.

modern farmhouse atlanta024

Cabinet details and furniture legs, another nice touch.

modern farmhouse atlanta066

Cabinet hardware.

modern farmhouse atlanta070

Expansive island and sink area.  Now, right behind the kitchen is another room that Tracey calls the back kitchen.  It’s where all her appliances are housed.

modern farmhouse atlanta025

She cooks everything back here and when a mess is made, the pocket doors can be closed.  There’s another fridge back here, with the wall ovens and another sink.

modern farmhouse atlanta027

Lots of storage to house everything out of the way.  This room has two entries, one from the kitchen side an one from the hallway. I have never seen this done and thought it was a great idea in a large house.

modern farmhouse atlanta067

The Butler’s pantry going from the kitchen into the dining room.

modern farmhouse atlanta068

Pretty lighting choice.

modern farmhouse atlanta072

Down the back hallway is the mudroom coming in from the garage.  She’s got 3 kids to keep up with so I’m sure this is well used.

modern farmhouse atlanta073

Off the mudroom is a his and hers office area.  Nice space with lots of light coming in.

modern farmhouse atlanta074

The kids use this area too for homework and computer time.

modern farmhouse atlanta075

A powder room is off the hallway.

modern farmhouse atlanta071

Out the back door is a covered porch. Tracey said she would love ideas for this space.  I can see some all weather wicker furniture with some pretty pillows and plants.

modern farmhouse atlanta057

Details on the doors used throughout.

modern farmhouse atlanta060

Looking out to the backyard.

modern farmhouse atlanta059

modern farmhouse atlanta061

Detail on the doors, I just love this choice.

modern farmhouse atlanta062

modern farmhouse atlanta031

Off the great room is the screened porch, with a pretty stone floor and rustic wood and painted brick.

modern farmhouse atlanta032

Lighting from Restoration Hardware.

modern farmhouse atlanta033

modern farmhouse atlanta034

Great place for the family to hang out and watch TV.

modern farmhouse atlanta035

Love the mounted fans on each side of the room.

modern farmhouse atlanta030

Back inside the entryway, looking towards the front door.

modern farmhouse atlanta040

Right by the stairs, is the hallway to the guest suite.

modern farmhouse atlanta037

Guest room ready for company, she reused some of her older furniture in here.

modern farmhouse atlanta038

Sitting area.

modern farmhouse atlanta039

Guest bath vanity.

modern farmhouse atlanta056

Heading upstairs to the other bedrooms.

modern farmhouse atlanta042

Each child has their own room and outside 2 of the rooms is this little alcove for the children, with built-in bookcases holding all their books.  It’s such a cozy idea for a kids area.

modern farmhouse atlanta055

Not a great picture in low light, but her boy has his own loft play area in his room, with bunkbeds below.

modern farmhouse atlanta043

Down the hallway to the master suite.

modern farmhouse atlanta044

Looking into the master bath from the hallway, the master suite has it’s own little foyer with doors that close off from the hall and close off from the bathroom, which is nice for not disturbing the other when one gets up early in the morning.

modern farmhouse atlanta054

The master bedroom is very spacious and a work in progress to get the decorating finished.  She will be adding lots of furniture in here to cozy it all up.

modern farmhouse atlanta046

The master bath with clawfoot tub and I love the tile detail on the floor.

modern farmhouse atlanta045

Walk in shower.

modern farmhouse atlanta047

Nice and large shower space with bench seat. I love how she mixed up the tile and added an accent in the shower.

modern farmhouse atlanta048

Her side of the master vanities.  Love the arch in here too, carried throughout the house. She used leathered granite in the master bath and it’s beautiful.  It has a matte texture to it.

modern farmhouse atlanta049

Right off the master bath is the master closet, nice and large for 2 people.

modern farmhouse atlanta050

She has her own little vanity area in here and lots of storage.

modern farmhouse atlanta053

A doorway opens to one side and the laundry room is right on the other side.  Perfect spot for the laundry room, upstairs where all the bedrooms are located.

modern farmhouse atlanta052

Very spacious with 2 stacking washers and dryers.

modern farmhouse atlanta051

She must do a lot of laundry with this set up.

modern farmhouse atlanta063

And that concludes the tour, but I wanted to share all the details of the millwork. This house has fantastic millwork and I just love the detail that a new build like this has.

modern farmhouse atlanta064

The door frames are at least 12 inches wide with moldings and trim to beef it all up even more.  Those arches are truly stunning and such a nice addition to a home like this.

modern farmhouse atlanta065

I also love a deep baseboard too and this is all so pretty and detailed.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing this newly built home in Atlanta.  I love to see what is out there being built these days and I think Tracey hit a home run with this one with all the details she incorporated in the house that will truly stand the test of time.  It’s a classic and traditional home with lots of gorgeous details and they will enjoy for years to come!

