My Sister’s Christmas Home 2013

Today’s Feature Friday is my sister, Renee’s house all decked out for the Holidays.

You all really loved seeing Marc’s house (my sister’s neighbor) and they are truly similar in that they both love to decorate every room in the house.  My sister has 12 (count em’!) trees in her house this year, a mix of floor trees and tabletop trees, but 12 trees nonetheless.  It’s beautiful and festive and this is where our family spends Christmas morning, around the big tree in their great room, fire blazing, Christmas music on the stereo, and she makes a wonderful Christmas brunch for all of us.

It’s wonderful and it’s family time!  We enjoy it so much, that Christmas morning together.

So, I’ll take you on a tour this year of her Christmas home, which takes weeks to finish.  But, she truly enjoys it and she has a great hubby who also helps her get it all down to decorate for the Christmas season.  She also does a few parties every year, inviting friends in for the festivities this time of year.

Hope you enjoy!

front door

Their front door is always decked out too, with lighted garland at night, very welcoming.

foyer table

Inside the front door, the foyer table is decked out in lighted garland too with lots of pretty white Christmas décor.

Several of you have asked the paint color, so I’m adding it here:  Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat, the same color I had in my old house.

Christmas table

It is beautiful at night all lit up.

foyer white tree

The white flocked tree in the foyer and large size Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.

garland on stairs

Lighted garland with bows and white poinsettias going up the stairs.

living room tree

To the left is the living room, with a tree in the urn.


Nativity set in the living room.

living room tree 2

This tree is in gold and bronze tones.

living room side table

Just inside the living room, a big white Santa greets guests.

living room to dining room

Looking right from the living room is the open dining room.  Their whole house is all open and is perfect for parties, since it’s all in a circle for guests to move around.

round dining table

She has bought a ton of her furniture on Craigslist, including this huge round dining table and chairs and the hutch in the background.

dining room hutch

A green and red tree is festive in here.

dining room tree

Love this tree!

centerpiece on table

She adds large Christmas balls to this big container in the middle of the table for the holidays.

mirrored side chest with tree

A cute animal print tree is on the mirrored sideboard.

great room

Moving straight in from the foyer is the large two story greatroom with the biggest tree.

great room2

This is where we gather on Christmas morning as a family.

great room big tree

When that first grandbaby girl is born, she will love coming to her nana’s house for sure.  This tree is very nostalgic with all the Santas and old fashioned ornaments.


The mantel is all filled with Santas and lighted garland and a lighted wreath.  Pretty, pretty!

Tree Classic lighted wreath

I was sent a beautiful wreath this year from Tree Classics and let my sister use it on her fireplace and it’s perfect here with her garland. They do have some very nice faux garlands and wreaths if you’re in the market. This is the Venetian Elegance.

entertainment center

This big room feels very homey and cozy all the time, but especially during Christmas.  She adds her lighted village to the big entertainment center and it’s so pretty too.  She found this beautiful entertainment center on Craigslist too and it’s one of the best things she has ever scored.


Not a great pic, but I love the coziness of a lighted village.

greatroom console

The console table in the greatroom gets some Christmas spirit too.

colored tree greatroom

And one corner of the greatroom has a fun and festive colorful tree.

New Orleans santa

Lauren brought this New Orleans Santa to my sister one year.


From the greatroom, looking back is their big kitchen. It’s all decked out too.

above the fridge

Santa on top of the fridge.

kitchen tree

A cute candy/baking tree in the window of the kitchen.

bakers rack

She’s collected so many nostalgic Christmas things and adds them to the bakers rack.  Buster says Merry Christmas too!

Lauren's room

On that same floor is Lauren’s old room that she still uses when she is home.  It was redone a couple of years ago in blues and browns and I don’t think I ever showed you this room.

laurens room 2

It’s a pretty room and we really loved this rug in here that we found shopping.

tree in laurens room

It has a cute little tree in here too.

laurens room 3

Just a little touch of Christmas in the bedroom.


Outside the greatroom is their covered back porch and of course, she decorates out here too.  A wildlife theme tree  is featured on the porch.


The backyard garden is in Winter mode now, but they add a lighted snowman and tree out here for fun.

back porch

Lots of cute snowmen out here too.

hall table tree

A cute urn tree in the upstairs hallway has greens and whites, these are the things we got for the Michaels dream tree this year.


The upstairs hallway has a group of carolers added.

master bedroom tree

In the master bedroom is a beautiful blue and brown tree. I love this one!  If you missed my sister’s master suite makeover that we did 2 years ago, go and check it out. It’s a gorgeous space!

blue tree topper

Bronze tones and blues are so beautiful.

master tree blues

With a pretty brown sequined skirt.

looking to greatroom below

From upstairs, looking down to the greatroom tree.

basement tree

All the way down in the basement is their media room and she added a tree in there.

sports tree basement

It’s a sports theme tree. Go Dawgs!

basement fireplace

They added a fireplace in here a few years ago and it’s a very cozy room for watching movies.

