Segreto Vignettes

Happy Labor day to all of you! I hope you are enjoying a long weekend with family and friends!Fellow blogger and decorative artist, Leslie Sinclair has released another beautiful coffee table book and she recently sent me a copy.  It weighs a ton and is truly a beautiful book that you'd be happy to display in your home. Not only that, it's chock full of beautiful interior images designed … [Read more...]

The Weekenders Book Launch {with FUN Giveaway!}

You all are in for a treat today!  We've got a fun book launch and fashion and jewelry giveaway happening today, so get ready for some excitement.My author friend, Mary Kay Andrews and a few others have cooked up a fun promotion in celebration of her brand new 24th book, The Weekenders.  Mary Kay lives here in Atlanta in the historic Avondale Estates and I went down there this week for a … [Read more...]

Make Room For What You Love Book launch

My longtime blog friend, Melissa from The Inspired Room, is launching her 3rd book.  It's been so fun to watch all my blog friends grow and evolve with blogging over the years and Melissa shares such great inspiration on her blog.  I wish I could think about writing a book (or cookbook with my mom, maybe one day!), but I'm not quite there yet, so I'll share my friend's book launches … [Read more...]

What the Tech: Ebook Giveaway!

Back in 2007, when I started blogging, we all had to learn some technical things along the way.  It was all brand new to me and I stumbled through it, learning as I went.  Fast forward to today, 2016, and needless to say, everything has changed since then.  I never did learn a lot about html.  Only enough to make me dangerous, but I never really had the time or interest in delving into all things … [Read more...]

Creating Success at Home {Giveaway}

I've met some of the most fascinating and accomplished women during my years of blogging and Sharon Hines is one of them. She's a former teacher and does a great job of teaching and inspiring on her blog, Mrs. Hines Class.  She's recently written a book called Creating Success at Home and today I'm sharing a little snippet of the book and introducing you to Sharon.  She's a sweetheart of a lady, … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts Book Launch!

My friends keep writing books!  Once again, there's another blogger book launch and I'm sharing that with you today.{Laura and I in Savannah last year}My friend, Laura, with Finding Home Farms, has written a pretty book called DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts. She's an expert on this subject and her home gushes with warmth and personality from her handmade ideas.  Laura is a sweet blog … [Read more...]

The Inspired Room Coffee Table Book

What is your most favorite space in your house? Honestly, I love my whole house, so it's hard to pick just one favorite room, but for today I'll try.Today, I'm joining Melissa of The Inspired Room and sharing my favorite space, in honor of her new book, The Inspired Room coffee table book.I'm happy to share today one of my dear blog friend's new book launch, The Inspired Room coffee … [Read more...]