Tracey shared her paint colors with all of you too, so here you go:
All trim (Except in Dining Room): Dove White semi gloss BM or Dover White SW

Ceilings: Antique White flat

All Closet Interiors: Antique White Satin Finish

All Downstairs Doors (except in guest room): Iron Mountain

Interior Windows: Black Bean soup 2130-10

Dinning Room (walls and all trim in matching color, walls in satin finish and trim in semi-gloss finish):
Dovetail Gray SW

FOYER: Collingwood OC-28 egg shell

Foyer Niche: prime for wallpaper

FOYER POWDER ROOM: prime for wallpaper

LIVING ROOM: Collingwood OC-28 egg shell

STAIR HALL: Collingwood OC-28 egg shell

GUEST ROOM: Collingwood OC-28 egg shell

GUEST ROOM BATH: moonshine 2140-60 satin

KITCHEN: balboa mist 1549 flat

BREAKFAST ROOM: balboa mist 1549 flat

SCULLERY: balboa mist 1549 flat

MUDROOM: balboa mist 1549 flat

Mudroom Lockers: Galviston Gray

OFFICE: balboa mist 1549 flat

MUDROOM HALF BATH: balboa mist 1549 flat


All Doors : White Dove

Hallways: Balboa mist 1549 flat

Master Bedroom:  Agreeable Gray sherwin Williams egg shell

Mater Vestibule:  Agreeable Gray sherwin Williams egg shell

Master Bath:  Sea Salt SW SW 6204 satin

Master Closet:  Agreeable Gray sherwin Williams egg shell

Laundry Room:  Sea Salt SW SW 6204 satin


The brick is painted ballet white, color by Benjamin Moore oc-9.
The shutters are Frosted Jade which is a Kolbe window color and we had the paint for the shutters custom blended to match.

- Rhoda


  1. Thank you Rhoda. It is always a treat to get to see you. I loved the opportunity to share our home with you. Your generous compliments are so appreciated.

  2. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says

    Lovely home. So much potential for decorating. But if I’m being honest, a ‘back kitchen’ is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. What’s the ‘front kitchen’ for? Other than that one tiny complaint all other choices were spot on. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    • I thought it was a pretty neat idea, actually, to bake and use the oven in the back part of the kitchen and to be able to slide the pocket doors to hide the mess. Maybe not something most of us would think about, but she had the room to add it,so why not.

    • Faye Holtta says

      I too love the back kitchen…a woman’s dream house for sure…so beautiful with a mind to the finest detail…love the laundry room….love her dining room….I just love it all…a beautiful home inside and out…

    • I think it is actually a great idea since she entertains as much as she does. Guest always hang out in the kitchen and it’s hard to get around them to cook.
      I would love to know the brand of sectional sofa. I am looking for one that curves like hers.
      Beautiful home thank you for sharing with us.

    • Cathy-
      I ordered the sectional through Century Furniture. They offer endless options for customization.

  3. Love the back kitchen idea. I’ve never removed the wall between my kitchen and dining room as I cannot figure out how to cook a holiday meal and then sit down at the table while staring at the messy kitchen required to cook the feast. As much as I love open concept – I could not enjoy a meal without cleaning up the kitchen first which is not always possible.

    • I immediately thought how blessed & fortunate you are to have such a well thought out and conceived kitchen areas for entertaining especially at Thanksgiving & Christmas. Thank you for sharing this beautiful
      house on such a dreary cold rainy morning here in Ga……….it brightened my day! 🙂

  4. If you host catered business or charity functions I can understand a back kitchen. Otherwise the front kitchen could be half the size and the family room larger. But for resale the large kitchen is preferable and the back kitchen can be reconfigured for something else by a new owner.

  5. Beautiful home. Would love to know the paint color of the shutters. Honestly I’m not a fan of the back kitchen, I like an open kitchen so I’m not secluded from everyone while I’m cooking, but that being said I’m sure it would work well for some. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is a trend going forward, since we have seen big open spaces for a while now. Her house is really magazine worthy, great job.

    • The color of the shutters was a custom color to match the mullions on the exterior windows. The window manufacture called The color frosted Jade.