As far as where she stores it all, they have a complete finished basement and she has a really big storage area that holds most of her Christmas decorations. The rest of it goes up into the attic, where there’s lots of room up there too.

That’s my sister’s house this year! I hope you enjoyed the tour. She does way more than I do. I don’t have the energy to do that much, nor do I want to put it all away, so I keep my Christmas decorations a little more simple.  But I know everyone is different and she LOVES it, so more power to her. It’s great to be over there and enjoying on Christmas morning, so I do appreciate the effort she puts forth.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

- Rhoda


  1. Susan B. Jones says

    WOW! Absolutely gawgeous!!! Love home tours and getting ideas from other peoples’ homes. And I am swooning over the long buffet table in her foyer — was that a Craig’s List find as well?

    • Hi, Susan, I think that piece came from a local store that is no longer here in ATL, called Grand Harbor. Her daughter, Lauren, actually bought it but doesn’t need it, so Renee kept it in her foyer.

  2. what a treat your sisters home is. The grandbaby will always remember what a special time a year it is. I admire all of the hardwork it takes to decorate and it is worth it. Why are people so judgmental when it is not their homes? Anyhoo, I enjoyed the tour and please compliment your sister and husband on their gorgeous home! Merry Christmas!

  3. Truly spectacular! I’d love to see it in person. I’m sure it takes your breath away.

  4. Wowza! I need caffeine! I do have one question: how does she secure the trees in the urns? I tried that one year, and had to wire the thing to the wall at the top so it wouldn’t lean. Suggestions?

    • She used styrofoam packing peanuts (to keep it lighter) mixed with plaster of Paris and layered it all in the urn, stabilizing the tree until it all dried and the tree was straight. She has an engineer for a husband and he helped with that project.

  5. Kimberley Miller says

    What a beautiful home to spend the holidays at!!! I’m curious if you know the brand name of the entertainment center? I also Love Love Love her kitchen Curtains.

    • Hi, Kimberley, it’s a very similar piece to Habersham brand, but we think it’s a copy of Habersham, another company who did similar styles. Nonetheless, it’s a stunning piece. Their kitchen island is also the same company. I don’t think they are in business anymore. They got a steal on both pieces! One of those lucky Craigslist finds.

  6. Gorgeous!!! Every single detail!I know how much creativity, work, and effort this takes. Thank you, Renee!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rhoda!

  7. What a beautiful home! I’m inspired!

  8. Your sister’s home is lovely, but then so is your home. I’m kind of like your sister, the more Christmas decorations I have out the better I like it. Of course it will take me a week to sort everything out and put it away but that’s ok too. Thank you for sharing, I feel like I know your family so well. I know your parents through your post, which remind me of my parents (no longer with us) and your sister. You are blessed to have your family still with you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. That looks like a lot of planning an work but it turn out lovely.
    I wish I had a small amount of her energy this year.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

  10. Great design runs in your family! Beautiful home. I love it!

  11. I love Christmas!! I say the more the merrier. Probably your sister doesn’t mind taking it down or she wouldn’t decorate so much.

  12. Oh how I would love to see it all in person! So magical! I too, would love to know her paint color, I am struggling with what color to paint my dining room and adjoining two story hallway, then the living room on the side of that. Tell Renee thanks for sharing!!

  13. WOW! So beautiful ~ both the decor and her home! I have a ton of Christmas decor but don’t have the space to display it every year so I have been rotating some of the times each year. Thank you for sharing; I want to be adopted into your family!! 🙂

  14. Carolyn Ericson says

    What a spectacular Christmas Home. Has she ever had her home on tour. It would certainly be inspirational to many people. Thank you for sharing this beautiful home. Merry Christmas to you and all your extended family.

  15. Wow she has a beautiful ginormous home. What an amazing amount of energy and Christmas spirit she must have to decorate it all so lavishly. She has created a truly magical atmosphere and yes her grand kids are going to think they’re at Disney or something! It’s just a joy to look at these pictures. Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Alisa Lesmez says

    She needs to add her home on a Holiday tour. Loved it all. You and Renee have a wonderful eye for decorating.

  17. Absolutely beautiful, as I’m sure it is all year, but especially at Christmas. There must be a very dominant “decorating” gene in your family! I envy her energy as others mentioned. I, also, am interested in her paint color. Finding just the right color is so hard.

  18. Hi, for all who wanted to know the paint color, it’s Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat, which is the same color I had in my old house. I’ll add it to the post too!

  19. So very, very beautiful…simply enchanting!!..Thanks for sharing your sister’s gorgeous home!!

  20. Hi Rhoda, Thanks to you and your sister for sharing her lovely home! You’ve got to love anyone who loves Christmas so much. Happy Holidays to you & yours!

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