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Living Room and Foyer Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat

Aqua updates in the living room, see this post and for more on the gallery wall, click here.


  1. Rhoda, I’m wondering how to treat the space behind my sofa, when the sofa floats off the wall like yours does in your living room? Our layout is similar to yours, and right now the back of the sofa is visible, and I’m not sure if I should put something between the sofa and the wall? Do you have a sofa table back there?

    • Hi, Billie, there is a sofa table behind there and that’s a good way to treat a space between a sofa and wall. I didn’t have a lamp back there,but that would certainly be a good option too, as well as picture frames.

  2. I just wandered onto your site today and feel blessed and inspired. YOU were not afraid to try the picture frame molding. It always looked so simple but I never tried it. We do not have a separate dining room, but an eat-in kitchen with a dining table. Not much wall space there, one outside wall with a double window is the largest wall space. But I am feeling inclined to try this molding you did. I do not have a chair rail up, instead it is a paintable wallpaper border which is dimensional and gloss white. The wall space below is a pale yellow.
    I noticed on one photo of your home you did crown molding? which was stopped about an inch from the outer edge of the wall. The room the one painted golden wheat as mentioned above. If you did not us a crown molding please tell me how and what you did there. And thanks for that color (golden wheat) I really like that! You have done an absolutely great job. Keep sharing.

    • Hi,Diane, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t add any of that crown molding. It was done before I moved in, so I’m sure you could show pics to someone to get that same effect if you wanted to try it. The color is Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams. I loved those box moldings a lot, really made a difference in my DR.

  3. I love fleur de lis all over! My absolute favorite thing to decorate with! 🙂 I’m a new blogger so I’m hoping to learn a lot from Pro’s like yourself!

  4. I lost my Mother 6 weeks ago. We were very close and I miss her every minute of the day. We are Southern women, she, my older sister and I. Decorating our homes and sharing our thoughts and ideas have been a part of my life since I first became a homeowner in 1976. Many accessories, ideas and treasures have changed hands as we exchanged ideas mostly as I learned to housekeep from my dear Mother and sister. It has been a source of joy for years. I have wondered how I can go on without her? How can I continue to love my special places that only she and I planned together and saw come into beautiful fruition time and time again? Then, I realized something. True, these places are dear to my heart because they are filled with items passed down over generations. How can they not be when I look into my china cupboard and see Mother’s china, my grandmother’s tea-pot and even my grandmother’s cousins sugar and creamer? I can walk throughout my entire house seeing my beds layered with delicate linens, my dining room table with an embroidered tablecoth, my sofa holding aspecial needlepoint pillow, my vanity filled with delicate perfume bottles, etc.I realized these treasures ARE treasures because of memories not from only thier beaty.One sees the beauty with her eyes but one feels the beauty from the memory it carries within her heart. This can never be taken away.

    • Becky, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for expressing your sentiments so sweetly on this post. And thank you for stopping by. Keep those memories in your heart forever!

  5. Hi Diane,
    Woke this morning and with cup of tea in hand I started scrolling pinterest. Came across your site by luck and I have to tell you 3 hours in and 3 cups of tea later, I have never stayed on my computer this long. I Keep looking around my house and my head is spinning with ideas. This could be a dangerous! Just love all your idea’s, I am taking a shower and heading to Home Depot for some black paint. Wish me luck! Thanks for making my school vacation week something to look forward to. 🙂

  6. Rhoda, I really love your blog, thanks for sharing your pictures and your home. Love your ideas, I came
    across your web-site because a friend of yours Tammy was down here at Albany Ga and was
    telling me about it. I really love it, keep up the good work, you dad is amazing by the way 85? Wow
    what a worker, would love to have his energy… Thanks

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