  6. Like a few others I’m not a fan of the ‘back kitchen’ and would prefer a large kitchen open to the other areas so I can be part of whatever is going on. We just moved into open concept a few years ago after being in a home with a separate kitchen and I’ve discovered that I can live with the mess to be part of the ‘party’.:) Having said that, it’s a beautiful home with lovely touches and finishes, and as someone else pointed out, we may see a lot more of this front/back kitchen in future homes. I particularly love the black trimmed windows and doors. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing . . .

  7. Such a gorgeous home! I loved all of it! Do you mind sharing where your got the console in your entry? It looks narrow in the pics, and I am having a hard time finding something like this for my home!

    • The table in the front fioyer is only 8 inches deep! It was purchased from crate and barrel or possibly CB2. I can’t recall which one but definitely from one of the two. I love how slim it is.

  8. What a stunning home. I love how the theme of arches is carried throughout. Please plan on updates, Rhoda, as the decorating proceeds. I would love to see how Tracey dresses all those windows. I have three sets of French doors in our great room. I have 2″ blinds on them for years, but now thinking I want more. The problem is that I would lose wall space for art, and I don’t want to lose any of the view of our lake. What’s a girl to do?!! Thank you for the tour. Rhoda and Tracey!

    • My plan is to leave the windows bare. I really like the exposed look and enjoy the views to outside. Also these aren’t areas where privacy is an issue.

  9. Beautiful! I love everything about it, including the back kitchen. I would like to know the source of the black painted windows and doors. It gives the look of the steel doors without the major expense.

  10. I’ve updated the post with paint colors at the bottom! Tracey shared those and I almost forgot to include. Enjoy!! Also, included builder and architect information at the top of the post.

  11. I love the entire house – absolutely gorgeous! I think having a back kitchen is a great idea!!!

    • What a gorgeous home! I love the idea of a “back kitchen” you can close off from the main kitchen. A home is the personal expression of the owners and obviously meets their needs well. So many beautiful features! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hi
    It’s certainly big and beautiful! Back kitchen idea wasn’t quite what I expected…although I’m all for it if you have the room…but to me this house is more Modern Hacienda than Farmhouse. The stone, the curved doorways…the only thing missing is the colour. Still like it very much…

    • I was at a loss on which description to use for this house. It looks very Southern Living to me too as well as European elegant.

  13. Laura Easter says

    I would love to know where she got her breakfast table and chairs. The house is beautiful!

    • Restoration Hardware, but I can NOT recommend this furniture. The finish on the table was clearly not intended for everyday use and is already ahowing significant wear. I also love the style but I’m disappointed in the quality.

    • Laura Easter says

      Thank you and I appreciate your feedback!

  14. I think the back kitchen was very clever. Cook there and hide the mess! She could then set the front kitchen to entertain, food buffet style on the counters. Or as party central with horsdouervesand finger foods, filling the sink with ice and cold drinks perhaps. I enjoyed the homes beauty and design.

    • Kara-
      Exactly!! We are fortunate to have lots of family near by and we also regularly enjoy hosting friends. your post is just how we use the front and back kitchen. It works so well for our family.

  15. What a magnificent home! I’m sure when it’s completely decorated, it will be magazine worthy. I love the master bath, especially. And, can I ask where Tracey purchased those wonderful sconces in the master?
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us, Rhoda.

    • These are the Abbot Single Arm sconces from Circa lighting. Please don’t pay retail for them. Find someone with a connection in the industry to get you a decorator’s discount.

  16. What a gorgeous home Tracey has and I agree with one of the other posters, it truly is magazine worthy. I wish I had the talent to decorate like you Rhoda and Tracey and I hope we’re fortunate enough to follow along on Tracey’s decorating journey. I sew and I’m crafty but can’t seem for the life of me to decorate where I’m totally happy with it. I’m split on the back kitchen idea but can see how it would work for lots of folks, especially if they’re young and entertain a lot. It would be nice to have but also don’t want two kitchens to have to clean. I think it also depends on your age, at 68 it’s too much work for me. However, if I were 30 years younger I would love the idea and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tracy is on the front end of a new trend. We just gutted our 40 year old kitchen in November 2014 and I got the kitchen I’ve always wanted so I’m happy. Rhoda, if you ever decide to start a side business of helping folks like me with their decorating needs please let us know. I’ll be jumping on that bandwagon!

  17. Wow, just wow! What a lovely home, but WAY out of the price range of the average person.

  18. Stunning home, I hope she has a couple housekeepers to help her clean! Lol

  19. This is a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing and enjoy it with your family and friends!

  20. Very nice house! I especially liked the big dining room, the laundry room, and the son’s play loft.

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