Moss Mountain Farm Flower Tour

Spending two days at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain farm was truly a dreamy place to visit and another highlight of my blogging journey.  Looking back, I can’t believe some of the things I get to do and the places I get to visit!  So grateful for these opportunities to meet new people and see new things.  We were all invited there as part of the Garden to Grow 2017 event (this is a sponsored post, in that most of our travel expenses were paid ) and most of the bloggers there were mainly garden bloggers.  I fit in there because I truly love the outdoors and growing flowers and am happy to include gardening inspiration on my blog, even if I’m not always digging in the dirt.  I truly love flowers and blooms and the serenity that comes from nature and being outdoors.  There is just nothing like it and visiting Moss Mountain farm reminded me of the beauty of the country life and how peaceful and tranquil it is away from the big city.  I could use more of that tranquility many days!

I’ve shared several posts already from Moss Mountain, the vegetable garden tour, and Part 1 and Part 2 of the house tour inside.  Today, I’m sharing my last post from the farm, the gardens outside the house and the surrounding area.  Truly spectacular!

I’ve shared the exterior before, but here it is again.

That mellowed yellow patina reminiscent of days gone by.

There are gardens literally surrounding the house from all sides and the beauty is amazing.

Lush hydrangeas flank each side of the porch on the house.

Shrubs and annuals in containers are a big part of the garden as well.

There were so many container gardens around the property which really add to the appeal.

Those Sunpatiens plants I told you about earlier, which are so hardy and drought tolerant.

The left side of the porch with more bursting hydrangea blooms.

Side porch to the house.

More gorgeous pink hydrangeas.

In the back of the house are 2 out buildings. This one is an art studio we were told.

The back side facing the river of those two magnificent porches.

Everywhere we looked was beautiful blooms.  I am sure he has a garden staff that tends to and looks after all of this gorgeousness.

Lawn outside the house in the back.

A cute little peek through the hedges hole looking to the river.

The summer kitchen.

Another look at the art studio.

Right past the lawn is a circular small fountain pond that was so pretty.

The Arkansas River below.

Rows and rows of tended beautiful flowers.  He grows and cultivates many types of day lilies.

Full view of the fountain pond.

Everything is just immaculate and I loved all the brickwork and stone detail.

A manicured path down to the river.

Looking back at the house.

Gorgeous day lilies.

There was a treat of lemonade at a stop in the garden tour, so refreshing.

Kelly and I took an opportunity to get a picture with Allen.


Just loved the garden statues and structures throughout the garden. Don’t they make a statement?

This truly was a dream trip and I’m so glad I got to experience it for myself.  I know you all loved seeing the blooms as much as I did, right?  I never get tired of seeing flowers and the gorgeous nature that God provides for us to see all over our great country.  He made this beautiful world for us to enjoy and I for one am glad He thought of all those details, aren’t you?

Note:  This was a sponsored trip by Moss Mountain Farm.  




- Rhoda


  1. I agree Rhoda , He indeed had an eye for beauty, and all for us to enjoy. I love beauty in all the forms He created it and am very grateful that I can enjoy it everyday of my life. How sad to go through life and never see how pretty flowers are or Leanger awhile to enjoy them. I loved your pictures you captured that place so beautifully through the lens of your camera Thanks for the nice post of that place on the ark river

  2. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    The talent required to design such an estate is mind boggling. So much beauty at every turn. I sure enjoyed seeing every single picture!

  3. looks like heaven

  4. Your posts have made me more determined than ever to visit! It is simply magnificent. Rhoda, do you get the sense he actually lives there? From his past shows and books, he also has a beautiful old house in Little Rock (he had it trailered in on a flatbed truck and renovated!). Bet your daddy is enjoying the garden pictures!!!

    • Hey, Roxanne, I’m so glad you are enjoying. You would love to visit! And yes, he does live here most of the time. His offices are in Little Rock and I think it does still have a place there too, but most of the time he said he lives here. What a place to wake up to!!

  5. This post has me humming the old hymn, “For The Beauty of the Earth”. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos.

  6. Leila Case says:

    Gorgeous photos
    Thankfully your blog was minus the ads So so distracting! And annoying

  7. wow!!! I have loved all of your posts from his lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad you could see this treasure. How much staff does it take to run this place? It is mind boggling. So gorgeous.

    • HI, Julie, I’m not sure how many staff take care of things, but I think it’s smaller than you would think. It’s a well run place, for sure and his people seem to be so loyal and love being there.

  8. Hi Rhoda,
    Thank you so much for sharing all these posts from P. Allen Smith’s gardens and home! I am really enjoying your series. I’ve been stopping by the other two ladies I know of who are blogging about his gardens, too, and catching theirs when I have a moment. 🙂

    I miss my blue agapanthas ~ they would be blooming just now in our old backyard garden in California. So nice to see some in a pot here! The lilies are beautiful! My father was always trying to get tiger lilies to grow in Connecticut, after he and my mom moved back there from California. Such a lovely post!!! I pinned a ton of photos. Five stars!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks again,
    Barb 🙂

    • Hi, Barb, thank you so much, I’m so glad so many of you love this home and garden series. It was such a treat so I love sharing it with all of you!

  9. What a great trip, and we’re so lucky you took us with you! I am sure you had a wonderful time, loved seeing you with Kelly and Allen too. What a gorgeous place to live, with that view of the river. Thank you Rhoda.

  10. Linda Hickey says:

    The photos are so dramatic and spectacular. All the grounds and flowers are just sensational in their appearances. This gives me a lot of ideas to use at our new a home in Villa Rica. I would love to incorporate some of these lavish eye-catching sites on our grounds in a the same dramatic way. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Those pink hydrangeas! And love the lilies too!

  12. Phyllis Haynes says:

    Wow! Beautiful, I can’t imagine being able to look at that every day.

  13. Beauty FULL!

  14. Your photographs are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing this beautiful property in my home state! Like you, I am so glad God thinks of all those gorgeous details! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  15. Just spectacular, as I knew it would be! Your photos captured its beauty and thanks for sharing them with us.

  16. Rhoda – What a glorious trip we enjoyed together! I am loving re-living it through all our posts. You snapped every flower at the farm! Loved each image!

  17. Simply gorgeous! ENJOYED GOD’S earth!

  18. So much beauty in one place. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  19. There is nothing more beautiful than natures bloom and your photos showed us all that beauty. That is quite the garden they have out there. I can only dream and admire, alas I am a brown thumb!

  20. I had saw this on French Country Cottage and just loved the property. You are so lucky to have gone! Such a special place.

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